FBPixel BRAIN MAKER Special - David Perlmutter M.D.


Today, you can begin your journey towards building a better brain by watching BRAIN MAKER, my public TV special that was a companion to the original release of Brain Maker. And if you want to continue your health journey, consider picking up a copy of Brain Wash or The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan, and discover tips you can start turning into action TODAY.

DEWilmington7/6/1610:00 PMWHYYDT2
PAPittsburgh7/6/162:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/6/165:30 PMWQEDDT4
CALos Angeles7/7/161:00 PMKCETDT
CASan Bernardino7/7/1612:00 AMKVCRDT
DEWilmington7/7/162:30 AMWHYYDT
PAPittsburgh7/7/168:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/7/1611:30 PMWQEDDT4
DESeaford7/7/162:30 AMWDPBDT
PAPittsburgh7/8/162:30 PMWQEDDT4
NYNew York7/9/164:00 AMWNETDT
NYNew York7/9/162:00 PMWNETDT
DEWilmington7/9/163:00 AMWHYYDT
PAPittsburgh7/9/165:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/9/168:30 PMWQEDDT4
DESeaford7/9/163:00 AMWDPBDT
PAPittsburgh7/10/1611:30 AMWQEDDT4
DEWilmington7/11/164:00 AMWHYYDT
PAPittsburgh7/11/162:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/11/165:30 PMWQEDDT4
DESeaford7/11/164:00 AMWDPBDT
PAPittsburgh7/12/168:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/12/1611:30 PMWQEDDT4
NYNew York7/13/161:30 AMWNETDT
CALos Angeles7/13/162:30 PMKCETDT
PAPittsburgh7/13/162:30 PMWQEDDT4
DEWilmington7/14/164:00 AMWHYYDT
PAPittsburgh7/14/165:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/14/168:30 PMWQEDDT4
DESeaford7/14/164:00 AMWDPBDT
INGary7/15/163:00 AMWYINDT
PAPittsburgh7/15/1611:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPhiladelphia7/22/1610:30 AMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia7/23/161:00 PMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia7/26/1612:00 AMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia7/29/1610:30 AMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia7/30/161:00 PMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia8/2/1612:00 AMWYBEDT