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Madelyn L.

February 9, 2017

I really appreciate Madelyn’s idea of a keepsake. Having an item like that keeps you grounded and allows for important reflections. – Dr. Perlmutter

I’m a 68-year-old woman who has been overweight for over 25 years. I have a family history of high blood pressure and stroke, and have suffered from various unknown food allergies and sensitivities, which erupted in hives and doctors called “chronic urticaria of unknown idiopathy”.  For years I carried an EpiPen in case my face or lips began to swell with hives, and I swallowed more antacids and antihistamine drugs than I care to remember. And yet, nothing worked, and drugs were the only things my medical doctors offered as relief.

Once I discovered the dangers of taking antacids, I decided to try to take on the issue of my heartburn, which was causing me to take acid-blocking drugs and then, later, cheap, simple antacids. I learned ways to increase my stomach acid and, almost immediately, my heartburn ceased. Now, as a memento, I keep the weekly medicine box (the oversized one) that holds 3-5 antacid tablets each day, on my bathroom counter to remind myself of where I have come from and what I have accomplished.

-Madelyn L.


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