This USDA database lists both macro and micronutrient content for many food items.  Pay special attention to the grams of carbohydrates per serving, as we want to keep our intake low. View the database on the USDA website here.

139 thoughts on “Carb Content of Common Foods

    1. DanielLaw

      Rice is very easy to digest. Considered quickly absorbed. Therefore on the Glycemic index it tends to have a marked effect on blood sugar because the faster your body absorbs a sugar the faster it needs to respond to that sugar. Wikipedia says rice is 80g of carbs per 100g of material, which means its high carbohydrate. When you read the book “Grain Brain” you’ll read about the potential for carbs to harm your brain. If you exercise carbs are fine: especially after a workout because they can speed recovery by restoring glycogen levels immediately. But if you aren’t spent on energy then you do not need that high of a percentage of carbohydates at one time. More in the book as to WHY you don’t need that, but if you require more explanation I’m available just to talk as strangers.

  1. qofmiwok

    The USDA database is detailed but isn’t as helpful as a list that would show the carbs right there without going into the detail of each item. Know of such a list?

  2. Sharron Cherry

    I am trying to calculate my total carbs for the day. Am I supposed to subtract the carbs from fiber in my 30-40 allowable grams? For example, I had 1/2 an avocado today. Total carbs is about 17 grams, but 13 of that is fiber. Do I count that in my total as 2 grams for the 1/2 avocado or 8.5 grams which would include the fiber?

    1. Darag Rennie

      You don’t include the fibre Sharron as your body can’t digest it and turn it into sugar. So take the fibre grams off the total carb grams to find the net/impact carbs. In this case 17-13=4. so 2 gms of carbs for a 1/2 an avocado.

  3. Anne Lange

    I listened to your book on a recording I got from BARD, (The
    visually handicapped service.)

    I was very
    impressed with your book.

I started your recommended foods about 10 days ago.

I made green tea but mixed it with black tea as I had it 50
    +years ago—-(-I never cared for
    green tea alone).

I have lost 10 # ( I am 260#).

    I feel better—–
    but want to tell you I have had A MIRACLE, really. I have had stress incontinence for 10 years and had numerous
    tests, meds, etc. I credit the green tea as the only change that could have
    STOPPED the constant urges and leaks. Has this happened before? I am a retired
    RN, and am in awe.

  4. PLH7777

    A friend recently asked me why the Alzheimer’s rate in Italy isn’t higher given their bread and pasta diet. Their rate of Alzheimer’s is only slightly higher than outs in the US. Any ideas anyone?

  5. Gustavo

    Dr Perlmutter, I just finished your book, I am a physician in New Zealand, most of my patient have either DM or Insulin resistance, I have been getting a lot of grief when speaking against the use of statins on this population. If in understood correctly it is only the oxidized LDL that becomes toxic and the driver is the elevated levels of glycemia. The majority of my patients are unwilling or just not motivated for life style modifications, so as much as I have tried to change their eating habits I am afraid I have not been an effective motivator. If patients continue to eat so poorly should they remain on statin medications? Should they be prescribed at all? Thank you doc, you are truly inspiring.

    1. Darag Rennie

      Gustavo, I’m in NZ too and trained in medicine before deciding not to practice. I did go vegetarian when I was in med school though and 30 years later when all sorts of things started to go wrong in my body I shifted to a low carb paleo/lchf diet. My blood fats came back to normal very quickly as well as many other improvements. I hope David answered your question somewhere. As I’ve mentored quite a few people on it now, my take on helping people change is that unless they have a real internal motivation it’s not going to happen. It’s about looking for even a slight openness and willingness to explore. From there it can be an art to find the right questions and comments that help people open the door more fully to the changes that need to be made. Congrats on being a doctor who has opened that door inside themselves. There’s a great bunch of doc’s who are making a very public stand at the moment. I’ve mentioned some of them on the following page, if you haven’t heard of them all, they’re worth paying attention to:

    2. Francine Andrea

      Gustavo, expect grief over removing patients from statins…Big Pharma has orchestrated a brain washing for years to accomplish this. In Grain Brain Dr. Perlmutter talks about a book written “Lipitor, Thief of Memory” if you are looking into Dr. Perlmutter’s treatments you are an amazing doctor!!! Trust your gut and continue fight for the best treatment for your patients. It’s doctors like you that should fill our hospitals and local clinics!

      1. texasmom1943

        Duane Graveline MD MPFormer USAF Flight Surgeon
        Former NASA Astronaut – his website tells what happened when he was prescribed statins…….twice.

  6. Terri

    I am looking for a protein powder to mix in a smoothie that is gluten free, soy free and dairy fee. what do you suggest?

    1. Jennifer

      I am not sure how this measures up for this diet, but Vega makes a vegan protein powder that is gluten free, soy free, and dairy free. The nutritional info should be there.

    2. LucyO

      Hi Terri!

      I’d recommend Collective Choice organic-vegan protein powder. It has super simple packaging, and doesn’t seem as fancy as so many of the others, but I think CC just has their priorities straight– no major flairs and it’s also cheaper than the others. It’s free of wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, and all types of fish. I love the fact that it’s organic, whereas Vega, which I also like, is not. Protein sources: rice, hemp, chia, mushroom protein blend (reishi, king trumpet, lion’s mane, cordyceps, himematsutake, turkey tail, shiitake, and maitake).

  7. Barb

    Already gluten,corn,soy,dairy free…I don’t want to loose weight what can I eat on grain brain diet so this doesn’t happen.

  8. SH

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter, I just finished reading your book, Brain Grain. As others stated, it is very inspiring. One big concern that I have regarding your diet plans is that as a resident of California, I have read extensively about the situation at the Fukishima nuclear power plant in Japan. According to what I’ve read, the power plant has been constant spewing radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean which is now killing sea life on the entire west coast. I read the Monterey Aquarium’s list of recommended fish which listed many Pacific fish. I’m not convinced to eat them however. Do you have another recommended source of fish products?

  9. ColoTenn

    Dr. Perlmutter I read your book in December & began strict diet per your book in January. I have during this time lost over 35# and many inches but I went on the ‘life style’ diet to hopefully avoid Dementia. I feel much better not eating bread and I was raised on a farm! It was difficult. My dilemma now is that I thought I was doing the right thing about 2 months ago & started taking a “Vitamineral Green” and Vitamineral Earth” from (I actually purchased at my vitamin store). I am afraid that the wheat grass, alfalfa grass, barley grass & oat grass could be doing me more harm than good. The Earth does not have this but the Green do. They have tons of really good ingredients to include millions of probiotics. What would your thoughts be of these ingredients? Could grasses have gluten? I know we are to eat grass fed beef.

    One more thing, how much greek yogurt would you suggest we eat on a daily basis or is it best not to eat it daily? I’m eating probably 1 cup daily for breakfast with boiled eggs. Thank you for all you do! I have promoted your book or purchased it for people for the last 10 months! (By the way I am not on Face Book so please don’t answer there).

    1. love

      Dear coloTenn,get your own answers for your own body. The powder or foods in question ,stanging up, take one at a time any substance you questionn ,hold in your hands, then close your eyes. Standing straight up with eyes closed. If you feel a pulling or falling forward then that substance is good for you. If you fall or feel a pull backwards , It is toxic for you. If you don t have a pull either way, and feel centered, well its not bad for you but you dont need it at this time. This is called muscle testing, kenisiology. Same principle on lie detector equipment. Your body moves forward and stays strong with Good or truth. Your body falls back with toxic or lie and gets week. Hope this helps. There are so many methods of muscle testing, this is the simplest sure way to weed out the garbage. This helps you trust yourself and your body. You go ! Kudos for taking charge of your own health ! Blessings.

  10. Talitha Boshoff

    Carrots are super low in GI/GL. Curious to know why the are on the “Moderation” list in Grain Brain.

  11. Mandy

    I am a strict vegetarian,dairy intolerant and not an egg lover. I am wondering how I am going to get my protein quota. Until now tofu has been quite a large part of my diet, as have legumes. Your book says to avoid tofu, but where does tempeh fit in?

  12. Tina

    Does anyone know about the products sold by
    They sell coconut sap products (Asian sauce, cream, bars, ice cream) all claiming low glycemic , gluten-free, organic, soy-free, GMO free.

  13. Waterboy509

    I really enjoyed Grain Brain. My 18 year old daughter would benefit from the information, but is not interested to learn it from me. Could you produce a book on the benefits of a grain free brain, that would be a quick, youth focused read?

    1. David Perlmutter

      Perhaps these blog posts and my social media content (Facebook, videos, etc.), may prove valuable for that purpose.

  14. sunshine

    breadless turkey stuffing?
    I have been searching for a breadless turkey stuffing unsuccessfully. I am hoping I can find one here. I did find something related to GRAIN BRAIN on the internet, but it too included bread. I did find some alternative suggestions but nothing that is non-carb. (chick peas). I am in Canada and our Thanksgiving is this Monday Oct. 13.

  15. Steve Penta

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter. Do you feel the Alkaline Diet is a myth? I really enjoyed “Grain Brain”. I think it’s along the same lines as another really good book, “The Great Cholesterol Myth”. Thanks

  16. Bill B

    Daily baby aspirin aggravates my arthritis. How come? Does it cause inflammation? Should I take it anyway because of the many benefits?

    1. DougB

      I to have had gallbladder removed and have the same and question – can you share your conclusions and opinions

  17. WiplashMcTavish

    Hello, While I am still in the process of reading Grain Brain, I am quite fascinated with it and very much so want to protect my mind and body as well as try to get the word out to others of the same goal. Grain Brain has inspired and given some direction on where I want to go with my college career, perhaps a nutritionist and/or neurologist. 😉 Anyways, I am a 20 year old male only weighing about 130lbs. While I know that the minimum carbohydrate requirement is 0, I was wondering about other minimum/maximum nutritional requirements such as protein, sodium, and ,of course, fat for a healthy l.c.h.f. diet. Any information at all would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  18. PLH7777

    Dr. Perlmutter. After reading Grain Brain, I’m eating less carbs, and taking all supplements you suggested. I’m eating more eggs and cheese and have added grass-fed beef on occasion. My cholesterol was an issue before I began this new eating plan but I could not take statins. My recent blood work indicates Cholesterol: 275, HDL: 69, Triglycerides: 63, LDL: 193, Non-HDL: 206. Should I be concerned? If not, at what levels should I be concerned? Thank you.

  19. Bob

    Dr Perlmutter, I’m an ex-publican, is hard liquor (rum, whisky,etc) when mixed with water or soda water (plain carbonated water) as unhealthful as beer? Is one a day ok?

  20. trish

    Im in the middle of the “grain Brain”. Enjoying very much. The more research I do with all the “eating societies” …vegan, paleo, etc I am so confused and the fog isnt clearing. There is so much out there and each way of eating is so on one side or the other with all their science and thoughts. I love the idea of a plant based diet with the addition of beans/legums, some rices etc. But this type of eating I feel is on the higher GI side of things. Higher carb foods cause increase in insulin etc therefore leading to inflammation…meat/dairy also cause increase in inflammation….beans/legums may cause gut issues….omg how are we suppose to eat. The confusion is killing me. I have read the China Study, I have listened to the Immune Summit by Dr Amy Myers…I have read Wheat Belly, Reversing Heart disease (dr ornish), listened to Dr Mak Hyman…HELP!!! Any thoughts??? Thanks so much for reading my rant…lol

    1. David Perlmutter

      The best option is to research all the information out there, and then find the dietary and lifestyle plan that works best for you. You might want to consider reviewing your options with your physician.

  21. Nuno Marques

    I am following your indications as food but feel the end of the day a lot of irritability, especially with sounds. I searched the net and I see that maybe is the lack of carbohydrates. What would you recommend me?


    1. keto guy

      i would recommend you decrease carbs further if possible, increase healthy fat esp coconut oil, and hang in there. It is just that your body has not made the switch from burning glucose for fuel to burning fat (ketones) for fuel. research keto flu, and ketogenic diet.

  22. WiplashMcTavish

    I realize that the “Carb Content of Common Foods” comments are perhaps not the correct place to ask questions on any subject, however I have found it to be the most popular and easily accessible place to query information about “Grain Brain”. If there is a better place for queries, I would love to be redirected! Regardless, I do have a question to ask: Does decaffeinated coffee provide the same detoxification benefits(Nrf2 activation) as caffeinated coffee does? Thank you very much and I apologize if this question is misplaced on this website.

  23. Vicky

    I am rereading Dr. Perlmutter’s wonderful book, have completely changed my diet and have a few questions. Is a tablespoon a day of coconut oil (used in cooking) too much? What is a reasonable amount that can be consumed per day?
    I now eat cheese after avoiding it for years. About how many ounces of cheese per day is recommended?
    Thank you very much!

  24. Cathie Lee Dahar

    My husband and I, mid 60s, just finished Grain Brain and are ready to get started on this new way of eating. Do we count net carbs or total carbs is my only question?

  25. janet

    There are no carb counts for the recipes in the book Grain Brain. How might I get these? I am diabetic and need the numbers.

    1. David Perlmutter

      Someone in your position can consume carbs, but you want to keep it limited to 80-100g/day.

  26. Suzanne

    Dr Perlmutter
    I am so happy to have read your book. I have been on statins for years and was dx with diabetes in my 40s. My A1C is 6.4. I have always been told once you have DM you always have it?? Is that true? If I cont on the diet can I reverse DM? thanks you so much for all your research and insight.

  27. Annette

    Dr. Permutter,
    Although I have good BMs, I was taking physllium daily. Should I continue that along with the “Grain Brain” diet?

  28. Theresa

    What about rice starch? I noticed it on the ingredients list of Organic Almond Milk. Good or bad?

  29. Julie Baldus

    Hi Dr Perlmutter I’ve been on the lchf diet for a year and feel great, lots of energy etc. I am not going to change back any time soon. But have you heard of the study where mice develop inflammation in the brain on a high fat diet. I find this very difficult to understand as I have read so much about the sugar/carb pathway to systemic inflammation but have heard nothing about fat being a problem. This research was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the UCSF Diabetes Family Fund. I would be interested to hear your take on their experiment.
    Kind regards

  30. shari christopherson

    my health store has a licenced and very accredited threw several universities regarding siliacs and non ciliacs but still sensitivity to glutan, she carries a protien powder that is medical grade and contains none of the gluten,soy or dairy. im not sure what the nane is but you deffinetly want to look into medical grade protien powder.

  31. Vicky Margheim

    Hi! Is there any limit in the amount of high-fat food (and low-carbs) that we can eat if we are intending to loss weight? Furthermore, are vegetables considered cabrs? The 50-70grms of cabs permitted per day include vegetables-type carbs? Thanks!

  32. Susann K. Martin

    Dr Perl Mutter, I was told about butter coffee by a client of mine and gave it a try. I really love how I feel and the energy it gives me, but I am concerned about if it is healthy or not. 10 oz coffee , tablespoon of clarified butter, tablespoon coconut oil, cinnamen, vanilla than whip for 30 seconds in blender til frothy. Thank you

  33. Charles Atkinson

    I started implementing the Perlmutter Protocol on April 1, 2015. I wanted to lose weight while recovering from WNV encephalitis and poliomyelitis. I’ve been recovering from illness and injury for over three years now.

    My results are terrific. Lost 10 pounds. No cravings.

  34. Geraldine Granado

    I’m 29weeks pregnant and tested positive for gestational diabetes, is it possible to be hypoglycemic and not g.diabetic? What can I do to become healthy? I have Brain Grain and Brain Maker..can u ref which pages to read more carefully..? (There is no history of diabetes in my family)

  35. Brandon Keys

    Dr Perlmutter- I read the Grain Brain and have changed my diet dramatically since I am high risk for Alzheimer’s based on genetic history with my grandmother and now my mother at 67 being diagnosed last year. Thank you for all of the great insight and strategies! My question is – tuna is not mentioned on either list? Obviously fresh tuna would be preferred but is canned tuna to be avoided? I try to bring quick prep lunches into work without lunch meat and thought canned tuna may be ok but I could be wrong. I have heard concerns about the mercury levels but isn’t that true with most seafood?

  36. Joe McDonogh

    I absolutely love what you are doing with your books and information and making it more readily available, so first of all, thank you! my question is in regard to fruits and consumption, something I can’t quite find an answer for. Why in countries such as the Philippines, where fruits such as papaya, mangos, bananas etc are almost their staples, why are they mostly skinny and healthy? Along with the amount of rice they consume… The countries where conditions are not readily available to grow above ground vegetables, and fruits grow all year round…

  37. Lisa

    I have a question re alcohol intake. Is vodka allowed on low carb gluten free diet? Are there certain brands that are better than others? I read Grain Brain and found your suggestions regarding wine, but none for hard liquor. Thanks

  38. Natalie

    What is your advice regarding carb intake for endurance athletes? 50 mile races and beyond…
    Also, for those with IBS issues?

    1. David Perlmutter

      For highly active athletes, I say increase your daily carb load to 80-100g/day.

  39. lisa

    I recently finished your book Brain Maker. I am curious to hear from you if you have any specific dietary recommendations for a person on lithium (long term) as this being a “benign” salt is constipating. Have been on probiotics for years, fairly gluten free and now would like to incorporate fermented foods as well.

  40. Gina Giesler

    Hi my Name is Gina! Looking for a diet that may help with Cyclic vomiting Syndrome.

  41. Sally Eckert

    I have a question about peanut butter. I have used the Adams brand, which has no additives, for years. The ratio of fats to carbs seems good, and the protein value is nice. I wonder if it would be all right to have a tablespoonful daily as a part of protein intake. I am a vegetarian at present (vegan during certain times of the liturgical year) and use eggs and dairy. But a little peanut butter seems like a nice addition to me. I eat no grains, mostly fibrous carbs, two apples in a green smoothie (kale, lemon, a bit of fresh ginger, and water) daily, but my smoothie lasts me 2-1/2 days. I use the whole apple, including both peel and core; and about a quarter of the whole lemon, peel but not seeds. All are organic. I also add a bit of Kombucha to the smoothie.

  42. Rachel Davis

    Dr Perlmutter,
    I am a pysician in Texas and have unfortunately tested to be homozygous for ApoE4. All of the information I have read regarding this shows that diets high in saturated fat in people homozygous for the ApoE4 allele increase the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease. Is there any research specifically with regard to low carbohydrate diets high in saturated fats in patients homozygous for ApoE4?

  43. Ivana

    I read your book and I have to say that is amazing. Just one thing is not so clear for me. You said that we can eat as much vegetable as we want. But vegetable has some sugar too. And that is why I would like to ask you, should I count even this sugars to daily allowed 40g?

  44. Bobbi Farrell

    I am 71 yrs. old, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 6 yrs. ago. They gave me 3 mos. to live without treatment and 1 yr. with treatment. Something inside me told me I wasn’t ready to give up, I decided to take the treatments. I the mean time I got on the internet and did my own investigation on cancer and nutrition. I found out cancer feeds on sugar and vegetables kills cancer. Since my cancer I have develop a few problems. I had an excellent memory, I worked for a corporation and I couldn’t do the job unless I had a good memory, my job was to keep 300 in work and without a good memory it would be impossible to do my job. When you are being treated for cancer you get fatigue, well, since my cancer I am still fatigue but not as bad. I am looking for something to help these problems, the memory and fatigue. If someone can please direct me somewhere to get information I would greatly appreciate it.


  45. Janet McSwain

    I am looking at Chapter 10 of Grain brain, and have to ask about the carbohydrates. Does the 30 to 40 gm. of carbohydrate for the first 4 weeks include fiber? I tend toward constipation and try to get 25 g of fiber a day, which is frankly impossible while staying below 40 g. Also, you give a whole list of foods that can be consumed in abundance – vegetables like Brussel sprouts, leafy greens, broccoli, onions, etc. Liberally is the term used. I ate 8 oz of brussel sprouts for dinner and that has 18 g of carbs (8.6 of which is fiber). I find eating these, along with fats (avocado – but even that has 8.6 g of carb, 6.7 of which is fiber in 1/2 an avocado). If this 30 to 40 is NET carbs, i.e., total minus fiber, then that is easy. BUT, to get the fiber my system seems to need and stay below 30 g is just hard. I am finding giving up my blueberries to be the hardest.

  46. Marissa Jessick

    I just had a full blood panel test from my doctor. What should my targets be for optimum brain health?

  47. Dixie Fails

    Ok Question on carbs. I did the One Day fast and working on the goal of 30_40grams of carbs. I am a nutrition and fitness coach and I have a nutritional plan I follow that is similar, lots of greens, limited diary, low carbs but of course your book is teachinng me even more. The question in on carbs coming into effect with my intense workouts. I have a recovery shake I use, it is gluten free, 10g carbs, 6g sugar (beet sugar and stevia). Though while using this with my current 21day fix nutrition plan, we don’t count the recovery drink towards our allotment of food as it is considered a “targeted” product since using it directly after our workout.

    What is your advice, do I count it as my carbs or would it not be taken into account?

  48. heidi

    I am wondering what range is optimal when looking at the glycemic index? I understand it should be low but what is considered low? Thanks

  49. JohnInTheOC

    RE:”5.2 is optimal, and there’s more on that in Grain Brain” Is that < 52 Fifty two

      1. Jason

        Thankyou, I see it now in the probiotic list. I was concerned about sugar content. I appreciate your time!

  50. Don

    hello all
    I am new to this .
    I have a protean powder that has Whey protein isolate
    is this good or bad?

  51. Margaret

    confused about which squashes are allowed? Are delicate and butternut and other slightly starchy but above ground squashes able to be incorporated in small amounts into the diet?

  52. Stephanie Price

    so exactly how much protein, carbs, fat should a person take in a day depending upon their weight of course?
    I know the recommendations have been 20% if total caloric intake or .8 – 3g/kg of body weight depending on our lifestyle (sedentary, active, athletic, elderly). Can you tell me what you personally would recommend? Would it be more than what is stated above?

  53. rbcburg

    I’m 62, healthy and slender. I’ve been slender my entire life. Now that I’m eating Grain Brain foods, I’m beginning to lose weight, and this isn’t what I want. I want to gain weight. Any recommendations on healthy fare or behavior that will help me put on a few pounds?

  54. Sharon

    Can anyone please advise (Dr Perlmutter, anyone else?): I have just completed a gluten challenge and my antibodies were twice as high as the maximum for my reference range. I have a gastro and neurologist appointment scheduled, but they are not for a couple of months. Do I stay on even a small amount of gluten until the testing is done? The gastro’s office says no need, the Canadian Celiac Association says yes stay on it, my family doctor says to ask the gastro’s office, etc etc. It’s like it’s anyone’s guess. I haven’t heard back from the neurologist yet but I have been having some alarming neurological symptoms during this gluten challenge (peripheral neuropathy, migraines, sharp pain in the side of my head followed by a feeling of a flush of fluid toward the top of my scalp — that happened once after eating a seitan sausage during the gluten challenge and I’m definitely NOT eating that anymore — Now I am eating just 1/2 wheat cracker a day until I know I can end this challenge). I just don’t want this challenge to go on for another 2 months and potentially do irreversible damage to my nervous system. The symptoms are much more subtle now that I’m on just the half cracker (just the peripheral neuropathy, no migraines or anything else). Should I get off even the 1/2 cracker for now? Or will I end up with a false negative when I then do finally see the neurologist?

  55. rbcburg

    The CD version of Grain Brain has a PDF file that is a cookbook of brain-healthy foods. Dr. P’s latest book, The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan, has recipes in it. Is there a PDF cookbook in the CD editon of …Whole Life Plan?

  56. Susana Figueiredo

    Hi…..I know that you suggest using spices in place of sugars, etc., but what if you have GERD? Thank You!

  57. fermin jimenez davila

    Dr Perlmutter, in relation to the article that mentions the risk of Alzheimer’s and stroke when consuming artificial sweeteners, that sweeteners are advisable in place of these

  58. PLH7777

    I’ve been about 95% gluten free since reading Grain Brain 3 years ago. I do not have celiac or any known gluten sensitivity but thought Dr. Perlmitter was recommending no gluten for anyone. However, my doctor, a wellness physician and fan of Dr. Perlmutter’s work, told me that Dr. Perlmutter does not recommend people who do not have celiac to be gluten free. Did I miss something in my reading?

  59. Donna Stewart

    Hi Dr. Perlmutter. Have finished your 3 Brain books and have completely changed my way of eating. Am trying to beat lifelong digestive problems. Am currently trying to buy your recommended Coffee Fruit Extract, but having trouble finding it. Can you recommend a label? In what form does it come – powder, capsule, ?

  60. Linda Miles

    Just wondering, our whole family are mostly vegan to support our daughter who has MS, and because she loves animals and can’t bear to have them killed our mistreated to be eaten or used for milk. There is much research that a vegan plus fish diet is the best option to avoid getting MS. I eat fish twice a week for this reason. What can I do for my daughter and us using the grain brain principles?

  61. Roj Greenlife

    Rice has been the basic and staple food for many countries in which their people never had health problems as much as nowadays.
    For instance, we use to eat unpolished rice with remaining rice bran but now mostly polished.
    Therefore, I believe problems lie in ways we processed our food too much.
    If you love rice, then go for unpolished with minimum processing.

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