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Brad J.

I appreciate the role word-of-mouth has played in the story of Brad and those around him. It’s amazing to see how these principles get shared with others and are used to cause health. – Dr. Perlmutter

I am 61 years old. For four years I have intensely trained for Nordic ski racing with steadily improved success. When I started training, I weighed 185-190 lbs., with a BMI of approximately 15-16%. My weight dropped to 178-180 lbs., but plateaued there for three years.

Recently, my daughter, who is a personal trainer, began to persuade me of the value of your work and research, leading me to pick up a copy of Grain Brain.

After reading your book, my wife and I restructured our nutritional approach, following your guidelines. My weight is now 165 lbs. with a BMI of 10-11%. I am now training with greater efficiency, and faster recovery times.

In late March, I introduced my younger brother to your book. At the time, he was carrying approximately 30 pounds of extra weight. He raced through your book and adopted the nutritional recommendations. By the time we left for a canoe trip, he had lost 25 pounds and was in his best shape in 15 years!

One of our other paddlers had an extra 30 lbs. on him, and clearly wasn’t in the shape he should have been in. He struggled throughout the trip, and he was clearly unhappy that two older guys had to pick up the slack for him. He read your book, started the nutritional plan, and has dropped 15 lbs. in one month! No counting calories, just eating the right kinds of food.

Suffice it to say, your book has transformed our lives. A heartfelt thank you.

-Brad J.

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