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Debi W.

May 17, 2014

I am thankful for discovering the information revealed in Grain Brain and Wheat Belly books! It has truly been life changing!! I am a 57 year old female and have always been a health nut. My eating habits and weight were considered to be far superior to the mainstream American diet. 

A short version of my story is that I began suffering daily from extreme pain/sensitivity in my temples & head. After a year of medical leave, I was ultimately let go from my corporate position (stress exacerbated my pain) and found myself struggling daily to cope with my physical condition. Over the past four years, I was examined by 24 people with “Doctor” in front of their names, along with 12 others that I would classify as “medical professionals” (therapists, psychiatrist, acupuncturists, specialized massage therapy, chiropractors, etc.). It should be noted that I was treated by 5 different neurologists during this time!  

My journey to health has been a lengthy, frustrating and discouraging one.  My symptoms were unique and (at the end of the day) ALL the doctors and medical professionals had NO idea what was wrong with me. I had sleep studies, 2 special mouth guards made for TMJ, Botox shots in my temples and jaws, MRIs, CAT scans, numerous X-rays, nerve blocking shots in my scalp, expensive blood tests, consults with facial experts, eye exams, was hospitalized with migraines, laser treatments for head & neck, too many prescriptions to count (most of which, after reading the drug warnings, I choose not to take!), hormonal supplements & herbal remedies….etc. One of the most discouraging visits was to an allergist with 30 years experience who refused to test me for ANY food sensitivities. That was in December 2013, and I was starting to give up hope that I would EVER get well.

After discovering the gluten/inflammation connection, I am happy to report that I went gluten free on Jan 4, 2014. Within the first week – I had 3 pain free days! This was truly a miracle for me! In the past 4 months, I have continued to experience dramatic improvements in my health. I was very happy with my body shape & size, but I have watched in amazement as pounds have vanished and my body shape has changed. The only way I can describe this is to say that my body feels healthy!

Everyone thinks eating this way is an enormous inconvenience. In fact, I have found the opposite to be true. The foods are so satisfying that I have no cravings and the “forbidden” foods have zero appeal to me.

Today I would say that I am 90% better and this is a direct result of my diet over the past 4 months. I am taking NO medications, just the recommended supplements. Considering the length of time I experienced my head pain, I am feeling so grateful and blessed to have discovered this information.

-Debi W.

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