Are Cancer Cells Hijacking Your Metabolism?

Posted: November 5, 2018

There is an extensive body of research that reveals how critical glucose uptake and utilization are for many types of cancer. What the research has been unable to determine is exactly how cancer cells might manipulate their environment so as to increase the availability of glucose.

In new research, scientists have discovered how leukemia cells gain a competitive advantage by actually inducing a diabetes-like physiological condition that ultimately serves the purpose of increasing blood sugar. Multiple mechanisms have now been delineated that allow leukemia cells, the focus of this research, to basically increase the availability of the glucose these cells so desperately need.

In the following video, I review this interesting research not only in terms of the mechanisms that have been discovered, but also how this might influence how cancer could be treated.

(And if you want to watch the interview I mentioned, with Dr. Seyfried, you can find it here)

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