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Albert P.

January 2, 2014

Albert’s story may be short, but I think that’s because he was so excited to share the changes he has been able to make to his health. These are great results and I wish him continued good health – Dr. Perlmutter

Three months ago, at age 72, I read Grain Brain and began applying its teachings to my life . The bottom line is this: within 3 months of strictly following your regimen, my fasting blood sugar score has decreased from 125 to 85 (non-diabetic); I dropped 15 pounds without even trying (from 175 to 160); I have stopped taking ALL medications (for blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, and ADHD); and I have begun to make significant strides in the area of memory and clarity of thinking (much less brain fog). For me, there is no going back! Simply put, Dr. Perlmutter’s work has been the primary factor in allowing me to change the direction of my life in only the most positive ways.

I feel most grateful to Dr. Perlmutter. Thank you so much for all you are doing to help bring greater awareness into the lives of the American public. Believe me, it’s life saving!

-Albert P.

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