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An Update from Florida Before Hurricane Irma

Today I’m going to write in a way that’s perhaps a bit out of character. While we generally focus of the impact of lifestyle choices on health and disease resistance, this missive focuses on gratitude.

As I write, I’m waiting to board an evacuation flight to get away from Irma, an event that will rewrite the definition of natural disaster. Our home is in Naples, Florida in the highest level flood zone and I’m well aware that when we are able to return, our house of 30 years may well be totally destroyed.

And yet, sitting here, I remain so grateful for so many gifts. The love of family and friends, the incredible support I receive from all of you, and the wonderful opportunities I have had to fully engage my life mission.

I’ll certainly get back to all of you on the other side of this experience, but for now, let me say, “thank you!”

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  • Gela K

    Im sure you have heard this many times before “he who has the most stuff dies with the most stuff.” In the end it is all stuff. Family, friends, and memories are more important, priceless, and irreplaceable. Be safe. I will say a prayer for all Floridians.

  • Pup Mom

    Wishing you and your family a safe journey and hoping your home and beloved memories survive. We are all just little people on this earth and we must stay together and support each other. My wishes and prayers for all of you and my friends in Florida. Diane Cartwright

  • Lynn Dell

    Thank you for writing this. I’m praying for you and all those in FL and the neighboring islands. So many in hospitals and nursing homes!

  • Dee Beatty

    Thank you!

  • barbara carroll

    David, we pray for you in Kelowna, BC Canada. I am watching CBC, CNN and CTV as everyone prepares for hurricane. God bless you all.

  • Shannon Kirk

    I’m wishing you and you’re family a safe journey. I hope that you and those you know will escape the worst. I look forward to seeing your posts on the other side of the storm.

  • Omid Rashidipour

    Good luck Dr.Perlmutter.you and all Floridians are in our prayers.take care of yourself and your family.

  • David Perlmutter

    Thank you all for the kind wishes and words.

    • Maria Rosario Hackett

      Thinking of you and your family. You guys are truly amazing and we love you so much!
      I hope your house will be fine when you return.
      Let us know if you need anything.
      We love you
      Maria and Bill

    • lynette mayo
    • Louise Stenvers

      Heartfelt wishes for everyone’s safety and peace of mind 💗

    • Pamela Machol

      You have helped so many. Let us know if we can help you.
      Pam Machol

    • BarbaraDale

      You still have a very good writing style and eloquence in writing even in the midst of alarm. But, it’s a shame so many good people have to go through all that disaster. But, disasters like Hurricane Irma only serve to make God’s people stronger. Before I even saw your email, I had been thinking about you and the other good doctors down there in South Florida. I’ve been praying also. I’ve learned the best from you also. So, please stay strong for us. Emmanuel! God is with us!

  • Sharyn Thomas

    We are concerned and thinking of all of the people in your situation..very worrying have been keeping an eye on it all from Australia.

  • Kathie Heard

    Thank YOU. It will all come out all right.

  • Mary S

    Thinking of you.

  • Gail Cassidy

    🙏🏻 This is one time I hope you are wrong and that you will return to your home minimally damaged. May you and your family be safe!!

    • BarbaraDale

      I agree!

  • Kristen Runke

    Please Be safe! Thanks for all you have taught us…. Hope your library and other household items survive

  • Liz C

    ❤️And 🙏With you dear doctor, your family, friends and all Floridians affected by this hurricane

  • Dr. Brian R. Ferguson

    Great attitude, Dr. Perlmutter.

  • Emerson Adrian Gale

    Holding you and your family in the Light.
    Much love from Bonnie Gale

  • Marissa

    Wow this is so inspiring. Thank you for showing us love and an opportunity for constant growth. Good luck with everything and God bless!

  • Carol

    I am thinking of you and I pray for your safety. I know that you will love and support those around you at this time. My prayers for all of you in Florida. From Carol Collins.

  • Shelley

    Thank you for allowing us to know of your situation and keep you in our prayers. One thing these disasters are doing is bringing a lot of love and caring into the field. Out of the chaos, there is opportunity for people to come together and support each other in our vulnerability and humanity which just may be another valuable path to healing. Stay safe and keep us posted!

  • Vickie Miller

    Be safe in

  • Francie Epperson

    My world is a better place because you are in it. May God bless you and your family and keep you safe during this time. Blessings and Hugs.

  • Andrea D Linder

    We will keep you and your family in our thoughts and I return the thanks for so much valuable information you have provided me in my goal of a healthy life – Keep safe!

  • raquel

    wishing you, your family and neighbors – the best outcome possible! I love to read your articles and now am sending warm regards and love from Israel!!! Raquel

  • Barbara B. Powers

    My thanks and appreciation for all that you have gifted us with. May you and your family and all Floridians be safe. We are in the midst of adversity, which many times is our true teacher that allows us to riase our levels of consciousness and appreciate what truly holds value. Your wissdom and sharing of it has great value to many of us, and I wish to honor it at this moment.

  • Truth59

    Praying for all in Florida and Texas.

  • Barry Thibault

    I live in Atlanta now but I have lived in Tampa for over 20 years during my college years. I have been watching the tv all weekend waiting for this devastation from IRMA as I still have many friends and family in the Tampa, Sarasota and Port Charlotte area, I still own a Villa in St. Pete that I have been renting out for the past 1 year. The renter left without preparing the place and I was so upset to hear that my villa would not have any sand bags and it would not be boarded up.

    After reading your post I now understand her leaving and glad that she will be safe with her family. You are right, we are all blessed with what we have and it can all be replaced with other stuff. Safety is more important than anything else. I am thankful and grateful for all you have shared and wish you a safe return to your home Dr. Perlmutter.

  • Jill Sim

    Oh that is so moving…I have to thank you so much for alerting me to Alzheimer’s …digestive isssues etc..My life has been so much better and has improved unbelievably by taking your neutritional advice.
    Will be thinking of you all from my little cottage in England and wish you well. Jill

  • pottery59

    Very glad to hear you decided to evacuate. Stuff can be replaced; lives cannot. We all need your sane voice to continue educating us and helping to enlighten. To YOU: Thank you!

    • BarbaraDale

      I second that!

  • Patricia Ellen Davis

    Wishing you safety, support, and abundant love! Will keep you all in my prayers. My parents (primary residence in Ohio) had a home in your area…so I feel very connected to you in FL. 🌈

  • Mitzi Andersen

    Bless you for all you have given us. You’re in our hearts and prayers. May you and yours be safe throughout this ordeal and may God be always with you

  • Angela

    It’s great that you can remain so positive and be thankful for all the gifts you have recieved. Your wisdom has been a gift to me. May you and your friends and family be safe.

  • Dahne Rodriguez

    Good luck! As you gave probably heard, Irma u
    s just approaching Marco Is. we live in North Port and so we will be next! Good luck to all of us in FL. Thus us certainly a trip of a lifetime!

    • Nannie Fredrikson

      Wish you all the best!!

    • Kathryn Snyder

      May God bless you and protect you and give you mercies for your life and your property. Psalm 91 is a good one to read right now… my prayers are with you.

  • Nannie Fredrikson

    I just got this in my inbox, so I am not sure when you actually left. I hope all has gone well for you and that you are safe where you are now!

    I’m writing you from northern Sweden, where I live. I am blessed since we don’t have hurricanes here. We have small tornados that in a very unfortunate event can pick up a person, move a smaller boat or a shed, but it is still extremely rare. I cannot imagine the force of a full blown hurricane!

    I am now, Sunday around 3 pm Florida time, very concerned for my Swedish brother who lives in northern Florida outside Jacksonville. I am wondering how they are right now. Got an e-mail a couple of hours ago and it was very windy and raining like crazy but no hurricane yet.

    I know there’s nothing I can do, but I pray for them and anybody else who is still in the path of the hurricane. They believe it might pass on a more westerly route, thus leaving them with just a really bad storm but not the hurricane itself. It is nerve wrecking just waiting around… I hear the worst will hit them during this upcoming night. When the electrical power is out we have no way of contacting them until they have electricity again. That is the vulnarble world we live in today, so dependent on electricity!

    I wish you the best and I dearly hope you will have a home to come back to in a few days… Just as I hope my brother and his family will be all right. We are pretty much insignificant when it comes to the full force of nature. I learned that while working as a mountain guide.

    All the best to you!
    Nannie Fredrikson, Jokkmokk, Sweden

    • BarbaraDale

      All of this is all very well spoken (written). My son lives in West Palm Beach, the east side also, though not as close to the water as he used to live a few years ago. My brother just went through Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and we still haven’t heard from him as of yet. My sister and her husband live in a retirement community south of Jacksonville, FL. You said it best when you wrote “…vulnerable world we live in today, so dependent on electricity!” But, not just for communications—-I have three refrigerators and a freezer! I, too, have been praying a lot for Florida. I went through Hurricane Camille in Biloxi in 1969 with all my family and Hurricane Katrina in Hattiesburg, MS, in 2005.

  • Babs Hogan

    Correction: “Perhaps a bit out of character.” Dr. Perlmutter, I’m hoping for the best for you, your wife, and neighbors. This storm is raging and potentially catastrophic. I live in Texas and know people who have lost everything. Tough times for coastal areas. I hope you are safe. Thanks for the update. (BTW, I met you in Austin at the Paleo conference. Our mutual friend is NT). Sincerely, Babs Hogan

  • Frank

    Dr I live in Estero Fl. been listening to you for years,the wife and I evacuated Tuesday sure hope I also have a home to comeback also don’t know when total bummer
    Take care


    I wish you all the best Dr. Perlmutter, God bless you !!

  • Rosy

    My prayers are with you and your family.
    God bless

  • Kathryn Snyder

    Evacuating was a good idea! And even better… Is your gratitude! I am sure that God will grant mercies for you and your family during this trying time. Psalm 91 is a great one to read!!!
    I pray for you, good health, peace of mind and heart, and loyal and loving family and friends. I look forward to hearing from you after the the storm!!

  • Lorraine McCrae

    We left from our Fl place on Wednesday with no problems. May Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the Angels and Saints intercede to protect and save you, your family, your friends, your home as well as all other Floridians and their homes, and visitors in Florida.

  • Linda

    My health and life are better because of your mission to help others. Thank You

  • Simi Khanna

    God bless you and keep you n your family safe.
    You have created many houses over life times and will continue to do so !!

  • bmaurene

    Thank YOU dear Dr Perlmutter for all you do for all of us. I hope you and your family stay safe and sound and the destruction is far less than all our worst fears. I also hope and pray for all the wildlife and domestic animals in the path of this monster storm. I hope all humans learn from this terrible event that finally we all have to change and care for the earth in healing ways as we are learning to care for our own and our families’ bodies.
    Love from Montreal, Quebec

  • Barbara

    I am so pleased to know you and your loved ones have been able to travel to a safe place. Life events often lead us to a better place. Being able to accept the consequences of a disasterous event is a gift which may lead one to a more peaceful and productive life.

    I’m grateful for all I have learned through your work. It is a great blessing to be connected to your teachings through books and your TV and internet presentations.

    • Ronna Berezin

      For all you’ve done and continue to do, you will be spared in this disaster. Always grateful to you. Ronna Berezin

  • Susan Gazda

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God bless.

  • Rochelle

    Be safe. I hope that everything will be OK when you come back. Best wishes for you and your family.

  • karen young

    Praying for you Dr Perlmutter! and your family. I lived thru Ivan so understand your feelings right now. Stay strong, lives matter, material things can be replaced.

  • Opine2u

    Dr. Perlmutter, you and your family are in my prayers, with so much gratitude for the guidance you have given so many of us, not only with dealing with Alzheimer’s in a parent, but for the hope you create for those of us who might be at higher risk. You have alerted us to the path out of the fog.
    Please know that no matter what happens as a result of the storm, that God will guide your path, and that He will meet all of your needs. With the gift of gratitude living in your heart, there is no challenge that can’t be met.
    Best wishes for a good outcome for you and your family.

  • Ara

    Stay safe Dr. Perlmutter and thank you for all you do.

  • Regina Fugate

    Dear David,
    Wishing you a safe journey. Thank you for sharing your vast amount of knowledge. You have made a huge impact in my life. Best wishes. Regina

  • herman hudson

    This too shall pass…
    We’ll be waiting for you on the other side for more of your inestimable wisdom.


    Wishing you safe travels and hoping for the best! We are thinking about you from Colorado

  • Penny Martin Owens

    Praying for safety and a sustained dwelling when you return!

  • Betty Pope

    I am glad that you are getting out by plane. From what you have said the house, your home for thirty years, is not flood proof. What in the spirit of gratitude, were you able to evacuate with on the plane? I live in the Columbia River Gorge and last Monday, Labor Day night, I evacuated in front of an advancing wild fire with my son and three cats and a car packed for an emergency stay at a motel. What is worthy to pack up and depart with?

  • Jolin Halstead

    You have always paved the way to the brave new world. Bless you and your family, in the wake of this new dawn. My heART and strength of spirit are with all of you, and the greater community you so lovingly care for. In kindred spirit. Godspeed.

  • Karen Schmidt

    Wishing you well. Thank you for inspiring me to go for it…optimal health, that is. It has truly been a game changer. You’ll land on your feet, but still hoping your home fairs well. Peace

  • calle

    Dear Doctor and others in the storms pathway.
    Please do all you can to be safe.
    Having lived through several fires, I feel s
    tress just knowing the storm is coming.
    One can talk all they want to about loss, but when it isthe loss of yourpets, heritage and history it takes its toll.
    Those who have never lost loved ones, or homes or ranches hav no idea.
    I have not been in a tropical storm.
    We live in a region where fires are possible all the time.
    Hoping for all fire and rescue help to be safe.
    Houston was a horror story, but the pictures of oceans gone, total destruction on some islands is horrible.

    Please check in as soon as you can.
    You are such an inspiration to thousands.
    Blessings and prayers.

  • joanna

    From us all in the Uk, hoping you stay safe and come back safe.

  • Bonnie Northcutt

    I pray that you and your family will be safe during this terrible storm. Hopefully there will be minimal need to rebuild your home.
    I appreciate all your hard work and generosity in providing good information regarding the brain and better health for everyone.
    Blessings to you,

  • Marialeigha

    Reiterating so many of the posts here, wanting to add my own thanks to you for the blessing you continue to be in my life, and sending every best wish to you and your family; may angels watch over you and all beings, and may all blessings always be with you, now and always ….
    Marialeigha in Toronto

  • Amaury Aragon Sr

    Por muy larga que sea la tormenta, el sol siempre vuelve a brillar entre las nubes.
    Khalil Gibran (1883-1931) Ensayista, novelista y poeta libanés.
    Gracias por su enseñanza!!!!! Y su conocimiento ….. buena suerte…. que pueda regresar pronto a su casa

  • sfhamilton

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife. It’s unbelievable how it changed course. I’m hearing it also decreased from Cat 5 to 3, so here’s hoping for the best. Thank you for leading science in PD. We surely want you safe and sound.

  • Eric

    All the best Dr. I pray you and yours return safely.

  • Maureen McKerracher

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    Sorry to learn of your situation but know you are a person of strong
    resilience. I also know even in the most challenging of situations
    some good comes out of it. It’s just hard to visualize when you are
    in the thick of it. Renewed strength and courage to you and your
    family! Maureen McKerracher

  • Ertin Kahar-schwarz

    Thank you for such an inspiring note despite the predicament you are in now. How difficult it is to find gratitude in such a situation. I’m not even in a position to be able to understand the natural disaster the Floridians are experiencing. But I hope to learn from your genuine expression of gratitude that there’s always something to be grateful for in our lives, big or small, in good or bad time. I pray love will help you get through this time.
    Thank you!

  • priscilla hart

    Dr. Perlmutter — Years ago I visited your office in Naples, Florida, from Annapolis, Maryland and received the extraordinary gifts of your kindness, humor, and brilliance as you set out to understand a complex of symptoms later diagnosed as lupus. Thank you for this teaching moment, and thank you for today’s message about gratitude which I have just shared with my own family. You and your own amazing family will be in my prayers in the hours, days, and weeks ahead as all Floridians rally to bring order out of the chaos and build many new bridges of cooperation to restore their communities. Thank you again for your extraordinary service. May God bless protect you and your loved ones at this challenging time. Best wishes, Priscilla Hart

  • Kay

    You and your family are in my prayers. Hope when you return you find your house able to wrap itself around you for a goodly number more years of comfort and joy. And in the meantime: oftentimes when major events like Irma occur…….we all find ourselves a little closer, a bit warmer, a little more in touch with our humanity and each other……and, may you and yours now keep that always….forever.

  • Gingerken

    Wishing you , your family and friends,along with all in FL the very best Dr. Perlmutter.

  • James Whitlock

    Dear David,
    I have been so grateful for your outstanding work over these years. I’m sure that you have helped many of my patients. You have been an inspiration to me for years now. I so hope that your home survives the storm. Best wishes now and always.
    Jim Whitlock, Neurologist, Manchester, NH

  • rszabla

    Mother Nature sure can be nasty at times – that’s for sure. Fortunately man’s mind can work wonders by dealing with her in phenomenal ways. I wish you a speedy return to your hopefully fully intact house.

  • Sophia Zsuzsanna Wass de Czege

    Dear Dr.Perlmutter you have done so much for people health and life with your breakthrough science , and that cannot be destroyed!!!! It lives in human kinds consciousness .
    I am praying for you and family for the divine light and protection!
    Perhaps you seen that picture after Katrina hit , where everything was destroyed accept one house standing totally untouched by the hurricane. It shall be this time your house !

  • Dear Doctor Perlmutter. I am the grateful one. I am thankful for you and all you have given us. You have given us the knowledge and the confidence that we can heal ourselves. Mille Mercis.

  • Yvonne Forsman

    Doc, hope you have all important stuff on a USB memory stick with you.

  • Constance Faddis

    Sending good thoughts for you, your family, your community, and all the non humans living in your area whose quiet little lives will quite possibly come to a sudden end. Let’s hope the eye continues to weaken and the devastation is lessened. ❤️

  • Craig Tankersley, DC

    Prayers for and your family on your safe return.

  • Harriet Nicholls

    I wish I would be as calm and grateful in that situation as you are Dr. Perlmutter. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all Floridians. I guess the Earth is no longer a predictable place for anyone. Climate Change does exist.

    Harriet Nicholls,
    Ottawa, Ontario

    • BarbaraDale

      The earth never was a predictable place! Not since the Garden of Eden. Only God and His Laws are absolute.

  • Cecilia marques

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter. I am in Brazil following Irma and scared for my family in Miami and our homes there. My heart is tight and sad to watch the results of climate change showing up in front of our eyes, making a huge statement. Thanks for reminding me of Gratitude! Wish you and your family well. Blessings. Cecilia Marques

  • Susan Kistin

    Sending prayers your way…for you and your family. May you be safe and return to your home unscathed. Blessings!

  • Jenny Ornsteen

    I only was in Naples once, for a MS related consultation with you which changed my life. May your house survive Irma, and your return to Naples find things much better than expected!

  • Robert Rolapp

    I have other friends down there. Gratitude is their message too. All of us feel for you. Rebuilding will bring new friendships and love.

  • Susan Appleby

    Dr. P- Praying for you and your family! With Gratitude for you and the protocol that has kept me healthy for 12 yrs. ❤️

  • Patty Algaze Lawenda

    Wishing you all the best! Sending positive thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the fabulous work that you do!

  • marge201

    I don’t write, I don’t call, but I’m a big fan and I wish you tons of good luck here. Would be so great to get back home to find everything as it should be. My friends are extremely concerned about their 1-story beautiful home in Naples. They’re in Fort Lee now at their other residence. Hoping like hell it works out great for everybody.

  • Jane Jewell

    Glad to see that hurricane Irma has now been down graded. Your house might remain intact! Hope so.

  • food4thoughtist

    Just reading about your needing to leave your home. Your work and communication through Grain Brain etc has changed my life and I profoundly wish that all goes well for you—-from Brenn in Geelong Australia

  • Virginia Reynolds

    Thank you Dr. Perlmutter for all you do to help improve peoples health. Thanks so very much. Love you,

  • Bob Calzaretta

    God Bless you Doc & your Family!

  • Rhonda Richardson

    Praying for your safe return home, and all the families in FL in need of help…

  • Hather

    My heartfelt wish is for the safety of everyone in Florida. From another person I am understanding the terrible conditions of the whole State – hopefully you can evacuate to somewhere beyond the reaches of Hurricane Irma.

  • Lori

    Prayers for you and your family, Dr. Perlmutter.

  • Dr Vikki Petersen

    Hello Dr Perlmutter,

    Dr Vikki Petersen, fellow IFM certified practitioner. Sending you prayers and best wishes. My daughter is residing in Tampa, FL and she described what she experienced last night. I hope all is well with your home and neighbors and loved ones.

    You are an amazing doctor and we thank you for all your incredible contributions.


  • Lisa

    What an amazing energy you are. In the midst of the conflict youre still mindful of your gratitude.
    I truly wish the best with the after math of the weather.
    I also deeply appreciate your gifts of knowledge and your willingness to share.
    Thanks a ton for all you do.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for the many gifts you have given us, especially Brain Sustain, brainrecovery.com and Grain Brain which helped my mom’s PD so much and me as her caregiver. You helped bring medicine back to the way it should be practiced while moving it forward to be better. Blessings to you and yours.

    Elizabeth Barber, PhD

  • Debbie

    Dr. Perlmutter I am praying for your family. I went through Katrina and our home was flooded. We were able to salvage our home of 35 years but it took 9 months and a lot of hard work. Even if your home is fine….your life will be affected. When your community is devastated, it is overwhelming. Just remember it’s all just stuff and we can live without most of what we think we have to have. Having said that, give yourself time to grieve the loss. It is very hard to accept at first.I hope your home is salvageable.

    I do know that loss gives us another perspective on life and we can make it through anything with God’s help!!!

  • Kunk

    I do hope you are faring well, that results were better than you expected, and that your choice to be grateful is framing every step you take forward.
    Praying that God will bless and sustain you.

  • Gramma JuJu

    Good to see your post. I too am in Naples, and my son, who is a firefighter for the city, was on duty for 4 days. Half of that time was spent clearing roads for people who couldn’t get out of their driveways to get supplies. I would say all were suffering from a little PTSD. We all have a greater appreciation for the simple things in life; clean water, electricity, internet, etc. We are 6 full days post “Irmageddon” and things are starting to improve. The exceptions being lack of power to sewage stations, which has caused the delay in reopening schools, (6 are still cooling centers or shelters). But I can still say with profound thanks…..That this is a momentary light affliction. Thank you Dr. Perlmutter

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