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Lori R.

It’s so good to hear stories like Lori’s, about how Grain Brain has brought answers and hope to those who have spent so many years looking for both. – Dr. Perlmutter

My husband and I were in a weather-related car accident in January 2000 and
both experienced severe closed head trauma. We lived in Pennsylvania at the
time. By the grace of God, we recovered miraculously – although quickly
realized (and accepted) that the damage done to our brains was going result
in life-long implications for us.

We made the decision to start a family a few years ago and have my husband be a stay-at-home dad; in part because we strongly believed in the value of having a parent at home with the child, but also because he struggled to maintain employment. He’s done a great job, but it is clear to both of us that our head injuries continue to cause daily challenges for us. With a young family, and ourselves aging, we are extremely concerned about the likelihood of dementia setting in at a young age for us and are desperate for support.

I saw Dr. Perlmutter on Dr. Oz last month and was compelled to buy Grain Brain. I have always been health conscious, and my diet wasn’t too far off from what he was recommending. The biggest change I needed to make to fully align it was to completely eradicate carbohydrates and add fat more regularly.

I have experienced multiple improvements since doing so and must say I believe in what Dr. Perlmutter proclaims. Without a doubt, I am a testament to the success of this dietary approach. My brain (and body) hasn’t functioned like this in nearly 14 years! I am encouraged beyond words! I’m retaining my thoughts, my anxiety is under control, my allergies have improved, my workouts and sleep are better and my skin looks amazing.

I have committed myself to a life following this diet, and my husband and I aim to eventually transition our entire family.

-Lori R.

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