I have been gluten free for about 3 months. Will a Cyrex array 3 test still show if I have a gluten allergy/elevated levels?

The Cyrex 3 test will still be valuable as it measures IgG levels which persist for at least a year following exposure.

  • Laura

    will the Cyrex array 3 test still show accurate results for Celiac Disease if a person has been off gluten for 3 months? I understand that this test covers a number of tests and would want them all to be sensitive.

  • Jan

    I was also curious about the Cyrex 4 test showing cross reactivity, but I haven’t eaten many of these foods in over two years. Although I have eaten about six of them and would like to figure out if they are a problem. Is it best to not bother with the test, which is costly, and try an elimination diet for say, eggs, chocolate, dairy, rice and coffee? I have been gluten free, with a few mishaps along the way, for two years, but continue to experience allergies, joint pain and about two 1/2 years ago, vitiligo (while coming off of many years as a vegetarian). Thank you Dr. Perlmutter for a mind blowing book! I have learned a great deal.

  • Lia Dewey

    My doctor wants to know if Dr. Perlmutter has any financial connection with the Cyrex array 3 test.

  • Mixy

    Quoted from Cyrex site
    “How much gluten does the patient need to eat prior to testing? Also, how long prior to testing?

    Gluten reactivity will only be accurately measured if there has been sufficient recent exposure (no less than 25-30 days) prior to blood draw”

    So, what info is more correct?