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We live in a time of plenty. But we suffer from catastrophic rates of chronic diseases, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. We are programmed to try to fix these things through instant gratification but wind up worse off than when we started. What’s going wrong?

Our brains have been hijacked by the modern world. They have been literally rewired to keep us hooked, unhappy, and unhealthy. The structure and the function of our brains has been altered, locking us in and changing our ability to think clearly.

This is not our fault. We are bombarded by negative influences – commercial messages telling us we’re not good enough, fear-inducing digital media and addictive ultra-processed foods – that all activate reward networks in the brain. They diminish the ability of our rational prefrontal cortex to make well thought-out, balanced decisions.

Chronic stress, sleep deficits and inflammation all exacerbate such issues, and research shows that these modern-day stressors appear to change neural structures, brain activation networks, and most concerning, shift our thinking to short-term, emotionally reactive, and less empathetic patterns.

When you see how and why you’ve been targeted, manipulated and otherwise convinced to adopt unhealthy practices, and the mental and physical consequences of these influences, you can finally break free. You can reclaim your physical and mental health and reshape your life for the better.

Brain Wash is a functional roadmap that offers practical methods of reducing modern insults to our brains and decision-making. It is a 10-day plan with 8 distinct solutions for lowering levels of stress and inflammation, and reconnecting us to the life we are meant to be living. Brain Wash offers a jump-start to a transformational way of living and interacting with the world that anyone of us can sustain for the rest of our lives.

Dr. David Perlmutter is an internationally known board-certified neurologist, #1 New York Times best-selling author, and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. His preventive approach to brain health focuses on the role of lifestyle changes in wellness and longevity. In this program he’s joined by his son, Dr. Austin Perlmutter, a board-certified internal medicine physician. Together they join forces to focus on ways to create sustainable joy, health and meaning in the modern world.

Upcoming Airings (more dates and times to come, all times local):

DEWilmington6/25/202:30 AMWHYYDT2
DEWilmington6/22/202:30 AMWHYYDT2
DEWilmington6/18/202:30 AMWHYYDT2
CASacramento6/18/202:00 AMKVIEDT
CASan Bernardino6/15/2012:30 AMKVCRDT
DEWilmington6/15/202:30 AMWHYYDT2
CASacramento6/15/202:00 AMKVIEDT
KSHutchinson6/14/202:30 PMKPTSDT2
DEWilmington6/11/202:30 AMWHYYDT2
MIKalamazoo6/11/204:30 PMWGVKDT3
MIAllendale6/11/204:30 PMWGVUDT3
MIBad Axe6/11/2012:00 PMWDCPDT
MIBad Axe6/11/2012:00 PMWDCQDT
TXDallas6/10/201:00 AMKERADT
FLMiami6/10/2012:30 AMWPBTDT
DEWilmington6/8/202:30 AMWHYYDT2
TXDallas6/7/2010:00 AMKERADT
TXHouston6/7/203:00 PMKUHTDT
GAAtlanta6/7/203:00 AMWPBADT
FLMiami6/7/201:00 AMWPBTDT
WAPullman6/7/203:00 PMKWSUDT
KSHutchinson6/7/209:00 AMKPTSDT2
WARichland6/7/203:00 PMKTNWDT
MIMarquette6/7/205:00 PMWNMUDT
TXDallas6/6/206:30 AMKERADT
TXDallas6/6/205:00 PMKERADT
GAAtlanta6/6/2012:30 AMWPBADT
MIDetroit6/6/2012:30 PMWTVSDT
FLWest Palm Beach6/6/208:00 AMWXELDT
MIKalamazoo6/6/208:00 PMWGVKDT3
MIAllendale6/6/208:00 PMWGVUDT3
FLFort Myers6/6/203:30 PMWGCUDT
OHBowling Green6/6/2010:30 AMWBGUDT
TXDallas6/5/2012:00 AMKERADT
FLWest Palm Beach6/5/204:00 AMWXELDT
PAScranton6/5/201:00 PMWVIADT
MIMount Pleasant6/5/207:00 AMWCMUDT3
MICadillac6/5/207:00 AMWCMVDT3
MIManistee6/5/207:00 AMWCMWDT3
MIAlpena6/5/207:00 AMWCMLDT3
DEWilmington6/4/202:30 AMWHYYDT2
LAShreveport6/4/204:30 AMKLTSDT
LABaton Rouge6/4/204:30 AMWLPBDT
LALafayette6/4/204:30 AMKLPBDT
LAMonroe6/4/204:30 AMKLTMDT
LALake Charles6/4/204:30 AMKLTLDT
LAAlexandria6/4/204:30 AMKLPADT
FLMiami6/3/203:00 AMWPBTDT
FLWest Palm Beach6/3/201:00 AMWXELDT
TXDallas6/2/207:00 PMKERADT
MIBad Axe6/2/202:00 PMWDCQDT3
TXHouston6/1/2012:00 AMKUHTDT
MIDetroit6/1/2012:00 AMWTVSDT
MIKalamazoo6/1/207:30 AMWGVKDT3
MIAllendale6/1/207:30 AMWGVUDT3
KSHutchinson6/1/2012:00 PMKPTSDT
KSHutchinson6/1/2012:00 PMKPTSDT2
CASan Mateo5/31/205:30 PMKPJKDT
CASan Jose5/31/204:00 PMKQEHDT
CASan Francisco5/31/204:00 PMKQEDDT2
FLMiami5/31/208:00 AMWPBTDT
FLWest Palm Beach5/31/206:00 AMWXELDT
FLWest Palm Beach5/31/2011:00 PMWXELDT
FLFort Myers5/31/202:00 PMWGCUDT
TNSneedville5/31/203:00 PMWETPDT
TNKnoxville5/31/203:00 PMWKOPDT
MIMount Pleasant5/31/208:00 AMWCMUDT3
MICadillac5/31/208:00 AMWCMVDT3
MIManistee5/31/208:00 AMWCMWDT3
CAWatsonville5/31/204:00 PMKQETDT2
MIAlpena5/31/208:00 AMWCMLDT3
COBroomfield5/30/203:30 AMKBDIDT
NMPortales5/30/202:00 PMKENWDT
FLFort Myers5/30/203:00 AMWGCUDT
DEWilmington5/29/206:00 AMWHYYDT2
GAAtlanta5/29/203:00 AMWPBADT
COBroomfield5/29/201:00 AMKBDIDT
FLFort Myers5/29/203:00 AMWGCUDT
GAAtlanta5/28/2012:00 AMWPBADT
ILCharleston5/28/203:30 AMWEIUDT
DEWilmington5/27/2010:00 PMWHYYDT2

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