Fresh off his huge public television pledge blockbuster, Brain Change, Dr. Perlmutter’s exciting new program, Brain Maker, reveals the potent interplay between intestinal microbes and the brain, describing how the microbiome develops from birth, evolves, for better or worse, based on lifestyle choices, and how nurturing gut health through a few easy strategies can alter your brain’s destiny for the better. With simple dietary recommendations and a highly practical program of five steps for improving gut ecology, Brain Maker, based on leading-edge scientific research, (which can be found here on this website) opens the door to unprecedented brain health potential.

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Upcoming Airings (more dates and times to come, all times local):


DEWilmington7/6/1610:00 PMWHYYDT2
PAPittsburgh7/6/162:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/6/165:30 PMWQEDDT4
CALos Angeles7/7/161:00 PMKCETDT
CASan Bernardino7/7/1612:00 AMKVCRDT
DEWilmington7/7/162:30 AMWHYYDT
PAPittsburgh7/7/168:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/7/1611:30 PMWQEDDT4
DESeaford7/7/162:30 AMWDPBDT
PAPittsburgh7/8/162:30 PMWQEDDT4
NYNew York7/9/164:00 AMWNETDT
NYNew York7/9/162:00 PMWNETDT
DEWilmington7/9/163:00 AMWHYYDT
PAPittsburgh7/9/165:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/9/168:30 PMWQEDDT4
DESeaford7/9/163:00 AMWDPBDT
PAPittsburgh7/10/1611:30 AMWQEDDT4
DEWilmington7/11/164:00 AMWHYYDT
PAPittsburgh7/11/162:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/11/165:30 PMWQEDDT4
DESeaford7/11/164:00 AMWDPBDT
PAPittsburgh7/12/168:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/12/1611:30 PMWQEDDT4
NYNew York7/13/161:30 AMWNETDT
CALos Angeles7/13/162:30 PMKCETDT
PAPittsburgh7/13/162:30 PMWQEDDT4
DEWilmington7/14/164:00 AMWHYYDT
PAPittsburgh7/14/165:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPittsburgh7/14/168:30 PMWQEDDT4
DESeaford7/14/164:00 AMWDPBDT
INGary7/15/163:00 AMWYINDT
PAPittsburgh7/15/1611:30 AMWQEDDT4
PAPhiladelphia7/22/1610:30 AMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia7/23/161:00 PMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia7/26/1612:00 AMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia7/29/1610:30 AMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia7/30/161:00 PMWYBEDT
PAPhiladelphia8/2/1612:00 AMWYBEDT

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  • Sandy Graves

    What can you tell me about reversing Parkinson’s. A family member has the shuffling of feet and voice(difficulty speaking)

    • Eldon

      Check out docmarvin.com
      7857647829 More info.

  • Masha Mobbley

    I been in medical field and study medicine for over 20 years and was so happy to discover this outstanding book. Absolutely love this amazing book and amount of work and knowledge that was summarized in it. If you ever written any medical research papers, you will know that collection of all the research information takes tremendous amount of time, knowledge, and patients. Dr. Perlmutter, thank you so much for this incredible amount of very powerful knowledge, great research analysis, and amazing scientific facts. I highly recommend to read this book. American general population been brain washed by TV and big pharma and now is sickest nation in the world. If you care about your own health, you need to be your own health advocate, and this big is a huge help in your first steps to a healthy future.

  • Tim Tim Ferrer

    This is a challenge.
    Dr. David Perlmutter must come up with a good explanation for the following for his audience. I am playing a role of devil advocate.

    How come Japanese and many Far-Eastern countries massive population in hundreds of millions, who eat white boiled rice in abundance, some time with all 3 meals/day, still do not gain weight, live very active life, and their life expectancy, even after 50 years of age, is better than that of the US?

    • Scott

      Dr Perlmutter ???

    • eileenfb1948 .

      They dont allow themselves to become overweight and they dont eat junk or processed foods. They eat vegetables, not just a spoonful of canned veg, they eat fresh.

    • Doctor Francia

      do you have anyone in japan as family?? I do and I spent time with them yes they do eat rice… but they eat a lot less than typical american do per meal.. I would say 25% of normal american meal..Now I think they still get dementia like anyone else..so we need to read multiple sources..there is no magic to this

  • Theresa

    Dr Perlmutter, recently diagnosis with lewey body disease what advice can you give me diet, supplements, etc thank you

  • Kathie M. Biggins

    Any advice for ataxia sufferers?