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Crop duster spreads pesticides on fields

Pesticides Increase Risk for Neurodegenerative Conditions

March 24, 2014

We vote with our wallets. That said, we are certainly seeing a substantial increase in interest in organic foods, and with good reason. It has become clear that aside from the nutritional advantages of organic food choices, there is indeed valid concern with reference to the toxic effects of residual pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

From my perspective as a neurologist I want to consider all possibilities when it comes to factors that may increase a person’s risk for such maladies as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. New research clearly links pesticides and other toxic exposures to increasing risk for these conditions.

So choose organic whenever possible. The science is very clear that there may well be a significant risk increase for these and other neurodegenerative conditions from pesticide exposure, even in small amounts. I’ve attached the Alzheimer’s research as well as Parkinson’s research. These are well-respected journals that are sounding the alarm, but in a positive way.

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