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We’re excited to showcase the success that our program has brought to your lives. Below, find first person testimonials from people just like you about how the plans and wisdom contained in Grain Brain have changed your bodies, minds, and lives.

Whether a gluten free diet has ended your experience with brain fog or cutting back on carbohydrates has improved your energy levels, we want to know about it! We welcome you to share your experiences with us at

Ken J.

Soon after my birthday celebration last September (I turned 47), a friend who had snapped a photo of me at that party posted that photo on my Facebook. In seeing my fairly overweight self in that picture, I committed to living a healthier lifestyle. It will be the last photo like that anyone will see.

For most of my adult life I have suffered issues with my ankles. They would randomly swell up and no one could tell me why. Recently, a bone scan seemed to reveal that my cartilage has hooks and would get irritated. I lived with this problem for over 20 years. The first eight months of last year were particularly uncomfortable. My ankles, and sometimes my knees, would swell up and keep me from working. Many days I would go to work and just hobble around in pain.

Last August, while home from work due to my knee being swollen (for no clear reason), I felt I had to do something. I followed the advice of Monica Reinagel, the author of the The Inflammation Free Diet Plan, and my swelling went down immediately. Life was good. In October I started to exercise again because I felt that I had the inflammation under control. My workout program recommended that I eliminate starch and sugar for 14 days. So I did. I was watching many YouTube videos and stumbled onto some information about Grain Brain. For some reason, the information grabbed my attention. I ended up purchasing the audiobook soon thereafter. I was captivated! It only took me three days to complete the book, and I was ready to take my health back into my own hands.

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Susan Y.

I have Celiac, and I was diagnosed with IBS about 3 years ago. I had digestive problems for years. The medicine my doctors gave me did nothing to help.

Having come across an article on the subject, I one day asked my doctor about gluten sensitivity. We decided to take me off gluten, and I would say that within a week I was experiencing no more digestive problems. It took a few weeks to see improvement with my memory. I work 8 hours/day with customers and my memory was so bad I had to write down things customer told me so I could put it in the computer, in just seconds I was forgetting everything. I can now remember what they say without writing it down ahead of time. I am 69 and was afraid I was getting Alzheimer’s. I wish more doctors would think about the gluten problem when we go to them with health concerns.

-Susan Y.

Nancy J.

Shrinking your waist line can play a key role in shrinking the problems you experience in your brain as well. – Dr. Perlmutter

About ten years ago, at an appointment with my doctor, I got on the scales and weighed in at 265 pounds. I am 5′ 8″ but my doctor informed me that I was obese. I was devastated. I ignored my symptoms for so long: elevated blood pressure, low HDL, sleeplessness and just not feeling my best. I was 51 at the time.

At that time nobody talked about gluten insensitivity. I embarked on Weight Watchers to lose weight, and did manage to drop 30 lbs., staying at about 230 for several more years, but unable to lose any more weight.

At age 58, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 uterine cancer and underwent a full hysterectomy.  Being overweight had made my body estrogen dominant. Post-surgery I started to feel anxious, sleep deprived, brain fog and hormonally imbalanced. Soon after, I was put on a gluten-free diet. I went on it and lost ten pounds. Within a month I felt much better. I cut out almost all grains and high glycemic foods and, to my surprise, the weight started coming off on its own. I went back to grass-fed beef, organic vegetables and very little fruit.

I now weigh 192 and hope to weigh around 160. I feel so good. I am convinced that I was gluten sensitive for many years.

-Nancy J.

Claudio V.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s ten years ago. My disease brought me to several doctors, including four endocrinologists in three different countries. They were all focused on getting my TSH in an acceptable range using levothyroxine. I was told that once this was achieved I would feel “normal” once again. Boy, that was not the case at all!

The recommended dosage resulted in lethargy, depression, memory deterioration, attention deficit and a reduction in balance. All perceived it as a thyroid problem, not autoimmune. None of these doctors truly knew anything about the cause or triggers.

In time, I worked with a physician to manage my medications at a more appropriate dosage, but was still falling short of feeling how I wanted. It was a chance encounter with the BRAINCHANGE special on my local PBS that brought me to Dr. Perlmutter. Now on his low-carb, no-gluten, regimen, I feel 100% again. I’ve experienced no heart fibrillations, and I feel my bones doing better.

-Claudio V.

William W.

It’s so nice to read about someone who has a renewed thirst, and excitement, for life because of these changes. – Dr. Perlmutter.

Over the last decade, I developed severe anxiety and depression. I slowly watched my love of life, family, and friends, my state of mind, my career, and my financial situation melt away. I have had several psychiatric practitioners over this same time period. As I continued to find answers I continued to get worse. I have missed weeks and months of work at a time in my career in hospitality.

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Jamie K.

It’s great to read a story like that of Jamie and her daughter, and their desire now, to share this information with others, is so admirable. -Dr. Perlmutter

Where do I begin? My daughter is a patient of Dr. Perlmutter’s. About one year ago, when my daughter was 17, she started having involuntary muscle movements on her right side of her body. They progressed from just the fingers moving to the entire right side, including arm, shoulder, leg, foot, and then it started affecting her speech. She could barely hold a dinner fork anymore and writing at school had become nearly impossible. I am not sure how to put into words how severe the situation was other than I really thought she was headed for a wheelchair if it would have continued progressing. Without a long-winded explanation, I can tell you that the western medical protocol did not have much to offer her.

Fortunately, we are in the same town as Dr. Perlmutter and within one consultation, a very thorough health history and some lab work we found the culprit: GLUTEN! She is a perfect example of the information spelled out in Dr. Perlmutter’s book. Today, almost one year later, she is movement free, and a very successful college freshman with a desire to get involved in medicine, following in Dr. Perlmutter’s footsteps, and using holistic means as her catalyst to heal. This experience has had such an impact on our lives and was truly a miracle. I have embarked on a new journey as well, studying to become a Holistic Health Coach, to educate as many people as I can about this very important topic!

This information has forever changed our lives!

-Jamie K.

Charlie E.

I decide to change to my eating habits beginning last December. Since then, I find myself more well-rested, loving my balanced energy, about 6 lbs. lighter, and more focused.  The last benefit is welcome as I’m a fit 55-year-old diagnosed with adult ADHD.

There are occasions when I attribute the feeling of my blood moving through my veins as ADHD related.  More recently, I attribute high carb intake as the cause of that sensation. Having just binged on a bowl of popcorn (albeit drenched in olive oil), I suffered a extraordinarily bad night of sleeplessness, twitching, and a hangover feeling the next morning. I was jumping out of my skin.

-Charlie E.

Thomas B.

I’m glad to hear that Thomas has been able to stick to his New Year’s resolution to go grain-free. I’m sure there are many of you out there who are doing the same. – Dr. Perlmutter

I started on a grain-free program January 1 of this year – yet another New Year’s resolution destined to go south? This time, it appears to be different.

I have lost 35 pounds in less than 3 months. My waist size has gone from 42” to 39” and I have, for the most part, lost 90%+ visceral fat. My appetite at this stage is almost non-existent – I actually have to create high-calorie snacks (walnuts) just to make sure I am getting at least 1,500 calories. It is remarkable to say the least.

As someone who was addicted to carbs, I am beyond pleased. My goal is to reach 175 pounds by April 30 (my high school weight – I am 66). I don’t see a problem accomplishing this. I had a hip replacement in 2012, and I have been motivated to try and prevent repeating the same on the other side. I have lost the pain in that hip and now walk miles per day with comfort!

-Thomas B.

Laura M.

Seven years ago I had a grand mal seizure and it was discovered I had a brain tumor (astrocytoma grade 3). It was so large that my entire right parietal lobe had to be removed in order to get the whole tumor.

One year later I suddenly developed what was diagnosed as reactive hypoglycemia. I was told I had to eat every two hours and, in fact, if I didn’t I got the shakes very quickly. I was having to eat so often that I no longer enjoyed eating.

I saw you on my local PBS station, bought the book and haven’t turned back since. I can go for 5 hours without eating and now I can actually be hungry and eat. In fact, I even had a fasting blood draw this morning, which I avoided in the past. I did not even feel hungry until 10 am this morning! Thank you so much for your book and all the time you spent doing research on this topic.

-Laura M.

Mike and Linda G.

What a wonderful story of success from Mike and Linda. It’s great to see how they go through this together. – Dr. Perlmutter

My wife bought your book “Grain Brain” a few months ago and like most books we buy, it just sat on the coffee table for a while and neither of us even opened it for a few days.  When Linda first picked up the book and began to read, it became obvious that this was not just another diet book that was going to fail us again. We both have strong histories of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in our families and, from first-hand experience, it is the most cruel and debilitating disease I have ever seen.

Once we understood the message you were relating in the book, we knew instantly that our main motivation was to maintain and improve the cognitive functions of our brains and, hopefully, prevent either of us being cast into the nightmare of Alzheimer’s.  We actually looked at the possibility of losing weight as side benefit from the healthy eating regiment you had laid out in your book and on your website.
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