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We’re excited to showcase the success that our program has brought to your lives. Below, find first person testimonials from people just like you about how the plans and wisdom contained in Grain Brain have changed your bodies, minds, and lives.

Whether a gluten free diet has ended your experience with brain fog or cutting back on carbohydrates has improved your energy levels, we want to know about it! We welcome you to share your experiences with us at

Madelyn L.

I really appreciate Madelyn’s idea of a keepsake. Having an item like that keeps you grounded and allows for important reflections. – Dr. Perlmutter

I’m a 68-year-old woman who has been overweight for over 25 years. I have a family history of high blood pressure and stroke, and have suffered from various unknown food allergies and sensitivities, which erupted in hives and doctors called “chronic urticaria of unknown idiopathy”.  For years I carried an EpiPen in case my face or lips began to swell with hives, and I swallowed more antacids and antihistamine drugs than I care to remember. And yet, nothing worked, and drugs were the only things my medical doctors offered as relief.

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Jan M.

After adopting a gluten-free diet at age 42, I find myself in the healthiest state of my entire life.

The results:

  • All IBS symptoms have disappeared.
  • I’m nearly pain-free from arthritis.
  • My monthly cycle is a non-issue for me now, no more illness and depression every month.
  • I get very few bugs, colds and coughs – which, with three kids, is no mean feat.
  • I’m more creative in the kitchen, I really taste and appreciate my food more than I ever did.
  • I buy my food seasonally (making my food bill cheaper), and I question the sourcing of what I buy a lot more – is the meat from grass-fed livestock, have the apples been sprayed with toxic chemicals, etc.?
  • I also struggle to eat anything really sweet (and I NEVER EVER thought I’d say that!!!) – once you cut most refined sugar out of your diet, it truly changes your taste buds – for the better!
  • I don’t get energy dips anymore, no more mid-morning or mid-afternoon slumps which means I’m more productive and I don’t reach for the sugary fixes.

-Jan M.

Patrick R.

At age 43, after a lengthy career as a pastry chef, I began to experience pains across my body. I went down the conventional route with my GP and saw a specialist, who diagnosed me first with osteoporosis and, later, Anklosing spondylitis. Injections and tablets didn’t help me, but, being a chef, I knew food had to be the key. I discovered I have the Hla-b37 gene and klebsiella bacteria in my gut. Now I know I have to avoid starches to remain

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Gail M.

Two years ago, at age 36, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was devastated. I sought out the help of a nutritionist, who, before she even met me, told me that I should probably go gluten free. If she had not said this to me, I am convinced that I would, by now, have suffered multiple relapses.

I immediately quit eating gluten. I noticed that I had more energy, I was thinking more clearly. My digestive system seemed to work, causing me to realize that, in fact, I could not remember a day of my life that it DID work well. I could think….and I realized that I never remembered a day when I didn’t feel foggy and tired. I lost 27 pounds in about 6 weeks…and the weight has NEVER crept back up on me. I had been so sick for the entire 36 years of my life that I did not know what “wellness” felt like until I cut gluten out of my diet. Still, I had lingering doubts: would this be enough to help me achieve brain health?

Then I found Grain Brain, and after that I found Brain Maker.  The principles taught in these books have changed my life. Going gluten-free was an immediate fix for me, I felt better very quickly. The concepts from Brain Maker came more gradually. I started eating fermented foods.  I learned that, if I had problems with gluten, I should probably be dairy-free, too.  I cut dairy out of my diet.  I eat as many vegetables as I can squeeze into a day.  I learned that my kitchen was the place where I was going to get well…and not in a neurologist’s office.  Food truly has become my medicine.  Did I mention that I am not at all affected by my MS to date?

I started eating fermented foods. I learned that, if I had problems with gluten, I should probably be dairy-free, too, so I cut dairy out of my diet. I eat as many vegetables as I could squeeze into a day.  I learned that my kitchen was the place where I was going to get well, and not in a neurologist’s office. Food truly had become my medicine. It should thus come as no surprise for me to mention that I am not at all affected by my MS (to date).

-Gail M

Judy G.

The biggest delight of my gluten-free lifestyle was that after six months of avoiding gluten, my arthritic knee started to perform how it did when I was at least 20 years younger.

I am 72 years old. I had assumed by now I would have needed a knee replacement, as so many of my friends have, but I ski, bike, spin, hike, practice yoga, climb ladders, and regularly do head/hand stands and can lift couches (at least assist someone with lifting) without any problem!

Equally pleasing is the subtle improvements to my skin and appearance that no face cream or beauty treatment could ever duplicate! When asked my age, I frequently have people react with looks of amazement, because they just can’t believe it!

-Judy G.

Mariann A.

Just read about Mariann’s incredible change in health. The laundry list of benefits she has experienced is inspiring! – Dr. Perlmutter

In January 2015 I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica, and was prescribed by the rheumatologists to take Prednisolon on a daily basis. I did that for more than one year, gradually withdrawing the amount of Prednisolon. By the end of the treatment (May 2016) my muscle pain came right back. A friend of mine recommended to read your book, Brain Maker, and I am deeply thankful that I did. It gave me the tools to take full responsibility for my health and today, after four months of getting out of stress and following an anti-inflammatory diet, I feel better than in many years and my Polymyalgia is almost gone.

I am still working to get 100% well, but I can walk without pain now, I can dance, and I am thinking of starting jogging/running again. Further, I lost 20 pounds and have reached my ideal weight from my youth. I feel stronger, lighter, more flexible – and also years of fatigue are gone. My mood is lighter and I am proud of having taken back the responsibility of my body.

-Mariann A.

Beverly J.

Before I read Grain Brain and Wheat Belly, I LOVED bread. I consider myself a baker and did not want to stop eating wheat or grain, but I eventually did. Over the 3 month period in which I stopped eating wheat, I lost 35 pounds with little or no increase in exercise. I’m 65 and I felt so much more energized that I began a walking program after the weight loss. The weight stayed off, but the bloating, constipation and indigestion returns if I indulge in pizza, cookies, or sandwiches. It’s immediate and painful and takes about 2 days to repair the damage. I don’t know if it’s grain, pesticides, or both but I need to stay away from these foods!

-Beverly J.

Sheila H.

Over a period of twenty years, and seventeen doctors, I sought in vain to find help for chronic diarrhea and severe joint pain. Along the way I could only find partial relief through medications that caused numerous side effects. No MD ever tested me for allergies. Then my feet went completely numb. When I asked the neurologist why (since I did not have diabetes), he told me at least 40% of people never discovered why they have peripheral neuropathy.

Then came the MIRACLE of Grain Brain and Wheat Belly. After only two weeks of being grain-free, I had feeling back in my feet, no more joint pain, and my diarrhea was much improved. Invigorated, I searched until I found a marvelous integrative medical doctor who used the Cyrex Lab tests, for food allergies, that Dr. Perlmutter had written about. Testing proved that I am severely allergic to all dairy and grapes! Now, at the age of 83, with no joint pain or diarrhea, and feet that want to dance, I have been reborn!

-Sheila H.


Dawn K.

Three years ago I participated in a webinar that Dr. Perlmutter hosted . My daughter Hailey was then 12 years old and dying from a Leukodystrophy called Alexander disease. I was absolutely desperate to save her. She was down to 57 pounds, vomiting daily, and suffering from horrific constipation, headaches, eczema and acid reflux . After this eye-opening event, I made an appointment with a new GI doctor, and long story short it was the gluten killing my daughter.

She is now 15 years old, still, of course, has Alexander disease (it’s genetic), but is off all medications and is 83 pounds at 4’10” tall. Thank you for saving us all!

-Dawn K.

William K.

At 65 I was in top shape: 225 pounds with a six-pack, regularly boxing, weightlifting, and doing cardio. I felt, and looked, like an MMA fighter.

Suddenly I found myself sidelined by serious leg pain, I mean the kind you cannot walk through. I quit. I had to. I couldn’t even lift a light barbell over my head from the pain! I also had malaise, brain fog, irritability, and high blood pressure. I felt 90 years old.

I got depressed because I could not exercise, not even walk. It just hurt too much. I used NSAIDs on and off, as the stiffness and pain waxed and waned. Sometimes I could not even turn over in bed. My sleep suffered.

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