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Jan M.

February 2, 2017

After adopting a gluten-free diet at age 42, I find myself in the healthiest state of my entire life.

The results:

  • All IBS symptoms have disappeared.
  • I’m nearly pain-free from arthritis.
  • My monthly cycle is a non-issue for me now, no more illness and depression every month.
  • I get very few bugs, colds and coughs – which, with three kids, is no mean feat.
  • I’m more creative in the kitchen, I really taste and appreciate my food more than I ever did.
  • I buy my food seasonally (making my food bill cheaper), and I question the sourcing of what I buy a lot more – is the meat from grass-fed livestock, have the apples been sprayed with toxic chemicals, etc.?
  • I also struggle to eat anything really sweet (and I NEVER EVER thought I’d say that!!!) – once you cut most refined sugar out of your diet, it truly changes your taste buds – for the better!
  • I don’t get energy dips anymore, no more mid-morning or mid-afternoon slumps which means I’m more productive and I don’t reach for the sugary fixes.

-Jan M.

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