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A Letter From the Authors of Brain Wash

In our current times, it has become clear to Austin and I that the subjects at the core of Brain Wash are not only more important than ever before, but truly critical to our ability to move forward in this “new normal.” In light of that, we’re adding a new Author’s Note to the beginning of Brain Wash, which will be available immediately in the digital edition, and in future printings of paper editions. I’m also publishing this note below, so that those of you who already have a copy of the book can have access to this update as well. Enjoy.

A Letter From the Authors

The first edition of this book was published in the United States just days before a new and deadly coronavirus swept the globe. The collective anxiety, panic, and stress that descended on society—on top of what people were already shouldering—has only made our message all the more relevant, potent, and needed today. It is a message that focuses on distancing ourselves from fear, enhancing our ability to make good decisions, finding stability in our thought patterns and actions, engaging in behaviors that build physical and mental resiliency, and recognizing the healing power of empathy. As we describe in Brain Wash, when we come from a place of empathy, everyone wins.

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