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We’re excited to showcase the success that our program has brought to your lives. Below, find first person testimonials from people just like you about how the plans and wisdom contained in Grain Brain have changed your bodies, minds, and lives.

Whether a gluten free diet has ended your experience with brain fog or cutting back on carbohydrates has improved your energy levels, we want to know about it! We welcome you to share your experiences with us at

Brad J.

I appreciate the role word-of-mouth has played in the story of Brad and those around him. It’s amazing to see how these principles get shared with others and are used to cause health. – Dr. Perlmutter

I am 61 years old. For four years I have intensely trained for Nordic ski racing with steadily improved success. When I started training, I weighed 185-190 lbs., with a BMI of approximately 15-16%. My weight dropped to 178-180 lbs., but plateaued there for three years.

Recently, my daughter, who is a personal trainer, began to persuade me of the value of your work and research, leading me to pick up a copy of Grain Brain.

After reading your book, my wife and I restructured our nutritional approach, following your guidelines. My weight is now 165 lbs. with a BMI of 10-11%. I am now training with greater efficiency, and faster recovery times.

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A Grain Brain Success Story

A Grain Brain Success Story

I always love hearing from all of you with your stories of Grain Brain success. That’s why I’ve devoted an entire section of this website to those of you who have taken back control of your health with lifestyle and dietary changes!

Just last week, a colleague emailed me this success story, which I hadn’t heard about until I watched the video included here. The story of this reporter’s, Taslin Alfonzo, fight to fight back against rampant weight gain and inflammation is a true testament to what going low-carb and gluten-free can do for your body!

Dave D.

I began the my Grain Brain Lifestyle on July 27, 2014. After just one week of the new program, I have lost 6 lbs. and am excited for what remains ahead! I am also surprised at what a full meal of the right foods I can eat! I never go hungry!

-Dave D.

Carolina S.

Ever since I discovered Grain Brain, my life has changed for the better. I’m 35 years old, and I have suffered from severe and regular migraines for as long as I can remember. Two months ago I read the book and I decided to start a gluten-free diet that was low in carbohydrates, and just four days later I began to feel great! I had more energy and no headaches, it was so incredible. I have lost weight too!

-Carolina S.

Zena K.

Zena K.

Zena has a wonderful story, and I’m so thankful she would share it with us. In her e-mail, she mentioned she used the Chocolate Almond Cake recipe from The Grain Brain Cookbook for her daughter’s first birthday, and it was a big hit! – Dr. Perlmutter

I have Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4 brain cancer. I was diagnosed in January 2014 after having seizures for 3 days straight in December 2013 (I never had a seizure before). It happened while I was breastfeeding my 6 week old daughter. Today is her 1st year birthday (that’s her in the picture), and I’m still alive! One of my girlfriends got me  Grain Brain after I was diagnosed. I read your book and learned a lot about “the surprising truth about wheat, carbs, and sugar.” I’ve been addicted to all three my whole life (I’m 40 years old) and know this contributed to my brain’s silent killers. I learned about the ketogenic diet for the epilepsy that I now have and started trying to eat this way, but it was hard. Then, you came out with The Grain Brain Cookbook, so I bought it and have been cooking like this ever since I received it!

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April B.

I found Grain Brain at my local Costco and found that I could really relate my experiences with food with what you were describing. I had very strong cravings to eat all the time, and had known that when I would cut bread/sandwiches out of my diet, I lost those same cravings. Your book defined things for me in such a way that I could grasp what had been happening in my body for many years.  I knew that my fasting glucose had been rising over the last few years and during my marriage year my family physician had prescribed Crestor for my whopping high cholesterol.  My late mother also had been diagnosed with high cholesterol about the same age and had been put on cholesterol lowering medication.  She died at age 78 with no stents or surgeries on her heart, but with Alzheimer’s.  More than anything I did not want to end up with Alzheimer’s…I have to die somehow but not with that please!

After reading your book I went off my Crestor, because it all made so much sense to me!  I already had an appointment in 3 months time to have my fasting glucose and my cholesterol retested.  In the meantime I very much reduced my sugar intake. From a dietary perspective, I drank no juice, had no candy and gave up desserts and did no baking. I would eat an egg or 2 each day, have cheese and meats, eat asparagus, green beens and juice green vegetables with lemon, ginger and an apple. I am not able to do this perfectly but I knew I was doing pretty well, with NO CRAVINGS. I lost weight fairly rapidly, and have now lost a total of 30 pounds as of February 2014. My doctor is happy about that. My triglycerides are only .90 mmol/L so this has encouraged me also. I did convince my doctor to give me the C-reactive protein test and it has come back low. I am more encouraged to stay on this new regimen and leave the Crestor alone. 

I doubt that I am gluten sensitive although 2 of my 3 sons are, with 1 of them having also having leaky gut. Both of these young men were diagnosed with ADD before high school. There is a history of food intolerances and behavior issues in their father’s family, and I feel that is where this is where these issues come from. Continue reading

Jeffrey K.

A gluten-free, low-carb lifestyle has been responsible for a major turn in my understanding of how what I eat affects my chances of having cognitive problems down the road. My father was a well-respected psychiatrist in the local area, and had done lots of research in neurology. Yet by the time he began his decline, while it seemed he may have caught on to the cause, it was too late. He began exercising furiously and drastically modified his eating habits, but he eventually wound up diagnosed with all three (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia). For so long I have eaten with zero caution. After I saw your videos, I realized what my father probably did, but while it was too late for him, I’m hoping I have time for a good turnaround.

I just got back my first A1C, which I’m using as my baseline, and while I am very concerned about it, I am also taking positive actions to correct it. Currently it is 5.6. I am now exercising aerobically between 45 and 55 minutes 6 of 7 days a week, carefully controlling my foods and supplementing based on your information. This is the first time in many attempts to lose weight that I actually believe I am going to be able to keep it off. It is SO much easier to think of this in terms of brain health and preventing cognitive decline than it ever was thinking in terms of just “losing weight”.  To me that is by far and away the best motivation. It makes eating right and exercising a “no-brainer.”

-Jeffrey K

Dan E.

My wife Kate had long been suffering with, what I referred to as, an irritable bowel condition for quite some time. Her gastroenterologist after a colon exam, told her to eat a lot of “Bran Buds” every day and consume a daily fiber drink, along with a laxative. Upon following this advice, her condition deteriorated. She entered into phases of severe pain and sleeplessness, leading to extreme fatigue.

We knew this wasn’t working and needed to try something different.

After a few days on gluten-free, low-carb diet, her symptoms disappeared completely! Not only that, but her GP has previously put her on Crestor, and she is now off that too! She also has solved the restless sleep condition entirely.

-Dan E.

Patricia C.

In Grain Brain, I found a book that had resonated with what I had for so long believed to be the truth about optimal health. Prior to reading, I had suffered from severe headaches since I was eleven.

Once I stopped eating gluten, lowered my carb intake, and increased my fat intake, my condition suddenly began to improve! Now, I rarely get headaches, and if I do they go away quickly. I also lost weight and my overall mood has improved. I’m very happy with my results!

-Patricia C.

Bob W.

When I was in my early 20s I was stricken with an extremely severe neurological disorder that destroyed my career as a cosmologist (a professional astronomer who studies the general nature and origin of the universe). My condition deteriorated very badly, but in 1984 I underwent a special test for food allergies.

I now eat approximately 20 unprocessed foods (leading to a gluten and grain-free diet) as my entire diet and I drink distilled water as my only fluid; I would estimate that my health is now approximately 100 times better, and that, at 65 years of age, my hearing is better than when I was a teenager! My night vision is better, my problem with obesity is gone, and many other symptoms have either disappeared or vastly improved.

-Bob W.