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America’s Empowering Neurologist, David Perlmutter M.D., is best known for his vanguard role in expanding the limits of our understanding of brain health, revealing the science that defines brain disease as preventable. A board certified neurologist with 30+ years of experience treating our most feared diseases and a #1 New York Times Best Selling author, Dr. Perlmutter has been gifted with the ability to make complex medical issues approachable and actionable by all audiences making him one of the most sought after public speakers in the international health arena.

Dr. Perlmutter’s thought provoking presentations focus on emerging science and intertwine what were once thought to be unrelated systems within the body. He provides audience members the tools they need to make meaningful lifestyle changes, founded on leading edge science, that will pave the way for expanded health, disease resistance, and longevity. Combining humor with intelligence his multimedia programs and speaking style are unparalleled in the medical community and empower audiences to take control of their health destiny.

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What People Are Saying

“Dr. David Perlmutter bring uncommon intelligence, insight and humor to his work and teaching. More importantly he is one of the leading thinkers and visionaries in health care, helping us rethink disease, wellness and longevity and brain health.”
Mark Hyman, MD, author of The Blood Sugar Solution

“Dr. Perlmutter is a gifted lecturer and visionary . His lectures are informative and enlightened. Dr. Perlmutter has served as core faculty to multiple academic conferences that I have directed.”
Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC, President Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine

“Dr. Perlmutter is the leading integrative medicine neurologist in North America today. His ability to fully integrate conventional medicine diagnosis and treatment with the latest innovations in nutritional and environmental medicine is phenomenal. As a teacher and clinician, he has fundamentally changed how physicians and patients think about neurological degeneration and, happily, regeneration.”
Joseph Pizzorno, MD, coauthor of Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

“Dr. Perlmutter is one of the most effective lecturers and educators I have ever witnessed.  It is a total pleasure listening to his presentations.  Engaging, memorable, practical.”
—Kathleen James, RN

“Dr. Perlmutter is outstanding. Incredibly well animated slides by a gifted speaker.”
—Victor Sierpina, MD


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  • sid

    Dose Dr. Perlmutter sell Probiotic and supplements? if so where can i buy them?

  • Nandy

    I need to have an appointment with you. I saw 3 Neurologist and they say different opinions of the about 30 stroke found in my brain. Im a mother of 3 I can’t have a big stroke . Please I need someone to tell me for real whats happening in my brain .
    Please help

  • Donna DiMaria

    Ok. Can’t wait to have dr Perlmutter here

  • Nancy

    Do you have any retreats/cruises/courses like the Wheat Belly retreats. I would,love,to,attend one of yours. I so appreciate your neurological point of view. Dr..Mimi Guarneri is my Cardioloogist. I was so happy to see she also endorses you. ( I though she was strictly vegan in her emphasis. ).

  • Carol Bauer

    What does Dr. Perlmutter charge for doing an event? I am the founder of Garden of Health. Our mission is to get special dietary foods and fresh produce into food pantries. We did over 30,000 pounds of fresh produce last year. We also do an organic gardening program with low income families. We give them every thing to grow their own organic food and they get to keep everything they grow as extra food for their family.

  • Jessica Demerutis

    Hi, this is Jessica Demerutis. I am from Tucson, AZ. I just started to read the book “Grain Brain” and I like it so far. The reason why I wanted to read it is because I was diagnosed with heterotopia 10 years ago, but it’s been treated as epilepsia. I had changed my diet and all that, but I still have some “blackouts” or “disconections”. What am I supposed to do? Is there anyway I could get an appointment with you, Dr. Perlmutter? I’ll go wherever you are.