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Cup of Grain Brain-friendly coffee. Good for brain health

5 Keys to Eating for Better Brain Health

Although many people may see the value in the grain- and gluten-free diet proposed by Grain Brain, getting them to take the final step, to actually make a nutritional change in their life, can often prove difficult. That’s understandable, because the first few days and weeks of making any lifestyle change are challenging. In this case, those who have trouble cite an inability to find gluten-free recipes, uncertainty over conflicting gluten-free food lists, reliance on dining out, or any other of a multitude of issues. So, I decided to write this blog post. Eating to prevent brain disease and Alzheimer’s is, of course, my goal for all of us, but the below tips expand well beyond my objectives and speak to overall ways we can improve our diet.

  1. Set aside cook time: What ruins many grain- and gluten-free diets is the on-the-go moment, when it’s easier to reach for a cereal, a granola bar, or a PB&J sandwich, instead of a hard-boiled egg, vegetables & hummus, or other Grain Brain-friendly snack. When we’re in a rush, we have little to no time to prepare a meal, and it’s often those grain-based foodstuffs that are easily accessible and available as we’re walking out the door. How can we prevent this? Set aside a few hours on Saturday or Sunday and use that time to cook all your meals and snacks for the week. Grill seven chicken breasts, hard-boil 12 eggs, sauté a few servings of vegetables, or whatever else your stomach desires. If you do this, you’ll have all of your meals and snacks prepared for the week, not only saving you time (consider you only have to clean up once!), but also saving you from making poor dietary choices.
  2. If it can go bad, it’s good for you. If it stays good, it’s bad for you: This is one of my favorite sayings about the food we eat. I think we all have seen the famous image of the fourteen year-old McDonald’s meal that hadn’t aged a day. Upon seeing that, I think we all intuitively know that there’s something wrong with food that doesn’t “expire.” When at the supermarket, remember this adage when making the choices of what to stock your kitchen with.
  3. The Anti-Alzheimer’s Trio: It’s become one of my staples of conversation, and it should become one of the staples of your diet. When it comes to eating “memory food” there is no better trio of items to fight Alzheimer’s and dementia than grass-fed beef, avocados, and coconut oil. This group of high-fat, brain-smart foods are a staple of the Grain Brain diet, and should work their way into your weekly meal plan as well.
  4. It’s all about a cup of joe: I’m a big fan of coffee, and super thankful that it’s not only savory, but brain-healthy as well. Not only does coffee activate our Nrf2 pathways, helping to fight off oxidative stress and protect against neurodegenerative diseases, but recent studies have found that high levels of coffee consumption can be associated with up to a 65% reduction in risk for dementia. Drink up!
  5. Make sure you get enough DHA: Your body is only minimally able to make DHA, a critical fatty acid for brain health. So supplementation is key. I recommend a total daily dosage of DHA of around 1000mg. This can come from eating wild fish or better, take either a fish oil supplement or a DHA supplement derived from algae.
  • Marcelo

    Dr. Perlmutter, thank you for sharing this information with us.

    Regarding coffee, would you please let us know what kind of coffee is better? Also, a lot of people would mix coffee with milk and sugar. So, is it safer to consume only black/pure coffee?

    • David Perlmutter

      You can get away with putting a dollop of cream in your coffee.

      • Bebecat

        Is there any sweetener besides stevia that you can recommend? It is so sweet it hurts my throat! What about coconut sugar? Thanks, Nancy

        • David Perlmutter

          You could try some unsweetened cocoa powder.

          • LynnLivingLife!

            Dr. Perlmutter – Thank you for your work and which brand of stevia do you recommend? The stevia brands I have found have dextrose or sucrose added! Thank you.

          • Divadeb

            My husband and I use SweetLeaf brand. They have many flavors and we love it all. We only use a tiny bit for a lot of sweetness.

          • LadyJayTee

            Keep looking! And…READ THE LABELS. We get pure Stevia at Wegmans, but take care as it’s very sweet and just a tiny (and I mean tiny) amount is all you need. The good new is there’s no aftertaste. Try Googling pure Stevia online. There’s many sources.

          • LynnLivingLife!

            Thank you!

          • RutRoh

            I buy my stevia in bulk at the local health food store. So much more economical!

          • ri

            but that’s not sweet at all 🙁 I wonder if honey is ok if used sparingly

        • Patricia Lynne Strong

          Use less? Xylitol?.

  • Keliz

    A small amount of coconut oil in fresh roasted organic black coffee is delicious!

    • David Perlmutter

      Good use of coconut oil, one of my favorites!

      • JM

        Dr. P., Is Stevia ok, really? Can it cause the weight gain you have seen with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame? Also, re the before and after videos you shared in San Diego at the Scripps Conference – of your patients with movement disorders shown before and after going gluten and sometimes dairy free – are they available online? I can’t seem to find them. And I’ve been looking. I really want everyone to see them. Can you post them for us? Thanks!!

  • Bobber

    I never developed a taste for coffee. What about tea?

    • David Perlmutter

      I do enjoy a good herbal tea, just watch the amount of caffeine.

      • Trish

        Huh? Doesn’t coffee have more caffeine than tea? Herbal teas don’t even have caffeine.

        • David Perlmutter

          Just a reminder of a general rule of thumb Trish. On Facebook, some individuals have mentioned that they drink “loads more” green tea since they don’t have any coffee. I like to reiterate that, though there is less, we shouldn’t forget that green tea does still have caffeine.

          • Bill

            Don’t we need to distinguish between green tea and herbal tea? Green tea has caffeine; herbal does not.

          • Green tea does have caffeine (about 25% that of a regular cup of coffee) but it also has L-Theanine, which has a relaxing affect on the nervous system, counteracting most of the neurostimulatory effect of the caffeine (Kelly 2008). On an anecdotal note, I’m generally very sensitive to caffeine – a cup of coffee in the morning could effect my sleep that night. But I drink green tea all day with no adverse effects on my sleep and no withdrawal if I suddenly stop.

            If someone is having trouble sleeping or is feeling anxious, then it is helpful to look at caffeine intake. But I have yet to see this effect from green tea alone.

          • ri

            I have problems sleeping every night I do love coffee but don’t think I can give it up I finally had a good night sleep last night because I was beyond exhausted and opened the window to let some fresh air in and also used nail spray thanks for the tip 🙂

      • Megan

        I love black tea. How much caffiene is OK per day?

      • Maryann

        I’m not sure I understand the caution here. Before you said to “drink loads of coffee”. Can you explain because coffee definitely has more caffeine than black or green tea. What’s the bottom line?

      • ri

        im avoiding tea altogether due to the tannins and it decreasing the absorption of iron my iron is already low -I wonder if herbal tea has tannins

  • Michelle White

    Perhaps people can give me a hand– I do lots of reading and keep reading that avocados are good for you. I don’t care for guacamole (or Mexican in general, or it doesn’t agree with me…), have had thin slices on sandwiches (and learned I don’t mind the taste), but I find it feels like I’m eating butter (as in biting it off the stick). Any suggestions on other ways to include some into my diet?

    • glutenfreegigi

      Michelle, I recommend to my readers who do not enjoy the texture of avocados, but like you, enjoy the flavor and wish to eat them for their numerous health benefits to blend them into healthy smoothies or make my Avocado “Mayo” to use as a dip, spread or thinned, as a wonderful salad dressing! Here’ the recipe, if you like (I hope it’s ok to link this): http://www.glutenfreegigi.com/gluten-free-avocado-mayo/ – It is really terrific in Avocado Deviled Eggs: http://www.glutenfreegigi.com/avocado-deviled-eggs/ Hope this is helpful! 🙂

      • David Perlmutter

        Great suggestions! I’m also a fan of the “eggocado,” in which you halve and pit an avocado, distribute one egg across the hole where the put was in both, and bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Season as you like! The idea comes from the “4-Hour Body.” Try searching the web for some other variations.

        • Michelle White

          Does baking the avocado change the texture at all?

      • Michelle White

        Thanks! They look interesting!

      • ri

        yep avocado smoothies with milk and honey mmmm

    • ri

      they taste soo good with sunchips-i get everyone hooked on that snack I just love avocados they are so creamy and delicious and you can make an avocado smoothie with milk add some honey and you have a delicious creamy drink

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  • Bill Metcalfe

    Dr. Perlmutter, it seems to me, though, that gluten intolerance– I mean intolerance so bad that people quit wheat– is quite new. It’s only started to happen in the past 15 years or so. How do you explain that?

  • Jinnie

    Please could you outline a vegetarian alternative for following the fundamental requirements of your plan? I am enthusiastic but a little overwhelmed! Do beans and peas and legumes have any part in fulfilling the protein requirement or are they too CHO rich? Thank-you, Jinnie

    • David Perlmutter

      Beans, lentils and chickpeas are all valuable additions to your diet, however legumes, like peanuts, are to be avoided. A vegetarian diet can very easily be made Grain Brain-friendly, just make sure you’re eating enough foods rich in omega-3s, and vitamins D and B-12.

      • Joanne

        Please clarify…If beans, lentils and chickpeas are good additions, which legumes, other than peanuts, should be avoided?

      • Mark Holmes

        I’m on a Paleo diet where legumes are discouraged. Can you comment on that please?

      • Karan

        An online dictionary defines legumes this way:

        legume family

        the large plant family Leguminosae (or Fabaceae), typified by herbaceous plants, shrubs, trees, and vines having usually compound leaves, clusters of irregular, keeled flowers, and fruit in the form of a pod splitting along both sides, and including beans, peas, acacia, alfalfa, clover, indigo, lentil, mesquite, mimosa, and peanut.

        As a vegan I eat a LOT of beans, including lentils, garbanzos, navy, lima, etc. I always thought the terms “beans” and “legumes” were interchangeable. When you say “legumes, like peanuts, are to be avoided” .. do you mean just peanuts?? I avoided peanuts for years while working on a yeast-free diet, so I don’t have a problem cutting them out once again, but I’d be totally out on a thin limb without the rest of the bean family.

      • Amy

        I agree with other commenters, this is a confusing post. Beans, lentils and chickpeas are all legumes and contain inflammatory lectins.

      • Stephanie Rodriguez

        Dr. Perlmutter, I have developed a snack bar to help people follow your Grain Brain and Brain Maker diet. How can I offer you some samples? It is a raw, Paleo bar with DHA, vitamin D and B vitamins etc. called Noggin Nosh. nogginnoshbar@gmail.com

  • Catherine Mikkola

    I am trying to figure out which of my recipes work for this diet plan. I’ve been gluten-free for some time, and I use coconut flour. My question is, do I count the “total carbs” in coconut flour, or the “net carbs”? There is a big difference in these 2 carb-counts when it comes to coconut flour.

    • David Perlmutter

      You’re looking at “total carbs.”

    • ri

      hi Catherine what is total vs net carbs?could you explain this further for me thanks-is net when you subtract fiber?

      • Sara

        Net carbs is when you subtract fiber from the carb count.

  • Lynn

    not clear on how beef, avocados and coconut oil equates to a meal! can one eat any grass fed meat? what about chicken? and regarding produce, can we eat yams? if veggies, such as, bananas are too high in sugar, but supply a lot of protein, do we give up eating them or just reduce the amount we eat? its very vague and difficult for me to plan meals with so little to chose from. BUT MOST IMPORTANT to me: are we all better off eating gluten free even if not diagnosed as gluten intolerant???… and second, if I want to have a sandwich, but now avoid the whole wheat bread, what replaces the bread? can you give some advice? thanks.

    • David Perlmutter

      Lot to answer there Lynn.

      Beef, avocados, and coconut oil together are not a meal, but are three staples ingredients in a diet that is brain healthy.

      When it comes to vegetables, thing those that grow above ground (like spinach).

      You’re better off eating gluten-free for sure. My work is meant to provide the science that supports that idea.

      In your sandwich, consider a lettuce wrap, or eating the contents over a salad!

      • ri

        and kale chips are excellent too I also LOVED the chocolate coconut mousse recipe of yours found in recipe section of Grain Brain it was delightful! I couldn’t find ‘grassfed’ butter here in Canada and I don’t want anyone to look at me funny for asking for grassfed beef steak chicken etc should it be labeled grass-fed? I wonder if all grocery stores offer grass fed meats and dairy-thanks

  • Andrea

    I would like to know if quinoa is considered a grain. I know it has a lot of amino acids and I love that I can eat that instead of rice. Could you tell me if that is one of the grains that could lead to Alzheimer’s? Thank you!

    • David Perlmutter

      Quinoa is a gluten-free grain that can be consumed in moderation, ideally no more than once or twice per week, but eliminate it completely if you can, as it is considered a grain.


    Is there a good brand of coconut oil that doesn’t smell like tanning lotion? I don’t mind the smell of coconut oil when cooking curry-type dishes, but the smell puts me off when considering cooking an omelet in it. Also, when adding it to a smoothy with ice, it solidifies and it’s like chewing chunks of grease…any ideas?

    • Aili

      Get CO with coconut flavour/smell removed. The container should mention this.

      • Tom Straughan

        you can also us pure MCT oil… if you don’t know what it is … research it… you can get it on amazon or at most Whole Foods.

    • Frank

      Look for natural no-nhydrogenated coconut oil brands that mention “refined for medium high heat.” These oils have been filtered and deoderized and are the next best thing for cooking with.

    • Dan Lombardi

      Look for Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut oil, they offer liquid coconut oil in garlic and lemon-herb as well if that helps you. Otherwise I have found other more “neutral” tasting coconut oils on amazon, but my wife still tastes the coconut flavor (she’s not a fan, I love it).

    • Guest

      I use cocoanut milk for smoothies but don’t try to freeze and reuse, you have to heat it first or it looks curdled.

  • amysue

    Well, I love the great news about coffee!!!!!!! Can I still eat Ezekiel raisin bread, so better not?? 🙂

    • amysue

      oops, or better not?

    • Frank

      While Ezekiel raisin bread is much less processed than conventional breads it is still considered grain and still contains wheat gluten. It is clearly marked on the ingredients label.

      (Organic Sprouted Wheat, Filtered Water, Organic Raisins, Organic Sprouted Barley, Organic Sprouted Millet, Organic Malted Barley, Organic Sprouted Lentils, Organic Sprouted Soybeans, Organic Sprouted Spelt, Fresh Yeast, Organic Wheat Gluten, Sea Salt, Organic Cinnamon).

    • ri

      better stay away and make your own bread using almond flour-wheat belly blog has a lot of recipes

  • Beth Purl

    I’m looking for a diet that can help decrease the bilateral, chronic post-mastectomy pain that I’ve experienced for 13 years now. I would prefer to make dietary changes than to take more strong pain medication. My doctor had been quite open minded about trying new approaches. Thank you.

  • Josey

    1. Could you elaborate on the use of cheese in the grain brain diet due to the high level of saturated fat?
    2. You mentioned beans are Ok in a previous post. How much in volume would you recommend per week of beans which ironically are cholesterol lowering food? Does eating beans defeat the purpose of eating them instead of meat/fish?

    • ken

      Value of cottage cheese?

      • ken

        cottage cheese helpful for weight loss on Dr. Perlmutter’s diet ?

  • Sandi Thor

    They say when the student is ready,the teacher will appear. Why I turned into Dr. Oz the day you were on was meant be. My mom is suffering from dementia and I have put on 45 pounds in 10 years. I figured I would never lose this weight and had given up on myself. I couldn’t get to the bookstore fast enough and I purchased your book and promised I would turn my life around once and for all. I almost finished your book in just two days. It is so informative and is a godsend. I do have one question however, Can you have brown or white rice and often would you have it? Thank you so much for helping me connect the dots and start a healthy way of living.

    • David Perlmutter

      Sandi: I’m glad you could find me. Rice is a gluten-free grain that can be consumed in strict moderation. On the Grain Brain diet, I do allow for 60grams of carbs/day, so you could, in theory, use that for some rice. However, I would advise having rice no more than a couple of times per week, if at all.

      • Simon

        Dear Dr Perlmutter, I am a very big fan of your book. My wife’s grandmother has dementia and I recall my grandmother going that way too before diabetes took her. Haven’t finished yet but turned to the food section to see what you recommend. I was very surprised to see other grains there ( my wife has celiac disease so we are familiar with gluten grains) I have been on a very low carb diet to address some of my own long standing health problems. I’d just like to know your thoughts about the effects that phytates, lectins and sapponins from all grains may have on the brain considering their inflammatory properties?

  • Sandi Thor

    I appreciate how you respond to this website “blog” . One more question, I notice that you promote coconut oil. I noticed that Sam’s Club carries coconut oil in capsule form. Is it ok to take it in this manner?

    • David Perlmutter

      Generally yes. You’ll want to be sure the capsule material is gluten free though.

    • Bob Shelefka

      I understand coconut oil is a replacement for bad cooking oil. Am i right?

      • John Brailsford

        Bad cooking oil will increase small particle ldl cholesterol. which is bad for your heart. Coconut oil increases medium chain triglycerides which is good for you brain.

  • Amber G

    Dr. Perlmutter, I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS. Would this diet also assist with the management and treatment of this disease? Also, I’ve been told to stop eating most meat (with the exclusion of fish which i still consume) and to consume little to no coffee or caffeine (meat and coffee are two things that I love). I’m very overwhelmed about what is best to do but willing to try all of the dietary modifications necessary. Thanks.

    • GG

      Google Dr. Terry Wahls, a doctor controlling, eliminating her MS with a type of strict paleo diet: meat, fat, and veggies. Lots of veggies.

    • erin b

      I have RRMS and I follow Grain Brain and even in one week I can see the differences.
      I was told a lot of things over the years that I am finding out do not bother me on Dr. Perlmutter’s plan. I eat meat and drink coffee, and follow the guidelines laid out in the book. It is working just fine for me and I feel no uneasiness at all, as long as I follow what he lays out very clearly. I suggest reading the book and as well going through the information provided on here.
      Dr. Terry Wahls has an MS protocol and I did her plan for awhile, but found there was to much fruit in it for me. I as well have had no issues with organic grass feed dairy. And I believe she is dairy free. I do better on the lower carb plan laid out here.
      I am feeling amazing!

      • Squabbie

        I don’t see how the Wahls protocol could have “too much fruit in it”. The Protocol suggests that, of the 9 cups per day, only 20% should come from fruit, i.e. major on vegetables. Besides, the Protocol does not insist on fruit. It merely requires 3 cups of leafy greens, 3 cups of sulfur-rich vegetables and 3 cups of dense-colored vegetables and fruits. In other words, if you could not handle too much fruit, you could easily have obtained the said 3×3 cups entirely from vegetables. I am following the Wahls protocol and many days I find I obtain the 3×3 requirements without fruit.

    • Truth59

      I’m not Dr. Perlmutter, but you should check out Dr. Terry Wahls. She’s a fabulous MD who actually cured her MS without meds, just using a Paleo Diet and supplements. She has gone from wheelchair to riding a two wheeler, an absolutely amazing feat. She started with the meds but shortly after starting realized they didn’t work. She was working on a study and I’m not sure where she is on this. I’m sure if you called her office, she’d be happy to speak with you and your doctor. She’s on all of the Internet talks. I bet Dr. Perlmutter would agree.

      • David Perlmutter

        Yes, Dr. Wahls is a colleague doing some incredible work.

      • Guest

        MS is not curable. She either didnt have it or she is in a healthy remission.

  • Maureen

    A friend has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. He loved to eat pizza prior to the diagnosis. Can he eat gluten-free pizza occasionally? What of pizza made with sprouted grain flour such as found in Ezekial bread? Do you recommend sprouting beans and lentils before cooking them?

  • Biglith

    Eat meat for a brain health but then end up with colon cancer.

    • Nikonflyer

      Eating healthy, grass-fed animals is very healthy. The supposed connection between eating meat and colon cancer was bred by a book called “The China Study”, a book which has since been scientifically discredited on a number of fronts. The study was an observational study. You CANNOT establish cause and effect from observational studies.

      • ri

        excellent point Nikonflyer-i almost got suckered into going ‘raw vegan’ what a joke- I actually gained weight eating all those carbs even fruit im glad I found this lifestyle it works for me im always satisfied and in excellent health

  • Marjib

    Why do you say, “No Blue Cheese”?

    • Frank

      Blue cheese and its Italian cousin Gorgonzola are both cultured with the antibiotic fungi Penicillum which can compromise the integrity of the gut and friendly bacteria in the body.

      • ri

        didn’t realize that till now-thanks for sharing I was also wondering about blue cheese

  • James

    What’s your take on using evening primrose oil?

    • David Perlmutter

      I have retreated on my primrose recommendations over the past few years.

  • teri

    Hi Maureen,

    Your friend does not have to give up pizza because he cannot eat regular grain pizza. I made a delicious pizza which is in my book, Teri’s Gluten-Free & Grain-Free Healthy Recipes, and it is made using almond flour.

    I also put the recipe up on my website so you can get it there. My website is http://www.glutenandgrainfreesolutions.com

    Michelle White, concerning the avocados, I am the same way.

    I can eat the avocados when they are firm but do not like when they are mushy. I’m not sure if you eat salads but I do all the time. A salad is your creation. I put avocado in my salad. What you can do is buy them when they are firm if that texture is better for you. Chop them really small, and add to the salad everything else you love to taste. As you get used to the texture you can chop the avocado bigger if you want.

    Hope this helps,


  • Belinda Davies

    My father has had Parkinsons Disease for almost 10 years now and is also taking Lipitrol to lower his cholesterol. My question is if he were to both stop taking Lipitrol and start your Grain Brain diet would he see any reversal of PD symptoms or could both of these actions slow down the acceleration of his PD?
    Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and GB with all of us.

    • Suzanne

      Coconut oil is excellent for helping to control Parkinson’s Disease. Read Dr. Bruce Fife’s excellent book, Stop Alzheimer’s Now (including ALS, Parkinson’s, Diabetes type 1 and 2, MS and other brain issues).

      Make sure your dad is taking coQ10 along with his Lipitor, although not at the same time of day.

      • Val K

        Hi- Truth59 question regarding the coQ0. From what I understood from a few years ago a pharmaceutical company was coming out with a combo satin/coQ10 drug. Where can I find the info on not taking Lipitor and coQ10 togeather. Do you know if anyone came out with the combo drug? Thanks- I need to update my info.

        • dcohn

          Lipitor is poison. CoQ10 is an antioxidant. Combining them is like a bullet with a piece of Kevlar attached to the front, Stop with the Lipitor and learn what a proper diet is for the person in question. Everyone is different but High Cholesterol for the most part is not the cause of Heart problems.

          Additionally many vitamins or even MOST are just passing through you. CoQ10 is a big one that mostly does not get utilized by your body as I understand it. I am sure Perlmutter has some facts. Ubiquinol is a much better choice CoQ10 needs.

          Can someone point me to the scientific fact showing specifically how the higher level of cholesterol actually led to the heart diseases. I need details. I have been unable to find one shred of fact that can blame things like the fat from beef or fish or even all organic butter.

          I have read something about certain smaller sized LDL Cholesterol possibly being related but the findings are not 1005. They said that the smaller LDL particles can fit into the artery walls and start forming a block. What they stated was the larger LDL particles would not be an issue because they cannot adhere to the arterial walls.

          Now I mention this because if in fact there are different issues based on the LDL size then shouldn’t a test determine how much danger exists by the type of cholesterol you have. Yet this is not even taught in MD school from what I understand and it is still being argued because of the billions of dollars of lost business that SHOULD occur based on most people taking these drugs for absolutely not good reason.

          Of course some people have high levels of bad cholesterol. No way to really know who but since they prescribe the drug to everyone even within 1% possibility of being in danger many people claim that the drug helps them because they see the cholesterol number go down. Unluckily for all we know the drug manipulates the way that is allows LDL cholesterol to get counted.

          Nuff said about that.

          I will add that the BulletProof coffee guy claims that most coffee has Microtoxins or something like that.

          Does anyone know the validity of this and the danger of it.

          • Truth59

            It’s a myth. Here are two of my favorite docs talking about how the myth was created:

            Cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease – Chris Kresserchriskresser.com/cholesterol-doesnt-cause-heart-disease Cached
            … in spite of having higher average cholesterol levels. … show raised cholesterol is a risk for heart disease … high cholesterol actually causes heart …
            Debunking the Myth About High Cholesterol Levelsarticles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/10/22/… Cached
            Oct 22, 2011 · High cholesterol levels and a high-fat diet are not the real cause of heart disease, and taking cholesterol drugs …

        • Truth59

          Hi Val, I wouldn’t take a Big Pharma drug if I didn’t have to. It’s rare that you can’t find something in nature that will do the same thing. You just have to research it. I’ll never take a statin because the drug companies and the AMA keep lowering the threshold level for people to be put on statins arbitrarily just to make money. I would use nutrition to do the same thing like a Paleo Diet. A nutrition coach will tell you this but of course only a scrupulous doctor will confirm this. The coQ10 my boyfriend and I and the one I refer people to is called Accel and/or Ultra Accel from Dr. Al Sears (a fabulous MD in FL who is on the Internet but makes great products). Ultra Accel has PQQ (for a little more energy) in it which makes it more expensive. So I have started buying the regular Accel and also taking Unfair Advantage from bulletproof.com which has a little less PQQ in it and a little less coQ10 but the two products come out less costly than the Ultra Accel. You can google them both. Also read what dcohn commented to you. He’s right on.

        • John Brailsford

          Statins use and therefore block the coQ10 pathway.
          I would not go near statins….. You can keep your blood sugar low by reducing carbs.

  • Antonio

    Hi, I’m glad that the diet you described above has been my “main” diet for the last 10 years or so, ever since I lost 30kg with Atkins. What I find challenging however is feeding my kids, aged 6 and 4. They love vegetables, like fruits, but also love things such as pasta and sandwich.

    I slowly got rid of cereal (yuk) and baby yogurt, and now I’m about to get rid of apple juice. Is there a suitable alternative for sliced bread? All the times they go to school eating a sandwich in the car…

    I would love to find proper food for them that also matches the current lifestyle.


    • RiRi Ray

      check out http://www.lifeasaplate.com theres great gluten free recipes not using junk free carbs and you can make bread using coconut flour

    • teri

      Hi Antonio, I feed my grandchildren grain-free healthy foods all the time. I wrote a book you may want to check out. My website is http://www.glutenandgrainfreesolutions.com. The title of the book is Gluten- Free & Grain-Free Healthy Recipes, sold on Amazon.com and the Vook store.

    • Jamie

      Hi there,

      You would love this facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/SuperFoodFamily?ref=hl This girls new book is coming out soon called Kids Go Green – she has helped me so much with her lat book and now my kids health is great by getting them off grains – this page gives GREAT grain free and yummy kids snacks and recipes!

    • Catherine

      Antonio, check out Sunfood Raw Coconut Wraps instead of bread or grain based wraps. Pure raw coconut meat that hit the spot for everyone’s palate.

      • Judith McAllister

        Never had heard of this before. Will give them a try. Thanks!

    • ASRN

      when i want a sandwich,i use 2 slices of raw organic red pepper to substitute for bread. especially good with egg salad or tuna( with homemade olive oil mayo of course)

      • David Perlmutter

        Great suggestion.

      • you can use lettuce for bread

        • David Perlmutter


    • dcohn

      There are a few brands or tortillas made from Organic Sprouts . Ezekiel 4:9. http://www.foodforlife.com/product/tortillas/ezekiel-49-sprouted-whole-grain-tortillas

  • Gladys B.

    Would you approve of substituting wild elk and wild duck for beef? There is less fat in these animals than domestic varieties. We have a lot of these meats in our freezer (they are clearly free range).

    • David Perlmutter

      Grass-fed red and white meats (like duck) are a-ok.

  • Shelley Peterson

    I have reactive hypoglycemia. I have had to have carbs to keep my from extreme low blood sugar……. especially in the morning. Will your plan work for me.

    • Suzanne

      I have hypoglycemia. Since I became gluten free, I do much better with protein than carbs. Now a piece of turkey or roast beef will pick me up the way that the carbs used to do. It’s worth a shot. Try it for a month and see how you do.

    • Regina

      The hypoglycemia is a direct reaction from the food you are eating. I too was hypoglycemic when I stupidly thought a bowl of cereal or a bagel was a good breakfast choice. Then I would immediately crash an hour later and would have to have one of those grain based fiber bars to pick me back up. When I switched to eating yogurt and a nitrate free breakfast sausage for breakfast or some eggs, I started to feel better. But it took a couple months of this changed eating pattern to really stabilize my blood sugar. I don’t even need to have mid morning snacks now because the fat from the breakfast leaves me satiated.

  • Jen

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter,

    First, thank you for your important work!

    I have a question about coffee. I thought I heard you say in an interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola that coffee is cross reactive to gluten? I have heard of this before, but not even exactly sure what that means. (I have eliminated gluten from my diet in the last year). I have also heard of the benefits of coffee. Could you clarify this? I enjoy coffee, and lately have been adding in some coconut oil and I like to add homemade almond milk too. Once in a while I make some more “bulletproof” coffee also (do you know the “Bulletproof Guy” who also promotes similar ideas). Do you still recommend coffee on a regular basis?

    • Elaine

      I would also like to know what Dr P thinks about Bulletproof coffee.

    • PinheiroSergio

      In his book “The Diet of Mind” the doctor informs a list of acidifying foods to our organism and the coffee is in this list. How, then, can you suggest coffee to the patients? I see a contradiction there.

      • Musicalanne

        I get severe joint pain from coffee drinking. I was trying the bulletproof thing for a while-but the knee and back joints were too painful. It is relieved since stopping.

  • Dirck

    What about why protein as a supplement?

  • Susan Haynes

    Does decaf coffee confer the same health benefits as caffienated?

  • Liz

    Re: gluten associated cross reactive foods. Are all dairy products cross reactive e.g whey protein powder vs casein vs whole dairy product? If you cross react to cow dairy products will you also cross react to goat and sheep? Does Cyrex test for different species?

  • VinAnkhamun

    Funny I just read that coffee is a poison due to the caffeine which is a drug and a plant based poison known as an alkaloid like morphine and that decaf is just as bad a lot of side effect in it . I really like coffee too.

  • Terri

    I’m enjoying reading Grain Brain! The book says we can find a list of the supplement brands you like on this website. Where is it?

    • David Perlmutter

      Terri: I’ll be launching a dedicated supplements section on my website soon. Keep a close eye, and we’ll be announcing it via e-mail and social media as well.

  • Dave

    We have changed our diet to eat more fish, avocados, nuts and dark chocolate but if we do eat a sandwich what bread would you recommend as the best option? We eat multi grain or oat without high fructose corn syrup. Thanks

  • Angie Propst

    I learned about shirataki noodles on Dr. Oz. (tofu noodles). Is that still an acceptable choice for a pasta substitute. My family loves them (my husband reluctantly likes them on principle, he doesn’t want to admit he likes tofu anything).

  • Stuart WArshauer

    In the past I have had success losing weight with low-carb diets, such as Dr. Atkins. However, I have a sweet tooth and like ice cream, pie and fresh fruits.
    Now, I have Peripheral Neuropathy and am losing memory. Will your diet help? How many carbs a day does it permit.?

    • David Perlmutter

      Stuart: Many thanks for your question. The Grain Brain diet allows for 60grams of carbs/day.

    • B12DinPEI

      Sounds like you have a B12 deficiency. Read the book Could It Be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnosis, check out the Pernicious Anaemia Society, b12deficiency.info and b12d.org

  • Sam

    Thank you for the information you have provided. I am a mom of young children, and although they are not allergic to gluten, I am trying to stay away from it. Just some questions about the above article. How do you reheat hard boiled eggs? Will reheating change the yolk colour to a purple-blue tinge? Also, will decaf coffee also provide the same benefits you mentioned and do you recommend organic coffee? One last thing, I am truly finding a gluten free lifestyle to be very expensive, any tips on how to save and at the same time eat well?

    Thank you,

    • Frank

      I heat up a glass of water in microwave, then drop cold hard boiled eggs in the heated water for 5 to 10 minutes. Even room temp is better than ice cold.

    • Jamie

      https://www.facebook.com/SuperFoodFamily?ref=hl – great kids recipes – recommended it earlier!

  • Real Health

    Did the meat and dairy industry pay you to write this book? And coffee good for you, seriously? 1 Hard boil eggs in a week, the cholesteral in eggs may be good, but only if eaten raw…and no starches, how can a billion chinese be wrong? You won’t get dementia on this diet because you’ll be dead from heart disease, cancer or diabetes before Dementia kicks in. Folks do your own research and don’t get sucked in to bad science and make this guy rich by buying his book

    • erin b



      I could list a whole lot more sources.
      I am a wife and mother, with MS. I have been doing what Dr. Perlmutter has laid out in his book now for two weeks. The differences are night and day for me.
      I have researched and worked so very hard these last many years to find anything that I could do, to help my symptoms. I have tried so many diets including raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian, and many other programs, with little results or temporary results. Even though I learned a lot from these plans, but they didn’t help me and in some cases set me back. Maybe OK for others, but they did not help me.
      I feel amazing, my sleep is so much better, as are many of my symptoms, I am moving, my weight is coming off as well (added bonus).
      I am very hopeful.
      Serious people, with serious health conditions, need to do their research and I did and I am so glad I did. I found Grain Brain on my own, in my search for my health.

      • ri

        congrats Erin of course with success comes haters that’s just how it goes-wishing you and yours continued health for 2014

    • ri

      go away -all of us are here because we’ve tried and tested this lifestyle for ourselves and its improving out health and quality of lives and there are years of research as well as the most distinguished medical journals backing up all the information found in Grain Brain which im sure you have NOT read. Dr Perlmutter is saving lives and what sort of educational background do YOU have in nutrition -check out Dr Perlmutter’s education and credentials im sure yours don’t compare there is validity to everything that he says hence why his book is a NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER and commended by many doctors and others in the health care field

      • JM

        Seriously… “Real Health” go somewhere else! We are fans of Dr. P.’s work for good reason. We are here to ask HIM questions – not get input from you.

        • ri


    • radicalrex1

      They said the same thing about the Atkins diet but everyone did well on the diet. Why do people like to bash everything they don’t agree with. I have done my research and low carb diets are the best. The Chinese do not eat all the chemical and processed starches that are prevalent in American foods. The manufacturers care more about the bottom line instead of Americans belly line.

    • Bob Shelefka

      that is the problem . no one agrees.

  • Frank

    Dr P,
    I just finished reading Grain-Brain. Thank you. Haven’t purged the kitchen of the bad guys yet. When you calculate percent of carbs, protein, and fat in your diet, do you use grams or caloric values?

    • David Perlmutter

      That would be caloric values, but you don’t want to exceed 60grams of carbs/day in a Grain Brain lifestyle.

  • Julie Ursetta

    Does decaf coffee have the same benefits?

  • soni

    Dear Dr. Pearlmutter,
    Can grain free lifestyle change alter my blood composition. I currently am on Warfrin after a stroke and surgery, 2 years ago in the Mesenteric Artery.
    Thank you.

  • Kathy Tunning Dillenbeck

    I could not find anything about beets in your book. Are they allowed? I don’t like too many veggies, but beets are one of my favorites.

    • David Perlmutter

      Beets are OK to consume. You just have to factor the carb content into your daily consumption of total carbs.

  • Jenn Moran

    This is great news! Can’t wait to finish the book!

    • David Perlmutter

      Hope you will soon! Glad to see your enthusiasm.

  • nomoregrainbrain

    This book has changed the way I eat and the way I will eat until I die…hopefully without AD! I’ve been recommending it so much (especially on Loseit and FB, that I should probably receive a commission on sales. 🙂

    • David Perlmutter

      So glad to hear about the positive changes you’ve been able to make. Wishing you continued good health!

      • Dee Beatty

        My adult children are driving me crazy. I have lost 13 pounds, now 112#. They fuss, fuss, and fuss at me. I feel great, but they think I’ve lost my mind doing this. Ok, I’ll endure. It’s worth it. Thank you, Dr Perlmutter. PS. I had my 80th birthday recently. They think I’m going into protein wasting mode and won’t be able to come out of it. My doctor says I’m one of his healthiest patients. Even dropped the blood pressure medicine. And, I work hard in my garden.

  • Rick Dee

    Dr. Perlmutter- What do you think about the “Eat right for your blood type diet”? I ask because my blood type is never to eat avocados and coconut oil(although I like both). Thank you.

    • David Perlmutter

      While intriguing, I believe it’s important to focus more on carbohydrate restriction.

      • flame7749


  • Fern

    How can I manage this diet with gastroparesis?

    • Gayle

      Hi Fern. I also have gastroparesis and am curious about how to manage as well. Have you found any tricks or success?

  • Gladys B.

    I have been following the Grain Brain regimine for 17 days, and feel much better already. However, I had terrible constipation today. What is the best strategy to ensure that does not occur? I had oatless oatmeal for breakfast, an omelette with cheese and a few vegies for lunch, almond butter and celery for a snack, and salad and mussels & a glass of red wine for dinner. Any ideas?

    • erin b

      Are you drinking half your body weight in water? This is a must for me, well for everyone 🙂

    • Tom Straughan

      cut back on the cheese

  • Tina

    I was diagnosed with a gluten alergy two years ago. I was strictly on a GF diet for the first year. What threw me off my diet was that a family member was hospitalized and it was difficult to concentrate on myself. I came down with vertigo earlier this year and it doesn’t want to go away. I was just wondering if my gluten alergy could have anything to do with it. Thank you in advance… Christina

  • Alex G

    For a vegetarian, what would replace beef in the Anti-Alzheimer’s trio foods? And what are your thoughts on casein? The Forks over Knives docs recommend to completely avoid casein.

  • RiRi Ray

    Dr Perlmutter your book is amazing! I absolutely loved it and I thank you so much for writing it its literally life changing and great news about coffee since I love it!

    • David Perlmutter

      So glad to hear you say this. Wishing you continued good health.

  • Nicole Bodner

    I gave up grains a week ago and can’t believe the difference in my mood! I haven’t felt this calm and happy and high inside in years. And my husband and kids noticed the difference right away. I have lost my anxiety and anger, and the small stuff no longer seems to bother me. I also lost a few pounds without trying or counting a single calorie. Love it! Thank you to anyone promoting a grain-free world!

    • David Perlmutter

      Glad to hear you’re already seeing the benefits Nicole! Here’s to your continued good health.

  • Hans-Peter Moeckli

    What’s wrong with Vitamin D3 supplementation?

  • Greenrudder

    Do sprouted grains make difference? Are they higher in protein compared to unsprouted grains? Go Raw makes snacks that are gluten free, organic, include coconut/coconut oil and are slightly sweetened by dates and/or bananas (no added sugar).

  • Ishlo

    I love coffee but gave it up about 10 months ago because I realized it was giving me cystic acne. Cutting out milk/sour cream from my diet reduced the acne but when I stopped drinking coffee, it went away. I drink green tea now. Can tea give me the same benefits as coffee?

    • Tom Straughan

      try bulletproof coffee… it’s mold free coffee, a tablespoon of grass-fed, unsalted butter and a tablespoon of MCT oil

  • Andrea Lambert

    How do we get high fiber into our breakfast? I have been listening to your CD and sharing with my 80 year old father who is intense about his morning fiber. I don’t know what to tell him…

    • Regina

      Here’s what I do. I take some fiber powder that is tasteless and mix it with my Greek yogurt. I also mix chia seeds with water and a splash of pomegranate juice to make a fiber filled drink that is also very filling. Chia is amazing. Look up ReNew Life online. They make excellent fiber supplements. http://Www.renewlife.com.

    • Frank

      Chia seeds are an excellent source of plant-based fiber and Omega 3s. Coconut flour is also very high in fiber and excellent for cooking with. Look for it when it is on sale in health food stores. Also, if one makes homemade “coconut milk” by blending dehydrated coconut shavings with hot water, the remaining coconut shavings are pure fiber that can be used for cooking with.

    • ri

      my diabetic mother is the same way she thinks she needs bread she believes it has vitamins minerals and fibers but doesn’t realize that the negative impacts of wheat far out weight the positive I hate to be so direct but before going gluten free I used to always be constipated now I have no issues 🙂

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  • josie

    So does DECAF coffee have the same results?

    • Kyle

      You should avoid decaf coffee or tea at all costs. The decaffeination process involves chemicals in almost all cases. Even so called “naturally” decaffeinated products are suspect and should be avoided.

      • Hope

        Is green tea o.k.?

  • bella

    Can u possibly give sample plans of meals n snacks daily. I desperately need help to bring my health back on track i was doing well for a while then i gained 10 back over the course of the year and not happy about it. Also would like your opinion on whole body detoxes? ty belinda.

  • mlshuck23

    If one follow the eat for your blood type diet and avocados are inflammatory for you, what are other alternatives to avocados?

  • Suny Lady

    I have a friend whose beautiful son has schizophrenia. Would your recommended diet benefit him?

  • jahcube

    Here’s the problem I have! I don’t like most of these foods. Don’t like avocado for example. What does someone like me do who just doesn’t like most healthy foods.

    • ri

      cut out the junk and start liking them because when your hungry and all that is available is healthy food you will like it trust me-its your health and your life and you basically are what you eat

  • Diana

    Is eating the coconut-meat, from inside a raw coconut, just as helpful as eating coconut oil?

  • Diana

    In Switzerland we only find solid coconut grease, made with hydrogenated coconut oil. At 23Celsius it liquefies. Is this product healthy?

  • Donna Hughes

    I’ve already started in this direction with Weston Price, but I loathe avocados and I don’t do numbers. Like counting calories it is a deal killer. It has to feel natural.

  • Dianne Dantzler

    In the 1980s I lost 100 lbs on dr. Atkins’ diet. I started experiencing numbness in the back of my left leg down to my ankle. At times I completely lost the ability to control my foot. My doctor sent me to a neuroligist who asked me if I had lost a lot of weight and found I could cross my legs. I said yes. He recommended I take mega doses of thiamine for 6 months and don’t cross my legs. He said that vitamun B Thiamin, put a sheath on the nerves and not eating bread made it low. Could I experience that again on this diet?

  • Powers Famly

    Dr Perlmutter,
    My wife has been diagnosed with enlarged ventricles…Dr.’s are sure if this is causing her constant headaches, but she has been placed on Topomax. Is there any benefit from this diet/lifestyle change that will change her condition for the better?

  • Powers Famly

    excuse me…I meant to say “the Dr’s are not sure”

  • ri

    I just whipped up some chocolate coconut mousse and it turned out soo good!!! all you need to do is put a can of coconut milk in the fridge for a few hours or overnight, scoop it into a bowl add 3 tbsp of cocoa and stevia for sweetener (I used honey) mix it all up I used a food processer and then scoop it into bowls and put it in the freezer for a bit for it to get creamier and you can top it with coconut flakes or shred some dark chocolate pieces and top it with that and voila you have a rich creamy delicious heart and brain healthy dessert- soo good! i got the recipe is from Grain Brain courtesy of Dr Perlmutter

    • saw

      You just made me go make it. lol. ty.

  • ri

    also I noticed that no butter at the grocery store indicates that it is ‘grass fed’ I don’t want to ask anyone or they might look at me strange lol not sure if there is such thing as grass fed butter here in Canada

    • GA Mom

      I believe the KerryGold brand is grass-fed if you can find that there.

  • dgbludworth

    I’ve been eating according to this plan for three days and I have lost 9 pounds. I am morbidly obese and of course weight loss is a major issue for me, but at 67 so is preventing dementia. My partner as early stage Parkinson’s and she has also joined me in the diet. We have high hopes that this diet may eliminate her tremors. Thank you Dr. Perlmutter for your book!

  • Al Tomlin

    Dr. P.
    I am taking GNC Mega Men daily vitamin. Is there a better or simpler daily vitamin that I should take with the Super 7 Supplements?

    • David Perlmutter

      Al: My feeling is that a “one-a-day” type vitamin cannot make up for eating habits. A useful adjunct for sure, but not a solution. I would advise someone to take the seven aforementioned supplements instead of a multivitamin, but you should consult with your doctor before making any changes to your supplement regimen.

  • Karen

    I eat lots of cheese, nuts, and other foods with cholesterol, but my natural total cholesterol level is 124. Is this a bad thing for my brain?

  • laura

    Hi Dr. Based on limited knowledge… I know that as of 2 months ago my CRP is 5.51 🙁 and my glucose is 134. I have been on prednisone for 2 years and last month have been put on Methtotrextate up to 17.5 slow increase while decreasing the steroids from 40mg a day down to 0. I’m a 40 F, no kids, 5’9 245 (before steroids never over 160) Any suggestions based on this information?Can these numbers be reversed? I’m on page 6 of your new book and I am already very thankful for it.

  • guest

    is oatmeal okay?

    • David Perlmutter

      Oats MUST be certified gluten-free. However, they are still a grain, so consume in strict moderation.

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  • Jo B

    Is whole grass-fed cow and goat milk good for the brain? And organic yogurt made with whole milk?

  • Bob

    I purchased, and have read Brain Grain a few times
    through and have embraced its concepts hook, line and sinker. I am
    following the recommended dietary guidelines and also have been taking
    the supplements. I started this plan in October and have gone from 184
    lbs to 167 lbs., and my waist has gone from a 36 to a 33 (and my 33
    pants are a bit lose!)

    While I have been pretty excited about the weight loss and the
    hope that I can avert the possibility of dementia or Alzheimer’s (which
    took my father’s life three years ago), I am wondering what else I can
    do to get my stomach flatter!! I have just recently started back to
    doing cardio exercise after a two month break, as I had to care for my
    wife who was recovering from knee surgery. Will this be key to getting
    my stomach flatter? I seem to have lost weight/inches EVERYWHERE ELSE
    but the stomach.

    I love and so appreciate the knowledge you have shared with us
    and I continue to study your work. I also have been a strong
    evangelist for your book and program.

    Please, anything you can suggest would be much appreciated.

    Thanks again for all you do to correct the medical/health myths out there.


    • David Perlmutter

      Bob: Thanks for the kind words, and for sharing your story. I appreciate every chance I get to hear from people like yourself. If you like, share your success story with me at Success@DrPerlmutter.com, so that I can share it here on the site.

      • Bob

        Can you please advise on the flat stomach challenge? Thanks again!

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  • Sonetchka

    Can I have isolated whey protein shake?

  • David Green

    Your recommendations make such good sense.
    Would you comment on the use of stevia and/or agave to replace sugar?
    Also: what are the recommended daily proportions of protein, fat, and carbs (I assume complex carbs are preferred?).

    • Joe Texan

      Yes, stevia or agave, which is better.

      • David Perlmutter

        I advise Stevia if someone is looking for a sweetener.

  • reggie

    I don’t know which end is up. After 8months on the Dr Esselstyn diet because of what I thought was angina, I reduced my cholesterol to 150 and LDL to 80. I passed the stress test and ultra sound at an EECP facility. However,my blood markers were out of wack. CPR was good ,but Glucose and Insulin were out of range, especially Insullin and iron. I was told my heart was 97% efficient and the chest pain was not heart related. Along with that I’m very depressed, a malady I’ve always had,but to an even greater degree

  • reggie

    continued—- This is obviously a result of too much carb. I was told to eat more grain because i was losing weight. I like to approach your diet in a more vegetarian way. However, whatever mitigates the DEPRESSION I’m up for. Please help. You’re thoughts Doctor?

  • greyton

    Dr Perlmutter, I have been following your diet for about a month now but am concerned as I take high blood pressure medication, not very much, 10mg daily. Why should this be a problem? I have already reached my ideal weight so can I now introduce some legumes and beans? I am a coeliac sufferer. Thanks.

  • Jasmine

    Here’s a question from someone who has just heard about Dr. Perlmutter on TV this morning! I love to have a glass of white wine each evening – a mix of Gallo moscato and White zinfandel – is that good for me, just okay or a no no?

  • frank

    Hi Dr Perlmutter;
    I am reading your book Brain Grain and it is very informative. For the past two months I have been trying to eat healthy and was following the Primal method which has helped me lose 18 pounds and feel much better. I will be following your advice about eating and I have not been eating breads etc. I am presently on Pardaxa for irregular heart beat and so far everything seems to be going ok but is there any problems following your regiment when I am on this medication and do you have any advice about it. I also am taking blood pressure medication and it is contained very well especially since I started and new eating regiment. I was advised to take Cholestrol medication but decided not to take it because I have hears many bad things about. I am 75 and in pretty good health except for above things. thanks for

  • Pingback: January and the Year of the Veggies and Low Carb / Gluten Free « Run Find Your Happy Pace()

  • Donna

    If a person is gluten-sensitive, as I am convinced I am, can their be cross-reactivity with coffee? I have read that it can be possible as our body reads the protein from coffee wrong and thinks it’s gluten. I was having some episodes of ataxia and quit coffee to see if that helped and the symptoms went away. I would LOVE to drink coffee (I miss it far more than wheat and sugar) but don’t want to get those symptoms back! Any suggestions?

  • Lynn

    Is home made grass fed organic whole milk plain yogurt acceptable on a more frequent basis than other dairy products? I have been reading about omega 3 content being good, etc. Thanks.

  • Lynn

    Hi Dr Perimutter, Any extra suggestions for lacto-vegeterians to get complete proteins and maintain the grain brain principles? Thanks.

  • David

    Dr. Perlmutter
    I seen you on WQED TV and learned a lot. We did order your program and are waiting to receive it. To show it to my mother Neurologist to heal her from Parkinson disease, Alzheimer’s plus healing from the Lord (Jesus)

    • David Perlmutter

      I’m so glad you could tune in David. Wishing you good health.

    • Bob Shelefka

      MD don’t want to hear this.

  • Sandy

    What about Flax seeds for Omega 3?

    • David Perlmutter

      Flaxseed oil is a great source of omega-3 fats.

  • Laura

    Any recommendations for someone with extreme carb cravings. I can do the supplements and have gone gluten free but I (and my 4 girls) can’t go very long without sweets. I had bulimia for 10 years and continue to struggle with night binges. Running and breast feeding has allowed my weight to stay normal. But we have ADD and mood swing issues.

  • Stefanie

    I remember hearing Dr. Amen say that coffee is bad for the brain because it dehydrates the body. Is this important?

  • Elizabeth

    I have tried to find the recommendations for specific brands of foods that follow the Grain Brain guidelines that is mentioned at the top of page 245 in “Grain Brain.” Help please.

  • Prissy

    I just read your post re: coffee – Yes! However, I’m wondering if that “Keurig” type brewed coffee is as good as regular ground.

  • Idalis De Leon

    Dead wrong on the coffee.

    • Joe Texan


  • Sonja

    Dr. Perlmutter, I am a 17 year old girl and am already one week into this new lifestyle change of a LCHF diet. However, my Parents seem to be concerned about this change, they think its not suitable for a growing teenager and that it could affect my health if I try this too early on. Is this true or could this actually benefit me if I avoid the dangerous nature of gluten and carbs so early on?

  • Joe Texan

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    I am a neuropsychologist and after reading your book I starting including recommedation for diet, but I’m worried that M.D.’s who refer to me will get angry at me for giving medical advice about nutrition. Just recommending your book without citing some of the studies you cite about depression, cognitive decline, ADHD, etc., is not enough to motivate people because we’ve all heard of this or that new diet and it just sounds like I’m a nutrition fanatic. Do other M.D.’s get angry with you for giving their patients advice? Since most of my patients are referred by neurologists who don’t seem to have read this stuff, I’m worried, but I can’t just not tell them about this new science. Any suggestions?

  • Joe Texan

    Also, is nicotine extract used in vamping with ecigs about the same as caffine? It is mixed with flavored water and turned into water vapor. Are all stimulants about the same like making tea from coca leaves?

  • Margaret Ormond

    What about tofu? As a vegetarian, I find it helpful for protein.

  • Bxkid

    I was diagnosed with frontal temporal partial epilepsy about a year ago. A year before that I sat at my desk blanking out and losing consciousness but still being aware something wasn’t right. After finally having a grand mal seizure I was hospitalized and diagnosed.after months and months of my doctor giving me debilitating medications, I finally was lucky enough to see the doctor on Dr. Oz. Ironically before the episode I went to the drug store to get my medication and purchased a Gatorade. I drank it had a seizure, after I got home is when I learned carbs were not my brains friend. After basically living for 38 years off of carbs. In 4 days I’ve dropped 7lbs no auras, no panic attacks less agoraphobia and I can’t wait to get the book. I let my friends go shopping in my pantry right after the show. I’m not a meat fan, but I have some would caught flounder, eggs, cheese, tofu and protein packed foods. I misunderstood about the peanuts but I’m doing better I love coconut oil oh so good yum. Thank you doctor P. I wish more neurologist would consider using food as medicine.

  • Joy

    Dr Perlmutter, I am confused about the beans and dairy. I may have to reread the book but I thought only garbanzos are good and is dairy only ok if grass fed?
    Also, My adult daughter is GF for 1 1/2 yrs and very careful. She gets migraines 3-6x weekly, has tried many meds from her neurologist without success. Any help?

    • David Perlmutter
      • Joy

        So are all beans ok or just garbanzos? Also, My adult daughter is GF for 1 1/2 yrs and very careful. She gets migraines 3-6x weekly, has tried many meds from her neurologist without success. Any suggestions that something else is triggering migraines besides gluten?

  • Marie

    I’m not sure if I missed the answer I am looking for, but on your gluten free list, it says cheese is okay, but blue cheese is the exception. I haven’t been able to find out why blue cheese is not okay to eat, so can someone please answer why that’s a problem?

  • Erik Walton

    the more research I do about proper nutrition, the further down the rabbit hole I find myself. confusion. It seems for every study I read there is another refuting the former….example: I read here that the nfr2 protein is helpful for increasing levels of antioxidants in our bodies…..I just read a UCLA research paper in there findings concluded that nfr2 can cause atherosclerosis, yikes????? confusion

    • flame7749

      I am very confused also. I wish I could find one diet for everything, I have been eating oatmeal and soy about four times a week to lower my cholesterol, and stopped eating red meat and it worked no more meds for that… Now I find that soy and oatmeal aren’t that great and fat meat is good for you? Somebody help!!!!

  • Erik Walton
  • Thank you,it is good material to read this post increases my knowledge. What a wonderful piece of information. Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer.
    Fair look
    Fair look cream

  • Pat

    I recently had my gallbladder removed and my doctor recommended a low fat diet. How long would I have to wait before trying the grain brain diet? If I eliminate carbs, do you believe I will be able to eat avocados, nuts, and coconut oil without feeling sick?

  • Lyndy

    I am new to this lifestyle but should have figured out years ago that my system always operated well on an Atkins style program. My concern is that in reading vitamin bottle labels many now contain sucralose. I went to GNC yesterday looking to replenish my alpha lipoic and there it was on the ingredients. Also found it on a bottle of melatonin. Any idea why vitamin manufacturers would add this junk to vitamins?

  • Kathy

    Almond butter OK?

    • David Perlmutter

      Absolutely that’s a healthy option.

  • Joan

    How about those of us on blood thinner who must limit the leafy greens?

  • Bellegelle

    I’m not sure about peanuts. They are gluten free. What is the reasoning behind not being used on the grain brain diet.

    • SunnySky

      Peanuts are a legume, right?. They are not a nut or seed.

      • David Perlmutter

        That is correct, peanuts are a legume.

  • Amar

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter,
    I eat 8oz of fish (usually salmon) 3 times a week but do not take any omega 3 supplements due to my desire to refrain from any form of medication. I also try to refrain from unhealthy oils such as canola, soybean, and safflower and use butter, olive, and coconut oil whenever possible. Do you believe this would be enough DHA intake to support a healthy brain?
    Thanks, Amar

  • Nina Reyes

    I have read about so many toxins being in coffee, is that not true?

    • David Perlmutter

      Not familiar with this research, but I am an advocate of coffee.

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    • Linda

      Call a Naturopathic Dr or Functional Health Dr and ask them. They have seen many good things happen treating people with nutritional and natural means who had no hope from the conventional drugs, etc…..and always pray too. God is our healer.

  • LStevie

    Dr. Perlmutter, What is your opinion on taking MCT oil if you have non-alcoholic fatty liver? I am starting on a ketogenic way of eating.

  • suenan

    I guy free range eggs, but the chickens are fed this feed at night. Is that still oki?

    Calcium, Manganese and Trace Minerals forStrong shells

    Prebiotics, Probiotics and Yeast

    Research-Backed High Quality Formulation

    Wholesome nutrition you can trust to provide the very best for your poultry

    Added Marigold Extract For rich yellow yolks — A high level of xanthophyll, a coloring agent derived from marigolds, produces deep yellow egg yolks

    Essential Amino Acids…Enhanced
    with lysine and methionine to give birds the nutrients they need to
    produce plenty of wholesome and delicious eggs. Also promotes beautiful

    Key Levels of Vitamin A, D, E

    Strong reproduction and overall health — A high level of Vitamin A helps birds grow into healthy adult birds

    Balanced and Complete Formula

    Freshly-ground grains from North American Farms

    Calcium, manganese and trace minerals for strong shells

    Fortified with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids

    Simple Ingredients

    Recipe has

    • No artificial by-products or fillers added

    • No artificial preservatives added

    • No antibiotics or growth hormones added

    Superior Nutrition

    Optimum nutrition for healthy birds and delicious eggs

    Rich in Antioxidants and Optimized Levels of Vitamin E

    Supports a healthy immune system — A high level of Vitamin E helps birds maintain a robust immune system

    Wholesome Nutrition
    Your assurance of quality – It’s nutrition you can trust — our guarantee that this is the very best feed for your poultry

  • Char 1957

    I am watching a Dr perlmutter program from KCTS 9 and I am confused when he talks about not eating carbs. Fruit and vegetables are carbs and I dont see how any one can get enough nutrients by not eating fruit and vegetables! I am gluten free and have just learned I am lactose intolerant. I cant see giving up my fruits and vegg.

    • David Perlmutter

      While eliminating carbs is an option, I focus more on limiting carbs to 50-80g/day, and eliminating gluten and grains.

      • Char 1957

        so when you say carbs – you are including fruits and vegetables?

        • David Perlmutter


        • SunnySky

          Not a lot of carbs to vegetables… go easy on the fruits, though.

  • Anne Gallant

    Is this some kind of a joke, here is response to this article, and please note the sarcasm. Drink all the coffee you want, it may perk you up but you will have arthritis, the minute you stop drinking coffee, your arthritic pain goes away. Eat meat, it does not affect the brain the same way grain does but your arteries may not like it very much. and with enough cholesterol and fat, you can clog your blood flow to the brain and have a stroke or worst. We humans need to eat a diet that is over 50% raw foods to stay healthy, cooking everything destroys the enzymes we need to digest food. You are probably selling lots of books and brainwashing people with this diet idea, but your research is greatly flawed. Grains do affect the brain negatively but you are taking the same approach as many other medical doctors, you are looking at one issue. Our bodies are whole and we need to support the entire system not just one part of it. Very disappointed in this, I heard about your book last night and was interested but your recommendations for diet are way off.

  • Westiemom

    I just wondered if I could substitute coconut sugar for stevia?

  • Lisa Muzic

    Just curious: I use Swerve sweetener. It is erythritol and oligosaccharide, a 1:1 replacement for sugar and does not affect blood sugar levels. Are you familiar with it and what are your thoughts about its use?

    • David Perlmutter

      As far as a sweetener, I advise Stevia.

  • kathy

    Dear Dr.Perlmutter,
    I have read your book and it was very informative. Can you please help me with some suggestions? I have hypoglycemia. I also stay away from all grains as they make me starved within 1/2 hour after eating them. I have been eating the same diet daily for a few years now and have found that a meal of ground beef patty, spaghetti squash with butter, and cauliflower with butter makes me feel really good…eating that for lunch and dinner for a couple days in a row I feel very “normal” – no anxiety, fear, aching in the shoulder area – those were my continuous symptoms (among many others) that I experienced for years before changing my diet change. What I need now is to find other combos of food that equal the nutrients in that meal. It isn’t JUST the saturated fat, and it isn’t JUST the amount of protein. I am not satisfied eating chicken, or other meats – pork comes close, or (just) avocados. It seems I have to have moist fat in order to feel satisfied and keep on an even keel. PLEASE HELP! I do eat my snacks regularly in between meals, which is cottage cheese with fruit, peanut butter (no sugar) with celery, and a trail mix of goji berries, cacao nibs, and pumpkin seeds.

  • Jess

    I absolutely detest coffee. Any alternatives with similar effects?

    • Paulette

      Ditto for me, Jess. Hope someone has suggestions for us non-coffee folks.

  • Cynthia106

    I heard Dr. Robert Lustig talk about no sugar and no gluten. Yet, his list of foods includes carbs.

    Who should we believe?

  • Barbara

    What stevia powder do you recommend for baking/cooking?

  • Rob

    In NZ even our ‘organic’ chickens are grain-fed : does this mean I have to exclude their eggs, as well?

  • FloxieHope

    Here is a post that elaborates on the anti-Alzheimer’s powers of coffee – http://www.hormonesmatter.com/caffeine-alzheimers-disease/

  • Amina

    I have tried to take DHA and EPA, whether it’s from fish oil, cod liver oil, or flaxseed, but every single time, I had worsening of my depression within 2 or 3 days of starting to taking them. I tried different dosage and different brands, including organic and expensive brands, but it was the same every single time. The Naturopath I used to see didn’t seem to believe me. Has anyone experienced the same thing? How can I add DHA without making my depression worse? I am currently on Effexor, but I am planning to talk to my dr. to wean myself off of it. Thank you!

  • Shelly Grimes

    If I start a daily habit of coffee, how do I eliminate caffeine headaches if coffee is not available that day?

    • David Perlmutter

      If you notice yourself developing these, be sure to hydrate, and even consider scaling back your coffee habit.

    • saw

      I drink cold brew coffee. I do not know why but it seems better all the way around. Do you why? tyvm Dr Perlmutter

  • hclf

    I guess I’ll be the one to mention the elephant in the room, the brain doesn’t run on fat or protein it runs solely on glucose…which is most readily found in high carb low fat foods like fruits,veggies, and yes…even grains. You could open any carbon chemistry or biology/anatomy book and read that the brain(and every cell in the body) runs on glucose, not fat. Yes our bodies can convert fat into glucose, but this is an energy intensive process that leaves us feeling tired and sluggish. You do need fats like DHA for brain health, but like they said get it from algae…not fish because they have mercury bioaccumulated in their fat…and they get the DHA from the algae anyways so go right to the source, algae. All the essential fatty acids are found in fruits and vegetables too…you don’t need oils, just some avocados,nuts,seeds and some coconut meat here and there :). Our brains are fueled by glucose, NOT FAT.

  • Ethan Don Schaecher

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter,

    I completely agree that making a nutritional change in one’s life can prove very difficult. I have now been grain-free for three years, and although it can be difficult at times, the benefits of healthy eating are well worth the effort.

    My question for you is regarding my girlfriend. She suffers from a neurological disorder known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), combined with frequent headaches and mood swings. What are the best ways to get her to try this lifestyle and believe this way of eating without “pushing” her so much to do so? She currently has a very poor diet. Even if eating right doesn’t cure her, I do believe it could help her feel better or keep her symptoms minimal.

    I would greatly appreciate a helpful response from you or anyone else on this board. I very much thank you for your time.


    • saw

      It is simple. Does she want to be sick or does she want to feel and LOOK soooooo good. the problem for a lot of folks is the addictive qualities of carbs. best of luck.

  • Geege

    Dr. Perlmutter-thank you so much for your cutting edge information! My food palate has changed drastically in just a few years. (No gluten, low sugar, no rice and beans) but my stomach aches, but my bloating and rashes are all but gone! My Dr. even reduced my thyroid medication. It’s working! With a father and two Aunts with dementia/Alzheimer’s, I’m listening!
    I so appreciate you and all the other cutting edge Dr.’s in our world today.

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  • Seejengo

    Is decaf coffee as effective? I’m really sensitive to caffeine… BTW this diet has changed my life!

  • Teresa Coste

    I have been doing all the right foods and healthy fats. I was just tested and I’m not absorbing my fats. How can I remedy this problem?

  • Seejengo

    Is decaf coffee ok? Caffeine makes me jittery

  • Willow

    Are there any vegetables or fruits I should stay from??? ( I love oranges)


  • TheLivingSoul

    Hi there,

    I’ve recently started the Grain Brain diet plan and am confused about a few things. Where do beans sit in the whole equation? For example, I recently discovered fettucine made out of mung beans and spaghetti made of adzuki beans. Are these beans permitted in the Grain Brain diet?

    I also bought a sprouter a few weeks ago, before I started to read Grain Brain. Are sprouted lentils and mung beans okay?

    And what’s so wrong with carrots and beets?!

    AND! Really, truly, truly, really can I eat as many nuts as I please?



    • David Perlmutter

      Best to minimize consumption of beans and lentils. Carrots and beans are high in carbs, so keep the consumption moderate.

      • TheLivingSoul

        Thanks, David. Another two questions: what’s the maximum amount of nuts you can eat per day? (If there is a limit?) I feel like I’m putting on weight or at least not losing any. What might this indicate?

        Many thanks,

  • LovePudding

    Dr. Perlmutter–Can you have gelatin?

  • GenVS

    What brand, where do we buy the stevia powder in some of The Grain Brain Cookbook recipes? Those I foud have maltodextrin and/or agave in them. The pure stevia drops don’t work so well in the recipes.

  • Leonardo Fabio Díaz

    I’m Colombian, my name is Leonardo Fabio Díaz Ropero.
    No manejo muy bien el Inglés. Soy un paciente epiléptico y soy un seguidor suyo. Todas sus publicaciones, y sus recomendaciones las tengo en cuenta. Muchas gracias Doctor, que Dios Todopoderoso lo bendiga y le guarde. mi correo es: Leo55772012@hotmail.com, y también, el LDíazRopro@gmail.com.
    Thank you!

  • cami

    I had to give up coffee because it increased my muscle spasms. Is there an alternative way for me to get the benefits of coffee.

  • Amy Soul Path Wellness

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter! Thank you for your guidance and hard work! I am a nurse and wellness coach and have the impression that coffee can harm the microbiome. Is this accurate? I loved coffee and drank it every am for 20 years. But the truth is it caused diarrhea soon after drinking it. I cut coffee as part of healing my digestion and I do feel better without it. Thank you for clarification! My name is Amy and I can be reached @ http://www.soulpathwellness.com

  • Dear Dr. Perlmutter,
    I just finished reading ‘Grain Brain’, and thank you for writing it.
    I also visited your website and came across a mention about microwave oven creating free radicals. I’ve heard people gotten rid of microwave oven before.
    Could you elaborate on this topic? To what extend the microwave oven degrade nutrients in foods?

  • Is decaf good for the coffee suggestion?

  • Bridgid

    What is DHA

  • Bridgid

    What is DHA?

  • Vanders

    Our young son has a brain malformation and celiac and is gluten and dairy and processed free and doing well. There is terrible alzheimers history in family. You and Dr. Barnard have helped so much but your dos and dont’s conflict so it is very frightening to know what’s what, once we have made a family. What absolutes does Dr. Perlmutter and Dr. Barnard agree on??

  • Vanders

    Our young son has a brain malformation and celiac and is gluten and dairy and processed free and doing well considering. There is terrible alzheimers history in family. You and Dr. Barnard have helped so much but your dos and dont’s conflict so it is very frightening to know what’s what, once we have made a family decision to eliminate the foods to avoid and incorporate only whole foods and fruits and vegetables. What absolutes does Dr. Perlmutter and Dr. Barnard agree on?? Gluten, fish, meat, cholesterol and coconut oil are the biggest source of confusion and conflict for us. Thanks!

  • Wendy Selikson

    I am allergic to nuts, legumes, shellfish and especially peanuts. That cuts down on my protein intake. Any suggestions? Also, is canned tuna ok to eat?

  • roger

    Is this diet ok for people with heart desease?

  • rosa gonz

    Is pork allowed on this diet?

  • harold

    I am new this type of eating and have a question. Is Ezekiel 4:9 bread ok on this diet.

  • harold

    I am new to this diet. Is Ezekiel 4:9 bread ok

  • Diddysue62

    I am new to the Grain Brain Diet so I am still making adjustments and learning. My question is how much butter is to much? Should I only be using coconut oil?

  • Nick Toscano

    Peanuts are high in healthy fat and low in carbs. What makes them worse than almonds? I know they’re considered a legume but…damn I thought all natural peanut butter was some good stuff?

  • Lisa A

    Are Konjac noodles safe on the low carb brain friendly diet?
    I’m an MD myself admitted carb addict with bad family history trying to take a big step toward better health.

  • Pete

    Hello I don’t eat any form of carbs since 2 years .
    I also train everyday I love to train .Often I hit the gym twice a day… Most of the time a have one big meal in the evening usually before bedtime … And in very rare occasions I have 2 meals – One big before bed and one smaller during the day usually as a post workout of my 1st training session. I feel great I have energy and everything. Most of my calories come from grass fed beef , butter (kerrygold), Sour cream and whole eggs. From time to time I also eat whole chicken, a little bit of spinach, organic olive oil and some lettuce . I am searching for a way to improve my sleep . I head that jasmine rice can improve my sleep if I consume it before bed.
    My question to Dr. Perlmutter is . Is it this true and is it a bad Idea to introduce Jasmine rice here and there in order to improve my sleep and performance during the day. I also would like to mention the fact that I do not live in the states I am saying this because of the arsenic in the rice in states
    Thank you !

    • Pete

      In addition I would like to say that I am already adapted very well to the Dr. Jason Mercola One meal a day lifestyle witch is been used also by One of the best bodybuilders of all time Serge Nubret. who use to eat one giant meal during nigh and had great body and mental performance until his death. Nubret’s meal consist pounds of red meat with some white rice.

      Here is a link for Nubret http://sergenubretforever.com/serge-nubrets-diet/
      I will be happy to know what is Dr. Perlmutter opinion on that kind of lifestyle.

  • Thank you Dr Perlmutter

    I watched your complete presentation this morning about good and bad cholesterol as well. It was an eye opener for sure! I know that cerial from a box is also terrible for anyone, especially on a diet.my morning is 2 eggs poached, usually gobeling them whole ;)no bread, everyday detox tea,

  • Michele

    I’m just curious about dates. They’re not mentioned on thie GRAIN BRAIN PANTRY LIST. Can they be used in moderation?

  • TIA

    And if you are vegan?
    Would it simply be omission? Or, do you have any alternatives that you’d recommend?

  • Ginny

    I’ve been studying various kinds of diets the last couple years including paleo, grain brain, wheat belly, keto and Atkins. I have read the books and articles on the internet and have yet to fully commit to any of them. The more I read the more confused I become. Aren’t all of those diets mentioned above pretty similar? I like the foods but fully letting go of wheat has proven to be daunting. Please, thoughts?

  • Dave

    I have GERD and was told coffee was bad…substitute ?

  • Gerry

    Is popcorn considered a negative carbohydrate ?
    Should it be avoided in light of your perspective on brain health?

  • Sandra Beering

    Do you have to eat meat on this plan. I do eat fish and eggs occasionally.

  • Sandra Beering

    Do you have to eat meat to do this plan? I do occasionally eat fish and eggs, will that suffice?

  • Rheatta

    Oh, for heaven’s sake!! Jesus ate grains. Do you really think that the Son of God who came to save us all would set an example of eating that would harm us? All things in moderation. There are many essential B vitamins in grains which are also necessary for nerve function and brain health. Supplements in pill form do not do the same thing as eating natural foods.

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  • Ty Himbing

    I just read in “O” magazine’s June 2017 article on dementia about the “Mind” diet, which includes “Whole grains (Three times per day)”. I believe the Mind diet is from responsible people, but what the Hell are they thinking? Grains 3 X/day???

  • sharyn

    My husband has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I am trying very hard with the Ketogenic diet. Do you have a special ketogenic diet for Parkinsons disease. He has been prescribed Artane 2 gm benzhexol tablets. One half three times a day. I have only found you in the last week. Thank you.

    • Dee Beatty

      They want us to look like Oprah.

  • PinheiroSergio

    I also know several scientific papers that prove that caffeine does a terrible harm to health.
    I do not understand how a doctor who is said to understand nutrition suggests to his patients that he drinks coffee at will. Caffeine will never be welcome in our body. That doctor told you bullshit.

  • PinheiroSergio

    In your book “The Diet of the Mind” you inform a list of acidifying foods to our organism and the coffee is in this list. How do you go about suggesting coffee for your patients now? I see a contradiction there.

  • Stephanie Diltz

    I feel like this is a rich mans diet. Many of the ingredients in the recipes are expensive, hard to find or both. Is there a place where I can find recipes for “average” shoppers and eaters? Could I just cut out gluten and be doing the same thing?

    • David Perlmutter

      Try browsing the Eat section of this website, Stephanie. Many recipes there to try out! Beyond that, yes, cutting out gluten is essential as part of this lifestyle.

  • Kam

    There has been recent research surfacing showing that when we drink coffee it actually decreases oxygen to the brain at a high percentage. How is that healthy for the brain?

  • Barbara

    I have been completely grain free for about 18 months now. My journey started in 2015 (48 yrs old) when I noticed a tremor in my right hand. Having been a nurse, I recognised it as the same type of tremor that those with Parkinson’s Disease suffer from. In the fall of that year I had an allergic reaction and was covered with hives. I tried a very strict elimination diet to find the allergen. Six weeks later, I noticed that my tremors were almost gone (and I had not yet re-introduced gluten back into my diet). Since I pride myself in my determination not to follow fads, I started eating gluten again and by the summer of 2016, I had a long list of symptoms that are consistent with Parkinson’s. Sept. 27, 2017 was the day that I put on my big girl panties, admitted that the symptoms were in fact evidence of something damaging my neurological system and quit gluten.
    Today I have no overt symptoms. I have been trying to find others who have had similar experiences. I cannot go to my doctor as they will want proof that I have had these symptoms – and I am NOT going to damage my brain more to prove something to them that I already know.
    Anyone else with a similar story?

  • Rachel

    As a person with adrenal and under-active thyroid issues, i find your comment about coffee counter intuitive and in disagreement with much of the information I have researched on regulating cortisol issues.

    Drinking coffee spikes my cortisol and creates a lot of anxiety for me, which in turn leads to poor sleep, which leads to poor brain functioning.

    Surprised you would blatantly suggest drinking coffee to those who read this article, many of whom are dealing with thyroid and adrenal issues.

  • Shreya
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