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Antonio L.

March 12, 2016

I was given Grain Brain and Brain Maker as birthday presents on Jan. 22, when I reached age 71, and started a gluten-free, sugar-free, high-fat diet on Feb. 1

After 25 days, I have solved two of the 3 “neurological” health problems I had: left arm trembling while leaning the arm on the arm of a chair, loss of equilibrium, and memory deterioration. The first two are now gone, but for the memory recovery I cannot yet claim an improvement, but I am hopeful. Further, I would like to think that maybe I have improved my speech as well, since before the diet I was reaching the point where it was difficult to have a fluent conversation, because my brain and mouth simply could not speak to each other. I have also lost 3kg of weight!

-Antonio L.

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