C-Section & Obesity: Are Vaginal Microbes Needed for Normal Metabolic Development?

For some time, we’ve been discussing the long-term health implications of method of birth on a child’s future health. Specifically, we’ve been looking at what being born via c-section, instead of a vaginal birth, means for your risks for health complications, including obesity. A new paper, published in the journal science advances and co-authored by the great Dr. Maria Dominquez-Bello, looks at the statistics relating to weight gain in rodents born via c-section or vaginally. Their finding is not very much unlike what you would expect.

  • Carol Zhou

    Dr. perlmutter: Slightly off topic, but related to vaginal microbes…have you considered including Lactobacillus crispatus in your vaginal probiotic formulations. See Gilbert et al PLoS Pathogens, March 2017, doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1006338.

  • 2007doc

    My daughter has a planned C-section for November 16 and wanted to follow the protocols for the vaginal microbial swab to the nose and mouth…. However, she has learned that she is a carrier for Strep B after a 36 week vaginal check. Her doctor at this point will not perform the microbial swab for the baby because of this situation. Her doctor also told her that even if she had the baby vaginally, she would administer antibiotics prenatally.

    We need some advice and what our options are, if any.

    Thank you!

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