I have been gluten free for about 3 months. Will a Cyrex array 3 test still show if I have a gluten allergy/elevated levels?

The Cyrex 3 test will still be valuable as it measures IgG levels which persist for at least a year following exposure.

  • Laura

    will the Cyrex array 3 test still show accurate results for Celiac Disease if a person has been off gluten for 3 months? I understand that this test covers a number of tests and would want them all to be sensitive.

  • Jan

    I was also curious about the Cyrex 4 test showing cross reactivity, but I haven’t eaten many of these foods in over two years. Although I have eaten about six of them and would like to figure out if they are a problem. Is it best to not bother with the test, which is costly, and try an elimination diet for say, eggs, chocolate, dairy, rice and coffee? I have been gluten free, with a few mishaps along the way, for two years, but continue to experience allergies, joint pain and about two 1/2 years ago, vitiligo (while coming off of many years as a vegetarian). Thank you Dr. Perlmutter for a mind blowing book! I have learned a great deal.

  • Lia Dewey

    My doctor wants to know if Dr. Perlmutter has any financial connection with the Cyrex array 3 test.