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Allison C. Before and After

Allison C.

January 10, 2014

Allison’s story reflects something I’ve seen more and more of lately: people having success by adopting a Grain Brain lifestyle and, in doing so, inspiring those around them. – Dr. Perlmutter

I have been reading lots of books on nutrition this past summer as I am lactose- and gluten-intolerant, have thyroid problems and was gaining weight on a diet of starchy carbohydrates. I finally read Why We Get Fat And What We Can Do About It, Wheat Belly and now Grain Brain…and have given up sugar and starchy carbohydrates for the past 11 weeks.  I feel better, moods are more even, my energy is up, and my blood pressure is down to an optimal/ideal level.

Just this weekend, I started to fold exercise into my regular routine. I walked in a 5K and it felt great. I never could have done this before. I’m so, so happy.

I am eating the Grain Brain way because I want to live a long healthy life, physically, mentally and spiritually, and I couldn’t do that eating the junk food I was snacking on. I would also very much like to avoid cancer and help others chose a better way to eat by setting a good example. I can’t stop talking about Grain Brain and, as a result, a lot of my co-workers, friends and family are either buying the book or are on a waiting list to read it at their local library.

Currently, I am on a diet almost entirely free of processed and added sugars, and starchy carbs. I eat a lot of unprocessed omega-3 rich oils, vegetables, organic meats & eggs, wild caught fish, raw seeds and nuts. I drink lots of water and take all the recommended supplements in Grain Brain and hope to see my physician after she’s read Grain Brain to run some tests…either that or I will be finding a new physician. I hope that my husband and children will also read Grain Brain and choose a healthier way of eating for themselves.

-Allison C.

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