FBPixel Story of Success: Mike L. and fixing a microbiome affected by antibiotics
Mike L.

Brain Maker has completely changed my life.

My 7-yr-old daughter has been battling the hair-pulling disorder (Trichotilomania) since she was born. We’ve been to many therapists but none were not able to help. Lately it had been a little more seasonal, worse in the summer than other times of year. We were wondering if it was the extra sunlight? Less sleep? Missing structure at school? Sick of being home? The list could go on and on. But after reading about how antibiotics can completely change one’s mood, it clicked!

She had been improving until earlier this year, when she had an abscess tooth. Antibiotics were part of the regimen for handling this, and just a few weeks later her mood changed entirely and she started pulling hair. That’s when it clicked for me that my daughter had bad ear infections her whole life, thus her microbiome was being constantly pummeled by antibiotics. After a couple weeks of probiotics and Activa yogurt her hair-pulling and violent outbursts stopped!

She has been much happier and thus, the rest of the family is happy and healthy! I’m so glad that I read your books!

-Mike L.

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