Antibiotics – You Need to Know This

Antibiotics play an important role in medicine. Without a doubt, they can be absolutely life-saving. However, our own CDC tells us that about 30% of antibiotics used in America are used inappropriately or unnecessarily. That said, we are all generally familiar with the consequences of antibiotic abuse, including the creation of antibiotic-resistant organisms, as well as changes that can happen to the gut microbiota.

But there’s a new discovery with reference antibiotics that is turning out to be very important. We as physicians have always been trained to believe that antibiotics, while affecting bacteria, have no effect on the cells of the human body. We are now learning that this may not be the case. As you will see in the video, new research is demonstrating that antibiotics may have a dramatic effect in terms of damaging mitochondria, the energy-producing organelles that live within our cells. When we recognize that problems with mitochondrial function underlie many of our degenerative conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, the idea that commonly-used antibiotics might threaten mitochondrial function becomes quite important.

  • Cati Blitz

    Fascinating! Thanks for sharing a synopsis of the research.

    • David Perlmutter

      It’s amazing research, and I’m glad to be able to share it with you all.

      • AAStorme

        I have experienced the horrible side effects of the antibiotics. 2 blown Achilles’ tendons. And severe muscle spasms. Yuck.
        What to do when all the naturapathic Doctor alternatives do not work???😱😱

      • George Gonzalez

        Hi Dr. Perlmutter, I’m interested in doing a FMT with my sister as a donor. I been suffering from severe anxiety. I been given a lot of antibiotics over the years. So my good bacteria is off balance. Do you recommend any facilities that can do it?

  • Sherri Patterson

    Yes. I am one of the victims of profound antibiotic toxicity. Watch out for flouroquinolone antibiotics – Cipro
    Levaquin etc. Thanks Dr. P!

    • n97novice

      Would be interesting to know how antibiotics adversely affected you exactly and are you doing or taking anything to offset the damage. Because cells renew themselves within a cycle and I do believe one can help with the mitochondrial cells regeneration back to a healthy state. I have to take Amoxicillin and I’m scared to as I also have systemic sclerosis although doing exceedingly well.

      • Sarah Appleman

        I have been “floxed” as well: Peripheral nerve damage indicated by sudden numbness while taking a fluoroquinolone. But the numbness continued to increase months after I was off the medication. Even the neurologist who verified that the nerve damage existed and was consistent with poisoning (nerve conduction test with low amplitude response shows nerve death) could not understand the increase in neuropathy that long out. I don’t know if these nerves can be restored. I have other tendon and nerve problems I trace back to fluoroquinolones.

        • Mary Nelson

          I am taking Cipro now and take more iodine during the course of treatment. Good? I don’t know. I do know fluoride crowds out iodine so I hope it prevents getting floxed. Maybe the extra iodine will prevent that invasion.

        • Delwyn Thomas

          pure essential oils have helped me regain my health after flouroquinolones, I still have extensive joint pain but at least I can move around.

      • Sherri Patterson

        In my case neuromuscular – specifically dystonia – calf spasticity that is severe and bizarre, and tremors as well as a general increase in nerve pain everywhere. Others of us have different symptoms – retinal eye detachment,
        liver failure, etc. I also have the classic achilles problems as do many. Truly a nightmare that has changed my life. I only took two pills.

        I am on a mito repair program that includes NAD, BioPQQ, Aronia berries – resveratrol, COQ 10, Acetyl L Carnitine, R Lipoic Acid, etc. It has been expensive.
        Big Pharma has turned their back on us

  • Kat Milacek

    This is fascinating Dr. Perlmutter. And, yes I had been aware of Lynn Margulis’ research on the evolution of our own mitochondria originating from archaic bacteria. I did not know about the research on how antibiotics affect our own human cells’ mitochondria. Fascinating and completely new to my ears. Thanks for the information! Kat

  • rare2

    Nothing new….we all know the damaging affects of antibiotics. Where’s the video with the prescription to repair the damage to the gut caused by antibiotics? You and all the online Doctors such as Mercola, Christianson, Axe etc….keep presenting the cause but no cure. How many patients have you cured of gut dysbiosis or any other disorder caused by antibiotics?

    • One on One

      Look up Garden of Life vitamins and Mr. Jordan Rubin.

      • AAStorme

        He gets a quack review and pending FDA lawsuit?
        Bummer that.

    • AAStorme

      I agree. This information is old. Please, How do we treat, prevent when we need to take antibiotics???

    • eileenfb1948 .

      Build up the biome after,antibiotics.
      Wide range of fresh, raw veg. Live yoghurt, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha – I’m sure there’s more – do some of these.

  • CatOwner

    You need to know this…Sometimes we need antibiotics but the doctors are so afraid to prescribe them, you have to beg them for them. In July of this year I got cat scratch fever and it took 10 days and 3 doctor visits and 1 ER visit before I got a Px for antibiotics, This was 10 days of fevers and night sweats. I was very sick, in bed the entire time. Are the doctors so brainwashed to not give antibiotics that they can’t make good decisions anymore? I live in Albany NY where we have a medical college and good health care. I am a healthy person. I eat good food, take NO drugs, make my own kefir and sauerkraut, eat organically, but still I got sick and couldn’t fight off the infection. So, beware of doctors who are afraid to prescribe antibiotics. Apparently there is great pressure on them not to prescribe.

  • Susan Jeck

    Please forgive my ignorance but what is NAC?

    • Sarah Appleman


  • One on One

    Just so everyone is aware, when your hormone shift due to age or stress -any reason – your hearing can be affected. This means you may not be affected by an infection, it is really low hormone levels. You are not going to get any answers to that even if they do the appropriate tests through your allopathic doctor. Do not seek antibiotics, get appropriate hormone tests even if you have to pay for it, your body will thank you. The doctors who do not want to prescribe the antibiotics are probably doing you a favor, there are long term adverse effects from many of them.

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