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Julia H.

March 20, 2016

This is a rather short version of a long story.

In 1987 I weighed about 205 lbs. I was eating all kinds of trashy foods, from doughnuts to fried fish to French fries. While I exercised regularly, I also suffered from severe eating disorders. What I ingested was a lot of sugar, and I ate very poorly One morning I woke up, and a lightning bolt smacked me in the head. I needed a change.

That weekend, I implemented several dietary and lifestyle changes –  I removed all breads, cookies, donuts, grains, processed foods and other offenders out of my diet. Gluten was entirely eliminated.  I continued exercising, but replaced the aforementioned offenders with fresh vegetables and fruit, and took some red meat and pork out of my diet as well. There was lots of yogurt too, and no looking back.

It took about a year, but with cycling, regular running, and gym work, this modified plan – which keeps getting modified to this day – removed about 80 lbs. of fat from my 5’8” frame. Since then, I’ve never been more than about ten pounds away from 120 lbs. Today I’m 35-25-36 with about 10% body fat, due to dedicated exercise and a carefully balanced diet.

My sports chiropractor later referred your books to me. The “further modifications” I referenced include an addition of recommended supplements, an upcoming brain scan, and a series of probiotic enemas.

I’ve had a very long history of surgeries involving antibiotics. I have migraines and a bipolar condition (mild) that I am treating with a cocktail of nasty meds that have awful side effects. As a serious athlete of 63, this year I am devoted to a major cleanup. I want off these meds. I have a terrific workout schedule, and the supplements I’ve been adding have already helped solve a constant problems with the runs. I’m extremely enthusiastic about what else can be done over time, with the cleansing, and as the further adaptations begin to pay off through diet.

I do meditate, and I have added coconut oil, ghee and other good fats, and am working on getting my cholesterol a bit higher. My A1C number is just beyond the borderline and that’s a goal for this year, to get it way down.

I look forward to a year of discovery, and taking a great many more things lined out.


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