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Claudio V.

April 11, 2014

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s ten years ago. My disease brought me to several doctors, including four endocrinologists in three different countries. They were all focused on getting my TSH in an acceptable range using levothyroxine. I was told that once this was achieved I would feel “normal” once again. Boy, that was not the case at all!

The recommended dosage resulted in lethargy, depression, memory deterioration, attention deficit and a reduction in balance. All perceived it as a thyroid problem, not autoimmune. None of these doctors truly knew anything about the cause or triggers.

In time, I worked with a physician to manage my medications at a more appropriate dosage, but was still falling short of feeling how I wanted. It was a chance encounter with the BRAINCHANGE special on my local PBS that brought me to Dr. Perlmutter. Now on his low-carb, no-gluten, regimen, I feel 100% again. I’ve experienced no heart fibrillations, and I feel my bones doing better.

-Claudio V.

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