FBPixel A Woman's Guide to Intuitive Eating, Balanced Hormones, and Better Sex

A Geeky Goddess’ Guide to Intuitive Eating, Balanced Hormones, and Transformative Sex

How can a woman go from considering her menstrual period as being an archenemy to a place of celebrating its arrival every month? How can a woman eat in such a way as to honor her menstrual cycle, through menopause and beyond? Why are orgasms so important for female health? These are some of the intriguing questions we will explore today on the podcast. 

Our guest, Dr. Stephanie Estima, is the author of a wonderful book The Betty Body that explores the incredible choreography of hormone changes that take place each and every month in premenopausal women, how these changes manifest throughout the monthly cycle, and why lifestyle choices are exceedingly valuable in terms of aligning these changes with the goal of optimal health.

Dr. Estima is a doctor of chiropractic with a special interest in metabolism, body composition, functional neurology, and female physiology.

She’s been featured on Thrive Global, of the Huffington Post, and has over 3.5 million article reads on Medium.com. She’s helped thousands of women lose weight, regulate hormones, and get off medications with her signature program, The Estima Diet. You can hear her every week on her podcast, Better! With Dr. Stephanie. Her best-selling book and the subject of our time together today, The Betty Body, explores female-centric principles of nutrition, exercise physiology, and stress management for women to understand their natural rhythms and importantly, as Dr. Estima reveals, that the cadence of their hormones are actually superpowers.

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