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Category: Success

Brett J.

Brett’s note about fewer cravings is a staple of a Grain Brain lifestyle. You’ll stay fuller, longer. – Dr. Perlmutter

I read Grain Brain and now am in my fourth week of a diet without gluten and sugar. At work, I’m more productive, and I have incredible pep when I wake up in the morning. Throughout the day, my energy level remains high. I no longer come home and pass out while watching the 5:00 news!

Not only that, but I am down 15 pounds (from 195 to 180 lbs). My portions are smaller, and because I have fewer cravings my snacking is minimal to nonexistent. I drink more water and juices are now a drink of the past. After experiencing the way I feel and think no, I would never consider going back to my old way of eating.

-Brett J.

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