It’s Never Nice To Fool Mother Nature

Posted: October 11, 2015

By now, pretty much everyone is dialed in to the message that sugar threatens health. No doubt, this is a powerful and motivating bit of information for people to adopt dietary strategies that limit sugar exposure. Unfortunately, because of this information, we are seeing a surge in the consumption of artificially sweetened foods and beverages.

In this video, I explore the fallacy and misconception of the health benefits related to non-caloric artificial sweeteners. I explored the research that actually demonstrates a dramatic increase in risk for weight gain as well as type 2 diabetes in those individuals who favor the consumption of these foods and beverages.

What we really haven’t understood however, has been the mechanism whereby the consumption of artificially sweetened beverages relates to increased risk for these and other health problems.

New research from Israel has identified what may likely be an important mechanism explaining this relationship. As you’ll see in the video, changes in the microbiome induced by artificial sweeteners are now front and center, in terms of playing a powerful causal role in increasing the risk for these medical issues.

Please watch the entire video as I think you’ll certainly enjoy the ending!

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