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Angela S.

Angela, a patient of mine, wrote in with the story of her path to a gluten-free lifestyle. The journey she undertook, and how radically her life changed as a result, is proof-positive of the overwhelming health benefits of a gluten-free diet. -Dr. Perlmutter

For over the last 10-11 years I have spent a great deal of time in and out of
doctor’s offices, trying to figure out why I was having so many health issues.
At 16, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), at 21 I was
found to have severe candidiasis, at 22 I had to have my tonsils out, 23 I had
an emergency appendectomy, and most recently I had a 10cm cyst removed
from my ovary. Health issue after health issue and diagnosis after diagnosis I
began to think I was a medical mess and there was no hope. I went to see Dr.
Perlmutter as my PCOS seemed to be getting out of control and I thought much
of it was stemming from my hormones. I explained the following symptoms to Dr.
Perlmutter: severe fatigue; foggy-headed; difficulty losing weight; discoloration of
the face and acne; craving sugars and a high carb diet; muscle aches that hurt to
touch; constipation or irritable bowel-like symptoms, etc.

Dr. Perlmutter placed me on an experimental gluten-free diet/low carb diet
(as he stated carbs/sugars may be the culprit), took blood to check my gluten
tolerance, candida, as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The gluten-free/
low-carb diet was difficult at first but I began eating more proteins and changed
my portion sizes. I also began eating healthier fats and when I reach for any
type of carbohydrate I am more conscious about the amount I am consuming
and maintained a strict gluten free diet. I stopped drinking diet sodas and started
reaching for healthier food options (i.e. stevia instead of sugar). It really became
a lifestyle change. Since starting my diet, I cannot begin to describe how much
better I feel. I do not have the bloating; my fatigue has improved, I’m no longer
exhausted after eating a basic meal; my face has cleared up and the color is
better; I have more energy and the high protein diet keeps me fuller for a longer
period of time. I have become quite accustomed to gluten free options and do not
have that heavy feeling after eating. I have lost approximately 6 pounds and am
fitting more comfortably into my clothes.

Turns out my results for gluten intolerance were positive and I must continue
this diet. I believe though that if my results had come back negative, I would have
continued with the gluten-free lifestyle as I feel so much better. Finding out I have
a gluten intolerance really explained so many different issues over the last 10-
11 years; however I’m so happy that Dr. Perlmutter finally got to the root of these
problems so I can improve my short and long-term health.

A huge thanks to Dr. Perlmutter!!!

-Angela S.

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