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Jeffrey K.

A gluten-free, low-carb lifestyle has been responsible for a major turn in my understanding of how what I eat affects my chances of having cognitive problems down the road. My father was a well-respected psychiatrist in the local area, and had done lots of research in neurology. Yet by the time he began his decline, while it seemed he may have caught on to the cause, it was too late. He began exercising furiously and drastically modified his eating habits, but he eventually wound up diagnosed with all three (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia). For so long I have eaten with zero caution. After I saw your videos, I realized what my father probably did, but while it was too late for him, I’m hoping I have time for a good turnaround.

I just got back my first A1C, which I’m using as my baseline, and while I am very concerned about it, I am also taking positive actions to correct it. Currently it is 5.6. I am now exercising aerobically between 45 and 55 minutes 6 of 7 days a week, carefully controlling my foods and supplementing based on your information. This is the first time in many attempts to lose weight that I actually believe I am going to be able to keep it off. It is SO much easier to think of this in terms of brain health and preventing cognitive decline than it ever was thinking in terms of just “losing weight”.  To me that is by far and away the best motivation. It makes eating right and exercising a “no-brainer.”

-Jeffrey K

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