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Kathleen H.

It’s great to read that Kathleen recognized the benefits of avoiding dietary-based inflammation. Inflammation is a major threat to our well-being, and we should seek to avoid bringing it about. – Dr. Perlmutter

Coming from a family background where diabetes, Alzheimer’s and obesity are prevalent, I have lived with a cloud over my head and fear for my future health. I controlled my weight until this past year when, at the age of 50, I gained 25 pounds. I couldn’t seem to shake the weight and panic set in as I recognized that I had opened the door to the same diseases that have ruined my mother’s, grandmother’s and countless relatives’ lives. Then one day I saw you being interviewed about your book Grain Brain.

Immediately, I downloaded it on my Kindle and read it in a day. Within days I put it into practice. In 4 weeks I have lost 11 pounds (all in my stomach), my weekly headaches are gone, and the pain in my left elbow has disappeared. Thanks to fasting, I have learned that I am in control of when and what I eat, and any food that takes that away, such as carbs, is not worth eating. I have given up diet sodas as you suggested and all the unhealthy chemicals that go with it. Inflammation from gluten is no longer a threat to my health.

Thank you for helping me in my fight against an unhealthy life.

-Kathleen H.

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