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GMOs: An Important Health Threat

You know it’s almost trendy now to talk about GMO foods and avoiding GMO foods. Oftentimes, when I lecture and ask the question as to why GMOs are a danger, I don’t really get much of an answer. So in today’s presentation I’d like to focus on actually why it is that GMO food represents a threat to your health. What is the real danger of GMO, and again is this just being discussed because it’s trendy? What is going on when we are consuming GMO foods?

So let’s talk about what exactly this is all about.

Download a full transcript of the video here.

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  • Mark Turvey

    Hi Dr Perlmutter. I recently read a book about A2 milk and the problems that A1 milk causes. The author claimed that the reason people had stomach problems with A1 milk was because of a natural genetic mutation over 2000 years ago, that changed one amino acid in the casein protein chain. This causes casein to fold and break at a different point during digestion. The new peptide that this process creates is “highly biologically active” and causes stomach problems for many people. This makes me wonder what the other GMO changes being made by scientists are doing to our food and the way it is digested.

    • Ottavia Zeffilini

      Milk is for baby cows period. If your going to drink milk please be sure it’s straight from the cow who is organic, eating organic grass.

      • Mark Turvey

        Yes, but my point is that a natural mutation of a single amino acid in a chain of over 120 amino acids that make up the caesin protein caused stomach problems for many people. Now scientists are creating new proteins via gmo, whole new chains of amino acids. These are MASSIVE changes to the food we eat. I was using the tiny change in the casein protein and its effects as an example of what effect a small change can have. Its really scary.

    • Ottavia Zeffilini

      2000 years ago no maybe about 70 yrs ago when all this messing with our food and animal care happened, sad sad sad

  • David

    Dr Perlmutter, do you, or would you consider GM foods – crops – products, that have been altered to resists drought, disease, pest etc, and have not been sprayed or in any way treated with any chemical, to constitute any increased risk to human health?

    • Ottavia Zeffilini

      Yes, of course, just in you saying ‘that have been altered’ any food altered from it’s natural state is bad for your body. They put the poison in the seed/food so now it’s filled with the very chemical that they also will spray on it also. Such a shame.

      • David

        Really, please site which seed/food which has been genetically altered for reasons other than being able to tolerate spraying with herbicide, have poison put “in the seed/food. I am interested to know.

      • David

        Still waiting for that info Ottavia.

      • David

        Clearly you do not know what you are talking about Ottavia. The least you can do is back up you assertion with some cold hard facts.

  • Sandy

    Thank you so much for the honest information. Today it is hard to have trust in any company as all they want to see is the bottom line and don’t really care about people. So sad!

    • David Perlmutter

      Glad to be able to share!

  • Kunk

    Dr. Perlmutter, thank you for continuing to share what you learn with us all. Are there any reliable studies about glyphosate and groundwater, or more importantly, any filtering systems designed to remove this product from well water? Thank you.

  • Ottavia Zeffilini

    Just a few years ago a big up roar was going on about these GMOs, you could find it everywhere about labeling. Wonder why all that stopped_did people just give up?

    • eileenfb1948 .

      Perhaps some more powerful group or person used coertion against key advocates of food labelling. There are many ways that this could have been done.

  • Troy

    GMO’s and your gut

  • Sheryl McCumsey

    It isn’t just the glyphosate. When you remove and replace DNA in the plant the entire genome interacts differently. This is not tested for safety and we are seeing differences in these foods- and that those differences can certainly be harmful to us. So don’t just focus on this one issue around glyphosate and educate yourself about what happens to the genome.http://www.gmwatch.org/en/news/latest-news/17483-the-750-studies-that-gmo-regulatory-bodies-often-ignore

  • neil

    I have been unable to find a record of my question (and possible answer) I posed yesterday about seeds. Are raw seeds OK, or are they like grains? Seeds like pumpkin/ pepita, sesame, pine nuts. Does it make a difference if the are roasted?

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