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We’re excited to showcase the success that our program has brought to your lives. Below, find first person testimonials from people just like you about how the plans and wisdom contained in Grain Brain have changed your bodies, minds, and lives.

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The Growing List of Microbiome – Threatening Drugs

It has now become fairly common knowledge that antibiotics are disruptive in terms of the health, functionality, and diversity of the gut bacteria. Beyond antibiotics, there has been a lot of information provided by scientific researchers demonstrating that acid-blocking medications, similarly, have a negative effect on the intestinal microbiome. Now, Researchers are concluding that at least some of the important side effects of both of these groups of medications may represent consequences of changes in the intestinal bacteria.

An important new study, Extensive Impact of non-antibiotic Drugs on the Human Gut, published by German researchers, focuses on the potential of other types of pharmaceuticals to also damage the gut bacteria. This extensive study actually evaluated the effects upon various bacterial strains of more than 1,000 marketed drugs that are used primarily in humans.

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Linda P.

A year and some months ago,  I weighed in at 244 pounds.  I had started cutting out sugar, but I really needed help with a healthy diet. My son-in-law told me about Grain Brain, and I ordered it immediately!

I started changing my diet right away. The weight just flew off of me and I felt so much better. In time I began to notice the change in my memory too!

I suffer from severe osteoarthritis of the spine and just about every other bone. I really needed to lose that weight and learn how to eat the right things. I will never change my new eating habits!

-Linda P.

Joseph M.

For as long as I can remember I have always struggled with my body composition. I spent most of my youth overweight and battling depression. In 2005, I joined the US Marines and spent most of my time, for the next four years, overseas. Although my weight had changed during my service time, the depression and anxiety I felt on the day-to-day never ceased.

When I left the military I moved back home and started attending college full-time. Everything changed: lifestyle, food, stress levels, and surely, over time, the weight started to come back on. I spent countless hours in the gym trying all sorts of things, to no avail. At the time I was studying computer science, but I needed to find something more, I need to find a way to resolve this depression.

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Sheila R.

I discovered the Grain Brain program in August 2014. I happened on a PBS screening of your plan. I recorded it and still have it on my recordings list. That began my incredible journey.

I was 5’2” and 220 lbs. This was pretty scary. My waist measured 60” and my hips were also 60”.  I had more or less been in this situation since the age of 35 (at a present age 66). I had the typical helpless story, many different tries, much successfully unsuccessful results.

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Kathy S.

I have been living the Grain Brain lifestyle for several years, ever since your book came out. I’ve been able to reverse T2 diabetes (of which I had struggled with for over 15 years!), get off ALL of my prescription drugs, and have lost weight, and kept it off for over 2 years! I find the diet very easy to maintain. Many people have asked me how I did it and I immediately recommend both Grain Brain and Brain Maker. I am very enthusiastic about the Grain Brain program and the creative cooking opportunities this way of eating has provided. I’m becoming a pretty good low-carb, high-fat cook and my family enjoys the recipes.

-Kathy S.

Judy S.

I have been on a grain-free and sugar-free diet for about 3+ years now. It started with my research for an alternative way to handle my arthritis pain.

My doctor had wanted to prescribe medicine, but I wasn’t onboard. My research led me to the conclusion that I needed to take fish oil pills, then my daughter, an RN, suggested I get off sugar and gluten.

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Wendy S.

Incredible story of an entire family who benefited from this set of lifestyle changes. – Dr. Perlmutter

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in the fall of 2013 and my doctor prescribed Levothyroxine.  I saw some improvement of my symptoms initially but as time went by, they all returned. I became very frustrated and turned to the internet for information and advice.  I learned that gluten can damage the thyroid and asked my doctor if he thought I should go gluten-free.  His response: “It’s a gimmick”.  So, I continued to take my medication and feel miserable. The next spring, I decided to give up a carbohydrate-filled snack for Lent. Within 48 hours, I felt better than I had in a long time. It made me think about my diet, so I did some more research about gluten and decided to give it up to see if that helped. I jumped in head-first and implemented this into my diet and life. I was able to get off of the thyroid medication and my bloodwork has been great ever since. Continue reading

Priscilla D.

I have suffered for thirty years with various illnesses, including seizures and shaking, along with extreme anxiety. I was diagnosed with ME and bipolar. This was incredibly difficult for me, as I was a professional violinist and was forced to give this up due to these symptoms and my inability to use my hands.

Initially, I found out I had terrible blood sugar and realized I had a problem with carbohydrates. I then was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity as was most of my family.

I am now on a low-carb and very high-fat (but good fat) diet and continue to make other important changes, like eating more probiotics. I have fully recovered and today find myself in better health than when I was a child. I now play concerts again and am completely free from seizures, anxiety and lack of confidence!

Beyond this, I am a tall woman, measuring 5′ 8 1/2″, and have suffered from weight problems all my life. For a time, I was quite obese. I lost 77 lbs. and have now kept it off for years! I’m 47, but I look (so I’m told) and feel like I’m in my 30s!

-Priscilla D.

Palmer K.

I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS at 19, and for 26 years suffered the on-again/off-again awful symptoms of numbness, tingling, optic neuritis and profound fatigue. I had no idea that my chronic, mild digestive discomfort had anything to do with the MS. I just thought that it was normal to feel some digestive distress after meals. 

In the “dark ages” of the 1980s, before the Internet opened vast horizons of information, there were very few books on healing MS. I believed that what I ate might make a difference, and so I experimented with macrobiotic, vegetarian and low-fat food plans. I even tried the Swank MS Diet, an ultra low-fat approach. Nothing helped. In fact, the lower the fats and higher the grains, the worse I felt.

Finally, by 2010, I had educated myself enough to know that I needed help in finding the root causes of my MS. I decided to see a functional medicine nutritionist. Test results revealed that I had non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) and a “leaky gut.” Continue reading

Maria L.

My daughter began struggling with weight and depression while still a teenager. It took us nearly seven years to find out why: celiac disease. As we both experienced similar symptoms, but to varying degrees, we both began a gluten-free diet. She lost 30 lbs. In the past two years, and I finally went down about two clothing sizes – I was a size 12 (in jeans) and now am down to size 8!  I consider this a really great breakthrough!  It makes me feel super good to know my gut is healing.

-Maria L.