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ICYMI – LIVE with Kelly & Michael


Just last week, I had the pleasure of joining Kelly Ripa and guest host Anderson Cooper on LIVE with Kelly & Michael to talk about Grain Brain. While my segment was short, I like to think it was packed with actionable information that you can use to help eat your way to a better brain. Remember, go gluten-free, and low-carb, and load up on healthy fats, and you’ll be well on your road to a healthier tomorrow.

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  • Vanina Westen

    Hello. I´ve been trying to view the video, but get a message that I cannot due to my location (Argentina). Why is there a restriction? Is there any other way I can have access to it? Thank you!

    • BillyBob
      • Vanina Westen

        Thank you!! This I can watch!

      • dilys

        Thank you for linking this video.

      • Kez

        Thanks BillyBob In Australia and couldn’t link view it until your post 🙂

  • plants with pesco

    I’ve gotten away from refined breakfast cereals completely. However, I’ve fallen in love with an alternative gluten-free antioxidant-rich trio: equal parts brown rice, black rice and red quinoa with a bit of ground flax spread on top.

    Recently read, the bound form of polyphenols in foods like black or brown rice are released as the rice is broken down into short chain fatty acids in the colon. Scientists and doctors speculate this release of polyphenols in intestine may be part of the reason whole grain intake is associated with lowered colon cancer, in addition to its fiber increasing the volume of your bm and increasing your digestive transit time. The anthocyanins in black rice are the same powerful anthocyanins found in blueberries!

  • andres

    Great 4 minutes for Dr. Perlmutter! Sorrowfully a very short time for explain the big benefits of gluten-free products in our brain. The “Grain Brain” book “Cerebro de Pan” in spanish it´s been a big event in Colombia. Now is part of every conversation/chat I have with people around me… The bad news, here we can not find all the healty food Dr. Perlmutter recommend. Would be interest to know if there are “authorized centers” all over the world who spread this healthy habits in food. Thanks, andres

  • Mark

    Thank you for having the gonadal integrity to challenge conventional wisdom regarding deeply-rooted cultural memes e.g. fat is bad, grains are great, and avoid the yoke! As a “born-again clinician” with many years of experience, I see people every day whose lives are transformed by a message as yours. I am grateful for your clinical leadership and for your courage.
    Mark Pettus MD, FACP

  • kge

    I used to avoid eggs, but was always craving them. Now I eat one or two eggs just about every morning…it is so much better than any kind of pastry!

    • David Perlmutter

      A healthy start!

    • Ruth Griffith

      eggs are good but try to buy your eggs from mexico because they do not use a lot of additives when they feed their chickens bless you

  • Pugin

    It’s a pity that this is unavailable if you’re in Australia. Why is this so?

  • maria

    Andres, can you not find good old fashioned food such as your grandmother or great grandmother ate? That in itself would be an improvement over our modern diet. Still too many grains, but not the sugars and bad fats.

  • Sandy Ellis-Stoker

    How much does Hypothyroidism & Hoshimoto’s play in brain function or lack there of?

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