Treating Alzheimer’s Disease? The Solution May Not Be What You Think.

It looks like there is a meaningful treatment for Alzheimer’s disease! The best part? No need to visit your doctor to nab a prescription, because it’s not a pill. Join me in today’s video as we break down some exciting new science published in the journal PLOS One.

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  • Raymond

    Tech #​WhoaScienceAPR 10, 2018 @ 08:00 AM1,202
    This Gene May Explain Why Alzheimer’s Treatments Succeed With Mice But Fail With Humans

    Kevin Murnane , CONTRIBUTOR

    “One of the more vexing problems bedeviling Alzheimer’s research is why so many treatments that are successful in mouse models fail in clinical trials with humans. In a paper published yesterday in Nature Medicine, a team of researchers at the Gladstone Institutes identified how a key genetic variant associated with the development of Alzheimer’s operates differently in mice and humans. They also showed that the problematic gene can be repaired.”

    Just curious if you had read this and what your take is on it?

  • Hank Maureen

    I started using multiple sclerosis (MS) herbal remedy i purchased from Best Health Herbal Centre January this year. I only used it for a month and two weeks, my condition changed automatically, all my symptoms are gone. Remaining positive have helped me during this treatment. Now am living MS FREE.
    Hope this will help somebody, remember, do your own research and make your own decisions based on information you have received and digested. Thanks to Best Health Herbal Centre for their amazing work. Forever Grateful!

  • Kim Hinkle Hochman

    how many days a week did they exercise and for how long?

  • Rochelle

    Great article! Thank you.

    • David Perlmutter

      Glad to be able to share!

  • Krikit

    Thank you!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for reading.

  • Luc Chene

    How about anaerobic exercises, such as high intensity interval training ?
    I have no indication of this disease myself (for now), but I found high intensity interval training helps very much, 3 times a week:
    10 minutes : 2 min warm up 30 seconds high intensity (heart beat 220-age) 90 second moderate, two more cycle and 2 minutes moderate finishing off
    helps a lot.

  • Lou J Klevinas

    Dr David, awesome post… I truly believe this can be done and “Without a Pill” Is there a rule of thumb? I use birth years for min of exercise per day. 50 Years old, 50 min per day. Do you have any suggestions? I also believe that combining the ketogenic lifestyle to this, you can make it a win-win. Cheers, Toronto Lou

    • David Perlmutter

      Not a bad strategy. I advise, at a minimum, of being active 20min/day.

  • Carvagio

    Great info, thank you. However, we are not addressing one central cause of AD, that is persistent aerosol spraying of nano-aluminum and other heavy metal particulates in our skies, that we unavoidably must breathe in daily, and easily pass across the blood brain barrier. Add to that various vaccines with aluminum adjuvants in them, like the flu and shingles injections. It is only in the last 30 or so years, that we’ve experienced a boom in incidence of AD such that now it’s 1 in 3 Americans diagnosed with AD by age 85, and that coincides with the steady increase in megaton spraying of these nano-aluminum particles into the atmosphere. This is contributing to the AD in highly significant ways, however it’s somehow considered a taboo subject, by medical professionals, government, mainstream media, and related scientists. As I’ve read China does not allow geoengineering over its nation, it may be revealing to compare incidence of AD in China vs. US.
    Health of all seniors would benefit by learning how to detox from heavy metals. Detoxing is on par or even exceeds importance of aerobics in prevention or management of AD.

    • Patricia P. Tursi

      I was just feeling very down and your awareness lifted my blues somewhat. i posted about geoengineering which I have been following since the nineties and as many people ridiculed as posted positively. I also post about vaccines. Thank goodness RFK, Jr’s work has helped legitimize there, but people are so quick to spout the CIA and Business mantra of conspiracy theory that most won’t even read legitimate into. I guess we’ll have to all be dying before people will wake up.

  • dhindi

    My 91 year old father has Alzheimer’s and I’ve just recently started him on probiotics based on the study described by Dr. Perlmutter. I’m desperate and I figure it can’t hurt. Has anyone else tried this and saw positive results?

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