Fresh off his huge public television pledge blockbuster, Brain Change, Dr. Perlmutter’s exciting new program, Brain Maker, reveals the potent interplay between intestinal microbes and the brain, describing how the microbiome develops from birth, evolves, for better or worse, based on lifestyle choices, and how nurturing gut health through a few easy strategies can alter your brain’s destiny for the better. With simple dietary recommendations and a highly practical program of five steps for improving gut ecology, Brain Maker, based on leading-edge scientific research, (which can be found here on this website) opens the door to unprecedented brain health potential.

For more information, order your copy of Brain Maker today and join Dr. Perlmutter’s email list.

Upcoming Airings (more dates and times to come, all times local):


DEWilmington7/6/1610:00 PMWHYYDT2
PAPittsburgh7/6/162:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/6/165:30 PMWQEDDT4
CALos Angeles7/7/161:00 PMKCETDT
CASan Bernardino7/7/1612:00 AMKVCRDT
DEWilmington7/7/162:30 AMWHYYDT
PAPittsburgh7/7/168:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/7/1611:30 PMWQEDDT4
DESeaford7/7/162:30 AMWDPBDT
PAPittsburgh7/8/162:30 PMWQEDDT4
NYNew York7/9/164:00 AMWNETDT
NYNew York7/9/162:00 PMWNETDT
DEWilmington7/9/163:00 AMWHYYDT
PAPittsburgh7/9/165:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/9/168:30 PMWQEDDT4
DESeaford7/9/163:00 AMWDPBDT
PAPittsburgh7/10/1611:30 AMWQEDDT4
DEWilmington7/11/164:00 AMWHYYDT
PAPittsburgh7/11/162:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/11/165:30 PMWQEDDT4
DESeaford7/11/164:00 AMWDPBDT
PAPittsburgh7/12/168:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/12/1611:30 PMWQEDDT4
NYNew York7/13/161:30 AMWNETDT
CALos Angeles7/13/162:30 PMKCETDT
PAPittsburgh7/13/162:30 PMWQEDDT4
DEWilmington7/14/164:00 AMWHYYDT
PAPittsburgh7/14/165:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/14/168:30 PMWQEDDT4
DESeaford7/14/164:00 AMWDPBDT
INGary7/15/163:00 AMWYINDT
PAPittsburgh7/15/1611:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPhiladelphia7/22/1610:30 AMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia7/23/161:00 PMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia7/26/1612:00 AMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia7/29/1610:30 AMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia7/30/161:00 PMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia8/2/1612:00 AMWYBEDT

(For channel numbers, please visit PBS’ online TV schedule)

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