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Mariann A.

January 15, 2017

Just read about Mariann’s incredible change in health. The laundry list of benefits she has experienced is inspiring! – Dr. Perlmutter

In January 2015 I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica, and was prescribed by the rheumatologists to take Prednisolon on a daily basis. I did that for more than one year, gradually withdrawing the amount of Prednisolon. By the end of the treatment (May 2016) my muscle pain came right back. A friend of mine recommended to read your book, Brain Maker, and I am deeply thankful that I did. It gave me the tools to take full responsibility for my health and today, after four months of getting out of stress and following an anti-inflammatory diet, I feel better than in many years and my Polymyalgia is almost gone.

I am still working to get 100% well, but I can walk without pain now, I can dance, and I am thinking of starting jogging/running again. Further, I lost 20 pounds and have reached my ideal weight from my youth. I feel stronger, lighter, more flexible – and also years of fatigue are gone. My mood is lighter and I am proud of having taken back the responsibility of my body.

-Mariann A.

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