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Ask Dr. Perlmutter!

I’m excited to be able to answers your questions whenever I can through this blog, FacebookTwitter, and other outlets. That said, I’m always looking for new ways to be able to shed light on some of the most pressing concerns of the Empowering Neurologist community. That’s why I’m excited to present our latest Q&A opportunity.

It’s clear that our video content has reached a wide audience with very positive feedback, so moving forward, I’ll be answering your questions with video responses. So on this post, I’d like to invite you to post your questions, comments, or ideas you’d like me to explore moving forward. Questions should be general, and not relate to a specific person’s medical condition. If someone has already asked the same or similar question, or you see a question you like, please upvote it, rather than posting the question again. Each week I’ll recored a response to the most popular question(s) based on your votes!

Look forward to seeing your questions!

  • giannis

    hello doctor. i have multiple scleroses from 18 years old, now i am 26. i use from 18 avonex therapy until now.. i am thinking to change maybe therapy to more good and modern therapy as tecfidera or..(i go so Well until now) i take as i saw from you many suppletements as a-lipoic acid, d3(1000IU), resveratol, NAC, and omega3, with all of that i do every day aerobic trainig for 30 minutes.. what is your opinion about all of that? do you have to recomend me some more advices.?

  • Lucas Cohen

    Do you have any Gut healing protocols for university students? I’ve eliminated toxins through the Bulletproof Diet, though I don’t have the time to ferment foods myself. Would love to hear simple tips for experimenting with fermented foods and pre/probiotics. Thank you!

    • Nancy Sutton

      In a pinch, Trader Joe’s in our area – PNW – recently started carrying raw, unpasteurized sauerkraut.

    • jerlands .

      There’s a product called “Restore” (restore4life.com) that claims to tighten tight junctions and also promotes bacterial communications.

  • Larry B.

    Would instant coffee provide more polyphenols as the whole bean is consumed?

  • Kathleen Zumbach

    Dr.David Permitted I’m having a hard time. I had a blowout last night everything I ate came out.I’ve had ibs for 24 years it will be 25 years in Jan.I’ve had 5 colonoscopy.it’s all normal.

  • linksfiend

    How about a low cost Brain Maker meal plan? And maybe compare it to the food stamp challenge using prices from a nearby Super Walmart.

    • Jen

      Appetite really decreases when you eliminate grains and other simple carbs. You’ll just eat less, so it’s not as expensive as it seems. You will be cooking more as most restaurant and certainly fast food options contain many, many carbs. You’ll cook more and eat better.

  • Ladislav Takac

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter. I discovered your book few months ago and it helped me with a lot of problems I´ve had. I used to have oily skin, oily hair and severe acne around my mouth. Used to take prescription pills as well. Unil I read your book and I found out about my hormone imbalance caused by food. Now I´m on a high fat low carb diet and taking B vitamis as well because of my high homocysteine.
    I have one question no one knows the answer: Everytime I eat an apple, banana, or any sugary fruit, the next day it´s on my skin. So if I want to have a clear skin with no pimples, acne, redness…..I have to cut out completely fruits.
    I am ok with potato, rice or any carbs but when I eat some kind of fruit…I find it in the morning on my face. Why? I have no other intake of sugar at all. I am not using any sugar nor stevia. Literally my sugar intake is 0.

    Thank you Dr. Perlmutter.

    • CaroleSpy

      Do you have the same problem when you eat berries? Because I am a type 2 diabetic, the only fruits I eat are berries because they are low-glycemic. I wonder if you may be able to tolerate strawberries, blueberries or raspberries.

  • Lynn Dell

    Is there credible research on essential oils for various purposes? In general terms, what kinds of supplements have you found helpful in dealing with ADD? For anxiety?

  • Carmen

    As you have set me on the path of ketosis with good resultes, I have now progressed in my learning to understand that food is but the bridge to optimal health. I would like for you to also move beyond food and integrate the physics of our circadian biology to understanding the role of electrons (after all food gets stripped down to electrons) in the electron chain reaction that then allows our body to run like the battery it is designed to be. Hook up with Dr. Jack Kruse and take us to the next level.

  • I just got back from the GI and had an endoscopy. He says I have ulcers on my esophagus… I’ve had globus and pressure sensations for three weeks. He prescribed Omeprazole for a month course… And gave me what seemed like outdated info on treating Gerd and Ulcers through diet (avoid coffee, fats, spicy, etc). What I wanna know is, what are your thoughts on the current treatments for Gerd and Ulcers? I’ve dabbled in the Paleo and Grain Brain edits for 2 years… There doesn’t seem to be a definitive consensus from the grain-free community. Doctor’s are only just now catching up with the consensus on carbs and low-fat diets… I’m troubled and worried.

    • Tamie Bilazzo

      Hi David, have you tried to drink cabbage juice to heal your ulcers and other stomach issues? If not, you may google to find out more and try for a day or two. You will be very surprised to see the result you will be getting w/o taking those medications. Also check Andrew Saul’s website. He just had a nice talk on “state of your health” webinar yesterday.

      • FWIW: I drink a fair amount of Kombucha. As well as eat fresh cabbage weekly… Doctor claims my Ulcer’s are from Ibuprofin or Aspirin use. I really don’t wanna take this medicine.

        • Tamie Bilazzo

          Hi David, I am an acupuncturist and seen the patients like you many times that’s why I am writing to you. I have a good success with treat with simply “cabbage juice” with supplement and acupuncture. You need the juice. If you are eating fresh cabbage, you need to eat a lot. Kombucha does not do anything to your gut. Buy inexpensive easy to clean juicer for yourself and juice for a couple of days (at least) to see what happens. Wish you the best!

          • Thanks! I have an Omega masticating style, low speed juicer. Will that work?

          • Tamie Bilazzo

            Any juicer works, David. There is two days encore for this webinar for free -> http://stateofyourhealth.com/encore. Listen in Andrew Saul’s presentation (45 min.) about juicing and let me know what you think. I can be reached at http://www.tamietreatment.com. Good luck to you, David! I usually respond to post like this but I could not resist because you are just like my patients. I wanted to give you the guidance.

    • jerlands .

      I’ve heard Apple Cider Vinegar is great for, among other things, the stomach and Gerd (note: use organic, unfiltered and with mother e.g., Bragg’s.)

      • I’ve been doing shots of Bragg apple cider vinegar to combat heartburn for years now. As well as regular drinking of kombucha.

        • justamom

          Even applesauce or an apple will work.

  • Terri Treglown

    I messaged you previously David about the concept of “mini strokes” being the main cause of Alzheimers/Dementia – as highlighted in the Australian 60 minutes programme and Dr Claudia Kawars Neurologist speaking about those very studies. I would be interested in your thoughts. Thank you

  • Nelly Carvajal

    My father is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and tinnitus also. We have tried everything without any relief for him. He feels a noise, very similar to a powerful engine, but the noise is not in his ears, he says that the noise is clearly felt inside his brain. In your opinion, exists a correlation between AD and tinnitus? Is tinnitus just a symptom of neurodegeneration? Any idea or possible approach? Thanks in advance

  • Cera

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter,

    My husband has a unique case we have yet to find help from a neurologist. When he was 16 he drank a lot of alcohol one night and went into an episode of depression with loss of sensation, a warped time sense, visual issues and memory loss and fuzzy mind. As he aged, he continued to have these episodes when he would drink. 10 years ago he quit drinking but the episodes continued, in the last year he has developed RLS and gained 20-30 lbs on a new prescription for the RLS. I am very much into natural-holistic medicine and am always on the lookout for things to try that might help him. We started the diet you recommend about three weeks ago, his RLS is better and he has had one episode. Do you have any knowledge or research you can direct me to about alcohol and the gut? I work with seniors so I know a little about alcohol induced dementia, but not sure if that would apply in this situation. We live in Denver and would happily see a referral doctor if you have one? Thank you for your time, this has been a frustrating journey for him.

  • Patty Davis

    What effect does a hiatal hernia have on leaky gut syndrome? What is the fix?

  • Marco

    Is fecal transplant safe if a healthy female donates to a healthy male? Or will this change the hormones of a male and considered unsafe? Really looking forward to this!

  • kyle

    I went on a ketogenic diet for 2 months, loved it! Shed 20 pounds, was feeling great, healthy and never hungry, and had a range of mental benefits. I got a cholesterol check from one of those instant machines, was 8.6 overall, only 0.9 HDL, i didn’t get stats for LDL and Tri. This seemed shockingly incorrect to me but i was scared enough to stop the diet immediately and try a clean eating approach with more lean meat and less fat. Cholesterol dropped down to 5.4 within a month but i obviously wasn’t getting the keto benefits anymore. The day of the first cholesterol rading i had nothing to eat, only a bulletproof coffee with 30g of butter and 10g of coconut oil. The blood test was 1.5 hours after this. Do you think that this could have caused a spike/inaccuracies with the result? I like to think that it did and that i could eventually get back onto a ketogenic diet in the new year. I am aware that some results you have seen showed an increase in LDL after rapid weight loss, but i think this was in patients who lost >= 25 pounds. Do you think i could be a similar case by losing 20 pounds in 2 months? I wonder if i kept on the diet would this have stabilized eventually when my weight stabilized? Its highly likely that if the result was accurate in the first blood test that my LDL would have been the larger, fluffier type which isnt really a danger, but still seeing levels that high i didnt want to take a risk and continue the diet. If you have seen any similar cases to mine could you give me some more information on it please? Would you recommend perhaps a gradual approach to entering a ketogenic diet for heavier people? For example one month keto, one month non keto just to keep cholesterol levels as stable as possible? Very interested on that you think about my case and questions. Thanks very much. Kyle.

    • KathyBr

      Always test cholesterol when fasting. Eating anything before the test provides an inaccurate reading.

  • Nelly Carvajal

    Dr David. My question is about Tinnitus. Do you know if exist any correlation between Alzheimer´s disease and Tinnitus? Is tinnitus a symptom of neurodegeneration? Grain Brain and Brain Maker diet or probiotics can help?

    • Gustavo Navas

      About Tinnitus I would appreciate very much knowing if as far as you know it could be caused by the use of statins and if so what could you recommend to eliminate it? (Besides of course stopping their use). Thanks a lot.

    • CaroleSpy

      My late husband had Tinnitus and then years later had Alzheimer’s disease. I’m curious if they are linked in any way. My husband also took statins so I’d like to know if Tinnitus is caused by statin use.

    • Nelly Carvajal

      My Father has Tinnitus and now Alzheimer’s disease. He feels a very strong noise not in his ears, but in his brain. He never took statins.

    • Pat Fitzgerald

      I have that too would love some advise

    • Frouwke Berghuis

      I asked that question too, on facebook.
      Can you tell me, do yoy know a remedy/solution for tinnitus?

      F. Berghuis (the Netherlands)

    • KathyBr

      If it is as a result of neurodegeneration, could you talk generally about nerve repair. Is it possible and can one encourage/increase nerve repair by nutrition and/or exercise? Do some nerves repair better than others?

  • Lynn Dell

    Are probiotic foods and supplements ever contraindicated? For example SIBO. What is the best strategy in dealing with SIBO?

    What are the issues that some people have with l. casei?

  • Matt Macedo

    what effect does prescription Benzodiazepines have on our microbiome? The over prescribed class of drugs is even more prescribed to us as we age, is that due to a gut/brain imbalance as we grow older?

  • Josh Gitalis

    What are your thoughts on high fat (like the ketogenic) diets for those with the APOE4 double allele, or even single?

  • Deb

    Hi just starting to read BulletProof had been feeling better with Dr Perlmutters recommendations. Will not having a gall bladder change anything?

  • Lawrence Nordmann

    I read the recommended Bulletproof Diet book in which the author appears to cast a negative view of some nuts and seeds. I understand from having read all of your books that you espouse certain nuts and seeds. Are your recommended nuts and seeds OK in my diet? They are a major source of fat for me.

    Thank you.

    • Michelle

      Also, add to this since all our nuts are irradiated are they still good for us?

  • Nancy Sutton

    Would daily raw garlic will act on the gut microbiome as a pharmaceutical antibiotic?

  • Nancy Sutton

    Does raw garlic act on the microbiome as destructively as pharmaceutial antibiotics? SORRY FOR THE DUPLICATION

    • CaroleSpy

      I recently started adding chopped raw garlic to my daily salads, thinking I was doing something good for my health. Am I wrong? Will the garlic negatively affect my microbiome?

  • Nikki Cox

    APOE 4/4 – Since the writing of Grain Brain, do you have any further advice for those with APOE alleles? Are there any deviations from or additions to the Grain Brain advice that you might recommend with regard to supplements, fat consumption, etc? There is a lot of conflicting information out there. Our family of APOE 4’s feels most comfortable with the Grain Brain lifestyle, yet would greatly appreciate any new advice you can share. Thank you!

    • Gail Gouty

      I would also like to hear more about this also. I have the APOE 3/4 allele. Both of my parents had Alzheimer’s and I am trying my best to prevent it. I am following the Grain Brain diet. I am concerned because I still have very high cholesterol, specifically high small dense LDL. I am attributing this to this genetic mutation. What can be done? I own and have read both Grain Brain and Brain Maker. I am a GI nurse and have told countless people about your advise. Thank you for your work in this area!!!!!

  • Margiew

    Is there a relationship between our gut bacteria & diet and stress filled dreams? I am referring to the inability to shut off the mind and going from one bad dream to another such that sleep that is rarely restorative and the feeling of always being tired.

  • Marion

    I have been following a ketogenic diet but I am going to be having hip replacement surgery and I’m wondering if I need to drop out of ketosis for the recovery? I had a stress fracture that took much longer to heal when I was in ketosis several years ago.

  • Scottmathiasraw

    Good morning from Australia …my name is Scott Mathias… I have been researching the ‘gut power up ‘ operation.In my own case 45 years of dysfunction … Total destruction of biome thus a paralysed gut much of this time… My feeling is that actual bacteria are eclectical storehouses which actualyl provide the gut with the energy required to work…have you he any thoughts along these lines …?? Cheers Scott

  • Rae Ann Alton

    I’ve been reading a lot recently about the so-called “Mind Diet,” short for “Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay.” It promotes at least 3 servings of whole grains a day. That’s certainly contradictory to your research findings and recommendations. It’s very confusing so see lack of consensus. Can you please comment?

  • anhua33

    Re bitters: I’ve had digestive challenges for many years due to hypoglycemia and various food intolerances, which I have largely identified. Recently I’ve found non-alcoholic Swedish bitters enormously helpful but am a bit concerned about using too much, too often. It’s helped me cut down on HCL and digestive enzymes but not give them up entirely. I like to start my day with a teaspoonful of bitters in a cup of water along with lemon juice, one raw fertile egg yolk, krill oil, fermented cod liver oil, and my favorite brand of B-Complex and Buffered C vitamins. This combo clears away the cobwebs and provides “rocket fuel” for my hour-long morning walk. If it’s relevant, I’m nearly 83 and have learned a lot from your books. Thank you!

  • mIchele Roeff

    Dr. David, would like to know if decaf espresso contains polyphenols. Unable to drink caffeine. I’ve been on Ketogenic diet for 3 months have not lost any weight. My belly a little flatter. Was not really fat. Would like to use the bullet proof coffee. Have researched the caffeine question,but have not found an answer. Thank you, looking forward to your response. Michele Rieff

  • Richard

    My question is about poly neuropathies. Are there non medicinal ways of treatment?

  • Tara Ford

    I have been eating paleo for the past year and a lot of my health issues have cleared up. Yay! But my allergies are still pretty bad especially this time of year. I often have a sore throat and sinus headache along with nasal drip and some congestion. What else can I do to minimize these seasonal allergies?

    • Michelle

      HI Tara!
      Could be either your gut isn’t getting enough probiotics, your consuming something in your diet still your body does not like (I have a client whose body doesn’t like chia seeds). You may want to try Quercetin for the “allergies”, it is a natural Benadryl without the side effects also the recent research makes it a win-win! See: http://www.naturalhealth365.com/quercetin-benefits-cancer-cells-1657.html

      • Tara Ford

        Thank you so much Michelle! I took quercetin briefly a while back and I think it exacerbated an issue I have with my hand but not sure. I will try it again to see. I am rotating between two good probiotic capsules and eat fermented foods plus kombucha sometimes. But I guess if I have another food intolerance then my body might not be absorbing enough of the probiotics.

    • Wendy Inkster


      I take three forms of vitamin C (liposomal C, Adrenal Stress Control & Adrenal Support from supplementclinic.com). These mixes have bioflavonoids (i.e. quercetin (polyphenols)) in them and they have worked for my allergies. I used to have seasonal allergies but they no longer seem to bother me since I started using the vitamin C/ bioflavonoid products. My husband and I also use Quercetin by Now for allergy issues. I also did a food intolerance test and found several severe food intolerances and when I quit eating those foods some allergy issues resolved. After a bad bit of stress I started having really bad eczema on my hands and so I put myself on the yeastinfectionadvisor.com diet protocol (similar to Grain Brain diet but more strict) and Biofase, Profase, and Custom Probiotics 11-strain probiotic powder. The eczema seems to be clearing up.

      I hope this information helps you. I know how frustrating and tiring allergies can be but there are answers out there you just have to find the right ones for you.

      • Tara Ford

        Thank you so much Wendy! I will consider taking those vitamin c forms and quercetin. I have thought about getting a food intolerance test too. I think I’ll start there. Did you go to a naturopath or a functional medicine doc for that test?

        • winkster

          Originally I was doing phone consults with a functional medicine doctor and he had me run the food intolerance test. Just to double check the results I had the allergist I was seeing run the test too. Both results came out exactly the same from two different labs. I never would have figured out my intolerances without the tests because there were too many foods that I was reacting to and I was eating them a lot (almonds, cashews, mustard seed, and eggs). You can react days later to them and so it was too hard to pinpoint. The allergist was surprised by the results as he thought the results were often unclear but mine weren’t. I would go to either a naturopath or a functional doctor to have the test run.

          I hope that helps.

          Note I started taking the vitamin C/bioflavonoids because I had adrenal issues but found it helped my allergies pretty much go away. Of course I don’t eat the foods I am allergic to but the seasonal pollen allergies seem to have disappeared.

  • Joe McDonogh

    What are your thoughts on body builders and personal trainers who recommend a high carb diet to put on weight? Are the carbs still as detrimental when training very hard physically? And as an extension of this, I have come across weight training practices using the method of intermittent fasting everyday, and I am also wondering what your thoughts are on that as an everyday practice, whether it be weight training or not, in relation to a healthy brain, but body in general.

    Cheers so much for your time,

    Joe McDonogh

    • KathyBr

      There is so much emphasis on obesity that one forgets that even those on weight and/or physically active can be eating incorrectly and harming their bodies. I am also curious if there are any benefits in fasting for on-weight people.

  • Sheryl

    Wanted to let you know–after listening to your interview with Dave Asprey, I immediately bought the Kindle, hard cover, and audio of his book Bulletproof Diet (which is similar to what I did with your Grain Brain and Brain Maker books. I tend to immerse myself and read faster that way). So thank you for introducing him. With your book Grain Brain, I bought several hardcovers for family and friends. They’re all reading it.

    At first, I read Dave’s work to share his ideas with my husband who is a big coffee drinker and has been following your diet plan with me to meager results. However, after reading Dave’s thoughts on toxins in coffee, I’m considering drinking it myself with one hesitation–breast health. I’ve always heard that caffeine is toxic to breast health and linked to fibrocystic breast disease and wanted to know your thoughts on this topic.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Nicole

    What types of treatments and/or supplements do you recommend for people who have MS?

    • Chris Habgood

      100,000 orac every day. coconut oil.

  • Scott

    What supplements do you recommend to treat Parkinson Disease?

  • Patti McTee

    I’ve been on the strongest acid reflux medications available for many years. And now that I’ve become aware of how detrimental they are for my health, I want to get off of this medication . Only it’s much easier said than done. Could you give us a plan to step down and eventually get off of them?

  • Jenni Houston

    My question is regarding children (babies) and gluten… I want my child to to be raised gluten-free- we are a gluten-free household by choice (not because of celiac. What is your stance on non Celiac children being gluten free?

    • Michaela

      As a previous employee of Dr.P, I know Dr.P is pro anyone being gluten free (recommended it to patients). Due to the inflammation and various health issues it’s linked to, it is beneficial for everyone to try to remove gluten from their diet (which should be easy since you have already implemented it!). Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Nell

    I have rheumatoid arthritis for about 10 years. I have decided to treat it with antibiotics rather than biologics. I have been taking antibiotics for about 8 years. I am concerned about what this is doing to my gut and the good bacteria there. Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve my gut flora.
    Thank you

  • Brendan

    I’ve been trying to cut out things that are bad for my gut bacteria. Lately I’ve been wondering about chlorine in the shower, especially a hot shower. Does this hurt my little buddies?

  • Maxine Miller

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter: Regarding D3: Is it necessary to take K2 so the D3 absorbs properly; ie., going into bones instead of tissues and arteries. I haven’t found any comments from you regarding this in Grain Brain and Brain Maker. Comments from other sources vary insofar as the gut making Vitamin K and no lab tests to measure how much. Your weekly e-mail videos are much appreciated. Maxine

  • sfhamilton

    i was prescribed Azilect for Parkinson’s in Sept. 2011 and have been using it daily since then. Rather than going to a Movement Disorder Specialist (who prescribed Azilect), I have opted to use a General Practitioner who believes in treating the underlying symptoms. She would like me not to take Azilect anymore. Also I have been seeing a homeopath. I find them more encouraging than a mainstream Movement Disorder Specialist. Do you think I should also be seeing a well-regarded Specialist here in the Boston area in addition to my GP and homeopath? Thank you for your much regarded insights.

  • sandee jemtrud

    I been diagnosed with MS and really doing good with
    nutrition, no drugs except Meds for BP. Been working on balancing my hormones Everything is doing better but my estriol isn’t even detectable on me. Why or what can I do ???

    • justamom

      I hope you have studied Dr. Terry Wahls (see her on Ted, or google her) who has healed her own MS symptoms and well as many many others…she has a book.

      • Guest

        Her diet is very high in oxalates. Terrible if one has pain issues…


    Will eating probiotic rich food help heal ulcerative colitis?

  • Bakunin

    Any updates on nrf2 sulforaphane and autism? The initial research sounded so promising, I’m surprised I’ve haven’t heard much else about that. Also, what implications does that have for everyone, not just the autistic?

  • Chris Frochaux

    Many people I know are following strictly the diet outlined in Brain Maker, yet still complain about difficulties in the early morning toilet routine. Any suggestions?

    • Madhurya

      I have found that remembering to drink a few glasses of water per day along with the other liquids and having a couple of handfuls of nuts (walnuts, pecans, etc.) does the trick!

      • Chris Frochaux

        Thank you, but this has been tried…

        • Gloria Stults

          Eat more greens

    • justamom


      • Chris Frochaux

        Thank you, but reluctant to add medicine, even OTC… natural nutrition preferred.

  • Sandy

    Is there a known alternative for someone who is gluten sensitive to prednisone?

  • Dinesh Babu

    Hi Doctor Perlmutter, many thanks for your incredible book Brain Maker.

    Is there a way to find out medical practitioners who are qualified in using probiotics to treat chronic conditions ( similar to finding find out a functional medicine practitioner using Institute of Functional medicine website.) I searched online and I could not find any info regarding this in UK

    • Bakunin

      My advice would be to contact the functional practitioners you find on the institute of Functional medicine website. I would think they would be able to treat you with probiotics and more depending on your specific condition. probiotics are in no way the only way to treat chronic conditions. If none of the nearby functional doctors satisfy you, there are functional doctors out there who will treat you via skype.

      • MaryEllen Shireman Smith

        I have been to 3 now and all have done testing but none came up with any real solutions except try probiotics, xifaxin and of course the eat nothing diet.

  • Kenneth Smith

    What’s your take on oral edta chelation? Particularly as it relates to cardiovascular disease. I’Ve had several angioplasty, a 5x bypass and 14 stents. Even had prior stents ballooned. My diet is good, bad cholesterol was 70, BP is good and yet it continues. I recently started oral edta chelation hoping to break the cycle. Any thoughts?
    Kenneth Smith

  • colleen

    Suggestions for treatment for Autoimmune Sjogren’s Syndrome? I’m on a Paleo diet as my body no longer can break down grains. I am under weight due to my diet which is very clean, organic, as well as grain & dairy free.

  • MaryEllen Shireman Smith

    Dr Perlemutter: I have been told I have SIBO. Which I tried all sorts of things to overcome. Have had much testing done and found that I have food sensitivity and bacteria issues. Wound up with colitis and C diff. I tried many probiotics and various other natural and or herbal remedies. Nothing really seems to work bc I have SO MANY food sensitivities. Its like I have become hyper sensitive to food and everything goes right through me. I am taking Lialda for UC and prednisone. temporarily for the inflamation. I know this is not good but it is at least working somewhat. I wish I knew the right type of Probiotics for IBS/ IBD chronic loose stool. Surely someone has figured it out. I feel like I have done them all including yours. Thanks for any advice> MaryEllen

  • Gustavo Navas

    Dr. Perlmutter I’ve just inserted another related question under the one about Tinnitus, its possible cause-effect relation with statins use. If so, can CoQ10 be of help. I hope you have some comments about it. Thanks.

  • Kathy

    Is there a relationship between a person’s gut bacteria balance or imbalance and them getting Shigles?

  • Cindy

    Do drugs given to treat acid reflux, such as omeprazole, disrupt the gut biome

  • Emmalee

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter – There has been much talk on FODMAPS for people like myself – celiac (very strict) – irritable bowel and microscopic colitis. I usually avoid these foods anyway because of my touchy gut but have started making my own yogurt as the only fermented food I can handle. Thoughts from you would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Jennifer Knox

    I would like to understand more about genetic mutations especially 677 and 1298 when both are mutated. How does a person protect their brain and any other organs of the body when this mutation creates more vulnerability to Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease and others?

  • Jean

    The gut brain connection…what comes first?
    The gut or the brain? My gastroenterologist knows there’s a definite connection but doesn’t know what to do about it or how to treat for it.
    I have both problems…severe digestive issues &
    chronic dizziness simultaneously …no helpful treatment for 15 years from either specialty doctors! Where do I start on my own?

  • Frank

    Hi Dr.
    I have been a diabetic for 26 yrs due to agent orange,I read your grain brain book and the light bulb klick on,no carbs for 2yrs just good fats,grass fed meats,free range eggs,wild caught fish,grass fed butter ect.
    My last A1c was 5.7 and I use an insuline pump, I don’t bolous for meals,and blood sugar stays steady with just a low basal rate,also I lost 45 lbs and I’m holding a steady 160lbs, I got off all statins, and blood pressure med
    ,I work out hard 3 days a week, my family Dr. said he wanted me back on statins so I made him run partical size test all was good, also I fired him and I’m seeing a Dr that leans to my way of thinking
    I preach to my family and friends how simple it is to lose weight and rev up there health but it falls on deaf ears
    What am I doing wrong

  • Alyson

    Do you feel that dietary changes can have a noteworthy impact on Alzheimer’s and other diseases characterized by cognitive decline, once symptoms are apparent and the disease has already taken hold?

    • Frank

      Yes jump on it now, my mother died from Alzheimer’s she was on medications, change up the persons diet now, no carbs, no sugar at all, hid it from the person a lot of good fats,if I would have know this it wouldn’t have been such a berden
      Good luck hang in there

  • There’s a typo in the paragraph above the facebook link is broken … “http://www.facebook.om/davidperlmuttermd” … it’s missing the “c” in “.com” …

  • What are your thoughts on the new “Exogenous Ketone Therapies” being touted by companies with a heavy handed profit motive.

    I’ve taken the products from two companies that I’m aware of and gotten fantastic results … 20 lbs in 30 days … kinda good.

    Your Opinion ?

  • Kim Johnston

    Thank you Dr. P. – for being willing to look outside the box and sharing what you’ve found!

  • Kim Johnston

    What is the very best way to take a probiotoc supplement?

  • Alyson

    Are issues with multiple food sensitivities related to gut health?

  • Diane

    I have heard blood tests for food reactivity has been considered vital by some doctors and others say it provides too many false positives and false negatives. It is a lot of money for a maybe. Does it depend of where/who does it?

  • Dinesh Babu

    Once we start taking the pro biotic supplement with the 5 main bacterial strains mentioned in Brain Maker book, how long a typical/normal person should keep taking it? I am assuming the answer is as long as you live.

  • Symin

    I have read such conflicting information about iodine supplementation and hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s or non). What is your opinion? THANK YOU for all you do.

  • Raechell

    I’ve never hear anyone tell me what to choose when at a restaurant not of my own choice. I hear a lot about finding a restaurant that can accommodate me, even what to eat before I go out, stay away from the bread and dessert. That’s easy enough, but if your boss insists you go and he picks the place, what’s best to eat? The gmo glycosate vegetable salad with the hormone laced anti biotic rich chicken, the cafo beef? I have heard you say, if it’s not clean, eat lean. I do appreciate that, but more often than I like, I’m in the position of having to eat food I would not eat at home. Thanks for any help.

  • winkster

    I have read about resistant starches and retrograde resistant starches and am wondering what foods provide the most of these kinds of starches. Are they as good as they are touted to be?

  • Michelle

    What are the best ways I can nourish my gut health to help overcome a sugar addiction?

    • Bonnie wacker

      Look at Donna gates fermented foods she claims she has cured sugar addiction.

  • David Kessler

    I really like both your approach to diet recognizing that good fats are required for brain health and Probiotics fibers for gut and brain probity. I also like the vegan approach to avoid cancers probity by animal based foods. My question is how to reconcile this seemingly contradictory views. Why are animal products ok? They seeem to correlated with cancers. Why isn’t high fat vegan the very best for both brain health and cancer avoidance?

  • Chris Habgood

    I have dysbiosis, what do you recommend? I take probiotics.

  • Charlene Coffey

    My question is regarding really bad muscle cramps (Charlie Horses) in my legs and feet during the night. I have been taking approximately 3,000 mg of calcium daily for quite a few years for this and it was keeping the cramps under control. Over the past 2-3 months these have gotten a lot worse and the cramps have now moved up into my hands. These cramps occur during the day. My chiropractor said that he thought that I needed to try Cataplex E. I had been taking Vitamin E, 400 IU daily for several years all along. Just wondered if you have any recommendations on what causes these bad cramps and what I can do for them. Thanks!

  • Tara Ford

    Another question…. I did the ketogenic diet for 9 months and experienced slight dizziness and brain fog a lot throughout. I only lost 10 pounds throughout that time and was doing vigorous yoga 6 days a week. I’m not sure if my calculations of my fat to other calories was wrong or if this diet is just not right for some people. Do you think that the diet may have just not worked well with my body?

  • Susan Sico

    Will you be putting a ne probiotic?

  • Susan Sico

    Oops! Will you be putting out a new probiotic? Thank you.

  • disqus_PGUnQ5sgiu

    How can I tell if my gut is healthy or not? Hypo active thyroid: thinning hair, hard stools, and rosacea could all be from the thyroid. No bloating or pain. I also have arthritis and morning headaches.

  • Richard Thomas

    What are your thoughts of prescribing Modafinil to increase someone’s productivity and how does that affect our Microbiome?

  • sammy garcia

    Loved your Grain Brain book ! I would love to come see you for treatment and advice. But, I live in California ! Is there anyway you could post a list of Doctors that think and practice the same ideology as you do. It would be great If I could find one close to Rancho Cucamonga, California.

    • CaroleSpy

      Do you know of any doctors in south Florida that practice the same ideology as you do?

    • KathyBr

      I need a doctor in South Africa 🙁

  • cheryl

    My husband and I were following a keto diet faithfully. My husband was then tested with the Elisa IgG, I think there were about 184 foods tested. Many of the sensitive foods were healthy like kale, spinach, tomato, asparagus, zucchini, lettuce, flax, eggs, dairy, and so many more. When he strictly kept all sensitive foods out of his diet he had numerous ailments disappear including stomach issues, nagging ache in his neck and hip, his sinuses cleared and he even stopped snoring. Questions: 1. He found that he needs to eat more fruits since so many veggies were eliminated so he is having a hard time staying in ketosis. Should he only eat the limited veggies or not be so concerned about ketosis. He does not eat any processed foods. 2.Should everyone get tested for food sensitivities? 3. We both are drinking distilled water. We read that the only minerals your body absorbs is from fruit and vegetables. We have terrible city water and can’t easily get the fluoride out. Is distilled water okay?

  • I was regularly exposed to high levels of solvents (in printer ink) at work which induced rrms in 1990. Last year I found proof of solvent danger for some people: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8153592. When exposed to solvents I was heavily effected for 3 weeks, then recovered like nothing had happened. I’ve never taken any ms drugs and have eaten very healthily (organic, macrobiotic, no junk food) for many years. I’m now 60 years old and have a little spms. Ms hits the center of the body and despite my good diet, creates ms constipation, varying degrees of pain and seemingly permanent spasm at the anus. My question: What could be done to help the paristalsis return/go back towards normal? I use intestinal cleansing herbs and colonics. They work with effort. Pharma painkillers and medical marijuana usually work, keeping me sane. I’m also part of an informal Trial using Biotin 300 mg daily to help the myelin. Many thanks for your help!

  • Kristine

    I have been reading a great deal about the ketosis and it makes sense. The question that I keep coming back to is—with eating such a high fat diet, does that clog our arteries?

  • vertigo48

    Dr Perlmutter, I am a chiropractor with 40 years experience, a lifetime athlete and an athletic coach. There is something called WDEIA and FDEIA that I first heard about in Dr Davis’ book, Wheat belly. This year I observed a soccer goalie who appeared to have a severe form of attention deficit during a game where she acted as if her attention became temporarily paralyzed and would make no effort to make a save on an easy ball that would go into the goal. It occurred to me she may have a form of WDEIA. If true, wheat or some other food allergen, when eaten prior to a game, causes a form of brain irritation severe enough to almost completely suspend the person’s attention span in short bursts. Could you comment? Dr Bob Jackson

  • Paula

    Do you think the Bulletproof coffee would benefit Autonomic Neuropathy?

  • Greg Killmaster

    Do you think its ok to just eat the whey after making Ricotta? Or does it contain too many sugars?

  • Suzanne

    Do you have any knowledge if removing gluten from the diet can/will improve chronic RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)?

  • Monica Umm’Adnan

    Dr. Perlmutter, have you ever considered the relationship between food and blood type? In Italy Dr. Mozzi has been healing for more than 30 years also brain desease by changing diet: gluten-free, diary-free and, here going even deeper, according to the blood type. He started his method by reading the american Dr. D’Adamo ‘s researches.
    I hope you will find the time to answer to me. I am a psychologist who cares to know different and deeper.
    Many thanks for your great work.

  • Dianne Bowman

    Is organic flax oil a healthy fat if not rancid and if stored in fridge?

  • Margareta Mauser

    Do you ever, on occasion, have a sandwich? Or is grain a complete no-no with no exceptions?

  • patty

    I have severe periodontal issues and deep pockets in part caused by oral radiation treatments to my tongue and jaw and neck 25 years ago. I am not eating sugar or gluten at this point and I am brushing and flossing, oil pulling after every meal. What is your opinion and alternative treatment options or supplementation that might facilitate the tightening up deep pockets around teeth.

    • pk_de_cville

      Try 200mg of CoQ10. Works for me and my friends. If you google CoQ10, you’ll get plenty of testimonials.

  • Helen

    How is the loose of your sense of smell connected brain health?

  • RG Bird

    Are there any supervised adult residence programs that you know of where a patient could be placed on an appropriate diet (such as ketogenic for epilepsy), bloodwork/symptoms monitored, and be educated as to how to continue their optimized program after leaving?

  • AnonymousTruthSeeker

    My question for you Dr. Pearlmutter: If someone is allergic to penicillin and the meat industry is dosing our livestock with antibiotics/probably penicillin’s, Could there be any chace for a reaction in humans?.

    Thank you

  • Lydia Burdick

    I really get it about cholesterol level being an indication of inflamation in the body. And, high cholesterol meaning high inflamation. That being said, can there ever be a level of cholesterol high enough to warrant cholesterol-reducint meds, or is that old school and we want to bring down the inflamation by appropriate means. Thank you!

  • Magoo

    Recent results:
    Test Low Normal High Reference Range Units
    Cholesterol, Total 248 100-199 mg/dL
    Triglycerides 79 0-149 mg/dL
    Hdl Cholesterol 69 >39 mg/dL
    Vldl Cholesterol Cal 16 5-40 mg/dL
    Ldl Cholesterol Calc

    Last years results:
    Test Low Normal High Reference Range Units
    Probable Metabolic Syndrome No No
    Remnant Lipo. (Idl+Vldl3) 18 <30 mg/dL
    Idl Cholesterol 9 <20 mg/dL
    Lp(A) Cholesterol 19.0 <10 mg/dL
    Ldl-R (Real)-C 118 <100 mg/dL
    Apob100-Calc 101 <109 mg/dL
    Non Hdl Chol. (Ldl+Vldl) 161 <160 mg/dL
    Triglycerides 66 <150 mg/dL
    Cholesterol, Total 235 <200 mg/dL
    Vldl Cholesterol 15 =40 mg/dL
    Ldl Cholesterol 146 <130 mg/dL
    Ldl Density Pattern A A
    Ldl4 Pattern B 9.8 mg/dL
    Ldl3 Pattern B 50.6 mg/dL
    Ldl2 Pattern A 42.3 mg/dL
    Ldl1 Pattern A 14.9 mg/dL
    Vldl-3 (Small Remnant) 9 25 mg/dL
    Hdl-2 (Most Protective) 19 >15 mg/dL

    All other blood tests are normal. Weight and BP normal range. Would you normally recommend a statin with these numbers?
    Thank you, Maria

  • Fiona Treacy

    2 questions: (1) Can you provide a simple receipe for making unpasturised sour kraut. (2) As some of the good bacteria is got from the remnants of soil on organic vegetables how thoroughly should we wash the vegetables? Many thanks.

  • Stephen Leonard Russo

    Dear Dr Perlmutter,

    Are you considering (or perhaps you have already!) spreading your expertise to other countries. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. We have a medical professional called Dr Tim Noakes who has been actively promoting the Banting diet and the LCHF lifestyle due to him having personally suffered from diabetes. Cape Town has been embracing this new lifestyle and the wave of support here is increasing. I know it may not be the same as yours but would appear to be mostly the same. Would a world LCHF conference (maybe in Cape Town!) not go a long way to gearing up support especially with all the medical evidence supporting the LCHF. I feel it needs a major push as Dr Noakes is facing a severe backlash especially from dieticians and medical professional and a support base is needed worldwide.

  • Minnie

    I am saying no to a colonoscopy, too many adhesion s from prior surgeries and auto accident yrs ago. my age 73, do you recommend colonoscopies?

  • Minnie

    I’ve been gluten free 3 1/2 yrs, eat organic everything, very little sugar(use xylitol) cook from scratch, take no prescription meds, but lots of supplements, walk 30 minutes most days, , love to travel but find it a huge challenge to get food I will eat when traveling. Take some with me if possible. Any ideas? We need more restaurants that will serve healthy food.

    • CaroleSpy

      I recently went on a cruise and found it hard to find the foods I wanted to eat. In the past, I could get room service to deliver berries (as they are low glycemic and good for my type 2 diabetes) and cooked oatmeal. But not this time! I brought my own ingredients to make breakfast smoothies and that worked well. I found it hard to avoid carbs and wheat.

    • pk_de_cville

      Travelling? Use some mapping app to find healthy places to eat the day before traveling.

      Driving or flying I’ll check out locations for Whole Foods and ‘health restaurants’ and include the winner in my planned itinery.

  • Bakunin

    Where does Dr. Perlmutter answer the questions?

  • Anwar

    Dr David could you pl shed some light on rejuvelac made with sprouted grains pl ?

  • Gary Foster

    I was diagnosed with Waldenstroms lymphoma about 3 years ago. None of my doctors had a recommendation as to diet.Shouldn’t I be doing something?

  • Epsie Prezioso

    I had polio as a girl, and although I look normal, my nervous system and some muscles are not as strong as I’d like. I’m 75, and looking to stay ambulatory. I’ve also had a quadruple bypass. Otherwise healthy.

  • Theresa

    DR David. I have early onset Parkinsons and managing it fairly well. I am on Carbilev and Azilet, reducing stress, plenty of sleep, supplements etc. I am struggling with 2 things though, exteme fatigue and a very slow metablism, feeling bloated, constipated all the time, weight gain. My diet is – i think- very balanced. avoiding sugars, processed food, wheat etc. ANY assistance would be welcome as this alone is making me depressed. Many thanks.

  • pojisve

    What is the best and effective treatment for OCD people that nobody talks about.

  • Vida Missaghian

    Hello from Spain Doctor Perlmuter. I have – so they say – restless legs syndrome and neuropatic pain in both my legs. They have given me NEUPRO transdermic patches of rotigotina. The side effects as per the prospect are terrible. Is there something else you can advise me to take ? I have no diabetes nor have I been through quimio so I dont know why I have these restless legs and this terrible neuropatic pain in both my legs. I was diagnosed chronic leukemia 4/5 years ago but through diet and a lot of supplements and vitamins I have come down to 21 my linfocites when they were more than 80.
    I thank you for your kind attention and look forward to hearing from you soon. Best wishes and keep up with this wonderful work you do. Kind regards from Spain
    Vida Missaghian

  • CaroleSpy

    Which type of kale has more nutrition – baby kale or older harder kale? Does it matter?

    Every morning, I drink a smoothie containing pea/hemp protein powder, 2 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp. ceylon cinnamon, 9 ounces unsweetened almond & coconut milk, some strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries AND A HANDFUL OF BABY KALE.

  • Simha F. Landau

    Given your strong objection on taking statins, what is your position on scientific results that show a positive relationship between statins and longevity, i.e., people taking statins live longer?

  • Margie Mortensen

    DR Perlmutter- I am a 69yr old female with Parkinson- I was diagnosed 3 rs ago.I am on the implement you recommend and they seem to be helping. I am interested in using the nicotine patch. Have you seen good results from it? Parkinson is a very complex disease. Stress is one of my Biggles enemies. thanks for your program – so helpful —

  • Debbie Lamb

    Would love to learn more about gluten ataxia and silent celiac and bring awareness to this condition

  • Audrey

    Dr. Pearlmutter I have the same question as Nelly regarding tinnitus. I have been told that there is no cure. Is this true?

  • G

    Can someone take too many probiotics and have the bacteria take over your normal flora causing more anxiety. If so what can you do to rebalance your gut flora

  • Pat Arata

    My 98 year old father is now in nursing care due to a home fall and hospitalization. Yesterday, he had a follow up with his cardiologist and because all of his medicine etc is monitored, he no longer takes his usual supplements of Vitamin D, glucosomine and krill oil and cannot without further doctor’s orders. His doctor reluctantly added Vitamin D to his orders but laughed at our suggestion of krill oil. Dad has swallowing issues so always takes the smaller pill. What is your opinion?

  • Karen

    Any suggestions on restoring the gut bacteria after a colonoscopy? And, do you recommend routine colonoscopies…would appreciate your opinion on the need for colonoscopies every 2-3 years for someone who had polyps.

  • Karen

    My husband and I are both underweight and find it difficult to gain weight. We are trying to stick to the grain brain diet but have lost weight. Would appreciate your thoughts on how to gain weight on this lifestyle diet which we totally buy into!

  • Gary Rothrock, DDS

    What supplements would you recommend for someone who recently had a major stroke i.e. To help regenerate the neurons that have been destroyed. It is such a devastating event for the patient and the care givers any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

  • Ruth

    Do you think low levels of b12 could contribute to the development of Parkinson’s disease?

  • Thomas Crawford

    Dr. Sandrine Thuret, a neural stem researcher, says that saturated fats inhibit neurogenesis. This appears to contradict your teachings. How do you respond? See: https://www.ted.com/speakers/sandrine_thuret

  • Yvonne Cruet Fedorsha

    Where could I buy Dr.Perlmutter products.Nrf2 Activator™, developed by Dr. David Perlmutter, is an exclusive formula designed to activate the Nrf2 genetic pathway

  • Pat S

    What should I be asking my allergist/immunologist about food allergy testing? I recently had skin testing and reacted to about half of the foods I was eating! In just two weeks I have felt much better (less bloating, leg edema) by eliminating these foods, but is skin testing the best way to go about evaluating food allergies?

  • Regina Hostler

    I have stopped taking my prilosec and have heartburn that doesnt stop I have tried everything all natural stuff available nothing works it is so bad went on 150 mg Zantac 2 times a day
    still not working help please!!

  • Lisa

    Probiotic/Antibiotic/Detox Question – I have been trying desperately to heal myself for almost 2 years. I am so confused by this principal, and I’m hoping you can help. I have been using a lot of probiotic supplements and an array of fermented foods to increase good gut population to my microbiome. But, I also use a lot of natural foods with antibiotic properties and anti-inflamatory properties to help heal disease in the body like garlic, ginger, tumneric, apple cider vinegar, etc. And I also detox with things like wheatgrass and chorella and green juices, etc. I just wondered if these things cancel each other out or work against each other somehow? Or if you can explain how they work together for healing. I was wondering if you would take the time to explain this confusing topic to me. I think it’s important to understand this on a deep level, not just a surface all these things are good for you kind of way. Because we don’t want to be doing things in opposition. And the answer to this question could help us sort out finally how to use all these things for healing without having them work in opposition, if they even do? Thank you so much. I am quite desperate and have done so many online programs and tried everything to no avail.

    • G

      Hi Lisa, you sound like me. I was having health issues for several years. I went to many mainstream doctors had all kinds of testing done to no avail. Then I started seeing different natural paths who put me on various supplements and detox programs. I made fermented foods and my own Kiefer. I went gluten-free for four years. And only became more and more sick. I did genetic testing. They had me on so many probiotics that my stomach swelled and started causing me massive anxiety. I couldn’t drink any alcohol even a glass of wine without it causing me to feel like I was going to die. It was like my body couldn’t detox anything I finally just decided to stop everything all supplements all probiotics and just eat the cleanest diet that I could I added back organic bread as well. I still have stomach issues I think because the probiotics caused an inbalance in my stomach. Sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t good at all, but I feel better than I have in years. Everybody’s bodies are different and everybody has an opinion on what you should do sometimes just doing nothing and trying to let your body heal itself is the best thing that you can do for yourself until you have solid answers on what’s going on in your body. People take advantage of others who are so desperate to heal be careful of all these wolves

  • Lisa

    Testing Question:
    What labs/tests do you recommend for food testing. Igg. Ige. etc.

  • Lo

    What has been learned about Migraine Headaches? For example, why are fermented foods–which are so good for gut and brain health–so often triggers for migraines?

  • John Punsky

    When I use canned vegetables I require ones are organic and BPA, but I wonder what coating is used in place of the BPA, and how do I know it is safe?

    • John Punsky

      I meant BPA FREE

  • linda

    Any suggestions on balancing PH from an acidity level of 6.0-6.25?

  • Mark

    I’d like to hear your comments on “Bravo Probiotic Yogurt”. Been taking it for 6 weeks now and feel some strong vitalizing effects from it. (Taking it for general health improvement – no current health issues. I’m 64.)

  • Donna E.

    Did you see “I’ll Be Me”, Glen Campbell’s story? Would you comment on it? I found it very interesting how the music kept going while all else failed. Thank you!

  • D

    My question is on gluten withdrawal. Is dandruff and a completely numb head part of the withdrawal process? I’ve been GF (gluten free) for six weeks. I’ve never had dandruff in my life but I have had an itchy head, tons of hair loss and body itching episodes for the last 25 years. Five days in to GF my hair completely stopped falling out but a few days later my whole head became comletely numb and my scalp was filled with dandruff and even more itchy. It has now been 5 weeks with this. I’m doing the oil applications, baking soda wash and vinegar rinse and although it is better it is still bad. Do you think this is this a GF withdrawal symptom?

  • RunSpinSki

    Dr. Permutter, I was wondering if you have done any research connecting gut health, amenorrhea and fertility?

    A little background- I have always struggled with my gut health despite eating a clean diet, taking a probiotic (Garden of Life Women’s Raw Probiotic) and also including foods rich in probiotics (kombucha, plain kefir, sauterkraut) on a daily basis. I had my gallbladder taken out when I was 18 years old. I stopped taking birth control 6 months ago and have been not had a period since. I am 26 years old, exercise 6 days a week and am in good health (5’2”, 117lbs). My doctor suspects I have PCOS. My husband and I want to start a family soon and I am worried about my ability to get pregnant since I am not menstruating. I am curious if you have any insight if this could be connected to the gut? Any ideas of natural and hormone-free methods I could try to get my period back?

    I have read both of your books, and have learned a lot from them, thank you!

  • martha

    I am taking supplements for brain health, for heightening spirituality and detox, and changing my diet for these plus for repair of muscle/tissue when doing fitness. I am confused!! On the one hand I try not to eat grains, bread, sugar, but dairy I cannot omit, as suggested. On the other
    hand when doing cardio and fitness I am asked to eat 4-5 x daily and include carbs, fat and protein with each meal. How to organize my intake with these diverse “needs” and requirements.?????

  • LuAnn Batt

    As you have pointed out the benefits of drinking coffee, can you please explore whether or not beer is a potentially risky beverage due to its gluten content, (though very small). I refer to small to moderate intake, of course.Thank you.

  • jewel sabi

    after reading and listening to talks about the dangers of taking over the counter pain med like tylenol and aleve I am wondering what to take when osteo arthritis pain is acute. As I get older, the normal recommendations of diet, omega supplements and tumeric don’t seem to help enough.

  • Ken Robinson

    Any suggestions regarding cause and treatment of psoriasis? Seems like there could be a relationship with diet, gut bacteria and/or general inflammation.

  • betty

    what vitamin are good for osteopenia?

  • Tatiana Vasilevskaia

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter,

    I am wondering if you can speak about essential tremor and nutritional guidelines and other self-help strategies to improve this condition. It affects millions and millions of people and it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • JohnInTheOC


  • Carolyn Cox

    My husband has recently started taking carbidopa/levodopa 25/100 6 times a day (throughout 24 hours) and amantadine 100mg 3 times a day for Parkinson’s Disease. That is all the medication he takes except for propanolol. He is interested in taking BrainSustain. Do you know of any negative interactions?

  • Lele

    There is a lot of controversy regarding dietary interventions for the prevention of Alzheimer’s. For someone who carries the ApoE4 allele (and a parent and grandparents with Alzheimer’s) is there any clear recommendation supported by current research? I was considering a ketogenic diet, but several other practitioners have suggested that low fat is actually a better preventive option. Has any dietary approach been shown to improve or maintain cognitive function?

  • barbara phillips

    what would cause the right leg from the ankle uo to the abdomen to be EXTREMELY painful now for three months?

  • Margaret Paul

    In “The Gut Balance Revolution,” Dr. Gerald Mullins states that we need some grains, such as quinoa, to feed certain beneficial bacteria. Do you agree with this?

    Also, I’ve read that when grains are sprouted, the phytic acid is then gone and they are well tolerated. Do you agree with this? Also, I’ve found that the gluten from organic sprouted rye and einkorn have no negative effects on me, unlike the GM wheat. I make a wonderful organic sprouted sourdough bread with these grains and so far, no one has had any negative reaction from it. Have you found this as well? I eat very little of this bread and of quinoa, but it seems to me that a little bit is fine. I’d love your take on this.

  • Diana

    My question is how much can we actually heal the gut and brain after years of doing the wrong things? Lots of alcohol, gluten containing foods as a staple, bad oils? Many of us having learned about the gut brain connection have stopped this behavior but after decades of damage what can we realistically expect as far as healing?

  • Stan

    would you discuss the “shikimate” pathway that is blocked by glyphosate in
    Round Up and how it may disrupt the function of some human gut bacteria?
    Dr Seneff at MIT has done some detailed work as it relates to autism.

  • Philippa. Canada

    When travelling how does one repair from canola oil and other contaminants? I realize each gut is unique, do you have general reccomendations?

  • Lisa H.

    For those of us avoiding sugar in our diets, do you see any issue with using the sweetener Erythritol? Should we limit how much we have daily? Are there any known issues?

  • Judy Parliman

    What is your opinion on wild green oats, dopamine level and MAO-B? Any side effecta yobe aware if? Best brand and dosage

  • Debby

    What cause high platelets and how can they be reduced?

  • Sarah Whiten

    Hi David what specific food and/or lifestyle changes would you suggest for halting onset of neuroscarcoid?

  • David Kessler

    My question is about the striking gap between two groups of good docs who are trying to learn more about the best diet and exercise approaches to health and longevity. Drs. Ornish, Esselstyn, and Greger for example recommend low fat and no animal products for the very best disease avoidance and possible reversals. Whereas Drs. Hyman, Perlmutter and others suggest that animal foods are OK and a means of getting enough fats to feed our brains and to make hormones. My question is probably better directed to the docs who promote the eating of animal foods. Question: What about the studies that seem to show that cancer in particular is reduced (lower risk) on a plant based diet?? and why not be safe with plant based fats like beans, seeds, nuts and fruits like avocados? Nobody seems to be addressing this polarization in view about fats vs low fats and animal vs plants visa vie cancers and other diseases.

  • Chris Tisdale

    It’s stomach flu season, aka viral gastroenteritis, which seems to strip mine the gut. How does this impact the microbiome?

  • Peggy

    I am curious to know if SPD has any relationship with grains, and if so what can be done to help.

  • Carm

    Dr Perlmutter, if a person has an ileostomy and since gut bacteria are meant to reside in the large colon, would there be any point in that person taking a probiotic?

  • JohnInTheOC

    I believe I read World Health ranked the US 40th in longevity and <pulling the scab offwe spend more than the rest of the 205 UN countries combined for health care. Your thoughts on why we spend more but get less?

  • Cindy

    Hi, I know you have talked about diet having an effect on ADHD symptoms. I have found information and anecdotal evidence stating that gluten free, dairy free diets can improve the hyperactivity and bad behavior in kids. I am wondering if diet (and what type of diet specifically) can be helpful in improving concentration and attentiveness as well? Than’m s!

  • Susan

    When is your line of supplements due on the market?

  • Christopher

    If a diabetic has never taken insulin, but is concerned that his oral medication is not helping as it should what are the options available instead of going of an insulin regiment? Also my numbers also seem to hover around the 6.8 to 7.0 and I am told this is very high for a Type 2 diabetic. I want to eventually eliminate medications for my treatments, what are some ideas.

  • KathyBr

    What should one eat and do or not eat and not do to optimise nerve repair? My olfactory nerves were shredded when I fell on a hard surface and fractured the occipital part of my skull and now I cannot smell. The neurologist says ithe nerves may or may not repair themselves. Also what should one eat and do (not eat and not do) to heal bruising on the frontal lobe which resulted from the contrecoup when I fell. The neurologist says it will heal on its own but it has been over two months and I still feel the effects of the concussion.

  • Cheryl

    I am 63 and have suffered since childhood with IBS and ADHD and of course many subsequently developing conditions. How do I find a neurologist or other doc that works like you did and can help me.? I live in eastern Virgina and will be going to southwest florida in February. I called your office to make an appointment but learned you have “retired”. (HA! Poor choice of words.) I’ve been to so many docs taken so many drugs & supplements, been on so many diet programs, that either didn’t work or had horrific side effects and would just like to go to someone who can put it all together and REALLY help. Thanks so much. Cheryl

  • Pat Goulette

    Dr. Perlmutter,
    If inflammation in the body is the cause of disease, why is it that many doctors say that you should not take NSAIDS which are supposed to reduce inflammation?

  • Rae Ann Alton

    My boyfriend has gallstones and had a mild case of pancreatitis one time recently. His doctors have advised him to keep to a low fat diet, which is unfortunate, given how important good fats are to health. What is your advice in this situation?

  • Daniela

    Hi Dr.Perlmutter, last summer after reading Grain Brain I decided to stop taking Statins for cholesterol even though my medical doctor was against it. I started taking fish oil, 81gr aspirin every day and cut out as much gluten as possible from my diet. My 6 month follow up blood test showed normal triglycerides, hdl and vldl but high ldl 150 and total cholesterol of 224. Do you have any suggestion as to how I can reduce the ldl and total cholesterol level?

    Your book changed my family’s life to the better. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, your readers.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  • John Brailsford

    I have seen various posts about the benefits of coffee for the brain,- in other words caffeine. However, I understood that caffeine causes a stress response resulting in an emission of cortisol which in turn reduces DHEA. What is the true story?

  • Astrid Fitzgerald

    Dr David Perlmutter, Would you please provide some insight into Myositis and how it may be kept in check. Thank you!

  • isbe03

    Why do you recommend chickpeas but not any other legumes?

  • Vicky

    In the 15 months I have been on a low carb, no sugar, high good fat diet my total cholesterol went from 188 to 351 with a corresponding rise in HDL, LDL, etc. My Triglycerides decreased from 160 to 106. Is this a cause for celebration or panic or both?

  • Mary Ann Mitscherling

    I have noticed that if I drink more than about 8 ounces of tonic water (diet) per day, I experience tinnitus. I first noticed this when I increased my dosage because of severe leg cramps at night. When I decreased my dosage to under 8 ounces, the tinnitus disappeared. The tonic water seems to help control the leg cramps. So, I try to balance the possibility of tinnitus with satisfactory sleep without leg cramps. Do I need a safer solution to my leg cramps?

  • Jorge Gonzales

    Dr. David, I’m curious about Brain Plus IQ, do you know something about it, things like secondary effects, or whether it’s true its effects, I’ve thought take some pills but, I’m not sure.

  • Nancy Anderson

    What’s the best diet for Crohn’s Disease sufferers. Also, what should a person eat or not eat if they suffer from “brain fog”?

  • Glenn Murer

    I have been doing intermittent fasting and normally skip breakfast. Instead, I drink water with natural organic fiber (no calories). Would it make sense to take fermented vegetables along with the fiber? I know both are important for gut health and wondering if they work better together?

  • Anna

    Can you discuss Nystagmus in relation to the brain?

  • vasculardoctor

    i just finished listening to the grain brain audiobook and plan to try the proposed diet this winter after i first get the testing suggested and then compare results after several months on the diet – before i begin i had several questions 1. should statins be stopped prior to testing and the diet since they may alter results? 2. if the suggested gluten testing with cyrex array 3 is negative would that alter diet suggestions for eliminating gluten – thank you, i really enjoyed the book

  • Australopithecus

    A congenital pancreas divisum prescribes a very low fat (<30g/day) diet, along with no alcohol. I am suspicious this regimen may be responsible for my motor neuron deterioration, resulting in progressive left arm/hand atrophy. What modifications to the Ketogenic Diet can I use to avoid another devastating attack of pancreatitus ?

  • veronica

    Morning from down under.

    Dr Perlmutter, hot off the trails of digesting your books brain maker and grain brain I am gearing to take the 1 month carb combat challenge and will visit the dr today for blood tests.

    I am gluten intolerant and long story short, after feasting on the only believed g/free salad on xmas day, later learned that this “ancient grain” was in fact wheat!!! and I have been paying for it for two days now.

    Yesterday whilst combatting bloating, gas and feelings of lethargy, after a taste of my sisters home made florenite, I fasted for some relief, and around 1.45pm encountered a short-lived stage of (brain) euphoria feeling very positive and invincible and within probably 5 minutes suffered with feelings of light headedness, faint like (not that I have ever fainted) and minimal trembling hands, causing me to sit down (whilst I collected myself and breathed).

    Last night I noticed as I was dropping off to sleep my right hand was momentarily shaky and I wondered if these are gluten responses.

    Only because I have read your book am I focussed on my entire food related synergy and this morning I am going to retrieve the blood test bookmark and replay it to the Dr ensuring he requests all the correct blood tests to use as a marker.

    I can’t wait to read your recipes and hope I can download them from this website as I read your book via audible where the pdf you refer does not pair.

    Perhaps your next recording could provide clearer details to where an audible substitute pds may exist, the link etc.

    Thank you for sharing such powerful knowledge in the contents provided amongst your gospels, I have even told my g/friend to get of her tablets to be treating high cholesterol, and wish my cholesterol was higher…

    Best regards

  • Debbie

    Dr. Perlmutter, Do you have any recommendations for the best fucoidan supplement? I recently became aware of the nutrient while attending a meeting promoting a product named ZRadical. According to the sales material, there has been over 1,000 independent studies on fucoidan which are posted on pubmed.gov. Do you highly recommend this supplement?

  • Daniel Karpel

    I’d be interested in learning more about how gut microbes influence peripheral tolerance, tolerance to themselves, and influence autoimmunity. Do you have any resources or literature that can go into further detail on this?

  • Cynthia Ashley

    Dr. Perlmutter, I have been working with Grain Brain diet for almost a month. At first I lost a few pounds but now I am gaining, not losing.my initial reason for working with this is for weight loss. Could you suggest what I may be doing wrong or why the weight is holding? Thank you. Cynthia

  • Mikael Sjöfalk

    Hi! I feel I’ts very good for me to eat small amounts RAW food like nuts/vegetables/berries etc from wake up to lunch (12-14),
    and eat 2 times every day. But how much protein or carbohydrates can I eat without breaking the fast?

  • Judy Hess Dailey

    I would like to ask if you have ever studied post polio syndrome. I know it”s a motor neuron problem. Is there anything that can be done to help the connection between the brain and the muscle that is being affected? Do statins affect the person with this condition, causing muscle weakness, even more than somebody without this condition. I would appreciate any information you know on this topic.

  • Judy Hess Dailey

    I have just read about the supplement vitapulse and would like your thoughts on it.

  • Laura McNeill

    I just received the Brain Maker audiobook for Christmas and I’m really enjoying it, so interesting. My question is regarding the connection between gut health and food allergies/anaphylaxis. I have a 7 year old daughter with a life threatening peanut allergy. We eat probiotics and yogurt daily but I’m wondering if there are specific strains that are better for that type of food allergy. Have you seen serious food allergies reversed by any specific probiotic regimen or fecal transplant? Thank you so much for allowing us to ask you questions!

  • Joy Fowler

    Dr. David, I connected with one of the patients you described in Brain Maker. She was 56 and suffered from depression and anxiety. I also suffer from both and other very similar things she did, every one actually. What probiotics would you recommend for a 20 yr. old? I’m very annoyed with meds and my well being being compromised. I have much more to tell you and ask. This is like a ray of hope in my life.

  • Jan

    Question about a symptomatic spinal Tarlov Cyst diagnosis–are there special dietary and exercise recommendations that would help manage this disease to avoid surgery?

  • Australopithecus

    I see a lot of important questions, including my own of 24 December, but very few answers, especially from Dr. Perlmutter. WHAT GOOD ARE QUESTIONS WITHOUT COMPREHENSIVE ANSWERS FROM THE EXPERTS ? Am I wasting my time tracking this chat site ?

  • Julie henderson

    How does the body adapt to digesting and absorbing fats when the gall bladder has been removed? Is it safe to eat plenty of fats?

  • Dana

    Dr., can you provide some insight on taking an antibiotic (augmentin) while in the 1st trimester of pregnancy?

  • HighlandHoney

    Should diffuse continuous melanosis in the whole colon be a medical concern? Does taking magnesium powder contribute to this condition?

  • MJ

    Hi Dr David, is this supplement worthwhile, what are your thoughts around Geniux (E-Huprzine). ? http://finance.yahoo.com/news/geniux-review-critical-information-revealed-174500756.html

  • Rose

    ? My husband has had 4 of these strokes.

  • Rose

    What do you know about CAA Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy? My husband has had 4 of these strokes.

  • Rosana Ryan

    I have a question about the supplements you recommend in your book, Grain Brain. Your recommendation for the probiotics is to take on an empty stomach, but the product recommends to take with a meal. Is their recommendation based on the fact that the product might cause nausea? Also, in your book you mention that the daily recommended minimums for DHA is 200-300 mg, but your supplement recommendation is 1000 mg. Will the extra be excreted? Finally, when shopping for the DHA supplements in the form of fish oil softgels, the product says 1000+ mg of fish oil, but the actual amount of DHA is actually 200-300 mg with the rest in the form of EPA. Is your 1000 mg recommendation based on the the package total?

    I am very excited about everything you discuss in your book.

  • Gloria Stults

    Dr Perlmutter, I recently toured the Duplin Winery and was astonished at the amount of Health benefits of the muscadine grape! This is a grape grown in the southeastern states. Not only the fruit, the wine….but also the grape seed and the whole grape remains after extracting the juice. Supposedly, the highest amount of reservatrol in any fruit. Can you comment on this please? I started taking the supplement and now do not have to take Mobic, which I’ve taken for years! They said, one glass of the muscadine wine has more reservatrol than 7 glasses of any other wine.

  • P.A.

    Dr. Perlmutter, What are your thoughts about chelation therapy as a treatment for Parkinson’s and/or Alzheimer’s

  • Jenny

    Hi David. My 4 year old son has a severe form of Epilepsy (Doose/MAE). He was born via c-section and I’ve been told and now reading up on vaginal swabbing / ‘seeding’ to aid in boosting C-section babies microbiomes. What are your thoughts on this and is it still worth while doing even on my 4 year old?

  • Patty

    Dr. Perlmutter, what tips can you give for weaning off of a SSRI medication? Small increments of 2.5 mg. at a time and for fairly long time frames? Or larger increments like 5mg. and shorter time frames, like weeks opposed to months? Success is the goal, obviously.

  • Pam Windham

    I just heard of a new prescription food additive called Vayacog. What do you know about it Ned is it worth the cost?

  • moj

    Are all carbs not good for us? Not talking about veggies but organic brown rice, buckwheat /oats groats, … Are these not recommended? Are organic beans (mung, lentil, chickpeas, …) Okay?

  • Lily

    Do you have a magic pill for Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia?
    Thank you, Lily

  • Rebecca Phillips

    Hi Dr David. My question is about Behavioural Variant Frontotemporal Dementia. My Mother was diagnosed two years ago. I wondered if Frontotemporal Dementia is caused by inflammation, the same as Alzheimers is?

  • Margi Levy

    Dr. Perlmutter, I have had chills and sweats for a week straight. No other symptoms except tiredness. Doctors in St Croix cannot find a clue. Someone suggested that I should see a neurologist. Any advice would be appreciated.
    A former patient of yours.

  • Jean Keane

    What do you suggest as a dietary plan for someone who is not eating any animal products?

  • Equilibrium

    Hi I’m from Spain. I have just finished to read your book “Grain Brain” and I’m looking forward to starting your diet. But I have a question: two and a half years ago i was operated from gallbladder. Si there any problem for me to follow your diet?

  • Ralph Boas

    do you have a rebuttal to this negative review of your work?

  • Ralph Boas

    It is so confusing. Dr. Perlmutter and others like Dr. Hyman and others are saying to eat more fat, saturated fat, eggs and grass fed meat. But several other doctors say the exact opposite, like Greger, McDougall, Esselstyn, Ornish and others. What is going on? How can you all be reading the same studies and advising such polar opposite diets??

  • Anthony Koziol

    My question is about peanut butter. Nut butters are supposed to be okay, but peanuts are acutally a legume. So, are they okay to eat?

  • Merv Cawkwell

    This is my first post to this blog, I’m not sure if I have posted to the right place but here it goes. I just want to tell my story and see what responses come.
    I am a 50 year old male. I’ve been on living mostly ketogenic/paleo for a year now. Great results were common at first. It started with the first book I read on health and nutrition “Grain Brain”. Since then, I have read about 20 books on nutrition, health, medications, disease, etc. For several months I was very strict about what I ate, high fat, low carb, moderate protein, grass fed, free range, etc. I collaborate with others about these topics, and set my health as my highest priority. I dropped from 230 to 195 pounds. My energy was up, my head was clear.
    My next task was to drop a 25 year dependance on anti depression/anxiety medication. I’ve been on several medications. Each one was a similar cycle of, start the meds combined with counselling, suffer the side effects, get better, stop the meds suffer the withdrawals, and then try to patch up home, work and social issues that resulted from the process. In that effort, I would then feel anxiety about the future and depression about my past. I’d return to the doctor, and start on the next big breakthrough medication.
    I was taking Cymbalta 60 mg daily when I started the ketogenic lifestyle. I went to my family doctor, explained that I would like to discontinue the meds. As with any of these meds, a gradual reduction in dosage is necessary. I’ve been on this med for over 5 years. It was very difficult but finally I am medication free.
    At the same time I was feeling stuck with advancing my health. I was following “Grain Brain”. I drink clean water, chicory coffee, eat other prebiotic foods such as raw onions,supplement with probiotics, kombucha tea, etc. I’m doing everything to improve micro-biom, I think?
    Currently, I am suffering from some extreme anxiety. It’s been worsening since I stopped the meds. I have certainly had some life situations that have contributed in that time. A bad business deal, an ill parent, general life issues that everyone has. From everything that I have learned I believe that I’ve done all the right things. I am beginning to question my decision to drop the meds. I want to break the cycle. i’m not sure where to go from here?

  • Roger Woodbury

    My question is about wheat in protein powder. I am a competitive weight lifter and my coach wants me to use protein powder in addition to my high-protein, Paleo dietary regime. The protein powder recommended is highly rated, but contains soy leithicin, and wheat: the soy and wheat percentage contents are not identified on the label. I am concerned about the potential negative effects of the wheat even as a part of the protein powders. Can you comment, please. For your information, I am 72 years old and currently hold the Master’s bench press and strict curl records for Maine. I should also mention the purpose of the protein powder is to increase the percentage of muscle to fat. My fat percentage currently is 19% by multiple zone fold test. My weight is 195 pounds.

  • Chris Lynch

    I am facing bowel resection and would like some advice on how to best prepare my body for the best outcome and recovery.
    I have just had my 3rd episode of diverticulitis in 9 mos. My GI doc has referred me to a surgeon, but I have not seen him yet. Needless to say, I am scared to death. I would avoid it if I could, but don’t see that option.

    Any advice to prepare for surgery would be greatly appreciated. I take all the supplements you suggest in your book.

  • Gaston Schaeffer

    What is your point of view on the new advertisements on collagen products ? In particular Dr Axe’s product that is advertised very aggressively all over the social media. I just had a vitrectomy and wondered if this product could help. I look forward to your answer and thank you for the opportunity to ask the questions to an expert like you.

  • August Hergesheimer

    Dear Dr Perlmutter: In your book, Brain Maker, you stated the the following 5 strains of probiotics were the most important for gut health:

    Lactobacillus plantarum
    Lactobacillus acidophilus
    Lactobacillus brevis
    Bifidobacterium lactis
    Bifidobacterium longum

    Can you kindly advise on how much (mg or in billions) of each do you recommend daily for normal health maintenance & disease prevention?

    • David Perlmutter

      Difficult to answer. Generally, these organisms will be equally divided in a probiotic with multiple strains. The fact that they are listed on the label generally means there will be a significant and adequate number of these organisms available in the product

      • August Hergesheimer

        Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question.

  • Mica Marsh

    Dear Dr. Perlmutter: I have a new friend with Spastic Paraplegia. In April of 2015, she had Botox injections in her calves for restless leg syndrome. Three weeks later, after getting a massage, her speech, ability to use her hands and her legs were affected. She was in a facility for two months for respite care, where they did not do anything with or for her. Before she went in, she could dress herself and walk. Now she can do neither. No doctors seem to know if she is going to regain proper use of her muscles. Would you have any input?

  • John Zeeb

    I prefer buying foods to creating them since that’s what I’m used to. You nix most grains. Is this an acceptable plan? Rice krispies or oatmeal for breakfast given they have no other ingredients. Spaghetti noodles made of rice. Are there any rice crackers that lack one of your no-nos: soy. I could also sure use whatever you can point to to replace ice cream and cookies.

  • John Zeeb

    You suggest a couple tablespoons of coconut oil/day for brain health. How much coconut milk must one consume to take in the equivalent of 2 tbs of coconut oil. Same question for coconut crème & coconut flakes. I assume coconut water is useless for brain health.

  • John Zeeb

    In Grain Brain you note the “need to stimulate our body’s innate defense against free radicals long before the signs and symptoms of cognitive decline surface.” You also note that spurring the body’s own mechanisms to handle free radicals and oxidation is superior to supplementary antioxidants.

    But another book “Awakening from Alzheimer’s” claims mangosteen and some other antioxidants have brought back some people from dementia , and that coconut oil (which you note “increases glutathione, the body’s natural brain-protective antioxidant” has also done so.

    So I’m wondering if you believe it’s make-or-break getting the body’s own defense against free radicals up and running BEFORE dementia sets in, versus doing whatever might work (such as antioxidants) to minimize free radicals in somebody who’s already afflicted with dementia.

  • John Zeeb

    I’ve led a life ignorant of your recommendations as I’m sure many others have. So attempting to enter a state of ketosis etc starts with an “impure” body. If it can be achieved, is it subsequently ruined for a time by ANY ingestion of material you recommend against, or is it just sullied to some percentage comparable to the degree of ingestion deviation from the “pure”

  • John Zeeb

    “Grain Brain clarifications needed:

    “Grain Brain” says:
    Chap 2 under Gluten Police “The following grains & starches are gluten-free: corn, potato, rice, soy, oats . . .
    “The following ingredients are often code for gluten: [many incl] soy protein, natural flavoring”
    “… roasted nuts [often contain gluten].
    Chap 10 under Clear Out Your Kitchen says to remove “All forms of processed carbs, sugar, & starch: corn, yams, potatoes, sweet potatoes …”
    And under “Restock” you say to limit oats & rice [that lack gluten] because their physical structure changes when processed.
    You also say to avoid “… any commercial brand of cooking oil (soybean, corn, …) even if organic.”

    So, a couple questions:
    Is a steady breakfast diet of Rice Krispies, Quaker Oats oatmeal and Kashi Organic Corn cereal ok? If not, but rice, oats and corn are ok, are there any brands of cereal made of these that are ok?
    Are corn, yams, potatoes & sweet potatoes gluten free if bought unprocessed? Does being bought in a bag mean they’ve been processed?
    Are non-commerical cooking soybean, corn etc cooking oils something that is available to shoppers not making shopping their career?
    Is soy sauce on my microwaved frozen oriental meal ok or not?
    If I roast unroasted nuts, are the nuts I’ve roasted acceptable?

  • Birgit Larsen

    Dear David Perlmutter. My son, now age 25, had clostridium difficile for about 4 months when he was aboout 1 ½ year old (he ate chicken shit). The general practioner then said that he should cure it naturally without antibiotics, At a control one year after the infection, the stool specimen was without clostridium difficile. He is an intelligent young man, but he has not yet found out what to do with life, and in periods he isolates himself from any human contact. I read your book, and started thinking if there is a connection between his infection many years ago and his lack of well functioning in society?? I don´t know what to do to help him…

  • kewlgeek

    Hi Dr Perlmutter. I am 67 and am in great health, take no medications, with great physicals except one thing: my total cholesterol is around 300. My doctor has begged me to start on a statin drug but I’m reluctant due to all the bad side effects. Would you recommend a statin drug given such a high cholesterol level?

  • kewlgeek

    I had my gall bladder removed 15 years ago due to painful cholesterol stones filling it up. Could not having a gallbladder effect my ability to process fat efficiently. Is there something I can do about that?

  • David

    Hello dr mi name is David and i bought yogur book Brain Grain. And i am doing the diet. i really got clear about all the topics except one. You can explain me how the stretching affects. Your hipotalamo and neurogenesis.? If i use to practice yoga it is really bad for me? Thanks for your answer!

  • Sophia

    Dear Dr.Perlmutter,
    I have three questions:

    1. What should you do if you want/need to gain a lot of weight?

    Is it reasonable to stay or to get into ketosis and just increase your calorie intake by eating even more fat? Or is it more effektive to pause your low carb diet until you have a healthy BMI?

    2. How does your diet effect wound healing after an operation, especially if you have a wound healing disorder?

    Most doctors advice you to increase your carbohydrate intake (whyle still eating enough protein and fat of course)

    3. What should you do if you are beeing hospitaliesed?

    Especially if you are in the hospital for a very long time. Hospital food is most often everything but delicious and orientates on the nutrition recomandition of 60% carbohydrates 20% Protein and 20%fat. Breakfast and dinner consists of bread with spread with no low carb and gluten free alternative.

    I’m asking these questions as a twenty two year old medical student from germany who is very big fan of your book. I follow your diet advices for two years now.
    But seven month ago I lost both my legs in an accident. Ever since then I’m in the hospital and suffer from various healing disorders after nearly weekly operations and a severe weight lost. This is the motivation for my questions and that’s why I’m looking foreward to your reply.
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  • John Zeeb

    I’d appreciate ANYbody’s answering this question: Let’s say you switch from Wheaties to Quaker Oats. Is this an improvement, or does the fact that Quaker Oats doesn’t claim their Oats are gluten free make the switch to Quaker Oats pointless? i.e. does the least little bit of gluten screw you up as much as a 100% gluten diet presumably would?

  • Dave

    Dr.Perlmutter Having Barrett’s Esophagus, and knowing I silently reflux for many hours, i take 40 mg/day of osomeprazole .Without this I am afraid of worsening my condition. Your recent interview on the fat summit, also makes me afraid of taking nexium comments please
    I have done the bravo capsule procedure several times so as to ascertain these findings

  • Stacy Brown

    Dr. Perlmutter, I recently had a double hernia operation. Since then I have had issues with my digestion, colon and constant gas buildup. Pain is everytime I eat. I just don’t know where to start. My operation was on the 9th of December but it seems my recovery has been a difficult one and eating a nightmare.

  • Austin

    Do you know what specific probiotic strains have been shown to help with weight loss? Do certain fermented foods work better for this as well?

  • Irene Acevedo

    What is the appropriate blood test to check for level of cytokines? Also, what test–lab work, imaging or other tests–do you recommend to rule out early Alzheimer’s?

  • bojan

    Hi. My brother had 2 hemorrhagic strokes in one year and was diagnosed with heavy cerebral amyloid angiopathy. He’s 45. Non smoker, no drugs. After both strokes he recovered relatively well, loosing some mobility but otherwise is doing ok, he’s back at work. Doctors can’t figure out why he has such a heavy amyloid deposits, only in the brain. His blood markers are “normal” apart for this elevated protein. They did numerous tests, 2 spinal taps etc.We did 23andme and docs did their own genetic test, and apparently he has no genetic variant. I think one of the markers hinted possible un-diagnosed infection a while back. He also had a heavy accident when he was 7, he hit a tree with his head, fractured his skull and had frontal cortex bleeding. This could both be a contributing factor.
    He’s from Europe and Functional Medicine there is in early stages.I hooked him up with paleo diet, probiotics, supplements such as turmeric, cbd etc. He reduced stress dramatically. He doesnt want to try keto but might be open to fasting. I don’t know where or what to do next. His doctors have no answers or recommendations. Maybe i should find a functional medicine doctor with expertise in CAA and find a root cause that we could hopefully address? Or maybe there are protocols out there that would help reduce the amyloid load? Where to start?

  • Lee Brown

    Dr. Perlmutter,

    I hope you can offer some guidance or advice on my current situation. I am experiencing symptoms of what my neurologist calls “migraine aura without headache”. The doctors’ first suspicion was some form of epilepsy, which after monitoring came back non-conclusive. I have symptoms of brain fog, sensitivity to light and/or outdoors (being outside is too much for my eyes to handle during episodes), in my worst episodes feelings of depersonalization/derealization, confusion, irritability, depression, anxiety, sometimes pressure in front part of head and behind eyes, draining fatigue, and dizziness.

    The neurologist has as of today decided to experiment with divalproex (depakote) to see if it relieves any of the symptoms, and also work to identify triggers in diet and lifestyle that bring on these spells. I am already a pretty healthy eater and take about 1,000 mg of omega-3 fish oils, 5,000 ius of vitamin d, and now 500 mg magnesium (neurologist suggested).

    Do you have any guidance for me? Have you ever encountered a case like mine? I am eager to adjust anything in my diet that may help.

  • Alyson

    If there’s no direct connection between the compromise of the gut microbiome (baby born vaginally, breast fed, no exposure to antibiotics during and after birth, etc) and autistic symptoms, is it still worthwhile to explore this as a possible cause of autism in infants and toddlers? Is it possible that the mother’s exposure to antibiotics early in life may be the root?

  • Fabien Denry

    I am a 67 years old man who was diagnosed with Coronary Microvascular Disease a year ago. Would a ketogenic diet improve my condition? If so, I would have to discontinue the statin regimen (gradually, cold turkey? The cardiologist prescribed a baby aspirin and a daily dose of 40mg atorvastatin). Thank you!

  • newageaz

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter: I have been following the Tier 2 program in your book The Better Brain. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made for me. My question is, the dosage recommendation is 400mg of NAC in the a.m. Over the last few months I have no longer been able to find the 400mg capsules. It seems retailers are selling 600mg or 250mg capsules now. Would you recommend going lower or higher in the dosage if I cannot find the 400’s?

  • Steve Penta

    Hi Dr. Permutter. I really enjoyed Grain Brain. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a proponent of drastically reducing animal products out of our diet, says they increase the hormone IGF-1. He says the increase of this hormone has been linked to cancer and heart disease. I was interested your take on this. Thank you

  • JDL

    Why are “gluten free” oat cereals, both hot and cold, not permitted under the food plan?

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