Magnesium: A Critical Micronutrient

I’d like to talk about magnesium. We all recognize the importance of magnesium these days – it’s a critical micronutrient that plays a role in allowing more than 300 enzymes in the body to work correct, it’s fundamentally important for how we make DNA, and essential for using fuels to make energy within the body. One area that I see getting interest as of late is the role of magnesium in terms of insulin sensitivity. Let’s discuss further in today’s video.

  • Rochelle

    Great information! The relation between magnesium intake and systemic inflammation is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Melissa Belser

    what type of Magnesium is best? I have my 20 year old Autistic son on Magnesium L-Threonate. He does have problems absorbing magnesium supplements. When he was little and used to take Epsom salt baths, he would smell like rotten eggs the next day. I can’t really tell if this is doing anything for him at the moment. He has been taking 1 pill daily (73 mg -Magtein brand) for about 4 months.

    • Lynn Dell

      Melissa, what other nutritional practices do you follow with him?

  • Michelle Delatorre

    So what type of Magnesium would help to regulate blood sugar and inflammation and leaky gut? Do you sell a magnesium supplement?

    • Ethan Leeds

      Plant based minerals are far superior to inorganic rock minerals, I use one called sizzling minerals it has the full range of over 60 minerals and includes magnesium at 200mg which is equivalent to well over 1000mg of non plant version. http://www.ancientplantminerals.com

  • Santa

    When are Doctors going to believe and prescribe it

    • Elaine

      It’s not a drug so it doesn’t need prescribed and some doctors do ” recommend ” it

  • shazbholla

    Hi, I have been taking Magnesium in oral supplements (life extension, mercola) for a couple years and my labs have always been desirable levels. In the last six months I stopped Epsom salt baths and my levels despite continuing the same amount in good quality oral supplements have dropped to a low range! I’m convinced that Magnesium is a good supplement to absorb thru the skin via Epsom salt baths (2-3 times a week) or by a good quality topical spray.

  • Alan G. Lambert

    OK—so you think magnesium is important, doctor—how much? where to get it? overdose reactions? and so on—You do little good by throwing out teasers.

  • FarzFriars

    I agree with magnesium playing a bigger role in our health than we knew; I’ve heard many success stories from family/friends. But every time I try the supplements, I get upset stomach. Any recommendations?

    • Roberta L. McGrath

      Calm magnesium

  • Margarita Montes

    Investigate, taking it trough you skin…. and why is better…

  • Krystal

    There are 9 types of Magnesium. What one are you advising is best?

  • John

    The magnesium pills are hard for me to digest, lots of GI issues. I find the powder, especially Magnesium D-Aspartate seems to digest and absorb better with little to no issues.

  • Roberta L. McGrath

    I purchased “Dr. Formulated (David Perlmutter, MD) Magnesium” marketed by Garden of Life a while back. Paid $30 for 16.3 oz. on sale. The “stuff” made me have loose stools. Tried it again just to make sure it was the product and not something else. Same thing. Anybody have the same problem?

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