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One of the most challenging aspects of making healthy lifestyle change is finding trustworthy products. Many products in supermarkets today lack transparency in how they are created, contain harmful additives, antibiotics, or pesticides, or are nutrient-poor due to low quality agricultural practices.


But our health demands higher standards. As a part of my mission to empower you to live a healthy, happy, and long life, I want to highlight companies that have earned my vote.

Grass-fed and Organic Meats


  • Grass-fed and grass-finished beef
  • 100% organic chicken
  • Heritage breed pork
  • Keto & Paleo friendly
  • Humanely raised animals

ButcherBox is my preferred source of healthy, high-quality meat. All ButcherBox beef is sourced from grass-fed and finished farms, which results in a leaner, more nutritious cut of meat.

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Natural and Organic Wines

Dry Farm Wines

  • Keto & Paleo friendly
  • Low in sulfites
  • Sustainably farmed
  • No artificial additives, added sugars or chemicals
  • No hangovers

While I do not recommend drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, red wine in moderation can be a brain-healthy choice. While I was researching what constitutes a “healthy” wine, I learned that the FDA allows for 76 artificial additives to be included in conventional wines. It turns out the labeling requirements for wine are among the most opaque for consumers, so researching the company who you purchase your wine from is very important.

PS: It tastes better too! A study out of UCLA that reviewed more than 74,000 different bottles of wine found that natural and organic wines score significantly higher than conventional wines on a taste test.

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Organic Bone Broth

Kettle & Fire

  • Excellent source of collagen and essential amino acids
  • Grass-fed and finished beef bones
  • Organic chicken bones
  • Shelf-stable, non-frozen and without artificial ingredients
  • 2 year shelf life and sustainable recyclable packaging

Bone broth is a superfood that has largely disappeared from our diets. Kettle & Fire bone broth is a superb source of collagen, a protein that supports healthy skin, reduces inflammation, improves arthritis and joint health, and strengthens the guts protective lining.

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Organic Groceries

Thrive Market

  • Doorstep delivery of non-GMO groceries
  • 100% zero waste packaging
  • Filter by your values and preferences (keto, paleo, gluten-free, and more!)

Thrive Market is a personal favorite of mine because of how easy they make shopping for healthful, non-GMO, and organic groceries. Their doorstep delivery makes healthy living easier and the steep discounts on premium brands makes healthy eating more affordable. My personal shopping list, along with a 25% discount code for your first order, can be found at the link below!

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