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In this section you will find posts related to exercise and the brain. Whether you are interested in preventing dementia or a healthy pregnancy, exercise is one of the most impactful brain boosters out there. Aerobic exercise has been proven to improve memory and preserve brain health.

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Exercising to Improve Gut Health

Exercise is a healthy choice no matter how you choose to look at it. Research demonstrating the importance of exercise for cardiovascular health dates back at least four decades. Even more recent research shows how important exercise is for not only brain function, but even in terms of reducing dementia risk.

The importance of gut health, and specifically healthy gut bacteria, has really taken center stage in terms of it’s wide ranging effects on overall health and disease resistance. Relevant to today’s blog post, we are now seeing research that adds gut health to the list of benefits associated with physical exercise. Continue reading

Yes, A Magic Bullet for Your Brain

Yes, A Magic Bullet for Your Brain

I have spoken at length about the importance of exercise for increasing the gene expression of BDNF, a protein that increases the growth of new brain cells. As previously mentioned, research has shown that people with higher levels of BDNF are at a lower risk of developing dementia.

In this new study, exercise in people age 50 or over is demonstrated to have significant effects on cognition. The report is a meta-analysis, meaning a review of other research publications (in this case, 39 studies). It’s a comprehensive look at how exercise impacts the brain!

Triceps Extensions

Triceps Extensions

Dr. Perlmutter demonstrates triceps extensions, an incredibly important exercise for building a strong body. You can read more about this exercise in The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan, in which Dr. Perlmutter shares his favorite exercises for strengthening and toning your body.

Livestrong offers some further guidance on why strengthening your triceps is critical for your health:

The triceps help stabilize your shoulder joint and they act as an extensor of the elbow and shoulder. As your triceps become stronger with these exercises, the strength and stability of your shoulders and elbows increase. The functionality, flexibility and range of motion of your arm increases the more you work and strengthen these muscles. As a result, your performance improves in sports that require arm movements and upper body strength such as tennis, swimming, volleyball and basketball.

Click here to discover the rest of The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan exercise regimen!

Why Your Gut Bacteria Love Exercise!

Why Your Gut Bacteria Love Exercise!

I’ve spoken at length about the important, health-sustaining role of diversity as it relates to the various types of bacteria that live with our intestines. In short, diversity paves the way for resiliency.

There are many avoidable factors that work against bacterial diversity – reducing the varieties of bacteria. These include various medications, like antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, and even sugar! Decreased diversity is associated with a variety of conditions including diabetes, obesity, allergy, and any number of inflammatory conditions.

Now, new research shines a positive light on this whole issue by demonstrating a strong association between having a robust, healthy and diverse set of gut bacteria and a person’s level of cardiorespiratory fitness.

As you watch this video, keep in mind that we want to do everything we can to dial up the diversity of our gut bacteria, and it looks like exercise may well be an important way to achieve that goal.