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The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, MD and Brenda Watson

Brenda Watson has done some incredible work over the years, as it relates to educating us on the importance of our dietary choices. Like so many in this field she is now deeply involved in exploring how food is interpreted and processed by our gut bacteria, and, further, how these organisms play a pivotal role in determining the state of our health.

Brenda has been featured on multiple public television programs and authored highly insightful books, and now, in this video, we will yet again have the opportunity to experience her wisdom. Do enjoy.

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  • Lynn Dell

    “There’s a war going on in there.” Thanks for the humor! This is a great presentation. I liked her discussion on fiber and blood sugar regulation. Also her discussion on acid blocking drugs. She is very understandable.

    • Emmalee

      I do have a war going on in my gut at times. I juice with a VitaMix…..always includes fiber.

  • carolat538


    • Martha

      I love Brenda’s “lay” language.

  • Barbara B. Powers

    Wonderful interview on a much needed subject. Her explanation on the importance of juicing without taking away de fiber of vegetables is brilliant and should be a good warning to all the industry who is on the bandwagon of juicing without understanding what is and what is not of value.

  • Ronna Berezin

    great interview …. will buy her book

  • Judith McAllister

    Great interview. Explained issues I had not heard before. Thank you!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for that feedback, Judith.

  • hpesoj

    Is there any way to get a transcript of these interviews? Would much rather read it in 5 than watch it in 25 minutes…

    • ZolliStar

      I often fail to get information that I want because I don’t have the time to watch a video BUT could easily read the item within minutes. So, yes, I like the idea of getting interview transcripts.

      • Donald Owen

        Same here – with dozens of videos clamoring for my attention every day I long ago had to decide to skip all but the most essential – which comes down to a couple a week. I still know how to read and will nearly always ignore video/audio presentations – too much to get done in a day as it is.

        • Stephanie

          Yes, I agree. Transcript, please.

    • maria

      I agree. I would find a transcript much more convenient to read.

      • ron

        Especially for those of us with hearing disabilties.

  • Elizabeth Lavet

    I certainly will get this book. What a great resource. I am sure it will further inform me about the bacteria you all were discussing and just how to improve the balance. Dr. Perlmutter, have enjoyed your books and keep them handy to refer to all the time to help others. Your books are classics.

    • David Perlmutter

      It’s a great read. Do pick up a copy!

  • Brigid

    Yes, please supply transcripts.

  • Jill

    Thank-you, Dr. Brenda, for addressing the juicing craze and fiber issue. I fight this cleansing concept constantly with friends. Love your approach (a grateful RD).

  • T.Powell

    I have a question for both Brenda Watson & Dr Perlmutter about probiotics. We have found sauerkraut with just water and salt as the listed ingredients, but it is NOT refrigerated. (Brand name Kuhne) Is that a probiotic or not? The simple definition in the video is salt & refrigeration = probiotic. Vinegar + not refrigerated = not pro-biotic. I’m stuck in the middle here. Your advice is much appreciated.

    • maria

      Live fermented vegetables, like sauerkraut, would have to be refrigerated or they would go bad on a store shelf. Your brand of sauerkraut that lists only water and salt as added ingredients has probably been fermented and then pasteurized, so that it can sit on a store shelf. In that case you would not be getting the probiotic value of the sauerkraut. You would still get some vitamin value from the cabbage, however.

  • Francisco Villalba

    Dr Perlmutter : have you ever had patients that have experienced rectum bleeding as a result
    Of taking probiotics? I mean is it possible that the bleeding could be the result of good bacteria fighting bad bacteria in the colon?

  • Ronna Berezin

    I have begun to realize (as I sift through all the health (food, diet, etc.) videos recently invading my emails that the best sense making ( for me) is in your work and the work of those you interview. You ( unlike the others on a branch of the answer to health) have the most basic and comprehensive understanding of the issues involved; i.e you connect the dots to the study of nutriion being the cornerstone of maintaining vitality, strength, and a well functioning brain. I appreciate not only your invaluable information but the way you amplify and present without fanfare, without drama , and with an integrity that comes from intelligence rather than academia. Thank you so much.

  • Alan

    Just bought Grain Brain on Amazon for my Kindle. I read the introduction and I’m hooked!

    • David Perlmutter

      Hope you continue to read and enjoy.

  • Alan

    I started eating a Keto way of eating 2 months ago and have lost 25 lbs and feel 10 years younger. Energy levels are higher, I don’t feel bloated after eating, libido is exceptional. I’m learning I was addicted to carbs and I would lose 5 lbs and gain it right back. I’m not even counting calories and I feel full and satisfied while never over eating. I believe the book Grain Brain will teach me how to refine and improve this new Keto lifestyle.

  • shirleycolee

    Thank you Brenda Watson!

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for watching Shirley.

  • Maria

    Yes, please provide transcripts. I have difficulty understanding due to hearing loss b I can read fluently and fast. Transcripts also would make it easier to share the info and to go back and review it. Many times concepts or words are new and it is important tp have the right spellings. At least for some of us , common folks.

  • joanna

    I just tried to pre-order the new Grain Brain book but it rejected my UK post code. Is this offer only available in the US? I have bought & read both Grain Brain & Brain Maker & want to read the sequel too. The form requests an order number before the order is posted – you don’t get the order number until you have placed the order??

    • David Perlmutter

      Yes, the offer is only available inside the US.

  • joanna

    Thanks for that David, i will buy your new book anyway as I’m a big fan!

  • Yvonne Forsman

    Thank you for a great interview! I love Brenda Watson, she is a smart and knowledgeable dietitian. I have one of her videos and book. I had to post this interview to my FB!

    • David Perlmutter

      Was a treat to have her on the program!

  • Shand

    I bought the book and am attempting to apply the knowledge and change my diet. Sadly I have been unable to find the online support Ms. Watson refers to in her book.

  • Diane

    Thank you Dr Perlmutter.. you always bring us great stuff!! you are wonderful and so inspiring.

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for those kind words Diane.

  • JJ

    Excellent interview packed with practical advice. I’m most interested in helping my husband heal a leaky gut and have implemented pro and prebiotic changes that he has accepted into his dietary habits. These came from your books, Grain Brain and Brain Maker (thanks so much!) Ms. Watson spoke of our gut protection system. Does her book go into this more and give the reader practical steps in addition to the use of L-glutamine powder with a probiotic? Do you have additional reading suggestions specific to leaky gut? Thanks again for all you do to help those of us who have suffered for years!

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