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Monia before and after Grain Brain


December 19, 2013

Monia’s story makes me wish I had been able to write Grain Brain a decade earlier. This book has brought to me so many stories of individuals who were looking for answers on these topics but couldn’t find them. I’m glad that Grain Brain can finally give them the information they’ve been looking for. – Dr. Perlmutter

I have been on my low-carb, high-fat journey for some time, but I only recently came across Dr. Perlmutter through his videos on YouTube. When I first started I had a nutritionist to guide me along, but even though I was diligent, I wasn’t losing any weight. So, I decided to gather all the knowledge I could about nutrition.

After much studying, I gave up sugar in 2001, followed by dairy in 2003 and meat (besides fish) in 2009. Finally, in 2010, I lost 100lbs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t maintain it and I quickly put 30lbs back on, accompanied by unstoppable carb cravings. Soon thereafter, I read Wheat Belly and cut out bread. However, it wasn’t until I read Grain Brain that I found the plan that would really work for me.

I’ve built my lifestyle into a Grain Brain-friendly one, complete with intermittent fasting. In just the first two days, I felt like an entirely new person and lost three pounds. Now, when I go back to carbs, I notice that I’m not my perky self anymore. It’s like I’m operating under a fog that just won’t lift. Your appearance on Dr. Oz opened up my eyes to so much, and Grain Brain really reveals the secrets and the science behind what sugar and grains do to the body. My journey has always been about achieving the best health I can, and I know Grain Brain has, and will, play a role in that.

Thank you again for sharing all of this information. I am so grateful to have Grain Brain. With this book, I think my journey is complete. 



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