Even Slight Elevation Of Blood Sugar Threaten Brain Health

Posted: June 22, 2014

In the study described in this video, researchers showed how levels of blood sugar directly relate to risk for dementia. The investigation followed over 2,000 elderly individuals for an average of 6.8 years and found that even small elevations of blood sugar translated into a significant increased risk for dementia, even among persons without diabetes.

The implications of this report are profound. While the correlation of dementia risk, and specifically Alzheimer’s disease, with diabetes has been established, this new finding throws a much wider net in terms of defining an at risk population for an incurable brain disorder. But despite the potential public health impact of these findings, this correlation received almost no media attention.

Nonetheless, you are now empowered by this knowledge. Simply stated, lower blood sugar translates to lower risk for dementia, a disease for which current medical science can provide no treatment whatsoever. A diet that’s higher in fat and lower in carbs and sugar will help keep blood sugar levels down and reduce your risk for brain degeneration. It’s that simple.

When I described sugar and carbs as “Your Brain’s Silent Killers” as the subtitle of Grain Brain, I did so based upon science like this study that have fundamentally changed our understanding of dietary choices that will either foster disease or preserve brain health and functionality.

Given the clear link between sugar consumption and risk for a host of chronic diseases, I am a strong advocate of eliminating foods and beverages with unnecessary added sugars from our diets.

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