Brain Maker

Debilitating brain disorders are on the rise-from children diagnosed with autism and ADHD to adults developing dementia at younger ages than ever before. But a medical revolution is underway that can solve this problem: Astonishing new research is revealing that the health of your brain is, to an extraordinary degree, dictated by the state of your microbiome – the vast population of organisms that live in your body and outnumber your own cells ten to one. What’s taking place in your intestines today is determining your risk for any number of brain-related conditions.

In Brain Maker, Dr. Perlmutter explains the potent interplay between intestinal microbes and the brain, describing how the microbiome develops from birth and evolves based on lifestyle choices, how it can become “sick,” and how nurturing gut health through a few easy strategies can alter your brain’s destiny for the better. With simple dietary recommendations and a highly practical program of six steps to improving gut ecology, Brain Maker opens the door to unprecedented brain health potential. Brain Maker has been translated in over ten languages, including Spanish, DanishGerman, Japanese, Mandarin, and Portuguese!

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Praise for Brain Maker

“Thanks in large part to dramatic and ongoing increases in understanding the brain-gut-microbiome connection, there is new hope for the treatment of many neurological conditions, from autism to Alzheimer’s to multiple sclerosis. David Perlmutter is a leader in this burgeoning field, and his new book, Brain Maker, is a landmark contribution.”
Dale E. Bredesen, MD, professor and director of Alzheimer’s Disease Research, UCLA

Dr. Perlmutter engagingly explains the hope-generating power of the new gut microbiome-brain science, motivating you to regenerate your brain health with his powerful and practical program.”
Martha Herbert, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology,
Harvard Medical School

“Dr. Perlmutter’s book is among those rare and exciting exceptions: information so empowering, so enlightening, and presented so clearly and concisely that the reader emerges far better off for the reading experience. Put this book on your short list of must-reads for health and nutrition.”
William Davis, MD, author of Wheat Belly

“The single most important medical innovation in the 21st century is making the link between the gut and the little bugs that live there and nearly every chronic disease – from autism to depression, from asthma to autoimmune disease, from diabetes to dementia.  Brain Maker is a game changer. For the first time, this brilliant scientist doctor connects the dots and teaches us why we need to tend our inner garden (our microbiome) and provides a radical but simple plan to reset, reboot, and renew your microbiome. This book shouldn’t be called Brain Maker, it should be called Health Maker.”
Mark Hyman, MD, author of The Blood Sugar Solution


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  • Mike Mutzel

    I just pre-ordered and can’t wait to read. The cover looks amazing BTW. Great job Dr. Perlmutter!

    • David Perlmutter

      Great to see your excitement Mike. Big fan of the cover as well!

  • Sherri King

    Dr. Permutter, you continue to change my life!

    • David Perlmutter

      I’m just sharing information Sherri, you are changing your life!

  • barbara carroll

    I am pre-ordering today from our local book store. Good for you Dr. P. You are changing our thinking and making a big difference in the health of the people.

  • Karen Hall

    WHat about about epilepsy! Do you talk about seizures in this book? It is still a very hard to control for me and others!

    • Mom of Epileptic

      I am interested in seizure control as well for my 6-yr old son, Dr. Perlmutter.

    • Joe Texan

      In the ancient Greeco-Roman world, they cured epilepsy with a diet high in olive oil and no carbs. The Johns Hopkins Epilepsy diet from the 1920’s was a diet very high in fat and no carbs. Also, there are now hemp seeds grown in Colorado that stop seizures. There are called “Charolette’s web.” I have a 24 year old patient who cured his siezures with pot seeds.

      • marzipan

        Stretching the definition of seeds there, Joe. It’s cannabidiol and C.Web is just weed that’s had the THC bred out of it.

    • Kendra

      Just in case you haven’t seen anything about it yet, there are several medical centers that prescribe and administer diets similar (and even more restrictive) to what Dr. Perlmutter suggests. One of them is Johns Hopkins, so if you find nothing else that helps you, call them up and ask for an appointment and buy a plane ticket. It’s worth it. From what I can tell they only do that for children, so you may have a different experience as an adult. The diet is called ketogenic and there is a website called Charlie Foundation that can help you find resources, also Matthew’s Friends. I don’t really know how much Dr. Perlmutter would like to focus on epilepsy. I’d consider this diet to be more of an “after medically prescribed ketogenic diet” plan. It’s more of a life plan I think. From what I can tell, your fat levels have to be much higher for a really medical diet, and there are supplements etc. That’s a different thing and you should find a medical center that will help you design and implement it.

      • David Perlmutter

        The IFM can also help individuals find a physician with a similar practicing philosophy to my own:

        • Deb Howard

          Any research or suggestions for people diagnosed with ALS?

      • Chantal

        You are correct. For most children the % of calories from fat is 90%. Protein is about 7% and carbs (including meds and supplements) is about 3%. Also, the calories are precisely measured. For 2.5 years my daughter had exactly 1,211 calorie a day (3 meals and 3 snacks) all measured on a gram scale to the 0.2 of a gram. It is not recommended to try this diet without consulting a medical team trained and specializing in it. Your child will need additional supplementation of vitamins as their diet will consiste primarily of butter, heavy cream, coconut oil etc…

        Good luck!

      • Sanj

        Re: plane tickets: low income folks can qualify for free flights to medical appointments, some through major airlines and some through private volunteer pilots. Info online – check angelflights, patienttravel, mercymedical, etc.

    • Karen, I encourage you to connect with National Seizure Disorders Foundation for support and resources that will help you increase your daily quality of life until a cure for YOU is found. I am a 35 year seizure survivor and will serve you well with compassion through National Seizure Disorders Foundation


      You might want to contact me I can tell you a lot of things being allergic to can cause seizures as well as headaches people don’t realize…. I’ve been seizure free since 2006…

    • Awesome truthful book. Think about it, everything you drink and eat has to go through your gut. So what most people don’t realize is that some food nutrients are extremely powerful to help your body heal. I like to call this type of foods intelligent food because they have the necessary nutrients to boost Stem cell, DNA and brain health. Here is one true story. Charlotte as a child was having over 300 seizures per week. None of her meds never helped and she was about to die at any moment. Her parents learned about cannabis CBD oil. They moved to Colorado where CBD Oil is legal. In just a few days her seizures began decrease and now she is down to just one per week. – Now you can buy this CBD oil in some states. – The Realm Of caring is the non-profit – Here is their phone – 1-719-347-5400 – 9AM to 5PM MST – share far and wide. If cannabis is not legal in your state here is another good news. Not long ago a seed extract formula after 20 years of research is now available nationwide. Most people have never heard of Dr Leonard a pediatrics oncologist that for 20 years he researched many seeds to create a seed extract formula to help children rebuild their immune systems after chemo and radiation. What we now have is a very powerful seed extract that is 281 times stronger than aspirin for pain and inflammation. It can also help with chronic skin conditions too. Do a google search this ( seed nutrition recover health now ) Not long ago I was with chronic pain. The kind of pain that wakes you up from sleep. After going on line and researching this formula, I was totally blown away with the Black Seed 3,000 year history. Take a few minutes and research this especially if you hate toxic meds. Then help us get the word out.

    • Rebecca Cody

      You probably know this already, but be sure to eliminate ALL forms of aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal, etc.) from the diet. Sometimes it is found in medications, so check to be certain. MSG, as well. There is a great website on food additives and how to avoid them called Having Equal in coffee one night while on a trip caused me to have a seizure that landed me in a hospital. I didn’t wake up for over 30 hours. Eventually a few more seizures led me to figure out the connection with aspartame. My neurologist said that couldn’t be the cause. I knew better and slowly weaned myself off Dilantin. That was over 20 years ago. I’ve carefully avoided aspartame and MSG and have never had another seizure.

      • ALAN

        use ketogenic diet ,today is proven to help a lot aginst seizure remember KETOGENIC DIET..good luck…shalom¡¡¡

        • Rebecca Cody

          Is there such a thing as a ketogenic vegan diet? I REALLY don’t like eating meat. And there is so much to recommend veggies as nutrient dense foods. The cancer patients I’ve known personally who ate ketogenic diets are no longer with us, but so many have cured themselves with juicing and lots of plant foods. That is my main concern, as I’ve experienced an aggressive form of breast cancer not associated with estrogen or progesterone. There are many growth factors that stimulate cancers in meats, even properly pastured meats.

          • Gina Kerr

            Check out Healthful Pursuit, a blog by Leanne Vogel. She has a vegetarian ketogenic plan for women.

          • Carole Wisda Nier

            Gina Kerr, thank you so much for sharing this resource. It’s what I’ve been searching for!! I don’t know how I haven’t found it, but your post hit the jackpot!!

          • healthcrusader

            Rebecca – contact she is a breast cancer coach. She will help you! She is amazing

          • Rebecca Cody

            Thank you.

      • Lolakaren

        I know, I know, I know .. SOOOo addicted to Sweet N Low 🙁

        • walter williams

          Stivia is a GREAT natural sweetener substitute. Taste is nearly identical to sugar and is a natural plant extract.

    • ALAN


    • Sue Snyder

      Karen Hall, see my post just above you from Oct. 2016. Sue Snyder

    • bccarver

      have you tried Cannabis with a high cbd content. A strain called Charlottes web has had remarkable affects with seizures

    • Georgie Song

      Can check out CBC oil. Even worked for my rabbit’s brain cancer.

  • Lemaine Ros Peo

    Looking forward to your new book. This is such an exciting area of research. With 90% of our cells being “other”, the care and feeding of them can be nothing less than crucial to our health and well-being.

    • David Perlmutter

      Very excited for this as well.

  • kelly

    Does anyone know how to go about getting the Cyrex 3 and Cyrex 4 blood tests that are recommended by Dr. P. in Grain Brain? I went to the doctor’s yesterday to request the blood tests he recommended, but my doctor could not find the Cyrex panel tests in her system. When I got to the lab, I asked them also about the Cyrex panels, and they had never heard of them either. How/where/who do you ask for these tests?

    • David Perlmutter

      Some more information on that Kelly:

    • J. Welker, FNP

      Cyrex labs are a specialty lab. Google Cyrex labs and it will come up. They do not bill insurance at this time so your patient will have to pay up front for the labs and then submit to his/her own insurance to get coverage.

    • David Perlmutter

      Visit their website:

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  • Sandra Clagett

    YEAH!!! Dr. Perlmutter, I’m really looking forward to your new book. I’m pre-ordering today. My family has been on this diet 1 1/2 years and the results are amazing. Keep the information coming!

    • David Perlmutter

      Wonderful to see your enthusiasm Sandra.

  • kat

    Im looking forward to your book and hoping to gain better insight on how to know what specfic proboitics to take for individual health problems and how long and what you think about cross contamination in some probiotics for those of us who have Celiac Disease. I have been following your diet vs traditional gf diet and feel much better. Thank You!!!!

  • Diane

    Dr Perlmutter, does this new book address neuropathy issues? Also, do you know of any physicians or naturopaths in Ontario, Canada who follow your teachings? Thanks, Diane

  • rivers&roads

    Hi Dr. P. Could you possibly recommend someone in the SF bay area?

  • janet

    Does this book cover important things about diet that Grain Brain covers? And does grain brain talk about the brain-gut-microbiome connection? I want to order either this or Grain Brain for someone with Alzheimer’s and my husband will only let me order one. Which one would you suggest if I had to choose one. Thanks.

    • Natalie

      Recommend reading both at your local library.

  • Frank_Plut

    Dr. Perlmutter my son is 6-years old and has autism, has
    your protocol helped children with autism? Specifically I’m wondering about
    brain inflammation from gluten and the BBB. With so many probiotics available
    how can a person improve the gut biome especially in children with a limited
    diet? Thanks Frank

    • David Perlmutter

      This book will certainly touch on all of these topics, and I actually have some new videos coming on them soon.

      • Smartthinker8435

        Dr. Perlmutter, my grandson suffers from Pandas. Do you think a gluten free diet and supplements would benefit him. Dr’s are stumped as to how to help him.

        • David Perlmutter

          We absolutely use a GFD in treating our PANDAS patients

      • Frank_Plut

        Dr. Perlmutter what is the process used to figure out which probiotic a person’s gut biome needs?

        • D Kidd

          I would look into fermented foods….start with that because fermented foods have many strains of good bacteria….Natto, Kefir….things like this.

          • kendra

            I will add sauerkraut because it is dairy free and has the exact types of things that break down cellulose and resistant starch. Not sure if kefir provides an opportunity for germs to practice breaking down vegetable fibers, so my preference is to the veggie ferments.

          • David Perlmutter

            And I agree with this advice

    • Joe Texan

      In the NTY’s best seller, “Louder than Words” by Jenny McCarthy, she tells how she cured her son of Autism using a candida detox supplement imported from Japan. Candida is a yeast fungus in our intestines and an over-growth prevents the body from absorbing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It a great book.

      • Frank_Plut

        YES, my son did have candida and we gave him the probiotic Three-lac and it made a huge difference. His stool now looks normal and his speech has improved dramatically. Which probiotic to give him now is the question. I’m sure we can gain more speech if we could pinpoint the next probiotic to use.

        • Joe Texan

          I think you need a good naturopathy. Check out the website of Dr. Chris Kresser. I consider him the Yoda of human nutrition.

    • Joe Texan

      I am a neuropsychologist and I recently had a patient, a four year old boy, who spent most of the first two years of his life in hospitals in New York. He kept running high fevers and they put him on powerful anti-biotics, which killed the batería in his intestines and he had to be fed intravenously. Finally, a doctor diagnosed leaky gut syndrome. They gave him probiotics and took him off gluten and he hasn’t been sick since.

      • Frank_Plut

        Please share which probiotic was used, was it VSL #3 ?

      • annfraley

        Joe, where in Texas are you located? I am in Houston.

      • Joe Texan

        I’m in Austin. Kevin McFarley, Ph.D.

      • Joe Texan

        Frank, I don’t know. I should have asked the mother.

    • maria

      Frank Plut, I recommend you look up a book by Natasha Campbell McBride – Gut and Psychology Syndrome. She cured her child of autism with a system relating to the one I think Dr. Perlmutter is laying out. You need to do everything to can to improve your child’s gut health.

    • Jill K

      Frank…please check out Dr Amy Yasko. She is an autism specialist.

  • YY.

    Dr P, I wonder if you have any experience of Neurofibromatosis (NFI). My daughter and grandson have just been diagnosed with this condition. Its been quite a grind getting to the diagnosis. We are looking for ways to help the little boy with his growth, coordination and development. He grew 1 cm in 6 months at the age of two! How can we consult you directly? We do not live in the US.
    Thank you.

    • Shaaryn Griffiths

      Did you get a reply to this query YY?

  • iram c

    What about mental health disease?

    • Joe Texan

      The Soviet Union did 40 years of research on using rhododendrom causcasicum (snow roses flowers) to cure mental illness. In a study conducted at the First Lenin Medical Institute, they treated 530 people with neurosis and psychosis for 11 weeks with this supplement and the majority regained conscious thought and heightened mental abilities. Is is contained in the nutritional supplement Brain Protex sold by “ I got that from the book “Miracles from the Value” by the Health Sciences Institute.

    • David Perlmutter

      This is covered in the book

  • Janet Jankel

    Just pre-ordered your book. So excited! My husband is a 7 year Esophageal cancer survivor. He presented at Stage 1 because we were diligent in monitoring his Barrette’s Esophagus yearly. Now, 7 years later after surgery and a year of chemo, he has been diagnosed as BiPolar. We look to your book to help guide us through this maze.
    Thank you.
    Janet and Bob Jankel

  • Trent Parker

    what’s differences in this program and grain brain program??

    • David Perlmutter

      There will be many similarities, but also a focus on some more specific focus on some areas of lifestyle and diet.

  • Neil Neumann

    Going gluten free will help seizures, many people have been helped!

  • D Kidd

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    What is your opinion of the food natto with regard to brain function and disease?

  • Bill Hayes

    Is the table of contents for Brain Maker available online?

    • David Perlmutter

      Not yet, but perhaps we will tease that out soon!

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  • TechnoTriticale

    If an opportunity arises to edit the jacket, may I suggest removing the Oz endorsement. It impairs the credibility of the book and does not serve you.

    • dcohn

      While OZ is truly a buffoon if he endorses Dr. P’s work think of all the people that will improve their lives because of their belief in him. It does not matter whether you approve of Oz the facts are many people believe in him and if he pushes this stuff it can only help more people.

    • Debi Peterson

      Actually, the Dr Oz endorsement is why I am open to reading the book…thanks for including it.

    • Jody Johnsen

      Had it not been for Dr. Oz I would never have heard of Dr. Perlmutter.

    • Bernice

      i also first heard of Dr P thru Dr Oz and because Dr oz recommended Dr P, I ran to see Dr P…and that brought me back to life

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  • Deena

    I’m interested but not sure which book to start with, Brain Maker or Grain Brain. Any suggestions?

    • David Perlmutter

      Start with Grain Brain, since it’s out now!

  • Kendra

    I’m very excited about this book! This subject is so vital to my life. Currently the only way for me to feel even 50% okay is to take both a pill probiotic with very high bifidus (of course there are lots of strains of that bug, and you never know what’s in your bottle, and so I have to experiment to find the right one and hope they don’t change it)…. plus sauerkraut or some other natural probiotic, and THEN I can eat things with resistant starch in them and not get sick. If I don’t take that precaution, I’m hopelessly bloated and in pain. Looking forward to your insight. I was limited to ketogenic + low FODMAP before I found my method of helping my digestion, and I hope your insight will give me more than I already knew.
    One thing I hope you will discuss is the travesty of our food system. That it always has one or another salmonella or listeria contaminated food in it, and it can take months for anyone to tell you there has been a recall. By that time, you’ve already suffered and wondered what it was you ate. Remember the listeria cantelopes one year? And this year, we’ve already had salmonella walnuts! I used to subscribe to the FDA alerts just for the reason of knowing what to avoid before I bought it. How can anyone maintain good gut flora in such a situation? I know that’s rhetorical, but it expresses my frustration and suspicion that it’s our contaminated food supply that’s causing this wave of mystery illnesses. Bring back the family farms, farm markets, and even the local butchers.

    • Everett

      Can I also add how frustrating it is to read about pinworms being so “common” in the USA and UK and other “first world” countries after being ridiculed by doctors about my feeling that I maybe had worms. I bite my nails and have all my life. I’m at a higher risk than the average adult. And as I get older, I believe this will be more of an issue for me as my immune system gets weaker. If you’re looking to blow the lid off one of the biggest BS’s in the doctoring world, this could be one of them. How do we know we don’t have it if everyone totally ignores it and ridicules everyone who might have it by labeling them instead of “test and forget about it”?

  • Nadia

    My daughter was gluten free for a few years because our household had become gluten free and then she started eating a lot of gluten in school and with friends. She developed severe panic attacks and OCD which lasted for 4 months until I thought there might be a connection and suggested she go back to being gluten free. The panic attacks stopped and the anxiety and OCD lessened but even 3 years later, she still suffers from them. How can she heal completely?

    • James

      Hi Nadia – Was wondering if you have any answers to your question yet. I didn’t see a reply on this thread, but your post certainly deserves one.

  • Brian

    This appears to be similar to the program offered by Dr. Alejandro Junger, author of Clean and Clean Gut.

  • G. Gould

    Dr. P. In 2009 I had stage 3 colon cancer, they took out most of my colon (they left the rectum and some sigmoid), then 12 chemo treatments. So I don’t have much “gut”. Will this book help me. I’ve read “Grain Brain”. I’m eating NO grains and NO sugar of any kind and I can’t loose weight. I’m a 69 year old woman, otherwise in good shape. I exercise often. Can you help me?

    • Julie

      Too many carbs will cause problems with weight loss… A lot of people say well it only has 100 calories when they go to buy something and eat something.. But understand not all calories and foods are created equal.
      Low carb 20 to 50 grams maximum, and high protein, and healthy fats is how to lose weight. Chose low carb dense organic vegetables and lean meats… you might want to have your leptin hormone level checked also.

  • Dave Finch

    My interest is in the nexus between brain health and addiction/recovery. I hope Dr. Perlmutter that you have or will soon address this important topic.

  • Nancy

    Have you treated restless leg syndrome with your diet & supplements?

  • Kendra

    Preordered today, minutes ago!! Keep up the good work!

    • David Perlmutter

      Excellent. Will do.

  • Chantal

    You might ask your neurologist about the ketogenic diet. This helped my daughter go from +300 absence seizures a day to zero in 6 months!!! She is not two years seizure free. She was on the diet for 2.5 years and has been off for 2 months and is still seizure free. You will of course need to seek medical advice about this and be prepared for a significant time commitment and life style change. You can read our story

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  • carolyn

    Great site to learn about making fermented foods is
    I started with kefir, then continuous brew kombucha, and then all sorts of cultured veggies. She even has recipes for kefir ice cream!

  • Plants with pesco

    Hidden sources of sugar, including, unfortunately, HFCS: ketchup, deli meats (turkey etc…) pasta sauces, and a variety of sauces at restaurants (does not need to be fast food restaurant) and really, any processed food. HFCS is ubiquitous. Beyond buying whole foods and reading labels do not hesitate to ask about sugars (and while your at it organic meats) in your restaurant meals or search online for take out food.

    I personally would love for Americans to take a stand and boycott all foods containing high fructose corn syrup or corn syrup. Consumers’ spending determines what is on the shelves. Let’s set the food industry’s bar much higher and stop giving HFCS producers and buyers profits.

  • Amo Lasbotas

    Necesitamos esta pagina en español por favor! We need this page in spanish please!!!

    • David Perlmutter

      Below the boxes on the left Amo, you will see a button for Google translate, which will let you view this page in any number of languages!

  • Dee

    My dog had frequently seizures and I reduced them by 90 % with 500 mg. of Taurine.

  • Meivy

    My daughter suffered from food allergies and severe eczema! I’m sure getting a better understanding of her guy health would help her. Does your book provide information on how to heal one’s gut?

  • mind and biology constitutes the human being, inter-reacting between them.
    The stress causes a biological imbalance, and the inflammation the pain.
    Every biology needs vitamins, micronutrients and proteins to synthesize others proteins; only 8 proteins cannot be synthesized; our food has to bring them; a deficit in one of the three elements will create a deficit for the synthesis of one of the protein causing a chronic disease.
    There are 900 proteins; and some are few known.

    Omega 3, gut bacterias, vitamins, micronutrients and proteins improve the health of the elderly, without forgetting the human and emotional presence, for every human being.
    For France, Spain, Portugal, and in English idiom

    The food-processing industry transforms the food until empty nutriment.

  • ” l’aggravation de la mémoire et du volume de l’hippocampe a lieu plus tôt que l’accumulation de l’amyloïde. Ceci suggère que, en milieu de vie, les dépôts amyloïdes ne sont pas responsables de la perte de la mémoire ou du volume de l’hippocampe. La maladie d’Alzheimer et les dépôts amyloïdes se mettent en place plus tardivement, dans un contexte préexistant de déclin cognitif et structural lié au vieillissement. ”
    also in abstract

    diference between learnt knowledge and living knowledge ( history )
    we forget learnt knowledge, but intellectual activity help to remember.
    interaction between biology and brain.

    I hope answer if el english idiom or dificult to understand in french idiom

  • Tina Finnell Cyphert

    I started having seizures in my 50s and have them under control eating a gluten free diet. I thank god for my neurologist at OHSU who put me on the diet.

  • OHSU —-> Oregon Health & Science University,-122.685731,4z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x75b1d4883660ddeb

    There are relations between microbiote and brain, and our food disrupted by the food-processing industry.

    It is possible to telephone by version 35 Firefox Hello application
    if you want, you may phone; send a mail to

  • gluten

    Gliadines and gluténines are hydrolyzed by enzymes at the time of the seeding and of the development of the seedling to supply amino acids necessary for the growth.
    These proteins of the gluten are characterized by a content raised in glutamic acid and proline and by a low content in basics amino acids.
    The gluten has a strong content in glutamine and proline and a low content lysine, histidine and arginine, basics amino acids.
    8 essential amino acids

    histidine and arginine

    The gluten is washed, pressed, dried and sprayed to obtain a powder of gluten and used often in the industrial bakeries as a supplement to overdrawn flours.

  • T Deitz

    Dr Perlmutter, can’t wait for your new book. Have been following your recommendations for a while and they work. Have also worked a lot on my gut with my practitioner. I live in the UK. It is a pity that your supplements are not available over here….. Hope they will be soon.

    • T Deitz,
      From Floride to Europe 8000 km, but with internet network we are near you, David Perlmutter and others human beings.
      In a pharmacy of France you can find the products of the laboratory, in english, spanish, portuguese and french idiom, at 150 km from Toulouse, at the North of Toulouse.
      It isn’t advertising.

  • Freigeist

    Looking forward to reading the book! As a psychologist I’m writing a blog about holistic psychology – for german speaking people. Nutrition is a big topic and I will consider a blogpost about your work, Dr. Perlmutter 🙂

    • David Perlmutter

      Be sure to share if you do.

  • Melanie Wharton

    I am a huge fan of Dr Perlmutter and have read Grain Brain and have pre-Ordered Brain Maker. I have just watched the trailer for the new book and I wanted to say, “Its awful” why the man with the silly voice? It totally takes away from the credibility and seriousness of the subject matter and that is just a shame. I really believe that your work and writing is too important to be “dumbed down” by silly things like that. Sorry! maybe its because I’m English 🙂

  • JK

    Does this book address autoimmune conditions. Specifically blistering diseases?

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  • Grampa

    A year ago this coming May, I was recovering from severe and complicated foot surgery.

    During that time I was not able to even walk more than a few feet.

    I bloated up to 245 lbs, and I decided to do something about it.

    A friend recommended two books, Dr P’s Grain Brain and Dr Davis’s Wheat Belly and suggested that I read up on the Paleo Diet. I had seen Dr P on one of our local PBS stations and was impressed with his work and him.

    Also, the Mayo Medical Letter had a section on the importance of walking. So I started walking with the assistance of the Exercise Ski Poles. I went from a few minutes per day to two 10 minute walks.

    I ordered the Kindle Versions of these books and Primal Body/Primal Mind and a few cookbooks. We had a lot of family functions/meals and get to gethers in June and early July.

    After July 4th I went on my own diet based on the above and got very serious about my walking.

    In two months, I had lost 25 pounds and went from having to have an Echo Cardio every year to every two years and seeing the cardiologist every two years. My FP couldn’t believe my weight loss and positive lab value trends.

    I avoid wheat, processed food and sugar in all forms. I eat basically a Med influenced diet with ocean fish several times a week, with real meat once a week and a few eggs each week. I have become addicted to Kale, which we now raise and other garden greens.

    With my new life style:

    1. My weight is down to 182# and still heading down. I have gone from a waist size of 42-44 to 34. I will probably be buying some size 32 waist slacks in a few weeks.

    2. I have been able to discontinue my Vasotec for high blood pressure. My BPs run about 110-120 to 70 to 80 and even lower after walking.

    3. I am walking at least a mile in about 15 minutes, twice a day including some good hill climbing on our local street.

    4. The Orthopod, who did my foot surgery was so impressed with my changes from last fall to this Feb., he released me with no more visits, unless I have a problem.

    I feel great and have energy/stamina to do many things I stopped about two years ago.

    Now the readers of this report are probably saying what does this do with Dr P’s new book, which I have on Kindle pre order?

    The news last month re the MIND diet is good news for our mental state and the rest of our health status if we follow the MIND diet or something similar.

    The good news of the new life styles is we will probably be healthier and live longer/better to go with our Better Brains.

    I looking forward to Dr P’s new book on my Kindle and his insights and suggestions to build a Better Brain.

  • TJ

    Just ordered six copies! As a certified colon hydrotherapist, I am wondering what you opinion of colonics is?

  • Yea, or just follow a good healthy diet from any paleo cookbook for example. And its also so easy to get into, you just need a decent cookbook like THIS by your side and youre already good to go. It helps me so well round the kitchen!

  • Karen

    Dr. Perlmutter – Have you heard of the new brain supplement called EHT? I would like to know your thoughts about it. Here is some information I have seen.
    “This exclusive patented bio-extract comes after 20 years of research out of Jeffry Stock’s Princeton University labs. EHT creates stronger neural connections, which lead to the ability to create stronger synaptic connections. The result – increased brain performance for a healthy, focused mind.The EHT supplement:
    Promotes better cognitive function and overall brain health.
    · Fortifies and strengthens natural brain functions.
    · Protects and supports neuronal networking.
    · Enhances the body’s natural energy stores.
    · Boosts the body’s immune system. ”

    This is a video that talks about EHT:

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  • Jan Campbell

    I love your books, and preordered the new one last month. However, I do not participate in Facebook, and will not. How do I get access to the free webnar with Google+?

  • Karen Holt

    What about the supposed ‘safe’ sweeteners? Erythritol, xylotol, stevia and lo han – do they have a good bad or neutral effect on the gut biome?

  • Pingback: Research – Probiotic Intervention Affects Mood | David Perlmutter M.D.()

  • Jody Johnsen

    I went gluten free a year ago but noticed no discernible changes. Then 3 months ago went totally grain free (paleo) and wow! I’m suddenly able to lose weight and the brain fog is gone. I don’t know why giving up whole oat groats and rice has made such a difference. Can you tell me? (I am allergic to grass. Is it possible there is a link?)

    • Rosie

      Jody, from a botanist standpoint, all true grains ARE grasses…”grain: a seed or fruit of a cereal grass”…. so yes, it’s very possible you are allergic to all grasses (wheat, oat, rice, rye, etc,etc). Nuts, and seeds of other species may or may not affect you (Peanuts are not a true nut, they are a legume and they are whole ethnic groups that cannot consume legumes). In the natural world, most poisons are proteins (such as bee & snake venom), legumes & grains have proteins that we may have difficulties with. According to Dr Davis (Wheat Belly), comparing man’s time on Earth to a 24 hour clock, we barely started eating grains until about 11:56pm (10000 years ago). Going gluten-free is a good start, but gluten is just ONE of MANY proteins in grain that people may be sensitive to– hence your success after eliminating all grains.

      • Jody Johnsen

        Thanks Rosie. I appreciate your input.

        • Rosie

          You’re welcome…. Its made quite a difference for me…. a1c 11-2013 7.4. a1c 12-2014 6.6 and 5-2015 6.1…. With exercise, will get below 6.0….

  • Ellen

    What about myoclonus?

  • doris brown

    So just preordered the book for release date tomorrow-any chance we can get in on the webinar you had just in the last week for those of us who missed it-im sure you recorded it–thnks so much-would be beneficial for all of us–doris

    • David Perlmutter

      We’re seeing what we can do to make that happen Doris.

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  • Mary

    Fantastic Book!!! I am a Celiac and have already been doing a lot of fermenting. Your book is helping me combine foods to help heal my gut.
    My granddaughter has been diagnosed with porphyria. Would taking probiotics help her condition?

  • Scott

    Any reason why probiotics would cause an increase in nerve pain? Die-off reaction?

  • Steve

    More unsubstantiated clap trap. Wasn’t the theory that grain causes dementia supported by one obscure paper taken out of context.

  • Alice Emery

    I wonder if I can get the recipes on line. I bought the audiobook and the recipes are not really in there.

    • Eric Kern

      if you bought thru Audible, you have them in a PDF file, go on your account and in the download section is the file. i had to use laptop, not phone.

  • Lisa Shaw

    Can’t wait to read this book. I suffered from seizures for 37 years. Took dairy and gluten out of my life and almost immediately my seizures stopped. If I accidentally get some in my body I have a seizure. My son has suffered even more. He is highly sensitive to gluten and dairy. We had the array 2, 3, 4, and 10 done. He suffers from intestinal damage and we hope to have him healed within the next year. At age 2 he was diagnosed bipolar, adhd, autistic and has separation anxiety ect. I’ve kept him on a strict diet since 5 but his father refused to follow it until we received his test results a week ago. He currently takes celexa and abilify. We discussed weening him off both this summer to see if his diagnosis is all from gluten. I have no doubt it is solely from his sensitivities. He’s now 13 and of course is a teenager that can stray if I don’t literally watch his every move. We have not one thing in our house that contains gluten or milk. My other two daughters are sensitive too. Dr. Troy Zachreal wants to start him on gluten sensitivity pacs. Would you have any other suggestions or ideas on healing his gut? He also was muscle tested and tested positive for hypoglycemia. I’m clueless on this. Been doing what research I can but can we reverse this somehow? Thank you so much for Grain Brain. The book literally changed our lives. Without it his father would still be giving my son gluten and dairy bc I live in New York and array tests are not even an option or heard of. We hope to help others in understanding gluten and its effects. Thank you again!

  • Pingback: Comida para tu cerebro: estos alimentos te harán más inteligente   | CNNEspañ

  • Ryan

    Hi dr. Perlmutter, I purchased your book because of the chapter on autism… My boy who is 25 months old has been diagnosed with ASD. Maybe one or two days before seeing your book. Reading the story about Jason, especially al the antibiotic before beefing born, and then after birth sounds a lot like my boy. If I wanted to start my boy on “aggressive probiotics and vitamin d” how much and what types should I start with?

  • At Toulouse we wait for Brain Maker; I pre-ordered by Amazon.

    I have read articles here about relation between gut and brain.

    Excuse me for error in english idioma.

    We live near Spain.,+Fran%C3%A7a/@44.7978366,1.4767863,6z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x12aebb6fec7552ff:0x406f69c2f411030


  • Mary T/ Newport
    His book ” Alqheimer’s disease, What if there was a cure ? ”
    This doctor don’t know David Perlmutter, and lives in Floride

  • Pingback: Dr. Perlmutter's Periscope Q&A | David Perlmutter M.D.()

  • Hollydama

    Dr. Perlmutter, I purchased the book and am excited to get started! Two possible areas overlooked/forgotten by you/publisher: (1) A number of times in the book (to list a few – pages 254, 261, and 263), you refer the reader to a “Resources” section, which is not in the book. (?) …and… (2) On page 218, you refer the reader to an online resource area for your recommendations on specific foods and brands, which also does not contain referenced information ( Please help! Thanks.

  • Kitty Silbereich

    best brand of probiotics to follow protocol in BRAIN MAKER

    • Ryan

      I hear you kitty, but the book is generally geared towards adults… So a recommended dosage for kids and their different weights while growing up would be nice… And how much to start with if you believe your child could receive the types of benefits that jason has had from brain maker.

  • focusforwardnow

    I’m reading Brain Maker. Having difficulty finding the before and after pictures on the site as the book directs on pg 89 re: Martina. Thanks.

  • Dave Alanis

    Looking forward to reading this book. In the meantime, Google Nerium EHT. This stuff is gonna be huge for those with neurodegenerative conditions. Go to my site and watch the vid. Get the supplement before it goes public in August!

  • sammy

    cant believe this is not common knowledge by now

  • Jaimie

    Can I do this diet as I have very high cholesterol and I can’t take statins.

    • David Perlmutter

      I actually advocate against the use of statins.

  • Jaimie

    Sorry, I meant this for the Grain Brain as well.

  • Alexandra

    Do you know if Dr. Perlmutter prescribes Protandim?

  • Vanessa St. Laurent

    Dr. P, thank you for your groundbreaking information! If I want to study mind/body holistic wellness and help people attain optimal health, what programs would you recommend? I feel the gut information were finding is the top of the iceberg and ultimately I want to help others. Much respect, Vanessa, MA psychology

  • gerry

    Any success with relief from misophonia? Very dibilitating neurological condition

  • Noah

    What kind of diet does it talk about go ADHD? I’d like to read the book but if like to know the diet first.

    • David Perlmutter

      For the most part, these diets follow the same basic principles. However, they are customizations that need to be made on a person-by-person basis, as our individual health will always dictate the kind of dietary plan we are able to follow.

  • Jay

    Great book, .. But doesn’t fermented food worsen candida ? Is there a lab test for checking yeast and if so , how does one deal with yeast and gut issues? I’m thinking this diet might not be the ticket.

    • lucy

      This is a question I had also. Other people have posted about the website as a good source of information on probiotics and fermented foods. On the home page of that website there is a link (picture) with a title something like “Candida and Cultured Foods.” Click on this picture/topic. There is a lot of information here. Essentially, she says that the typical foods we think of as “fermented” are processed in vinegar and have no probiotic bacteria and are bad for someone with candida. But, if you purchase truly “cultured” food, or culture your own, these foods are loaded with beneficial bacteria and no vinegar. She explains it much better than I have done here. Go to her website, it is a wealth of information.

  • Teresa Duarte

    we wanted the Brain Maker in Portuguese.

    • Grain Brain is translated in french.
      I am not an imperialist french people; I am an independentist occitan.

  • I’ve just finished Brain Maker and it’s been transformative for me. Since I “read” the audio version, I took a great many notes, some of which I’ve posted on the fridge where I’ll see them everyday. In the audio version the narrator often refers to a “PDF” for download. I’ve searched but can’t seem to find this. Is there a link where I can sign up to download the accompanying PDF(s)? I purchased my copy of Brain Maker through Audible if that makes any difference.

    Thanks a million!

    • Incidentally, I’m already a great believer in the power of diet to transform. Two years ago my son tested on the autism scale and I changed his diet and exposure to other common toxins and added daily vitamins including D3 and coconut oil to his diet. Two years later he’s in a normal classroom, in the top reading group, and no longer tests on the spectrum! The only time we see an autistic behavior is when he received candy at school (I still can’t believe they allow teachers in Ireland to hand out candy, but it’s a common practice here) or if he’s somehow sleep deprived.

      There’s a common observation among parents of autistic children that their (our) children behave normally or more normally when they have a fever. I wonder which colonies of bacteria in the gut are adversely affected by the elevated body temperature and if we could capitalize on this data to help treat autism. The fever must be bringing some sort of relief to the causative agents of inflammation in the brain or gut. I’ve witnessed this many times in my own child and in my severely autistic nephew, (whose parents aren’t willing to change his diet as they view the rigidity in carb preferences as part of the autism).

    • Untypical Geek

      If you got it through Audible, it is only found through the desktop version of the webpage. Go to your account and look at your library. In the same box with the book name you will see right underneath something about pdf download. Voila!

      • Wow – thank you Untypical Geek! I just downloaded 59 pages of Brain Maker awesomeness. I see about every 9th Audible book I’ve purchased has a PDF as well so now that I know I’ll have to pay attention to that.

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  • Weili

    Great book! I’m interested in how your oral microbiome might affect gingivitis and periodontal disease? I’m having flare-ups even though I’ve been following most of your recommendations (low carb diet, lots of veggies, recommended supplements, etc.). I also floss nightly and use a high fluoride toothpaste for sensitivity and occasionally a mouth rinse.

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  • sinkie 101

    I finished reading Grain Brain and ordered the cookbook. In the book you noted that on your website we could find the brands of supplements you would recommend but I have not been able to find this information. Would you please tell me what brands you recommend – I am going out to find the supplements I don’t already have. Thank you.

    • Timi Bronson

      I too am looking for that information. Especially looking for a source of organic scoby’s for water kefir, milk kefir and kombucha. Also suggested/recommended brands for supplements.

      • Lori

        Try They can be found on there.

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  • andres gomez

    Hello Dr. I´m trying to buy the spanish kindle version of BrainMaker book in Amazon, but it looks not to be available until dec 31, 2035… sure it is an Amazon mistake, do you know where I can find spanish digital version?
    Thanks a lot! andres from Colombia

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  • Nancy

    Can you speak to this diet relative to Crohn’s disease?

    • Reading Grain Brain and Brain Maker help to understand human biology and mental health.

    • Heather

      He talks about this a lot in his book Grain Brain nancy. I have a flatmate with chrons disease and really trying her to have a read despite her german love for bread and all things sweet.

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  • Lynn Jasechko

    One thing I have not been able to figure out is: when supplementing with probiotics, is this a permanent need, or can you stop the supplements at some point in the expectation that your gut is effectively populated? Of course, supplementing again if there is a disruption of some sort.

    • David Perlmutter

      I take a probiotic daily.

      • JohnInTheOC

        I am having trouble finding a ‘reputable’ & traceable company selling Lactobacillus johnsonii , as mentions in Brain Maker, anyone have a source (not in KG’s/pounds 😉 ?

    • The supplements are consequences of the deficit in nutriments of the food.

  • JohnInTheOC

    Having trouble finding a ‘reputable’ & traceable company selling Lactobacillus johnsonii , as mentions in Brain Maker, anyone have a source (not in KG’s 😉 ?

    Interested in it for it’s lung healing potential.

  • Rikke Kostvejleder

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter
    Do you have any knowlegde about a correlation between c-section and the risk of enuresis nocturna. Or between gut health (incl. the mikrobiome) an enuresis nocturna. I have been searching but can´t find good litterature that mention anything about it.
    I am thinking that you as an experienced neurologist may have an oppinion about the subject.
    Thank you. From a danish reader 🙂 Rikke

    • Vitamins B facilitate the relation from the brain to muscles.

      • Rikke Kostvejleder

        What I was asking for was: Knowledge about a correlation between c-section and the risk of enuresis nocturna. Or between gut health (incl. the mikrobiome) and enuresis nocturna.

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  • Alice Emery

    How to travel to Mexico and protect micro biome is our dilemma. Can we use bismuth salicylate without undue harm?

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  • Alison Simpkins

    I hope the good doctor will be able to address this question directly. I am at my wit’s end. I am APOE type 3/4 and have been eating high fat low carb for 3 months but my small particle LDL numbers are through the roof. I feel great when I fast. Otherwise my cognitive abilities are horrible. I run out of mental energy very quickly (except when fasting). I feel stuck. It’s as if I am going to have to choose between Alzheimer’s and heart disease. I don’t know what to eat anymore other than nothing or salad — in which case I will eventually starve to death. Any suggestions?

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  • mariana


    • no se si es trobara a Espanya; hi ha d’esperar al 15 d’octubre de 2015.

      per Amazon hé comprat l’edicio anglesa.

      de Tolosa de lengadoc a Occitania

  • Gut instinct: Do you have the right bacteria ?

    in the Times of London tuesday july 28 2015

    I may send a copy to mail.
    ask for

  • How can I get the recipes in the back of the book? I purchased my copy from Loving it!

  • saltydawg77

    Gout seems to be triggered by diet and, I suppose, a genetic tendency. Have you done any research how your diet would help gout?

  • c hazlerig

    What about a tacks on the central nerves system, and optic nerves. What can my son take. He’s on cemo.

  • ChongBeng Lim

    Dear Dr Perlmutter, I have heard about soy products being bad for the brain and the body. Is it true based on scientific research?

    Furthermore, does phytic acid present in grain, legume and soy really cause trouble for the body to absorb nutrients in the body? Is this true scientifically? What are the consequences of having too much phytic acid in the body? How to eliminate it?

  • michael altshuler

    Dr.P, I believe I can help your book impact countless more lives. First, I’m sold out on what you’re doing and more people need to know. We take some of the most important books in the world and distill all the key ideas and insights and put them on pocket-sized cards and on an app. Extending and expanding the message beyond the bookshelf. I’m not trying to sell something but rather I’m trying to serve more people and change more lives.
    Please let me know if you would like to see some samples?
    Michael Altshuler 561-88-6387

  • John Hyatt

    I spent 26 tears in medical research;

  • Christine

    It seems logical to me that there would be a connection between lack of gut flora and thyroid problems such as graves disease which is an autoimmune disease. Any thoughts on that?

  • BD

    We saw your special on PBS and it really hit home. Our son has been
    seeing a functional medicine doctor for years for leaky gut (among other
    things). However, for the past few years, not much seems to be
    working. We have strong indication that he has Lyme disease and
    co-infections based on a zyto scan and highly positive iSPOT Lyme test.
    However, the traditional Western Blot tests come back negative (or not
    enough positive) for insurance purposes. – – This is very frustrating,
    especially living in Texas where very few doctors treat Lyme and most
    don’t want anything to do with it. We were hoping that you might have a
    recommendation for us as to who we might need to see and or an approach
    for getting our son better.

    • Mariah

      Look at the website of Dr. Marty Ross in Seattle and read his “Treat Lyme” book. You can also get an online consultation with him.

    • Mike

      BD…go to the website This is a remarkable story about an MD that jumped ship(quit orthodox medicine) and came up with something that cures leaky gut. First go to youtube and type in (Dr Zac Bush-Gut/Brain injury:How,why,and what you can do about it. It is a talk that he gave at the AutismOne symposium. You won’t be disappointed. Good luck

    • ALAN

      Try the probiotic enema or the fecal transplant see more in the internet you tube has some home made probiotic enemas easy ways to do it and efective or go to profesional fecal transplants …excelent results..good luck¡¡¡¡ SHALOM¡¡¡

    • Mike Koehler

      Consider having your NP do an Igenex lymes test!!

  • Peter Lengsfeld

    On page 211 of Brain Maker, Quote: “The theory goes that since a high pH in the colon creates an environment that can promote cancerous growth, B. longum can help prevent colorectal cancer by effectively lowering the intestinal pH.”
    Is this a correct statement?
    I was always told that cancer thrives in a low pH environment and if you raise cellular pH levels high enough, you can kill the cancer cells.

  • Does this book recommend any supplements and diets?

  • Maureen McKerracher

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    Bravo on your new book and all your extensive work in this area.
    I’ve only been on this plan a short time but I am seeing remarkable
    results. I had been compromised for 30 years. You have given
    me hope!
    A very grateful former patient,
    Maureen McKerracher

  • Jackie

    Dr. P, you say in Brain Maker that “Jason” had a fecal transplant but that requires a diagnosis of C. diff. He did not have C.diff so how did he get the transplant? Did he go out of the country?? Just curious.

  • joebey

    have you worked with anyone with lupus that effected the organs

  • joanne

    what can cure brain cancer

    • The effective cancer cure already EXISTS!
      – That means:
      people are dying NOT from cancer any more!
      People are dying now:
      – from lack of INFORMATION
      So – go to my personal website “Cancer Cure Clinic Online” and fulfill the contact form “Contact Us” – and you will get enough information for FREE. Then once you know what the reality is, you’ll be able to freely consider by yourself and make free your own conclusions.

    • Charlene Kaartinen

      I saw on the documentary The Truth About Cancer with Ty Bollinger that frankenscense oil (not sure on spelling) should be singly dropped on your tongue every 2 hours. They interviewed a woman who had brain cancer and they could only cut 1/2 out. Then she did this treatment, returned and it was no longer there. Maybe research it to learn more.

  • sharon

    Will anything help with MS

    • David Perlmutter

      Consider the work of Dr. Terry Wahls.

      • Stella Clary

        Dr. Perlmutter, have you heard of Dr. Marty Hinz amino acid protocol for Parkinsons Disease? Can you pls give me your opinion of this protocol. My husband is a former patient of yours and would like to explore this theraphy. By the way, he is still following your protocol and is doing well but now we are seeing a slight side effect of Carb-Devopa. Thank you for all that you do Dr. Perlmutter we have your latest book and Cookbook. Our favorite is the Roast Chicken so easy and so delicious! Stella Clary

  • christine

    I know someone who have parkinson desease. What should they do to decrease their symptome and decrease the progression of their desease?

  • Om

    Recently MS diagnosed

  • Trudy Eckley

    Where can I purchase davidperlmutter MD, empowering nutrients?

    Thank you

  • glorious1

    I have absence seizures and I hate the medication I am being given. I think it’s worse than the seizures as far as effects. I want off of them.

  • Marcelo Martins


    Do you recommend making yogurt with high quality commercially available probiotics that contains the required bacteria or do you think I should buy the yogurt specific starter?

  • michelle greene

    Hi what is best probiotic to give 4 yr old girl who’s autistic

  • Rebecca Duquesnoy

    LOVED this book! Is it ever possible for people to develop anxiety FROM the probiotics since it does increase serotonin levels?

  • Denise Saylor

    Dr Perlmutter – I’m a huge believer in your work and have suggested your book to many friends… I’m curious if you have any insight about SCA and diet. Several of my siblings have SCA1. Is there any evidence showing that a ketogenic diet stalls the progression of degeneration and symptoms? They are working with a doctor, however diet doesn’t seem to be a factor in treatment. Based on your work and other research, it seems that it would be of vital importance. With much gratitude, we would appreciate your input or direction.

  • Greg

    In his book Brain Maker, Dr. Perlmutter recommends a web site/place to get certain tests done – blood tests or other. I do not have access to the audio book anymore. Can anyone tell me what that reference was? I believe it started with a “C”. Thank you for any help.

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  • Crystal Adams

    My son has been diagnosed with epilepsy. When I mentioned to his doctor about Ketogenic and non hallucinating Cannobis oil including vitamins/herbs she made me sign a two page paper stating I wouldn’t interfere with her work and would try my own remedies. She said No to changing to any healthy diet to just give him vitamin D and Calcium. I thought she was ignorant and didn’t even care to hear the successful research.
    I am in Indiana and we have no epilepsy specialists. So I have to drive to Louisville. I’m not getting real help for my son

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  • Mike

    I’m just finishing the book – great read. I’m just a little confused over the recommendations – actually the warnings on blue cheese and cream. Why is blue cheese an exception to the cheese recommendation of healthy fat and cream a moderate instead of a healthy fat?

  • Paige Kelly

    I have a question in regards to being an endurance athlete. I have started to cut the carbs out as well as starchy vegetables and add in more fats and proteins. However, while doing a 4 hour bike ride or 16 mile run I usually eat gels, or something quick and easy to digest. Simple Carbohydrates. What is your advice on fuel to use during long workouts? I know that my body will be more efficient at burning fat but does that mean I don’t need to consume calories on long workouts? -Thank you

  • Marguerite

    I have a son in law with Multiple Sclerosis and his daughter (my grandchild has type 1 diabetes – will this book help – also has this book been translated in Hebrew

    • David Perlmutter

      Brain Maker has not yet been translated in to Hebrew.

  • to understand cancer and chronic deseases

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  • Midge Barrett

    Is there a link between the gut and autoimmune hepatitis? What food sources are optimim to deal with inflammation of the liver?

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  • Jess Jones

    You can track your intake and manage your symptoms online for free at

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  • Peggi Tabor

    Why is blue cheese not recommended?

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  • Teri B. Faulkner

    My daughter has ADD/ADHD and diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis 19 mths ago. Anything addresses in here about this and other ailments/ diseases

    Teri Faulkner( Portage IN Mom)

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  • Sue Snyder

    Regarding childhood epilepsy: hasn’t anyone heard of the movie, “Do No Harm!” with Meryl Streep? It’s a major whistleblower and blasts light into all the dark places. It’s on youtube ten different time, placed by as many people who want to get the word out. Great movie, based on a true story, with a lot of the actual people the story was about.

  • Jane Pellicciotto

    Excellent book. I’m curious why nightshades aren’t recommended to avoid? Is it because they have other beneficial nutrients and outweigh the inflammatory properties?

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  • SandraIrina

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter,
    My colleagues and I have been following you, your research and your practice with avid interest for several years. I am a nurse, graduating top of my class in all schools I have ever attended. I am proficient in Romanian, English and German. I told a colleague of mine today, a university professor here in Austria, that I finally found your books in the German language. He was elated, because he had been hoping for this for a long time. All of our English speaking colleagues have either received your books or audio books from us.

    Houston, we have a problem. We cannot purchase your books in the German language because we do not know anybody who would be able to get past the titles. We suspect that you are not aware of the unprofessional, embarrassing, primitive, offensive and barbaric titles which, we suspect were Germans, gave to your masterpieces. Austrians are not Germans. They share the same language, but are lightyears ahead of Germans when it comes to class and manners. We are very upset. We think we will cut the covers off or cover them up, but in no way can we recommend this book to any of our colleagues, friends of even enemies.

    All of the cutting-edge, state-of-the-art and intellectual content of your best-sellers have now been degraded and insulted. We are not sure if this was intentional or unintentional. We don’t know if the translators thought it was cute and nifty or if they were only interested in the money but think you’re an idiot. We are highly offended and embarrassed for you.

    I neither use the “s” word or have I ever written the “s” word but am now constrained to do so, so you can be aware of the titles. Grain Brain has been distorted to “Dumm wie Brot”, which translated into English means “as stupid as bread”. (Now what kind of a title is that and what kind of impression should a person get about the content of your book?) Brain Maker has been perverted into “Scheiß schlau”, which means “as sly as shit”. (Please forgive me for even writing that – how awful!).

    Needless to say, we are all very disappointed and frustrated because we have been promoting your books for years and when it finally gets to our language, we have been treated like morons! We are sorry to have to be bearers of bad news, but we are your best fans and will remain so.

    Sincerely yours,
    Sandra, BSc.

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  • Regina Washabaugh

    I have been on the Brain Grain diet for about three months and have been also using bone broth. I have had multiple improvements in health issues. This morning I listened to a lecture from The Truth About Cancer and the lecturer (Blaylock) listed glutamine as an Excitotoxin that is worse than sugar! Should I stop using the bone broth?

  • Regina Washabaugh

    I have been on you Grain brain diet for two months and have dropped 10 pounds and have had multiple health improvements. I have also bee making bone broth. today I listened to a lecture on the Truth About Cancer (Blaylock) and the speaker said glutamate is an excitotoxin worse than sugar and that we should avoid high glutamate foods. I have found the broth soothing and helpful to curb my cravings. Do I need to stop it??? This is very confusing.

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  • Daisy Quintero

    You recommend 1,000 mg / DHA, yet all I find is less than and it is combined with EPA.
    Moreover, how can a Vegan be able to obtain this daily requirement?

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  • Susan

    Where can I buy reputable coffee fruit extract to increase BDNF?

  • Joell kurtis

    I am from Nevada, USA.. I started on NewLife Clinic Parkinsons Disease Herbal formula treatment in September 2016, i read allot of positive reviews on their success rate treating Parkinsons disease through their PD Herbal formula and i immediately started on the treatment. Just 11 weeks into the Herbal formula treatment I had great improvements with speech and coordination, my hand tremors seized and the stiffed, rigid muscle had succumbed. I am unbelievably back on my feet again, this is a breakthrough for all Parkinsons sufferers, visit NewLife Herbal Clinic official website www. newlifeherbalclinic. com or email info @ newlifeherbalclinic. com.

    Joel Kurtis
    Nevada, USA

  • David Craven

    My wife was diagnosed of Parkinsons Disease at age 59. She had severe calf pain, muscle pain, tremors, slurred speech, frequent falls, loss of balance, difficulty in getting up from sitting position. She was put on Senemet for 6 months and then Siferol was introduced and replaced the Senemet. During this time span she was also diagnosed with dementia. She started having hallucinations, lost touch with reality.

    This year, our family doctor started her on NewLife Clinic Parkiinsons Disease Herbal mixture, 1 month into treatment she improved dramatically. At the end of the full treatment course, the disease is totally under control. No case of dementia, hallucination, weakness, muscle pain or tremors.

    Visit NewLife Clinic website ww w.newlifeherbalclinic .com. She is strong again and able to go about daily activities.

    David Craven

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  • How to travel to Mexico and protect micro biome is our dilemma. Can we use bismuth salicylate without undue harm mankirt aulakh height thanks

  • manoj sharma

    mexico is a good city and travel to mexico fronm us is excellent experince astron paper ipo gmp people want to know what is epilepsy and seizure

  • mankirt
  • mankirt aulakh

    Just pre-ordered your book. So excited! My husband is a 7 year Esophageal cancer survivor. He presented at Stage 1 because we were diligent in monitoring his Barrette’s Esophagus yearly. Now, 7 years later after surgery and a year of chemo, he has been diagnosed as BiPolar. We look to your book to help guide us through this maze. thanks

  • Ujjwal Karmakar

    “Grain Brain” is a book that is a real life changer.My problem of insomnia has vanished after leaving wheat and rice and replacing those with ghee, butter and coconut oil.
    I see great reduction of my neurological problem when I consume a lot of garlic (roasted), in addition to following his “no grain” protocol. How much garlic can I consume safely ? Would Dr. David Perlmutter respond kindly ?

  • Veronica Faccini


    My father was just diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I read your book and I would like to know more about how we can treat this disease. How could I schedule an appointment with you? Thank you very much!

    • David Perlmutter

      I am no longer seeing patients Veronica, but I would suggest you look into the work of Dr. Terry Wahls on this.