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Why Lifestyle Choices Matter for Health

What my work, in Brain Maker and Grain Brain, boils down to, is giving you a lifestyle plan that you can follow to cause optimal health. Why do these factors matter? Why are these the choices you should make? Simple: because this is the best way to fight and reduce inflammation, the cornerstone player in diseases like Parkinson’s, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

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  • John Beck

    Dear Doctor, I have been suffering for over a year from an anal fissure (1 surgery and 2 botox later still not help) and was wondering if your prescribed diet could be a cure for me. I’m thinking of doing a 1 day fast and perhaps a pro-biotic enema before starting the diet. So far I’ve been incorporating kefir, sauerkraut and pro-biotic foods into my diet but have not seen much of an improvement.
    Your opinion would matter a lot to me.

  • Lisa Wilson

    Can you help someone with MdDS? I’ve suffered 8 months now, I can barely take this constant rocking and swaying along with the other symptoms. I’m so tired of the fatigue. Can you recommend something to give me energy without causes my symptoms to elevate?
    Thank you

  • Gladys bakkar

    Dear Dr Perlmutter,
    I am an RN retired seven years ago from a long term position, >20 years, in hospital administration after a diagnosis of Parkinsons. I have always felt that my condition was because my nerves were “shot” after so many years in a most difficult career. I have recently been told by a top neurologist in Bangkok that I have tested better than the 1st time I saw her about a year ago. She indicated to me that I should just continue to do what I’m currently doing and enjoy my life. I am still taking parkinson medications for symptoms like feeling very nervous, weak, & shaky. I have just read your new book and now have hope that I can get better and reduce and maybe even stop taking these medications. (Azalect, Sinemet 25/100, Requip XR) I am taking fermented papaya from Japan for about 3 years along with turmeric, magnesium, vitamin D and have added a probiotic since reading your book.
    Can you suggest anything in addition that might help me? The progress is so slow but your work has given me hope!!
    Thanks so much!
    Gladys Bakkar

    • Trixy

      Hi Gladys,
      I’ve been doing lots of reading lately and am learning so much about the microbiome. Can you start making and eating some fermented foods in addition to the probiotic pills? I’ve read that you get more out of the probiotic foods than the pills because of their construction. The stomach is filled with acid and designed to kill bacteria. When you eat a probiotic food, the food itself provides a protective armor that helps shield the friendly bacteria. I started with making sauerkraut and then made kombucha. Kefir will be my next attempt. I have come to really enjoy the process of making these foods as well as the taste. I take my probiotics first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, as Dr. Perlmutter suggested due to less acid in the stomach at that time. I add 2tbs of sauerkraut to each meal and drink 2 4oz glasses of kombucha everyday. Once I add the kefir, and have all 3 every day, I’m hoping my health will skyrocket. Then I will keep going and make a variety of other fermented foods – I think it appeals to the inner scientist in me.
      Wishing you all the best in your journey.

  • Kirkmuse

    I have a non-verbal severely autistic adult child. In “Brain Maker” you mention that autism and Alzheimer’s disease are very rare in third world countries. Do you think that lack of sanitation helps prevent these diseases? In the Philippines a well may be only a few feet or meters from a septic tank.

  • malaya llewellyn

    I have hashimoto thyroid disease and have been told not to eat raw cabbage (is fermented foods still raw) and cannot tolerate diary products so I can’t have fermented diary, or does the protein change under the fermentation process? What other probiotic would you then recommend for me.
    “Brain Maker suggested taking Alpha-lipoic acid supplementation. Is it okay for me to take with my hypothyroid condition?

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