FBPixel Grain Brain Success Story: Mark B and MS - David Perlmutter MD
Mark B.

I’m 68 years old and hail from Boulder, Colorado. Just ten years ago I found myself in the ER, unable to walk. At the time, doctors diagnosed me with MS. For years I went through steroid treatments and many nasty relapses.

Along the way, my neurologists never discussed with me diet or other environmental issues. But recently I was introduced to a nutritional therapist who shined a light on Grain Brain, as well as the work of Dr. Terry Wahls.

I was very interested in your treatment of the gut-brain connection and the relationship between the gut and conditions such as MS. Overnight, I had gone from a very active lifestyle to walking with two canes with a very short range. I had a daily energy reserve of approximately 8 hours.

Since January 2017, when my wife and I began following this protocol, my energy reserve has increased to 15 hrs a day, I have lost 20 pounds, my attitude has improved greatly, and this past July my team and I completed a 6-mile hike! Slowly, I’ve taken back control of my health.

-Mark B.

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