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Fish Oil – A Terrific Lifestyle Choice

According to the World Health Organization, chronic degenerative conditions now represent the number one health threat globally. That means that, likely for the first time in history, more humans are losing their lives to chronic, and largely preventable, conditions than to trauma, infectious diseases, and even war.

Yet, chronic degenerative conditions are largely preventable as they are powerfully linked to lifestyle choices. Diets higher in sugar and carbohydrates coupled with lack of physical activity are strongly related to increased risk for some of the most common degenerative conditions, like type 2 diabetes, obesity, coronary artery disease. Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

From a mechanistic perspective, the way in which our lifestyle choices may pave the way for these conditions is by enhancing inflammation. Inflammation is what narrows the coronary arteries in coronary artery disease. It’s what damages delicate brain cells in Alzheimer’s. It’s what reduces the functionality of our immune systems, paving the way for cancer cells to speed their growth.

One simple lifestyle choice that is receiving a lot of attention as of late is the addition of DHA to the diet. DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oil, targets inflammation in a very health-supportive way.

In a recent study, Canadian researchers studied the effectiveness of a daily dosage of 3 grams of DHA in reducing markers of inflammation in a group of adults whose only health issue was abdominal obesity. Over a 10-week period, compared to those consuming a placebo, the group taking the DHA showed a dramatic reduction (and one significantly better than the group taking EPA) in various blood markers of inflammation like interleulin-8, C-reactive protein, and tumor necrosis factor alpha.

So once again, there’s plenty of support for taking a high-quality fish oil supplement as a source of DHA. We’ve got to do everything possible to reduce inflammation and this is one lifestyle decision that’s relatively simple and clearly supported by great science!

Discover more about DHA and other important nutritional supplements.

  • SandyandKenny Samuels

    What fish oil has that much DHA? Withoit taking 8-10 a day?

    • GrannyD

      I take the Omega 3 and all other fish oil and Co Q-10 from Life Extension Foundation

      • SandyandKenny Samuels

        What fish oil supplies this much DHA? “Canadian researchers studied the effectiveness of a daily dosage of 3 grams of DHA’. Life Extension does not because I take them? You would have to take 12 a day to get that much DHA and your

        • GrannyD

          Good Day:

          I take 4 per day.

          Life extension quality is the best.

          If I can recall, it is life extension who fought the FDA to bring in Omega 3 and Co Q10 to the USA. It was used in Europe before. Some months I may only take 1 life extension omega 3 in the evening when I am running short.
          Then I take the Costco Kirkland brand 3 times a day.

          In all I take 4 a day. This will give you what you need.

          My inflammation level was reduced by the OMEGA 3. I purchase different items when on sale and keep it. Here is my order for February as follows: You will need to scroll down to find it. Your Health is Your Wealth.

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  • Donna Schroer

    Is there a particular brand of Fish Oil that has the most DHA? There are so many on the market.

    • GrannyD

      I purchase all of my fish oil from LIFE EXTENSION FOUNDATION . I have researched many Companies and they have the best in Omega 3 and Q-10

      • Gale Slocum

        Is that life extension.com?

        • GrannyD

          Yes. They are the best in terms of price, quality, absorption rate. . They all have advisory on call who you can speak with. They do research on lots of products etc etc.

      • Donna Schroer

        Thank you Granny D. I have ordered supplements from them before so I’ll look into it again. 😊

    • Luc Chene

      Vital choice is the most interesting. It could be called first press oil, just like olive oil. There is here the full spectrum of polyunsaturated fats omega-3,5,7.
      With them I saw my memory improve greatly, too bad vitalchoice.com ask outrages fees to ship to Canada.

      • AnnieLaurie Burke

        It may have something to do with Canadian government regs. For the US, if you order a minimum (I think it’s $99), shipping is free.

        • Luc Chene

          For the US this is so, but Mercola.com sells Vital Choice made salmon oil and ship free to Canada for orders over $49. I even contacted Vital Choice about it. The 2 companies are similar in size about 90 employees. This is quite a mystery as to where does Vital Choice negotiate their shipping?

          • AnnieLaurie Burke

            While Mercola and Vital Choice may be similar in size, their main product lines, and hence their shipping requirements, are quite different. Most of what VC ships is highly-perishable, flash-frozen products packed in dry ice in special packaging. Most of Mercola’s shipments are not short-term perishables. I live in a rural area; the USPS will not deliver to my home. I have to go into town each day to pick up mail. VC ships to my door. Mercola ships to my PO Box. Even when one thinks one is getting courier delivery (UPS or FedEx), that’s not necessarily the case. If the shipment is via “smartpost”, UPS and FedEx drop the package off at the USPS office, and the USPS delivers it. A company, even a small one, might have multiple shipping agreements, but there are likely other economic factors that would make it easier if the arrangements are with a single shipper.

  • Kathy Spradlin

    I’ve read that fish oils can easily become rancid, which is worse than taking none at all. How can we know for sure what we are consuming?

    • GrannyD

      You need to purchase from a reputable Company like Life Extension Foundation

    • AnnieLaurie Burke

      Many foods that have health benefits can easily spoil. That’s the nature of whole, fresh foods. As we would do with any foods or supplements, we need to source from reputable suppliers AND store the items properly. This often means buying smaller quantities more frequently. Yes, it is more expensive than buying in bulk, but it is also more beneficial to ensuring your foods and supplements are fresh.

  • charle

    I am totally convinced that systemic inflammation is at the core of our health, both good health and bad.
    I always get a CRP lab test done at least annually. I have several AutoImmune diseases. My primary Dr is not familiar with this whole phenomenon. I wish there was a way I could introduce him to this thinking.
    Last year I went gluten free. In 3 months time I lost 15 pounds and my CRP went from 37 to below normal and I felt so healthy.
    My aches and pains left. I had lots of energy and best of all my brain fog was gone!!!!
    Since I have not been faithful to the gluten free lifestyle my ills have returned along with my elevated CRP. Basically, everything has returned. I reminded my Dr of this in hopes to connect him with the knowledge of the effects of inflammation on the whole body. This would be a powerful preventative disease move.

    • Roberta Schneider

      What is CRP? Thank you for sharing your experience. Did you eliminate all wheat?

      • charle

        It is a lab test called C reactive protein. It is a test to help measure your systemic inflammation.
        Yes, I did eliminate all wheat and all processed foods.

        • charle

          Going gluten free can be tricky because there are so many pre packaged foods on the market that are gluten free but contain many additives. Really just junk.

          • AnnieLaurie Burke

            That’s an excellent reason to eliminate packaged foods from one’s diet. I am not gluten-sensitive, but have friends/relatives that are. I was surprised to learn that instant coffee often contains gluten, in the form of an anti-caking agent. I used to use it as a “cooking spice”, but no more!

          • Andy

            Good advice, AnnieLaurie Burke, and my additional comments are directed to Roberta Schneider’s inquiry, just above: “What is CRP?” It’s a marker for inflammation, Roberta, and the only way to know if yours is in a normal range is to have a blood test. Assuming you’re female, you’ll want yours to be under 6 mg/L. Maybe getting that test is untenable for you right now. Play it safe. Take a few “giant steps” to control it. Cut back on caffeine. Find the Goldilocks zone for your exercise routine, by not overdoing it. Get adequate sleep. Avoid stress. Collectively, these preventive steps will cut down on the adrenal glands’ output of cortisol which, in turn, will also help to keep homocysteine under control. The cumulative effect will be cardioprotection. Hope this helps.

    • “I always get a CRP lab test done at least annually. I have several AutoImmune diseases. My primary Dr is not familiar with this whole phenomenon. I wish there was a way I could introduce him to this thinking.”

      It seem to me rather odd that you don’t get a different primary doctor.


  • AnnieLaurie Burke

    How sad that, as we have pretty much conquered the infectious diseases that used to be the leading mortality causes worldwide, we have created the perfect storm with our modern manufactured foods to kill people off with insidious chronic conditions that make them miserable for years before finally causing death.

  • VictorShabanah

    Omega3 is the number one supplement I recommend to my clients as well as for me. It is good for the brain,eye sight,skin,strongly anti-inflammatory,therefore anti-cancer,thins the blood,helps against cholesterol problems. If one has no health issues I recommend 2 grams/day. For any physical or mental problems I recommend at least 4 grams/day.. Soft gel or liquid, must keep refregirated. Take with or after meal

    • David Perlmutter

      Very important supplement for sure. That’s why it’s one of my Super Seven: http://www.drperlmutter.com/grain-brain-seven-super-supplements/

      • SandyandKenny Samuels

        What fish oil supplies this much DHA? “Canadian researchers studied the effectiveness of a daily dosage of 3 grams of DHA’.

      • Tyler

        G’day Doc, any thoughts on the Nordic Naturals range??
        Thank you.

  • VictorShabanah

    P.S. my title is M.D.

  • Eric Lindner

    Would you recommend one teaspoon or two teaspoons of fish oil?

  • Julia Lee

    i was told by my dr it is better to buy fish oil with higher epa ratio to dha is better for fish oil. i am confused now. please clarify. thanks.

  • Tyler

    What about the “Nordic Naturals” range??
    Thank you. Great article. I only wish it was longer. 😉👍🏻

  • Robert Groen

    Algea are the primary source of EPA/DHA. With Algea oil capsules you will get the most pure form of DHA/EPA with no contaminations.

    • Andrea

      I am having a hard time finding an algea source supplement with a mg in each capsule. How do I know how much to take?

  • Lori Horbas

    Since fatty fish tend to accumulate mercury the idea of taking fish oil has always turned me off. I’ve read omega 3 can be manipulated in the processing method too, making highly processed oils such as Barry Sears, appear to have a higher content of omega 3 oil than a fermented fish oil product. So my questions are, how would one go about finding the mercury content in any particular fish oil? And, does the method of processing and it’s result matter?

  • Zzzz

    Doesn’t fish oil or DHA tend to raise blood sugar? What alternative do you suggest for diabetics?

  • vanwin

    Fish Oil
    Barry Groves in his book, Trick and Treat, speaks against fish oil, and he has convinced me.
    He researches deeply into what is dangerous for us and I would like to know what Dr Perlmutter
    thinks of his book.

  • Paula Cofer

    Does it matter if fish oil is an ethyl ester, natural triglyceride, or re-esterified triglyceride?

  • Another very good article

    • David Perlmutter

      Thanks for that feedback Jessica!

  • Aor

    How about this study about fish oil?


    Is there any good review or article to contradict this conclusion about prostrate cancer specifically ?

  • Carolyn Bunting O’Connor

    Have you looked at 1-TDC? If so, how does it compare to fish oil?

  • Another thoughts about Krill oil? I read that it’s a better source for fatty acids.

  • John

    Hi … any advise would be appreciated. Loved one is on a blood thinner (Xarelto). Is it okay to take fish oil too? thank you.

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