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Jen W.

Stories of children getting their health, and their future back, like this, are truly uplifting. – Dr. Perlmutter

My 11 year old son suffered tremendously. It’s no stretch to say there are days he just doesn’t want to wake up. He was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, OCD, daily nausea, severe eczema, joint pain, psychotic episodes, and unexplained weight gain. Beyond that, he was obese: 65 pounds heavier than his brother, who is only 13 months younger than him. Diets didn’t work, antidepressants did nothing, and neither did the countless therapists he saw. Nothing helped, but I kept searching.

The best day of our families lives came 2 years ago when a new doctor told us to eliminate sugar, gluten, dairy, processed foods and legumes from his diet, and to go organic. By day 2 all his symptoms were gone and I mean gone!!!!!! It was unreal. I am constantly telling people and doctors about my son’s success! I am so so so thankful for your new book, and that there is a real movement and plan that can change people’s lives.

-Jen W.

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  • Lynn Dell

    This is so encouraging to hear! Best wishes to you and your family.

  • raquel

    thank you for sharing…this is so encouraging and touching! how long ago since the change?

    • Jennifer

      Hi Raquel I just went back to post. My son had been great from this paleo diet for 3 years. It was truly a miracle for him and us. However this summer the anxiety and syptoms returned. We have since found out he actually has Lyme disease. We assume he had it all these years. The paleo takes away inflammation and Lyme feeds and grows off the the foods we eliminated. However Lyme goes into other areas of body and now paleo was not enough. I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your post earlier. I didn’t see it.
      I hope you or your child is better. If not please consider getting tested for Lyme disease through a reputable lab such as igenix or others.

      • raquel

        Hello Jennifer, thank you for your reply and I hope soon your son will be great again! Best Wishes!!

        • David Perlmutter

          Thank you for the follow-up Jen. It’s wonderful to hear an update about your son, and I’m glad answers are coming to light. I hope this can further his healing journey. Let us know if you would like to update your story.

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