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Whole Coffee Fruit Concentrate – Amping Up Growth Hormone for Brain Cells

These days it’s pretty common knowledge that we humans are constantly replenishing our brain cells, a process known as neurogenesis. But keep in mind that the first scientific publication that demonstrated our capacity to grow new brain cells was only recently published, in 1998. To be sure, back when I was in medical school in the early 1980s, it was pretty much accepted as dogma that humans totally lacked this ability. We were told that you had a given number of brain cells and that after around age 18, it was pretty much downhill from there.

Neurogenesis, growing new brain cells, is happening in your brain right now, and this process will continue for the rest of your life. But the revelation is that we can actually enhance this process by making smart lifestyle choices.

Without question, on the top of the list, in terms of enhancing the growth of new brain cells, is aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise stimulates the production of a powerful growth hormone, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which I have recently discussed in this forum.

And as it relates to brain degeneration, those who engage in regular aerobic exercise may experience as much as a 50% reduction in Alzheimer’s risk.

In addition to aerobic exercise, we know that nutritional supplements like turmeric and DHA, an omega-3 fat, also contribute to increasing BDNF, something you really want to have happen. In fact, new research from Boston University, published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, demonstrated that BDNF has a powerfully protective effect upon the brain. In their research, the scientists evaluated 140 participants in the Framingham study over a 10-year period. 117 of these participants developed Alzheimer’s disease. When they compared those individuals with the lowest versus the highest levels of BDNF, they discovered that those with the highest BDNF levels had a 50% reduction in Alzheimer’s disease risk.

The researchers concluded:

We suggest that serum BDNF may play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease, especially in older women, the group at highest risk for AD. This is of particular interest because serum BDNF levels can be elevated through simple lifestyle measures such as increased physical activity. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor may also serve as a novel predictor of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in healthy adults and as a biomarker of dementia risk and prognosis.

But now there is even more excitement in terms of BDNF. A novel nutritional supplement, whole coffee fruit concentrate, has recently been shown to have a dramatic effect, in humans, in terms of raising BDNF.

In a recent report in Food and Nutrition Sciences, researchers demonstrated how whole coffee fruit concentrate (WCFC) affected BDNF levels in humans. The study involved 20 young adults (25-35 years) who were asked to consume whole coffee fruit concentrate powder followed by blood evaluations of their BDNF levels. Remarkably, BDNF levels actually doubled in those individuals taking the whole coffee fruit concentrate in comparison to those who were given coffee or a placebo.

In another study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers administered a single 100mg dose of whole coffee fruit extract to a group of volunteers and observed a 143% increase in their blood values of BDNF.

WCFC is a patented extract of whole coffee fruit (coffee berries) from the common coffee bean, Coffea arabica. It contains chemicals called procyanidins which are known to protect brain cells, as well as a unique profile of polyphenols that may well relate to its ability to raise BDNF so dramatically.

As I indicated in my new book, The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan, nutritional supplements containing WCFC will be available soon, probably around April 2017. This is obviously very good news not only in terms of the relationship of BDNF to Alzheimer’s risk, but also because of the fact that we know BDNF levels are low in those with obesity and depression as well.

  • Jordan

    Is this supplement safe for those with autoimmunity?

  • Cooj

    Is the green bean extract of any benefit? I see that this article states that the WCFC will not be available until April 2017.

  • Larry Kellogg


  • kfunk937

    Well this may be the most amusing bu!!shit to cross my disqus today. So is this:

    As I indicated in my new book

    because this is in no way equivalent to peer review, but does fluff up the bank account.

    • Take a look at the authors of those 2 “papers” and then contrast and compare to the “team” at FutureCeuticals which makes and sells WCFC powder:

      100% pure marketing just like Dr. Oz’s “green tea extract” hoax.

      The suckers will snap it up.

      • Kathy Musselwhite

        Please go ask your conventional doctor what he makes from pushing those pharmaceuticals at you. All those suckers snapping up those drugs for a short term fix pushed by a “scientist” with only good intentions for you. Conventional doctors are in business to make a profit too. It is all about the money. BTW, how many prescriptions do you fill regularly?

        • Amar

          I doubt most doctors are making their money off of pharmaceutical companies. They have a salary, like most other working people, and do not get a pay raise from pharmaceutical companies if they prescribe a medication. If they do, however, they have to declare this. Dr. Perlmutter, on the other hand, doesn’t have to declare anything since he is pushing supplements, and he makes profit off of selling his own book and supplement products. This sounds like more of a conflict of interest than any other doctor I have known.

          • Kathy Musselwhite

            Please tell me where a doctor had to declare a pay raise from a pharma company. They reveal nothing to their patients about their income and where it comes from. You know Dr P is selling his products and making money off them but he has educated himself on info that other doctors turn a blind eye to because they are in pharmas pocket. If you dont like what Dr P does dont buy his products or read his books. Keep going to your drug pushing doctor and never get well. Just relieve your symptoms. Dr P is only successful if his products are successful.

          • Amar

            Probably to the hospital but I’m not sure.
            I don’t think this argument is going anywhere because we both can’t prove our points and probably aren’t going to change each others minds. Despite this, however, I just want to point out that you are making a lot of generalizations about doctors and health care companies, and, in the end, Dr. Perlmutter and other alternative medicine doctors are as much a business as any other health care or pharmaceutical company. They probably both have some things right and some things wrong, its not either one or the other.

          • solitairecat64

            What you’re saying is absolutely true. All MD’s in the health care system work indirectly for the pharma companies and they have their mandate laid out by them which is to deny diet impacts health and prescribe drugs to patients knowing full well they do not address the underlying health conditions. It should be criminal but it is all legal in our capitalist society.

          • Sally Brown

            Amar. O boy please acquaint yourself with the real world. The fringe benefits that doctors receive are many. Why do you think they try to push their drugs so hard? When you say you DOUBT, well this is just your opinion is it not?

          • Amar

            It is as much opinion as anything you are stating. Why don’t you try actually listening to the points I am making instead of making baseless acquisitions. This makes you sound like much more of a troll than me.

          • Dave

            What a load of BS. My spouse is a primary care physician. Being in private practice is tough financially these days. There are no incentives from pharma. Years ago we used to get free tickets and dinners, but that ended a decade ago. Then it changed to just bringing lunch to the office, educational dinners, and free pens. I don’t think we’ve seen a rep in the office in a year. Not sure what drug companies are spending advertising dollars on these days, but it isn’t on courting PCPs.

          • AnnieLaurie Burke

            Are you kidding me, or are you really that naive? Most docs, if they are in private practice, do not “have a salary, like most other working people”. They do get perks, some of which they do NOT have to declare, from Big Pharma — “continuing education”, their names added to publications, goodies for their staff from reps, and so many other things. Do you think they have to pay for the “free samples” they hand out to get their patients hooked on drugs that have no price protection? Docs that do research have even more opportunities for perks that do not have to be declared. And, yes Dr. Perlmutter does have to declare, since I assume he files a tax return like any other business person, and has to list sources of income.

          • Amar

            You are talking about specific cases: “if they are in private practice” and “some of which they do not have to declare”. And that is a pretty big acquisition to say doctors hand out free samples to get patients hooked on drugs. Also, what makes you think doctors are exempt from tax returns, and further, when is the last time you or anybody else has ever actually looked at Dr. Perlmutter’s tax reforms?

          • AnnieLaurie Burke

            First of all, you are also talking about specific cases. Secondly, the word you are seeking is “accusation”, not “acquisition”. Check a dictionary. Further, it is not an accusation, it is a fact. Read a little bit about the current opiate addiction crisis, and the the tactics drug companies use to encourage docs to prescribe addictive products. Further yet, patients can get dependent of drugs that are not addictive, rather than using lifestyle changes to manage their conditions. Doctors have been quoted as saying they prescribe drugs in lieu of working with patients on non-drug therapies because it is easier for them (the docs), and they are not confident that patients would comply with other therapies. I didn’t say that docs were exempt from filing tax returns. I said there are many drug company perks that do not have to be reported. You’ve lost the argument when you accuse other commenters of saying things they did not say. I don’t look at anyone’s tax returns. Of what possible relevance is it what I look at? The IRS reviews tax returns. Said returns are not subject to a public vote.

          • Amar

            No, I am talking about a more general case. Private practice doctors do not care for the majority of patients and even you said only “some” of them do not have to declare. You are also using generalizations. Saying a doctor has been quoted saying something does not prove that all doctors are using these tactics. Again, I have stated multiple times that there are some problems with pharmaceutical companies. I do agree there is a problem with opioid addictions and I doubt most (although probably some) doctors or scientists would disagree. But again its not always a simple answer. About the tax returns, you stated “Docs that do research have even more opportunities for perks that do not have to be declared. And, yes Dr. Perlmutter does have to declare, since I assume he files a tax return like any other business person, and has to list sources of income.” In response, I am stating that doctors do have to file tax returns, just like Dr. Perlmutter, meaning they have to declare any conflicts of interest (except possibly with the research doctors case that you stated, I honestly don’t know much about tax returns). Also what is your point about the tax returns comment if you are now stating tax returns are irrelevant? In short, lots of people on here seems a bit too short tempered and paranoid about medicine. Why don’t you all do something more productive than making up conspiracies.

          • AnnieLaurie Burke

            You are mixing apples and oranges (and probably countries as well). Most docs in the US ARE in private practice. Some of the private practices consist of more than one doc, but they are not “on salary like most working people”. Second, I did not say “some of them (doctors) do not have to declare”. I said many of the perks they get from pharma companies are not the type that would have to be declared as income on a tax return. And there is no requirement whatsoever on a US tax return to declare a conflict of interest.If you admit you know little of US tax returns, why do you insist on posting erroneous info about them? Nor did I say tax returns were irrelevant — where on earth did you imagine that? Misrepresenting what other commenters say is not an argument. BTW, saying “a” doc said something would not be a generalization, but an anecdotal or unattributable statement. The drug prescription problem is not a matter of “a” doc “saying something”, but of trends and practices that have been documented. And this is by no means a new issue. Back in the 1990’s, doctors (Ben Goldacre, for one) published books that were exposes of the doctor-pharma company relationship. Since that time, many other docs have done the same (and Goldacre has followed up with new data). Several editors of professional journals (David Sackett for one) have also exposed the hokum that goes on with “drug trials” and its damage to patients. There is no conspiracy involved — it is motivated by pure greed. It appears you have a problem with “lots of people” on this blog because they know that conventional medicine is often hijacked by the pharma industry to increase profits, and that the evidence thereof is not only ubiquitous and overwhelming, but also irrefutable.

          • Amar

            Your right, lots of doctors are in private practice. Still doesn’t mean they are not overlooked by ethics committees. Now can we please stop talking in circles so I can get back to my normal life without having to argue with you every hour.

          • AnnieLaurie Burke

            Dear, I would love to have this conversation stop going in circles, but you seem to be the little hamster spinning the wheel. You don’t need to “argue with me every hour”. I am not holding a gun to your head, forcing you to sally forth with more Big Pharma propaganda. You seem obsessed with forcing your world view on the blog members here that have found that functional medicine works. Please, by all means, go back to your “normal life” of naive acceptance of Big Pharma’s BS.

          • Amar

            I think you have a couple of things backwards. I was actually having a pretty normal conversation with other members before you came in. I was being moderate and trying to be unbiased. You, on the other had, seem to be arguing only to force your own more extreme and biased worldview on me. And I have already agreed with other members that there is nothing wrong with functional and preventative medicine, but if you don’t want to listen to anything myself and other commenters have been saying, and stick to your naive and unchanging perspective, than that’s your loss (and probably the reason this argument keeps going in circles). And its funny that I’m the “obsessed” one when I have tried to end the conversation multiple times and yet you keep responding just to continue arguing with me. I have already said you won. Isn’t that what you wanted? I will go back to my normal life, thank you. I hope you enjoy your narrow, hateful, and paranoid one.

          • Douglas Mazzuca

            Doctors no longer get any perks and they really didn’t get any years ago that were substantial. If we get anything greater than $10.00 in value it must be reported and published online as per “The Sunshine Act”. And we don’t hand out Rx’s to get people hooked. Most of us try to help people. It’s the patients who are not responsible for their health. The doctors you are talking about represent the small minority of Docs that do get paid from pharmaceutical companies for endorsing their product but it must be reported and is transparent.

          • AnnieLaurie Burke

            You are entitled to your own opinion, but, as I noted, several doctors over the last few decades have documented the influence of drug companies. There are still a number of “perks” that are not reportable, also as documented in more recent exposes. If you would read some of the documents that have been released recently as the opioid addiction crisis has been investigated, you might have a different opinion on the influence of pharma companies on that subject as well. Then there is the fact that pharma companies have been hit with the most numerous and largest fines of any industry for ethical and other violations. I’ve already noted some authors and resources, so I am not going to waste my valuable time googling and citing for you. When the fines continue, and some pharma execs, and perhaps even some docs, get criminal charges brought against them, you can pretend that’s not happening, too. It does no harm to me, or other commenters here that have been saying the same thing, if you keep your head buried in the sand, so please, carry on.

    • Gynko

      But…. it is coffee. And coffee will not hurt you… unlike drugs which HAVE been peer reviewed, put on sale and killed thousands of people before being pulled off the market, or in some cases, NOT pulled off the market and allowed to continue killing unsuspecting adults and little children… all in the name of profit.

      • Amar

        You forgot the part where drugs have also have saved millions of people and where unregulated supplements have caused numerous medical problems and deaths

        • dcohn

          HUH DRUGS SAVED MILLIONS OF people. PROVE THAT? Had they not taken the drugs and instead were brought up with positive attitudes and knew how to use their minds to heal themselves you have no concept of how long they would be alive. Few drugs if any have helped humans. We are spiritual beings. We are not these bodies. That is your ego mind talking, not you.

          There is zero proof about what a positive attitude trained human could do for themselves with zero drugs. Read up on the Yogis of india OR Jesus Christ who was actually a trained Yogi.

          Drugs are poison for the most part. Food is medicine.

          I suspect you are a gov shill as they hate info like this getting out.

          FOOD IS better than drugs. OH NO where does the 100 billion dollar industry go.

          • Amar

            You sound like you have taken a few too many drugs yourself

        • Gynko

          Supplements causing death is very rare. Almost never happens. Drugs kill over 100,000 people every year… and that is just the drugs that are taken as prescribed.

          • Amar

            You have no evidence that supplements causing death is very rare. Then again, neither do I, I have only heard of very disturbing specific cases. As for supplements causing disease, however, many studies show that the vast majority of supplements have no benefit for otherwise healthy people and, additionally, have a potential to cause harm (eg increase cancer risk). If you want the links to these studies I can provide them to you. I also suggest reading the book “Do You Believe in Magic” by Paul Offit for more information.

            As for drugs, do you have any evidence of them killing 100,000 people per year when properly used? I found one study (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17536879) that claims only around 25,000 deaths were due to prescription drugs in 2003 and the majority of these deaths were due to overdoses. Other potential reasons for drugs killing people more than supplements: they can be used for more serious illnesses and, therefore, are likely riskier and require stronger intensity; the data on deaths by drugs is regulated and recorded, unlike supplements; and drugs are used more often to treat disease than supplements are. In the end, however, putting a drug on the market requires years of research and clinical trials to ensure their safety. Not saying all drugs are perfect, but they are definitely more regulated and trustworthy than supplements.

            Finally, drugs and modern medicine do save and cure people. Before antibiotics it was likely that people could die from bacterial infections, now they are easily treatable. Before vaccines, people were never immune from diseases like the flu and measles. Chemotherapy, surgery, medications, all have the potential to prolong the lives of sick people. And if you get a serious injury, I’ll bet you’ll be glad that the doctor injected you with morphine rather than gave you a ginger supplement. Just think back to pre-modern human beings, they exercised and ate more natural than anyone ever will today, yet they still only lived until their thirties if they were extremely lucky. What changed? Agriculture (modern food) and modern medicine.

            A few disclaimers, I do not work for any pharmaceutical company or in any health care business. I also understand the importance of lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise, on health, but also understand that I can believe in lifestyle changes and modern medicine at the same time. Finally, businesses do mainly care about profit but that doesn’t mean they are corrupt. Not saying pharmaceutical companies don’t contain any corruption but I think you are blowing the pharmaceutical company corruption a little out of proportion.

          • Gynko
          • Amar

            I’ll respond when you give me a reliable source

          • Gynko

            Feel free to disregard the sources if you wish. They are well referenced as you can see. But, I have no investment in being “right”. You and I both have the right to discern truth as we see fit. Good day to you!

          • solitairecat64

            This article confirms “about 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to them. This makes prescription drugs a major health risk, ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death.”


          • Amar

            Ok that’s a fair point. But notice the article is mainly arguing against the development of new drugs with minor differences, which seem to carry the most potential harm. The author even states that the benefits and risks of 80 percent of drugs (generic drugs) are well known, drugs save lives and keep people alive, and only 1.5 percent of people taking drugs will have severe reactions.
            With that being said, there is definitely room for improvement with drugs and pharmaceutical companies, but drugs and pharmaceutical companies are also not the root of all medical evil.

          • solitairecat64

            I view the entire medical system as a fraud and prescription drugs are only part of the problem. Medical Doctors are educated and trained by Big Pharma companies http://in-training.org/drugged-greed-pharmaceutical-industrys-role-us-medical-education-10639. The result of this biased training is that every ailment will have a pharmaceutical solution which in many cases doesn’t address the root cause. As a matter of fact, the goal of MD’s is to assign a name to ailments and prescribe medication, without any idea what the root cause is and as a result quality of life, and life expectancy have decreased while Pharma revenues have increase from 10% ROR in the 1970’s to 19% in 2010.

            What I’m doing to protect my family is I’m trying to determine the root cause of major illnesses, especially those affecting my loved ones, so I can question the recommended treatment options. For example, my husband has suffered a few atrial fibrillation attacks and the MD solution is drugs, which may reduce the risk of future attacks but not prevent them entirely, and if the attacks continue the next step is to burn the defective heart sinus nodes (Catherter Ablation). Being dissatisfied with this answer I scoured the internet for information to determine the root cause and a solution that didn’t require lifelong medication and invasive procedures. I found some evidence of a connection with gluten, and having watched Dr. Tom O’Brian’s Betrayal series (which I highly recommend), I believe that A-fib is an autoimmune disorder that can be treated with dietary changes, most significantly removing gluten entirely from the diet. My husband has been symptom free for over 3 months since removing gluten from his diet.

            Cancer is another major killer that the medical system fails miserably to cure. The solutions offered by the medical system are the same for all illness – prescription medication and invasive procedures, without any attempt to address the underlying cause. Last year I watched a series called The Truth About Cancer where many doctors confirmed cancer drugs kill the patient in most cases, not the cancer. I also learned that the tumor is not the mother cancer cells only a manifestation of the disease which is multiplying within the body. I think it’s important for all of us to try and understand the leading causes of death and be prepared to seek solutions outside the medical system.

            The biggest failure of the medical system is they deny adamantly that diet contributes to any illness when there is evidence it contributes to most! I learned in the Betrayal series that diet causes autoimmune disease, and that MS, arthritis and thyroiditis are autoimmune diseases. I learned in the Truth About Cancer that we must be very careful what we take into our bodies to avoid getting cancer because the medical system doesn’t have a cure and the numbers are expected to increase significantly over the next decade. To ensure we have a long health span we must understand the root cause of illness and avoid them as best we can in this polluted world.

          • Amar

            First, medical students are not trained by pharmaceutical companies. The article only states that pharmaceutical companies advertise their products to medical students which may encourage them to use their drugs. This is just advertisement and capitalism, which is a completely different argument. This also doesn’t prove if drugs are actually effective or not. If you don’t believe pharmaceutical companies should be able to advertise then what right does any other company have to advertise their products? (again a different argument)

            Second, anyone who has had even a year in science education has probably heard correlation does not equal causation. You state that pharma profits have increased while life expectancy has decreased, but these are only correlated, not necessarily caused by each other. For example, there is a correlation between ice cream sales and murders, but ice cream sales obviously do not cause murders, they are both caused by a third variable, being summer and heat. Another example is autism and vaccination, only correlated, not causal.

            That’s great you are protecting your family, but you should also realize that doctors who put out bogus and outlandish statements are mainly targeting people who are at their most vulnerable state. That is, when a person or a loved one’s health is at risk. During these times, people are more likely to seek help and believe what anyone has to say in order to help themselves or their loved ones. Often times, however, this leads to people believing false information and, more specifically, false information that is easy to understand. It would be nice if all medical problems could be solved by removing gluten, but the fact is that health problems are much more complicated than quick and easy diet change.

            I also want to add that the practices and drugs that physicians use have gone through years and years and years of scientific studies and trials. For example, ablation. Ablation has been used for decades as a successful way to treat heart arrhythmia and extend and improve the qualities of peoples lives who have heart disease. I know a doctor who wrote a whole book focusing on ablations and other minimally invasive heart procedures where he shows the safety and benefit of these techniques. He also wrote the book with absolutely ZERO funding and influence from the pharmaceutical companies, he has simply done the procedure throughout his medical career and observed the improvement that it has on patient’s health. In addition, there is no legitimate evidence that gluten is a cause of atrial fibrillation or that atrial fibrillation is an autoimmune disorder. You are obviously allowed to question your doctor and it is ultimately you and your husbands choice, but please do not disregard ablation if it is necessary for your husbands health just because you heard a video about the fraud of medical companies.

            Your information on cancer comes from the same sort of biased source. It is given to the public in an easy to understand manner but it does not take other perspectives into account. These videos need to bash modern medicine in order to get their points across because, otherwise, the contradicting evidence that modern medicine produces would disprove their statements. Its a common practice by these people and, in the end, it is simply fraud.

            Its true I haven’t seen the videos you mentioned, but by the way you write it seems the videos are somewhat biased. I agree that root causes are important, and sometimes doctors don’t pay enough attention to them, but, again, the cure and maintenance of many diseases are not usually straightforward (the reason doctors have to go through 6-8 years of additional training after 4 years undergraduate in science) and sometimes, when diseases have become severe enough, side effects need to be treated and surgeries and drugs are needed. If you really want to get into preventative medicine, I advise staying away from all the celebrity doctors. Despite what these doctors may claim, evidence continually shows that diets composed of mainly unprocessed plant foods are the healthiest (ie fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts seeds, legumes and tubers) with relatively small amount of sweets, oils, and animal foods (ie meat, eggs, dairy, and fish). I think it is best summarized by Michael Pollen who states “eat foods, not too much, mostly plants”. Of course, exercise, sleep, and managing stress is always important. I don’t think it needs to get much more complicated than that.

          • solitairecat64

            Why did you rephrase the article as “pharmaceutical companies advertising their products to medical students may encourage them to use their drugs”? The article clearly states that exposure to pharmaceutical company freebees begins at medical school and grows in frequency throughout their training, forming a relationship which reduces their ability to determine industry bias, hindering their future ability to practice evidence-based medicine, that can “harm the social and moral character of students”.

            Then you arrogantly assert that there is no relationship between Big Pharma profits and reduced life span when the fact that freebees caused doctors to prescribe less effective more expensive drugs which obviously increased Big Pharma profits is described in the first paragraph. It says that although “diuretics and beta-blockers are the preferred choice for initial hypertension drug therapy because they been shown to reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in controlled clinical trials”, prescriptions decreased between 1992 and 1995 50% and 40% respectively while “prescriptions for calcium channel blockers, a heavily-promoted, expensive, newly developed hypertension treatment rose by 13%”. This proves that doctors are prescribing drugs in the best interest of Big Phama, even though it is not in the patient’s best interest., which is not just surprising but horrifying.

            Do you profit from the medical system in some way which results in you misrepresenting the content of this article?

          • Amar

            I don’t claim anything arrogantly, I don’t profit from any medical system, I didn’t misrepresent anything in the article, and you are just restating what I said with your own bias. I didn’t disagree with the article but it still doesn’t prove pharma is reducing life spans (I explained above) and I have repeatedly stated that pharma companies may have some issues but they still have benefits, are highly regulated, and are not the root of all medical issues.

          • Sally Brown

            Amar. This is YOUR OWN BIAS. Interesting about some issues and some benefits. The benefits from pharma drugs helps relieves the symptoms. The issues are they cause so many side effects you are much worse off than before you started. And so you need more drugs to treat those symptoms. It goes on and on. I saw a friend die from a whole string of drugs to treat this and that. Why don’t you admit you are just a TROLL!

          • solitairecat64

            Here’s another interesting article World’s Population is Getting Sicker, Study Shows http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/news/20150608/worlds-population-is-getting-sicker-study-shows . It states that “only about 4 percent of people worldwide had no health problems in 2013, while a third — about 2.3 billion people — had more than five health problems” which I believe we can see is true when we look around at our family, friends and neighbors. Then it says “the situation is getting worse, not better: Worldwide, the proportion of years of healthy life people lost because of illness (rather than simply dying earlier) rose from 21 percent in 1990 to 31 percent in 2013, according to the Global Burden of Disease study”.

            What’s completely insane is that during the years the worldwide population was getting sicker, worldwide revenue for the pharmaceutical industry more than doubled, increasing from $390.2 billion in 2001 to $993.6 billion in 2013. These facts are shocking enough but become completely mind blowing when you add to them the fact that in the US cardiovascular disease is expected to grow from 17.3 million deaths in 2016 to 23.6 in 2030, and cancer is expected to double over the same time period. We need to come to terms with the fact that no only is what we’re doing not working to give us long, healthy lives, its going to bankrupt us if we don’t stop!

            If we want to have long, healthy lives we must determine the root cause of our health ailments. The “experts” in the medical system do not know the cause of the leading killers like heart disease, and cancer, or perhaps some of them do but they aren’t telling us, which is why these diseases are expected to increase in prevalence over the next decade. In the article it states “The study also found a “startling” rise in ill health between 1990 and 2013 due to diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis” which many alternative doctors have proven are autoimmune diseases caused by gluten, dairy and sugar in the diet. People that remove offending foods from their diet immediately begin to reverse the symptoms of disease and many of them make a full recovery.

            You shouldn’t work so hard to dissuade people from taking charge of their own health. Rather you should take the time to understand the cause of illness and disease before it strikes you or your loved ones so you can make the best choices possible. The information from Doctors like Dr. Perlmutter is invaluable in getting to the root cause of diseases like Alzheimer’s, allowing us to prevent them with dietary changes alone and it doesn’t get much better than that.

          • Amar

            I feel like people are not actually paying attention to what I am saying and, rather, seeing me as someone who disagrees with them and then disregarding that anything I say has any fact to it.

            With that being said, I am going to make my points very clear so I don’t have to defend myself from 100 more people saying the same thing.

            1) Preventative tools are important. I never have and never will deny that. I think it is almost common sense that exercise, sleep, stress, and diet are important factors in health, and every doctor probably knows this too. Going back to your first point, the reason for the increased rates of disease may be due to people engaging in less sleep and exercise and making poor dietary choices.

            2) Although preventative medicine is important, it is not the full story. Medicine that is not preventative is very important in curing and maintaining diseases that, despite every possible preventative tool, can still occur. It allows lots of people to live healthy lives when they otherwise could not have.

            3) Medicine, generally, has costs, but the costs also, generally, do not outweigh the benefits.

            4) Modern medicine, like all things, will always have flaws, but scientific knowledge and medicine is also always improving.

            5) There is no such thing as “mainstream” doctors, science, and medicine being right or wrong and “alternative” doctors, science, and medicine being right or wrong, there is only good and bad doctors, science, and medicine.

            6) “Mainstream” doctors, science, and medicine, however, is much more highly regulated than “alternative” doctors, science, and medicine, which tends to make it more trustworthy and reliable. For example, it can take years to decades to allow a drug, medical device, surgical procedure, etc., to be approved for use. Over these many years the drug, surgery, or medical device goes through many tests and clinical trials to ensure its effectiveness and safety. “Alternative” doctors, science, and medicine, however, has no regulation even close to this. This, often, allows “alternative” doctors to get away with lots of bogus claims that many people fall for.

            7) There is no proof increased pharmaceutical company revenue is causing an increase in disease.

            8) There is a lot of current research that involves root causes of diseases. The reason you don’t find the answer every week is not because the pharmaceutical companies are stealing all of the money, but because there are many different causes to diseases and diseases are very complicated. It is likely not as simple as: everything is an autoimmune disease caused by gluten, dairy, and sugar. In addition, there is a lot of research saying gluten and dairy are not the main causes to most diseases for most people, and lots of times, don’t even seem to be factors. Finally, root causes of many major illnesses are already quite well known, no one is hiding them from anyone. For example, increased heart disease risk is associated with smoking, high sodium intake, high saturated fat (eg red meat) intake, sedentary lifestyle, and genetics. Obviously not the full picture, but I wouldn’t call that nothing.

          • solitairecat64

            The only point I partly agree with you on is #1. Preventative tools are important! The problem with your comment that “it’s common sense that exercise, stress, and diet are important factors in health” is that nutrition isn’t part of medical training http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/830697 . Many of us, MD’s included, were taught the food pyramid in school which is completely the opposite of a healthy diet. The lack of dietary training in medical school reveals that the role of diet in illness and disease is not sanctioned by the allopathic medical system. Can MD’s be punished or sued for making statements outside those they were taught even though as you state the relationship between diet and disease is “common sense”?

            #2 When preventative medicine becomes the “full story” our rates of illness and disease will diminish. Our medical system does excel in emergency medicine so it makes sense for MD’s to continue to deliver these services to the public.

            #3 The article that confirmed the population has been getting sicker is ample evidence that the skyrocketing costs of our medical system do not outweigh the benefits. We spend so much money on allopathic medicine, including pharmaceuticals and MD’s, which isn’t addressing illness and disease that we are too poor to afford functional medicine which likely would turn the tide of illness around.

            #4 We manage health care using a risk management approach. Science has fallen woefully short because it can only compare against few hypotheses in controlled environments. Using a risk management approach would entail forecasting and evaluation of health risks together with the identification of factors to avoid or minimize their impact.

            #5 Functional Medicine is designed to “address the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership” and “better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century” https://www.functionalmedicine.org/What_is_Functional_Medicine/AboutFM/. I believe we should redirect our healthcare dollars from Allopathic Medicine to Functional Medicine immediately, have existing allopathic MD’s trained in this broader approach, and reap the benefit of focusing on patient health rather than illness.

            #6 Functional Medicine utilizes a “a powerful new operating system and clinical model for assessment, treatment, and prevention of chronic disease” which can “replace the outdated and ineffective acute-care models carried forward from the 20th century”.

            #7 By directing our health care dollars to Pharmaceuticals without understanding the underlying causes we are throwing our money out the window. Functional Medicine “incorporates the latest in genetic science, systems biology, and understanding of how environmental and lifestyle factors influence the emergence and progression of disease”, “enables physicians and other health professionals to practice proactive, predictive, personalized medicine and empowers patients to take an active role in their own health”.

            #8 I highly recommend everyone watch the Betrayal series created by Dr. Tom O’Bryan. He interviews many doctors who are taking a broader approach to treating illness and disease, and he interviews many patients who benefit significantly from dietary changes alone. I was shocked when he interviewed an MD who exhausted all the allopathic medical system had to offer to treat her MS, who was able to see improvement within weeks of making dietary changes. The public need to realize that most illnesses are autoimmune diseases including diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and arthritis, which are the ones which experienced a “startling” rise between 1990 and 2013.

            In my early education, we were taught the art of debate, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The topics we debated were, very “hot” ones, abortion and capital punishment. We were divided into two teams and were required to provide arguments to support our stance. I had noticed of late, many people using strawman arguments which is when they set up an alternate argument, different from the original and attack it, pretending to have attacked the original. With the recent US election of Mr. Trump, I was surprised at how he developed such a large following even through much of what he stated was either outright lies or conjecture. The teacher in this video does an excellent job of dissecting Trumps logical fallacies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2CxDu7jiyE.

            We could all use some training in the art of debate so we don’t attack our opponent (which you have done in some of your comments here) or incorporate any “logical fallacies”. You have used the strawman fallacy in attacking the comment that “conventional doctors are in business to make a profit”. You rephrase the argument to be about doctors making money off pharmaceutical companies, ignoring the fact that profit is net of expenses and pharmaceutical companies pay doctors training and provide them with free samples for their patient which in effect increases their profit. I won’t bother going through all your statements but you use a lot of logical fallacies in your arguments. What you see as people not paying attention to what your saying is, in fact, them ignoring the logical fallacies in your arguments.

          • Amar

            Wow that was a very long response. In response to that, I wasn’t making any “fuzzy maybes”, its actually pretty well research that smoking, high sodium, etc. is associated with heart disease. I think the only one making “fuzzy maybes” is you. Your making conclusions about things that have little support and evidence (eg gluten and dairy causing autoimmune diseases, functional medicine will fix everyone’s health problems, allopathic medicine is failing (you can’t prove this by saying spending is increasing, that could be due to lots of things, for example, putting in money to find a cure). I agree that doctors are probably taught too little nutrition, but you should also refer back to my previous post when I stated science and medicine is always improving. This is also true for nutritional guidelines. If we had all the answers to nutrition, which many “alternative” doctors believe we do, then I’m sure the nutritional guidelines would stop changing, but the fact is that new information about nutrition (as with all medicine and science) is constantly being discovered and incorporated into nutritional guidelines and modern medicine. For the rest of your points, I don’t really know much about them, but it seems like your getting your information from somewhat biased sources. If you looked on both sides of the argument you may have a different perspective, but then again, real doctors and health care professionals don’t often waste their time making overly dramatic and controversial health videos. As for the logical fallacy statement, I would honestly be impressed with myself If I was able to consciously pull off a debate tactic like that. I probably just got confused about the amount of different responses I was getting and my responses didn’t align to all of them. I have only been stating my own beliefs from my experiences, I wasn’t trying to dissuade people by using some complicated argument style to win this useless argument (that obviously neither of us will agree on).

          • solitairecat64

            I realize that you got the “fuzzy maybes” directly from the medical system and you have accepted them as the facts not realizing that they are not. We might believe it is proven that smoking is associated with heart disease, but is it? We should wonder given the fact that during the same time period smoking decreased significantly, heart disease continued to increase. This fact alone shows there is no link between smoking and heart disease, but there is other evidence as well.

            Studies that show coronary artery calcification (CAC) “is highly prevalent in patients with coronary heart disease and is associated with major adverse cardiovascular events” but “despite a significant amount of research addressing CAC, our understanding of the pathogenesis, clinical implication and management of CAC remains limited” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4712374/

            And when combined with this study, proves that there is no correlation between smoking and CAC because while “Smokers with any CAC had significantly higher mortality than smokers without CAC” the study also concludes that “the absence of CAC might not be as useful a “negative risk factor” in active smokers, because this group has mortality rates similar to non-smokers with mild-to-moderate atherosclerosis.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23058072

            Studies confirm that Cardiovascular calcification is an inflammatory disease https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21566338, and that this chronic inflammation can be mediated with an anti-inflammatory diet https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19586558. There is evidence that taking calcium supplements raises the risk for heart disease and can be connected with accelerated deposit of calcium in blood-vessel walls, and K2 inhibits this process https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4566462/.

            But the American Heart Association has a different message. They say “it is not proven that inflammation causes cardiovascular disease” and stick with their original message that “risk factors like cigarette smoking, high blood pressure and LDL (bad) cholesterol can ‘injure’ the heart. In turn, atherosclerosis, the buildup of fatty deposits in the inner walls of arteries, can develop. This narrows the arteries and increases the risk they’ll become blocked.” I can only wonder why they don’t adapt their message to incorporate the newest study findings because that will save lives! http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/More/MyHeartandStrokeNews/Inflammation-and-Heart-Disease_UCM_432150_Article.jsp#.WGu_w1zpos0

            What we see from this information is that while science is uncovering new information about causes of heart disease, it isn’t being incorporated into the medical system!

          • solitairecat64

            Let’s look at heart disease which you applaud the medical system for determining that an increased risk is associated with “smoking, high sodium intake, high saturated fat (eg red meat) intake, sedentary lifestyle, and genetics”. I believe we should save our applause for positive, measurable outcomes, not fuzzy maybe’s.

            This article Forecasting the Future of Cardiovascular Disease in the United States http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/123/8/933 states that “cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in the United States and is responsible for 17% of national health expenditures. As the population ages, these costs are expected to increase substantially.” Why would CVD cost so much money and be expected to affect 40.5% of the US population and costs jump from $273 billion in 2010 to $818 billion by 2030 if we know what the cause(s) are? The prognosis for cancer over the next 15 years is even more dismal – a 40% rise which of course will increase costs enormously.

            Let’s pretend CVD are cancer are a financial (health) portfolio which our Financial (Health) Manager told us was going to lose significant value over the next 15 years while their management fee increased, what would we do? We would fire our Financial (Health) Manager and replace them with someone who will deliver the result we desire. What’s incredible is that we don’t even expect our health care providers to make us healthier. They’ve got us so confused and afraid that we are satisfied with their performance although they fail miserably at keeping us healthy.

            Here is more evidence that our tax dollars are being wasted by directing money to allopathic physicians and drugs to treat illness and disease. When doctors go on strike mortality decreases https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18849101. In the article they try to say the causes are the lack of surgeries and the short length of time involved which is pure speculation to save the medical system from the humiliation of knowing that, not only do they not cure illness and disease, apart from their provision of emergency services, what they do leads to more deaths. We would benefit by redirecting our tax dollars away from the allopathic medical system for treatment of illness and disease, but keep their emergency care services which they are good at.

          • AnnieLaurie Burke

            You are incorrect in saying med students are not trained by pharma companies. Pharma companies provide a substantial amount of material used in training med students, and they provide the majority of material in “continuing education” for practicing docs. And that includes both day-to-day “briefings” of doctors by pharma reps AND more formal types of continuing ed. It is shocking that you keep making these statements, when the role of pharma companies is not only NOT a secret, but is a practice about which said companies boast. It’s the same business model that, until recently, united the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and the junk food companies in an unholy alliance.

          • Amar

            can you give me a reason to believe you?

          • AnnieLaurie Burke

            ??? “There are none so blind as those that will not see”. If you are so enamored of your own biases that you don’t even bother to check out the information, links, authors, and even the pharma company websites, as noted by other commenters besides me, that’s your loss. Can I give you a reason to believe me? You could find reasons if you bothered to look, but you have no desire to learn. I personally could not care less whether you believe me or not. Facts are not dependent for their existence on your belief.

          • Amar

            Don’t try and put labels on me. I read all of the information the other commenters showed me and responded to them. And I don’t need to waste my time looking for reasons to believe scandals, I have plenty of more important things to do.

          • Sally Brown

            128,000 and you say only “that’s a fair point”. I call it an admission! LOL Why don’t you research the number dying from the Statin drugs alone. And also the unbelievable profit made from same.

          • jazzfeed

            The boilerplate meme, a psyop: “The benefits outweigh the risks.”
            The truth: “The damages outweigh the potential benefits.” Especially for statins and flu vaccines.

        • Sally Brown

          Really? Proof please or hold your peace! Don’t you mean killed millions! Of course not. No doubt you will return to your own little world and continue to support the drug/pharma industry.

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    Thanks for the info — always interesting information.

    • David Perlmutter

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    Thx! i just recd my Relax and Restore from Amazon as well as some powerful Omega3 fish oil and Multi vit ( all Dr. Tobias w/ multi. positive reviews!) Ronna Berezin

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  • Ron

    Dr. Perlmutter. I saw you several years ago and thank you for helping me. I believe this supplement is available now. Please let me know it this is not what you are recommending. Following is a link to the source:

    • Bill

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      • dcohn

        His credibility is at stake? Are you suggesting that some wacko post about a link to some friggin coffee extract and how the good doc replies will make or break his career?

        Why are you even here reading this stuff? God bless Dr. Perlmutter for having the BALLS to say the truth in an environment that attacks first and ask why later. Shocking that you can say such a thing to the good doc. God bless him for showing us with science what natural products can do for us. Stop watching the FAKE news on TV and Internet. That will surely lead to serious illness. The screens will kill you. This has been proven. I stake your credibility on it which is already extremely limited.

        YUKYUKYUK. God loves us all. Even you and me. Love thy neighbor and you will help the planet. Only show love to everyone you meet enemies and friends alike.

        • AnnieLaurie Burke

          It’s possible that Bill’s comment was snark and not meant to be taken seriously.

        • Ron

          Young man you are out of line. I am not a wacko poster.
          I have a sincere interest in taking the supplement
          Dr. Perlmutter has recommended. I simply was not sure
          the one in the link was the correct one.

  • Robin

    Does WCFC contain as much (or more) caffeine than regular coffee? I have epilepsy and am not supposed to drink coffee.

    • Ottavia Zeffilini

      Hey Robin,, I have MS and I eat the cherry fruit from the 2 coffee trees in my yard ,don’t get buzzy from it at all but I do feel more alert and my memory has become amazingly bright. You could start with a little of the powder ,see how you feel and then up it until perhaps it if ever, starts to bother you. I’m going to buy some so as to have it year round, the trees only fruit 2 times a year. Good Wishes.

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      How did you overcome tremors? I have familial or essential tremor and have to take a huge amount of a drug to keep them somewhat controlled. It’s very hard to live life on this drug.

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    Are there any studies of WCFC that aren’t run by Futureceuticals, who sell this product?

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        Thanks Doctor I want to try this as I have problems with depression and obesity but also found out I have had a vision problem all these years. Now doing vision therapy at 57. It will improve my reading and seeing in all things. Building those new connections in my brain. Neuroplasticity.

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    There is no cure for Alzheimer’s at this point in time. No pharmaceuticals help Alzheimer’s Disease in fact they have been known to make patients even worse. Dr. Perlmutter’s research and suggestions of brain supplements are affordable and the best thing we have at this point for this terrible debilitating disease that affects patients and families alike. Keep up the great work Dr. Perlmutter and thank you for getting your knowledge and research out there to the public through the publication of your books. You are helping so many people!

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    i get dizzy and nausea with drinking coffee, will whole coffee fruit extract react the same way?

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    It doesn’t look like there’s a lot of this product that can be ordered online. I want to avoid the high carb drinks that contain coffee fruit extract. I did find some capsules from Bad Monkey Botanicals. Is there a recommended dose per day for preventive care for someone already in good health? BMB has 100 mg or 250 mg caps. Thanks.

  • Samantha Veitch

    Very interesting to read about the effect of BDNF and the role coffee fruit extract could have in raising levels. I was actually researching its antioxidant potential- which is huge (you can always tell as its the bright coloured berries) as they have to protect themselves from the suns rays at low latitude, high altitude. I’m using a cacao and berry blend which has coffee fruit extract in it so nothing to do with this patented brand but I’m grateful for their research! 🙂

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    I would like to know if there’s a particular brand of coffee fruit extract that is best. There are so many!

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    Thank you Dr. Perlmutter for the Whole Life TV special. It was a great refresher after reading the book and motivational as well. I especially appreciated the simple, straight forward, and conversational presentation of your research along with the footnotes you provided on screen. I never have questions after listening to your videos because you explain your research in an easy to understand, but thorough way. My husband and I chose to go gluten-free after reading Grain Brain 2 years ago. We cannot imagine going back and plan to continue improving our diet and lifestyle to stay healthy and active.

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for watching! Wishing you the best of health.

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    I am searching for a reliable source of coffee fruit extract, as described in “The Grain brain Whole Life Plan”. It is proving to be a challenge and so far I am not sure I’m finding a source where I will find this awesome sounding supplement in the right form to easily get the 100mg/day that you are recommending. I’ve found one source for “Kona Red” which calls a single serving to be 1 tsp, which sounds like way too much compared to 100mg. Are there any suggestions? Thank you very much for all the work you have done!

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    Where do I buy this whole coffee fruit extract? Is is a pill form of powder?

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    Hi, not sure what the discussion is about, but just watching Depression Dialogues, and listening to Dr P, about inflammation.
    I have a question, not sure if and where I will get an answer, but here goes.
    I was dx with Lyme Disease, saw Infectious Disease Dr., and took 2000mg of Cephalax, and 500 mg of synthetic Quinine, a dose I built up to, and sustained for 18 months until. I stopped 28 months ago due to excessive 24 hour heartburn, and ongoing and worsening reactivity to any and all scents and particles, with extreme lung and sinus infection and congestion, and very slow intestinal processing.
    Thanks, if anyone has an answer.

  • Yvonne C. Gemme

    Yvonne again, I stated my problem, but forgot to ask my question. How do I reverse the impact of high levels of antibiotics, and stop being seemingly allergic to everything around me.
    Thanks again.

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