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We’re excited to showcase the success that our program has brought to your lives. Below, find first person testimonials from people just like you about how the plans and wisdom contained in Grain Brain have changed your bodies, minds, and lives.

Whether a gluten free diet has ended your experience with brain fog or cutting back on carbohydrates has improved your energy levels, we want to know about it! We welcome you to share your experiences with us at

Patrick L.

It’s been fifteen months since I made a forever change to my diet and lifestyle by converting to a low-carb, gluten-free, high-fat diet. From a starting point of a soft 225 lbs., I am now down to 198 lbs. and loving it!

I started small, but eliminating all sugars, carbohydrates, and gluten for 30 days. I lost 3 lbs. per week, even with no change to my gym schedule, which was sporadic at best. My jeans that were once tight were falling off my butt and I had to wash them in hot water, and shrink them. For the first time in a long time, I was happy to look at myself in the mirror after a shower – heck at 48 years young I look better than I did when went to the gym 2 hours a day when I was 20!


-Pat L.

Jim W.

I committed to my new gluten-free, low-carb lifestyle 7 months ago, and have since lost 23 lbs., mostly in the first 3 months. Most noticeable to me is the reduction in body aches. I’m running twice the miles I used to because my body does not hurt like it did before. I simply feel better!

-Jim W.

Anonymous from Wicklow, Ireland

I’m a 38 year old female and I have epilepsy. I have focal motor seizures that mimic dystonia. I suffer from night seizures and occasional daytime seizures, presenting themselves as cramping in my right arm and leg, lasting 1-10 seconds. For most of my years, I believed this was a life sentence. However, I’ve remained mainly seizure free on a gluten-free diet and haven’t taken daily medication for years. I take muscle relaxants when I have seizures (about once per year for a few weeks).

Further, although I have remained mainly seizure-free over the last few years, I have been a terrible sleeper….very restless and wakeful. But I have had great success on my new diet and supplement regimen. I have never slept so good! I’m sleeping through the night and I feel so well-rested in the morning.

21- Anonymous from Wicklow, Ireland

Joni L.

I’m moved by Joni’s daughter’s story of triumph over her illness. Hope it inspires all of you as well. Wishing her much luck at college. – Dr. Perlmutter

I have an 18 year old who is a success story.  At the age of 4, she was first hospitalized for an abdominal migraine, which escalated to years of cyclical vomiting. She had been in and out of the hospital for the next 10+ years, sometimes as frequently as bi-weekly.  As her vomiting increased, so did her constipation. She eventually ended up with a cecostomy tube, placed in 2012.

My incredibly determined daughter, who never complained, was ready for a change. We both love the science of food and read all we could. Shorty after the tube went in, she went gluten-free, processed food-free and cut out sugars. We just read Grain Brain and felt that we were reading her story. She hasn’t had a migraine for 2 years and they were set to remove her large intestine last year, but she promptly refused. She forged forward with her diet and the tube was removed last week. Her colon is working on its own again.  She is currently a normal healthy 18-year-old heading off to college next year.

She eats, lives and breathes gluten-free and, as her brother says, “green leafy foods”.

-Joni L.


As someone who watched a bedridden mother die of Alzheimer’s, I have a deep personal interest in preventing this disease in my family. As such, I am always alert for leading-edge information on how to prevent this terrible illness.

Before my diet, I had been consuming almost a quart of buttermilk stuffed with corn chips every day. Add to that diet colas, other crackers and chips, and the daily oatmeal my doctor told me to eat, and it should be clear I was on a dangerous path. Once information about a low-carb, high-fat, gluten-free lifestyle was put before me, I instantly realized this was the information I had been waiting for.

I went to an olive oil store and bought a bottle, started eating grass-fed beef, eliminated grains, switched to green tea, and bought some stevia for (occasional) sweetening. I’ve also begun to eat more organic greens (daily in fact).

Previously, I also suffered from arthritis in my joints, especially at night when the pain woke me up several times. If a change in sleep pattern is any evidence that this diet is working, then it is worth it to me for that reason only.  It has only been six weeks, and the change is already AMAZING!!!

-A.K. from Destin, FL

Monica D.

I only adapted a low-carb, high-fat, gluten-free lifestyle a couple of weeks ago, and I already feel incredible! I cut out all gluten, wheat and sugar from my life, and have started taking a robust supplement regimen. Not only do I feel great, I even lost a couple of pounds!

I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 13 years old, diagnosed with ADD when I was 14 and at 21, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. Recently I went to the doctor because I’ve been having migraines and feeling dizzy after my workouts. My blood test showed my cholesterol levels were low and my sugar levels high. However, all my doctor recommended was to stop exercising.

Despite being diagnosed with epilepsy, ADD, and polycystic ovary syndrome, I feel great! I have energy, no migraines, no dizziness and I even got my period back! I am even able to concentrate better on work!

-Monica D.

Gerry P.

In Grain Brain, and Brain Maker, I mention how important sleep is, and how simple dietary changes can improve your nightly rest. Great to hear this is the case for Gerry. – Dr. Perlmutter

My name is Tom, and I want to share the story of my wife, Gerry.

After being on a gluten-free, low-carb, high-fat plan for one month, the biggest difference I have seen is that my wife is sleeping through the night. Now that’s probably not a big deal for many people, but she has been a poor sleeper her whole life – 67 years. Its been almost miraculous for us as she normally has trouble falling asleep, then wakes up around 2 a.m., stays up for a couple of hours, and then finally might drift back to sleep at 4 a.m. Some nights she wouldn’t sleep at all.

These days, she goes to sleep easier, and gets a solid eight hours sleep every night.

For this reason alone she’ll stay on the plan. It’s an unexpected, but very welcome side-effect.

– Tom and Gerry P.

Bill A.

I wanted to share my experiences with a low-carb, high-fat diet.

In January of 2014, at age 51, I weighed 185 pounds. At six-feet tall, I was not obese, but had a noticeable spare tire. at 6 feet tall but I had a noticeable spare tire. To make a change, I removed unhealthy foods from my diet, and replaced them with healthy fats like raw nuts and grass-fed beef, as well as increasing my vegetable consumption.

The first week I made these changes I lost 5 pounds. Major weight loss was never my intention, but I have lost an additional 25 pounds over the last year. Most startlingly, this is without any additional exercise (though I would probably be best served by changing that). There have even been gradual improvements to my memory and cognitive skills!


-Bill A.



Martina was fed up with taking medicines for ten years that weren’t working, but she was afraid to quit. At the time she was taking an antidepressant, as well as a non- steroid anti-inflammatory for chronic pain in her arms and legs that had previously been diagnosed as fibromyalgia. In reviewing her history, I noted that she began to have issues with depression in her early 20s but hadn’t started medication until her mid 40s. She had been born naturally but not breastfed. She had been on multiple courses of antibiotics as a child for throat infections that culminated in a tonsillectomy. During her teenage years she had been placed on the antibiotic tetracycline for eighteen months because of acne. Bowel movements had always been a problem; Martina said she’d suffered from either chronic constipation or diarrhea for “as long as I can remember.”

My first order of business was to order some laboratory studies. That’s when I found out that she was significantly sensitive to gluten. Her vitamin D level was low, and her LPS level, again, a marker of gut permeability and inflammation, was sky high.

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Gwen F.

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol a couple of years ago, and was put on a statin drug. While I was on it, I was fatigued and “draggy” all the time…I even woke up fatigued!  Anyway, after hearing about the side effects of statins last year, I quit taking it. I changed my diet to vegan, hoping to become healthier and lose some weight. I lost 3 or 4 pounds and that was it. After several months of eating vegan, I had to have my cholesterol and triglyceride levels checked for my health insurance.  Imagine my shock when I was told that my triglyceride level was over 300, and my total cholesterol was 200!

On Memorial Day 2014, I made changes to my diet. I was particularly interested in the connection between high blood sugar and dementia, and that fasting blood sugar should be no higher than the low 90s for optimum brain function, so I decided to also keep track of my blood sugar levels. On day one of my grain-free eating, my fasting blood sugar was 116! For the next few days, my fasting blood sugar ranged between 103-108. The following week, it dropped down to the 90s, and I started to think, “That’s more like it!”  Now, my fasting blood sugar levels are consistently in the 70’s!  Continue reading